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Tuesday 5 September 2023

I,m back

As a lot of you will be aware, i had my van stolen back in mid july, with over £4000 worth of tackle in the back, i got up on that sunday morning , looked out of the window at ehere the vsn was left the night before, outside my house, hmmm, empty space. But i still went out and had a quick reccy up and down the road just incase i did leave it somewhere else , but i new i hadnt, f%&+#@£ torrid, after being in the tackle trade for 46 years i have seen many people whise tackle had been stolen, a few had just given up fishing after, especially those with no insurance, and to be fair it does feel as though you have recieved a proper kick in the nuts, but onwards and upwards as they say , and i did have cover for goods away from the home, as word got out i began to get calls and messages.from friends and acquaintances from over the years, some of which i hadnt heard from in probably 15years, all offering kit etc, i even haf the loan of a van from a good friend to use until i had get another, so withun the the week i had been sorted out by good friends with enough kit to get out agsin, luckily all poles and rods were not in the van , as i said some i see regularly, and some i hadnt seen for years, i was truly humbled by people's generosity, and it went a long way to restoring my faith in human nature after the scummy lowlifes who stole from me, I'm not going to name anyone who helped me but you know who you are, i will be eternally grateful, and be in your debt, but not in a bad way, in the words of freddie mercury, i thank you all. as for the insurance, they only paid me out for less than 50% of what i claimed, so it will take me a bit longer to get my kit baxk too where it was before. As for fishing, its been ok, won a few, a few , come second overall in the Landsend silvers league, and 4th in the float only, A few pics below of various venues, and the float only final league placing. Mike silverfox nicholls has managed to find a commode attachment for his aging boss box, amazing what ypu can find on ebay
Peg 10 at shiplate, edge a win off that one,
And the float only final league table,
And in between all thus my daughter got married, that was a special day, she is no longer a rixon, but now a mrs Gazard, love and best wishes to them for whatever the future holds for them, im sure they will be fine as dean has learnt his place in that household 😂😂

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