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Sunday, 9 May 2021

Short pole series , round 1

Off to John candy,s prolific todber manor for the first round, i only have 24 fishing this series, so today we were on ash and homeground, fancied a draw on homeground as generally in these short pole matches it tends to be the more consistent, aaron britnell drew for me and handed me 80 on homeground, happy with that, for company i had kev winstone on peg 79 and vince shipp on 81 in the corner, so a bit of banter was guaranteed,
Simple today, a pellet rig for on the deck infront, topset and two, but it was the same depth with three on, a meat rig for just past my nets in 3 foot, and a pellet margin rig , in hindsight i shouod have set up a shallow rig. At the start i began at topset and two,feeding hard 6,s withna banded 8 on the hook, and had a few carp quite quickly,but after an hour or so, the bites stopped there, sp i put the extra section on and went a bit further, i had a really good spell, and i began to think a section winning weight was on the cards, but all of a sudden just past the halfway mark , bites stopped on that line, vince to my left was having a good time fishing meat, so i tried the short meat line, but not a touch, vince was a section further out so i put an extra section on, replumbed and fed some meat, while that settled i went back to the long line, i had a couple but the fish seemed to have come up in the water, as i said hindsight is a wonderful thing, 😬. Kev to my right was catching short on meat and in the last hour maggot down the edge, vince left hus short meat line to try and catch down his margin, but that was a mistake for him as the margin never happened for him, unlike martin rayet on 82 who was slaying it on margin fished maggot, my short meat line was ok for the last hour, i thought i may have approaching 200lb by the end but new i had been beaten by quite a few on the lake, in fact i came 4th in my section of 6 with 203lb, martin on our lake with 287lb so well.done .
But top weight today came from ash lake with Joe McMahon on peg 69 had 326lb fishing topset and one with pellet, well.done joe. weigh sheets below, got to say the fish are in really good condition, and are.fighting like tigers, and if you get them into the net without to much fight, the buggers give you a torrid time when trying to get the hook out.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Shiplate thursday costcutter

Baxk down to this well kept fishery again, twenty booked in so still popular, john hawkins got the draw underway, i wasn't upset to be called out with peg 3, its a good carp peg with an island at 16mtrs and good margins as thwre is plenty if room to the next anglers, on my right was dave white on 2 and merv clark on my left on 4, ably assisted by the yorkie devil dog who doesn't seem to like anyone or anything apart from merv.
Although its a good carp peg and not shown a lot of silvers form recently, i decided to try and catch some of the lakes skimmer population, i do enjoy catching these slimy little bream, but with spawning time approaching, as long as the water temp gets to where it needs to be, most of the better ones are a bit rough at the mo, so a .4g wire stem float with a 16 guru f1 maggot hook on .12 line, a meat rig for topset and two at the bottom of the rocky slope, and a pellet rig for over by the island in the shallow water, but as it turned out that was a waste of time, line and a hook, there were odd fish over there but as the water was quite clear, as soon as the pooe went over there they would disappear, i may have had one liner , but at least the ducks appreciated the free feed, the skimmers didnt want to play ball, only odd fish coming my way, but as far as i could see, that was more than most, so i persevered, the skimmers were mooching about as the odd small touches showing on the float indicated. I did hook two carp on meat on the short line, the first one was fouled, and although it was on for a while, came off near the net, the second one stuck, and was about 12lb, at the end i reckoned on about 16lb of silvers and the lone carp, dave to my right had three carp as did merv to my left, merv came out top on the day with 33.12 , well done merv .
I was glad i stuck with the silvers as my 18.8 was enough to take the silver pool, and my.carp went 12.1 , so 30.9 was fourth on the day,
The weigh sheet below shows how hard it had been, hopefully as the weather gets better so will the fishing, this time last year most of us were furloughed and basking in mid 20,s centigrade, a bit different this year, we are still getting frosts, it cant be normal 😂, global warming, ye right.

Monday, 3 May 2021

Two nice days

Sunday and i was off to Todber with chris fox for a match on hillview being run by john darby,on hillview. nice breakfast omelette at cafe fox before the journey, very nice. Not to bad a journey down , seemed to be a lack of sunday drivers about, im not complaining. Paid our money and john got the draw started on time, i was fairly well down the queue, but was more than happy to pull out 54, its a corner peg with plenty of room and options,
i was next to chris on 55, and a long way off to my left and around the corner was bob ( not sure about this one)gullick on 53. I had been told pellets werent really working on this lake, meat was the way to go, although all the other lakes were responding to pellets, so today i would be mainly fishing pellets.i had nice margins left and right, so two rigs there, a topset and two line , same rig for 11 mtrs, and a toeoset and one for meat.not to much to say really , ive had a pleasant day sat with the sun in my face, catching fish on all lines, even managing to mug 5 fish, by the end i thought i had about 200lb, wasnt to far off as i had 198lb, only good enough for third as mark wynne on 57 had 207lb for second with bib gullick on 53 had 210lb, so a very tight match.
Weigh sheet below , plenty of fish caught today.
Monday and chris and me were off to shiplate on the main lake, the forecast was atrocious, winds gusting up to 50mph and heavy rain, i fancied a day skimmer fishing, so pegs 8 or 9 would be ideal as the wind would be off the back, but no john pulls me out peg 12 , so a nice silvers peg with an overhanging bush to my right, always a chance of a carp or two from there,
didnt go mad on rigs, basically one for skimmers at 11 mtrs , a .6g wire stem jobby, and a .2 for the shallow water by the bush, as.i normally do , at the start I cupped in three balls of groundbait with some worm and caster in attendance 11mtrs, and a bit of meat by the bush, they got the wind right today, blowing right to left, forcing the trip to go the same way, no chance of holding the rig any way near still, i even used a bump bar today, which helped, but the wind blew the pole off of that several times, much to the ammusment of kurtis to my left, i had a slow start but a good middle , catching some nice skimmers, and one carp. I lost quite a few fouled skimmers today, all due to the rig getting pushed through, worm or triple maggot were the best bait, i think if the wind had only been half as strong, a decent weight would have been onthe cards, but it wasnt to be, i did get two carp down by the bush towards the end. I ended upmwith 29lb of skimmers and the three carp.went over 30lb, the skimmers were good enough for second in the silvers, beaten by travelling partner chris on peg 8 with 44lb.
Top weight today was taken by uncle julian on peg zero with over 140lb, so well done especially as he was in the face of the gale, that must have been uncomfortable.Weigh sheet blow, a bit damp but just about readable.
No alan quantrill today so i had a quid with, shane (the shane show) pope , so that was one up, and another with fishery boss john, so two up.
I aslo had one with tom thick, which i duly lost but managed to escape before i had to hand it over, LOL, soon Tom .

Friday, 30 April 2021

Thursday costcutter shiplate farm

A nice turn out today , 20 booked in, not to fussed as to where i drew , so when john pulled out peg two for me , i was happy, it can be a good carp peg as the island is easily reached ,
Main lines of attack today would revolve around pellets, so a couple of rigs to fish to the island , one in 12 inches of water slightly to the left, another in front and axross to the right in nearly two foot of water, one for the right hand margin, and a meat rig for 5 mtrs. i had john page to my left and titch williams on my right at the start i cupped in some pellets on all lines then began on the meat line, 40 minutes in and one skimmer, so across to the island for the carp i hoped would be in attendance, hhhmmmm, wrong, two hour's in and and i had only added a 4oz skimmer to the total, oh well, to alleviate the boredom i got off the box, sorted some groundbait and made.a silvers rig up, only a .3g drennan as5 as it is only 3 foot deep down the middle, so i cupped in a couple of ball's of groundbait with some worm and caster in it, then tried the far side again just incase some carp had rocked up, but nope, not a back to the silvers, and i kicked myself.for the rest of the match as there seemed to be a few skimmers about, ranging fro 4 oz to 2lb, i did catch one carp fishing 16 mtrs to the right , not a big one but at 6.5 lb, it was welcome,and pretty.
and needed, as i will explain shortly, i also had a couple of 2lb skimmer,s down the right hand margin, and a tench from the island. I caught well for i whule but feel i overdid the feeding as bites stopped about 45 minutes from the end, again it was a tough one today, with people struggling a bit, top on the day was gary(ned)flinders on peg 5 with 10 carp for 106lb, some shallow and a few.on the deck.
Silvers went to kev winstone on peg 13a(about time) with over 30 of skimmers and an eel, so well done to those two, 24lb was second the silvers(paul faiers) that was well attainable today, as went 22lb and i only did it for about 2 1\2 hours, bugger. So all i won today was £2 from Alan quantrill, as he had just short of 25lb and my fish went 28.5 lb, so the shiny carp helped with two nice shiny alan coins, luckily i had change of a weston super mare fiver.
And as is normal the weigh sheet is below.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021


Baxk to this popular venue on sunday , with the match being fished over the two canals again, Hawthorn and West pool, as is normal at the mo Hawthorn would be the preferred lake for a good days fishing, plenty of fish in west pool but its being difficult at the moment, perhaps lack if angling pressure isnt helping. So when john hawkins pulled out peg 4 for me i was happy, and a bit of banter was assured as i had mot calpin on three, to my right on 6 was lewis walker. Inwas happy with the peg as it was not quite 14 mtrs wide, with a nice clear patxh against the far bank.
a couple of rigs for across, one in about 12 inches of water, and the other just off in about 3foot, a meat rig for 5mtrs, a mugger as i could see some fish, and a margin rig for down to the right, but it was three foot deep down there , a tad to deep for my liking, but the intention was to feed and fish maggot down there off the deck, bit to cut a long story short for that line, i only had two skimmers from there. At the start i had a fish from the deeper water across, but that was my only fish on that rig, i had to try and catch in the shallow water, but they were cagey to say the least, three or 4 maggots on a 16 was best today, as for mugging i only had two fish doing that, mot to my left started slowly but his peg got stronger as the match went on, he was fishing his favoured banded caster fished shallow at 6 mtrs, after a slow start he easily went past me, i had a short run on meat but again that didnt last, lewis saw me.catxh a couple on meat , and when he tried it he reckons he had 60lb very quickly. So today i got beaten each side, lewis had 131lb, i had 121lb, then mot ended up with 190lb, but he did admit to feeding between 5 and 6 pints of casters, well done.
I aslo had to hand over the obligatory quid to him, which always hurts, wheres alan quantrill when you need him LOL.
weigh sheets below
Monday and as judith had taken a day off in the hope the weather was ok for the self drives at beer, which it wasnt we decided to have a go on chesil beach. Not the best area to choose to be honest, just past the skate park in the masonic Carpark, but with a fresh north easterly, it afforded us a nice bit of shelter, with the lovely backdrop of portland, nice scenery to say the least.
Trap set , not really expecting to much to be fair, but you never know, got to be in it to win it as they say
As i thought it was tough, judith had a couple of tentative indications, dan fowler who was with us had a hook nipped off by the dreaded spider crab, and i managed two wrasse, pretty fish but not really what we were after.

Friday, 23 April 2021

Shiplate thursday costcutter

I had a couple of choices today, stay local and go to huntstrete, but i didnt fancy stopping after three hours for a weigh in, then doing another three hours, so off to shiplate it was there in plenty of time , well, ten minutes to draw time is ok. John got the draw underway and pulled out peg 13 for me, happy enough, always a good silvers area plus a sensible carp peg on its day, but after striking up the quid side bet with alan quantrill, i decided to concentrate on skimmers, i was on 12a last match and had 40lb so i was confident of a few.
so i set up a .6g double bulked rig for 11 mtrs, i was goimg to fish meat short but the shallow water goes out to 7 mtrs on the peg so i binned that, but i set up a margin rig for pellet and a 14 mtr line again for pellet, and a mugging rig just in case as there were a few milling around the top, but they were moving a bit fast for my liking. For company i had apprentice two pots on my left, as hes an apprentice still he is only allowed one pot, on my right was merv clark who would no doubt be fishing for silvers. At the start I cupped in three balls of groundbait at 11 mtrs with some chopped worm and caster in, then cupped some hard 4,s at 14 mtrs, gary had gone back to the van to get some more pellets telling me there was no hurry as he didnt expect to catch till the last two hours, as he got back to bis peg i was landing a ten pound carp from the long pellet line, but that was my only fish from there apart from a late skimmer, the 11 mtr line was om for skimmers for a couple of hours, then the lake as far as i could see switched off With everyone struggling for bites from anything, i did hook a couple on the mugging rig, but both came off, no reason just one of those things, probably litely hooked as they weren't really interested, gary,s predictions came true as with a couple of hours to go he began catching carp and skimmers, losing a few but landing enough to be in a comfortable place by the end, in fact he was an easy winner with over 100lb, beating titch williams on peg 11 by over 30lb.
Top silvers.went to ron stark on peg 15(again lol) with 36lb of small skimmers and a few tench, so well done to both gary and him.
I ended upnwith 23.8 of silvers which was good enough for second in silvers, so money back, weigh sheet below.
And another quid off alan, well nearly, he only had a fiver with no change , i did sugest he give me the said note just to save him handing over anymore coins in the next 4 matches, ge was having none of that hence an older picture (last weeks)) of him handing one over, lol see you Thursday matey, buff em up.😂.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Two matches and a brief roundup

Firstly it was down to shiplate for a match split over the two canals, went with chris fox and no complaints about the breakfast roll the fox household produced. Got to the fishery in plenty of time, john hawkins got the draw underway, i fancied a day on hawthorn, as i usually end up on westpool, so more than happy with that, on my left was alan quantrill, £1 bet secured , but at his request it has to be said. On my right was tim, no surname on the sheet sorry. John was paying top two on each canal and one silver. The peg looked good with a nice farbank, bare bank next to a dead reed bed which seemed to have plenty of fish in it, also my right hand margin looked very tempting.
as i said these will be brief, starting on the far bank about a mtr off, it started well catching carp on banded 8mm pellet over hard 4,s, after that slowed a bit i went tight in and had a run of fish there, i couldnt get as tight to the reeds as i would have liked as there were a lot of underwater snags, i did try to catxh shallow close to the reeds , only one doing that , the margin was only.good for three fish, and i had some short on meat in the last hour, i new i had over 100lb, so was happy to put 125lb on the scales, which was good enough for second on the lake and second overall as jofn hawkins on peg 6 had 197lb fishing maggot across and down the edge,
also chris on wastpool came second on his lake so we had a happy van. Weigh sheets below.
Oops nearly forgot, smiling alan handing over his quid, thanks matey, going large on the way home then lol
Monday and i ran a match at acorn, was happy to have 18 turn up, i put in the island and 34 round to 20, plus 31 just for paul faiers(lol). I didnt go right to the bridge as there was a pleasure angler on 22 so left him a bit of room, 20 is not used to often, so no surprise to me when the last peg in the bucket for me was 20, empty peg each side may help though,
short line with maggot was set up as it has been a good ploy recently, also the obligatory mud line rig for the far side, same rig would do for the margins, and a rig to fish in front of 21. To say it was a slow start would be an understatement, i had 1 carp in the first 2 hours, eventually some fish were found but i had to go 14 mtrs to the far bank in front of 21 in a foot of water.
Aswell as some fish by empty peg 21 and a few in the left hand margin.
I would have loved to have gone to the bridge, but with the angler the other side of the bridge it would have meant going beyond the pegs limits,(as i see it). So an enjoyable end , ending up with 21 CARP but as they were bridge dwellers which tend to be a bit smaller i thought i would have 75lb ish but went 87lb, not enough as steve hutter on 5 had 115 and aaron on 1 had 112, so thirdwhich was ok from that peg, there were a lot of fish tight to the bridge today, and just to prove it zak williams drew 21 next day and won with 112lb i think, mugging in the scum by the sounds of it, weigh sheet below.