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Wednesday 31 May 2023

3 brief again

Laat weds and i ran a silvers matxh at Landsend fishery, 13 booked in on lale 2 so plenty of bites, Rachel as normal cooked a lovely breakfast, had last but one in the draw and ended up on peg 12, corner peg, loads of options, as ive said these will be brief, loads of carp about, and they would prove to be a pain, but it was the same for everyone, but i have had plenty of bites from the required species, tench, crucians, f 1,s roach and skimmers, all taken on either 6mm meat or banded 6mm hard pellet over loose fed 4mm, rotating around several lines, from topkit in the margins out to 9 mtrs max, finished with 37.11, narrowly beating the the ings who had 37.9, followed by nick collins with over 36lb, plenty of fish caught.
Sunday and round one of the float only league, shiplate farm for this one, only main lale and hawthorns being used as we are down to 30 thus year, shame really but it seems the match calendar is very busy this year, oh well it will be what it is, normal nice breakfast at the fishery, good to see donna in charge doing it properly, 😂😂. Got the draw started and let ex chef mark pull mine out, peg 6 on hawthorn, happy days, company today was Landsend finest on my left, russ (pecker)peck, and north bristols finest ryan shipp on my right, but fortunately for me he wasnt looking to good after. Night carp match at bitterwell lake, i enjoy this lake as it normally entails fishing the far bank shallow water (12 inches) with banded pellet being my bait of choice, so i set up a mugging rig as there were a few about but most seemed to be recovering from the cigours of spawning so they proved to be impossible to tempt, a far bank rig, a .1 tr1, a .2 slim for about a mtr off, and a meat rig for short and a margin rig, it started hard, took me an hour and fifteen to get my first carp, so not the start i wanted, ut as the day went on i kept adding a few to the net, i did mug a few (5) nothing on meat, nothing in the margin and nothing a mtr off, all fish coming from the far bank, russ had a few fish early then stopped, ryan also had odd fish all through and Bob gullick and steve seager caught early aswell, so at the end it was going to be tight for the section, but i managed to edge it with 77lb to bons 74 and ryans 73, tom Mangnal was best on our lake with 87lb from peg 14, so one fish in it. Top on the main lake was mark Jones on peg 6 with 80+ well done all, and thanks to rj floats for donating some packs of floats to hand out as i felt appropriate, so this week it was given to the lowest weight weighed in, thus dubious pleasure was taken by mike hill, onwards and upwards matey.
Monday off to acorn with chris to fish a short pole match, topset and 3, 26 fishing so a popular format on a popular venue, good to see top blogger and philip schofields redundant stunt double in attendance, jamie rich, and he had bought along nick(Dom) and jenny aswell, the banter was good, i let jenny draw mine and she handed me 36, in the shade with the cold easterly blowing in from the right and into me, ive had a cold day, the fishing was difficult aswell, the peg is the deepest on the lake at over 7 foot, also the aerater was left on so i had a strong tow left to right if i fished to my left, and if u fished to my right the wind was blowing the rig back towards me, very confusing and nigh on impossible to get any sense out of it, cut to the chase i caught very little most of the match then fish turned up in the right hand margin, and i ended up with 111lb and thanks for coming, top on the day was gareth boycott on peg 10 with 250lb, 2 lewis walker on 22 with 218, and well done to sue faiers on peg 9 winning the silvers with 54lb,

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