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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Float only league round 3

Back to landsend for this one again , and a full house again of 40 anglers, I had to get a reserve at 8.15 this morning due to a sicknote , so FairPlay to niel mercer for fishing at such short notice, I had a few reserves in today but luckily the stay aways sorted there own cover out ,
I let kev molten draw for me as he knows how to do flyers , he drew 33 for himself , how does he do it !!!!! And then pulled my peg which opened up showed 38 , close to the peg of death, 39 but a different kettle of fish altogether, getting to the swim the sun was out and so were some sunbathing carp, about 20 to be precise, so the stalking rig was put together, also a pellet rig for against the island , a meat rig for 6 mtrs and a margin meat rig, the car bank looked as though it was going to hard to fish as the plants had really grown making it all but impossible to get tight in , I could just manage it providing I had no more than 6 inches of line between the float and pole tip, but as there was no wind it wasn't an issue, but still a bit touch and go at 15 mtrs.
At the start I fed all lines including firing 6,s towards the island and then picked up the stalker, 30 mins in and two carp in the net the fish disappeared off the surface never to return, I tried the depth rig over by the island but only fouled a couple, also the two meat lines , down the edge and at 5 mtrs were none starters , the only place I could get bites was by swinging the stalker rig under the branches on the island , I caught steadily till the end and I even managed to catch on a shortened down  rig meaning I could lift and drop to a fashion under the branches , by the end I had 31 carp and a few silvers and was admitting to 180lb, but with kev molten on 33 having caught well and dan white on 13 was rumoured to have emptied it nothing was definite till the scales did there business, my estimate of 180lb was close for me as I actually weighed 186.4 which was enough for first on the day , but kev wasn't to far behind coming second with 175.11 and dan was third with 163.12
4th was the consistent Craig Edmunds on peg 3 with 117.14
5 th steve Seager  with 111.5
6 th mike walker with 102.12
Andy hembrow on 34 with 27.13 of mainly skimmers on meat
Off to Avalon on Thursday this week so if anyone fancies it ring or text me on 07974807941 to book in

Friday, 3 July 2015

Thursday costcutter viaduct fishery

Still popular as there were 40 booked in today so we were split between Cary and cambell, to win a draw on cambell was probably needed as Cary is still in the doldrums with the carp not to keen to feed properly and the big bream are all but gone ,or seemingly.
Into the draw tin , out comes 80 on Cary , which is next to the spit on the carpark side, as far as Cary goes it's a peg I really like as you have the option of open water and a long margin along the spit. So I set up the deep wag to fish at the end of the spit , a pellet rig for against the spit and a meat rig for 6 mtrs in the deeper part of the swim (20 inches). Last time I was on the peg earlier in the year I had over 200lb mainly on the wag fished on the deck with an 11 mm pellet feeding 8,s , so that was going to be my main line of attack for today, on that day the margin and the meat lines were pretty much unproductive but I would still feed them in the vain hope that today would be different , at the start I fed the two pole lines but began on the wag, to say it didn't go to plan wasa bit of an understatement , after the first 80 mins I was blanking, I had been briefly attached to a couple of foulers, then it had a bit of a burst and landed two carp in the next 15 mins, but with little of no fizzing it went quiet again,
The spit margin swim was no use whatsoever with just one hybrid off it even though I did try it several times, so most of the match was spent on the wag, I did get a bit of fizz on the meat line about an hour from the end, and hooked two in quick succession losing the first as it was fouled and broke me but landed the second,  it was hard together bites as the carp as I said earlier don't want to feed properly, so it was a case of waiting for a bite, so by the end I had managed 9 carp on the wag and the one pole caught on, oh and I had the hybrid and a skimmer aswell, for a total weight of 102lb , for third on the lake being beaten by the angler on 74 with 111lb and 106lb on77, so no chance of a slim brown envelope today as the payout was first overall and first in silvers on each lake then the next three, but cambell as a expected took all those minor berths,
First on the day went to Roy"the bomb" worth on 111 with a good weight of 305lb
2nd was mark wynne on 118 with 180lb
Then I think it was 150 .
I did have the result sheet but I put it somewhere safe and now I can't find it, mike nicholls will no doubt have a pic of it on his blog,
This Sunday it's round three of the float only league at landsend this week, and next Thursday mike jones and myself will definitely be running one at Avalon so ring or text me to book in on 07974807941

Monday, 29 June 2015

Tunnel barn farm

This was a fundraising event to raise funds for the women and disabled national angling teams, it was a north versus south clash to add a bit of a twist, with 140 booked in it was good to be involved in a good sized match. Lots of good anglers in attendance and with lots of us southern softies not being to practiced in the art of f1 fishing it was going to be more than likely the northern monkeys would triumph on the day, two draw tins , one for the south and one for the north meaning we would be alternating around the lakes.
Into the draw tin and out comes peg ten on new lake, meant nothing to me but des assured me it was flier being a short island reach and normally plenty of room as it was on the end bank on its own today, travelling partner Chris fox drew on canal lake 4 , not to good but on this venue you can expect a days fishing off even the worst pegs.
I got to my peg and I must admit it did look good , nice margins , a small hole in the reeds against the island and I could get round the left hand side of the island aswell as it was only 11 mtrs to get there.
Rigs today were a margin meat rig , two hard pellet rigs for across to the island (I was told it was the wrong approach as it's a w&c venue). And a deep and shallow maggot rig for top set range.
At the start I began on the short maggot rig and had bites straight away from small skimmers and the like, all the time feeding 4,s across the the two island pellet swims and dropping some meat down the edges, by the end of the first hour I,d had a few f1,s but with swirls from the f1,s on the island I felt it was time to go across, I soon had a few f1,s but they can be notoriously hard to hook on banded pellet at times, hence lots of people today were pinning there faith on worm and caster. From there on I had a nice days fishing , missing plenty of bites/liners but catching more than enough f1,s to keep me more than interested, I can certainly see the appeal of this venue, and it would be nice to see a similar venue closer to home , hill view is about the closest, so perhaps a few visits to there may be in order. Bites came right to the end of the match on the two island pellet lines aswell as a few fish on the short maggot line including a handful of small barbel up to 1 1/2lb, I didn't catch on th margin meat lines, although I did miss some bites lol.
By the end I wasn't sure as to what weight I had but I expected it to go 90plus, in fact when the scales mounted on the golf trolley turned up my two nets went 62 and 41 pounds for 103 total, overall no good probably but I at least beat the two northern anglers each side, although it was touch and go for a while with the angler sat in his bed chair on my right. As far as I could tell 130lb won but with lots of weights down to me , Chris and I decided to leave as it was going to be a long winded affair to get the results out, bob gullick stayed on though and both Chris and me picked up some section money , although bob did say they felt very thin , I think the monkeys beat the softies which didn't suprise me as they have a lot more f1 venues up there.
Float only league next Sunday at landsend but before that I will fish the huntstrete coffin dodgers match at Withey pool, and with temperatures set to soar this week it may be hard .

Friday, 26 June 2015

Thursday costcutter, viaduct match lake

I was meant to be going to Avalon today but it was already booked by the Weston club so it was off to viaduct again but only on the match lake so with only 14 pegs available it soon filled.
Into the draw tin and out comes 52, the corner pampas grass peg, lots of options , a long left hand margin , the corner of the island to fish the wag to and obviously the long pole , oh yes and a short one for meat . For company I had dan squire on 51 and the always smiling Tom mangnall around the corner on 39, so after setting up all things for various lines it was start time , as is normal on this lake it pays to start shallow on hard pellet for the f1,s and carp , but nothing really happened, this is going to turn into one my really short blogs ,as my peg never started for me , dan was picking up odd fish on the pole , a switch to the wag also was no good for me but again dan was catching , this was were the schoolboy error occurred, I normally watch and see if there are any reasons as to why someone is catching next door on seemingly similar pegs, but I must have been from the heat as I never noticed him feeding hardly anything , but not me ,no, I over cooked my swim very quickly with to much feed and with the fish not feeding to well that was my day done and dusted, I ended up with 19lb and a bit more of a tan and dan fished a nice tidy match to win with90.14
2nd was dan white on 47 with 53.13
3rd mike west on 47 with 53.10
4th Leon Hubbard on 48 with 45.9, also it was Leon's birthday today so happy 53rd matey
5th dave cockayne on 43 with 44.13
6th terry leney on 45 with 43.10
Off to tunnel barn farm this weekend for a north versus south match to raise funds for the ladies and disabled international teams, f1 fishing (groan) must try and keep my hand out of the pellet box lol.
Next match at Avalon is definitely on the 9th July as it's booked , so apologies to those without a match yesterday, hopefully see you on the 9th

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Viaduct spring league

This was the final round in this popular series, 55 fishing normally but we had a few no shows for various reasons and one  toys out of the pram display, who went and played golf instead lol.
I was in the last 4 of the k/o against , andy Neale, bob gullick and goes cochrane, all. Had to do was avoid Cary as it has been through a tough time this week due to oxygen problems , but with steve getting the oxygen levels back up to normal it should soon be back to normal,
Into the draw tin first and out comes 87 on the top bank on Cary , andy was on 66 lodge possibly he best carp peg on there, bob gullick on 115 , cambell that's the third time on the peg in this series, and Giles cochrane on 124 , that was me buggered for a pickup then as they were only paying out the top 3 in the k/o .
I thought I may have a chance of a few as Fred Roberts had 160lb off 88 the day before fishing shallow on the pole, so I set a shallow rig and a deep pellet rig for 14 mtrs, which was far enough as there was a nasty right to left wind blowing, a meat rig for 5 mtrs and wag for fishing at depth, not really to much to say on the match really as I ended up with 9 carp for what I reckoned on going 90lb,
I had 5 on the wag , two on the pole on pellet on the deck, I did hook one shallow but it came adrift and two on the meat line , no skimmers today as they were the worst affected fish when the oxygen crashed, Gary oshea on 90 caught quite well fishing shallow and opposite him kev molten on 94 also had some on pellet at half depth, they were first and second on the lake with 145 and 125 respectively  my 9 fish actually went 95lb so they were good fish, needless to say I came last in the k/o with it think andy Neale winning it followed by bob gullick then Giles , first on the day went to Chris Davis with 245 lb , he would have had over 300lb but he had over 80lb in one net so lost the entire weight in that net, as for the league Craig Edmunds just won on worst section dropper over Giles cochrane so well done to those two, I don't have all the results as fabio and me did the big swinging door and left before the results.
Next match is Avalon on Thursday ,9.30 draw fish 11 to 5 , anyone interested ring me on 07974807941 to book in, or txt me

Friday, 19 June 2015

Thursday cost cutter, viaduct fishery

Still popular today as 34 were booked in, I was treating it as a bit of a practice for the final round of the spring league which is on this Sunday, I may just stand an outside chance of framing as long as I win my section with 300lb and the 15 people above me all blank, hmmmm.
I travelled down with trigger so that was one good peg gone and with Chris fox not fishing there would be an extra crap peg to draw aswell.
Into the draw tin and peg 129 stuck to my mit, a nice peg next to the spit on cambell, for company I had Gordon canning on 130 and gabe skarba the other side of the spit on 128. I had intended to fish all out pellet today but last time on this peg I caught well on meat late in the match, so I procured a tin of meat from the shop and cut it with trigs 8mm cutter as he was just up from me on 126.
With the aerator on I decided against the wag as last time I fished this. With the water moving presentation went put of the window . So pole only, pellet rigs were for the end of the spit , a slapper/stalker , one for 14 mtrs on the deck and a small one for back in the small bay to my left, plumbing around the deepest part I could find was 30 inches at 14 mtrs so that was where began my attack, but it was all very torrid, the fish wanted feeding but wouldn't stay on the deck, so fouling was a real problem, not just for though , looking around at this end of the lake there seemed to be a lot of foulhooked fish being lost, even glen 5 pots bailey on 110 was getting the same on paste. You would fully expect to catch shallow in these conditions but they wouldn't have it at all, I did get two shallow and stalked a third by the end of the first hour, so I went back out with the deep rig and had a few more , ever time I fed the swim would fizz showing the fish were there but just getting liners , I tried the shallow rig several times at different depths but to no avail, the end of the spit swim which is normally the banker in the peg only produced two fish, with little or no activity there, going into the last hour I only had 12 carp in the net and a few tench, then all of a sudden he meat line started to bubble and the last hour was the best with two carp from my left hand margin and 7 off the 5 mtr meat line, ending up with 21 carp and a few accidental tench, it was never going to be any good as the other end of the lake had fished quite well with Gary o,Shea on 115 leading the charge, also Martyn woodington on 66 lodge had caught well. My fish went 130.12 for no good, I was top weight at my end of the lake but got battered by the other end with Gary o,Shea winning with 192.14
2nd was Martin woodington  on 66 with 176.2
3rd Dom Sullivan on 118 with 161lb
4th andy row bottom on 119 with 157.11
5th trig with 149.10
6th steve Walters on 59 with 132.14
Dick bull on 127 with 30.10
Ian Dunlop on 111 with 27lb
Gary caught on a bit of everything from worm over groundbait to paste to pellet to meat, must have been solid lol, if he had tried a bit harder he may have had his first double ton today.
Next Thursday I am running another one at Avalon, so to book in txt or phone me on 07974807941 or give me ring in veals on 01179260790

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Float only league round 2

Down to landsend for this one , one of my favourite venues this one , with 40 fishing I had 15 on match and speci lake and 15 on lake 3, johns water, I think steve Seager drew for me and handed me peg 18, which is on the far side of the match lake , on the left hand side of the central gap in the island, for company I had Clint wojtyla on my right on 19 and Pete nurse n 16 to my left , so a bit of banter was guaranteed. The sun was out while tackling up so a stalker rig was assembled, also a meat rig for 5 mtrs , a rig to fish banded pellet over by the Island , and another rig to fish pellet down my left hand margin.
At the start I went with the stalker rig and managed 5 carp in the first hour , which was ok as far as I could see. But with the sun disappearing behind clouds the shallow fishing was never going to last, so going into the second hour ,I switched to the island swim , first off  I went in on the shallow rig and had a couple of carp but it was proving difficult, by now Martin lenaghan on24 and ken Rayner on 21 had begun to catch, the middle part of the match was very hard for me , I had a couple of carp but suffered foulers ,  I had to wait until the fifth hour to start catching again , when firstly I had 5 decent carp on the 5 mtr meat line in 20 minutes and began to catch some down my margin on banded 8 mm pellet over loose fed 6,s so from being behind ken and Martin and about the same as Clint , I pulled ahead of them in the last two hours , ending up with 25 carp for an estimated 120lb , which was going to be good enough for a section win, which was my main aim for the day , also I had drawn Shaun Townsend in the k/o and he was on peg 70 on lake three, and it fully expected him to catch over 100lb , which he did , he weighed 105lb , luckily my net saw me weigh 123.15 which won the section and was second on the day, I was beaten by steve tucker on peg 1 with 125.9, steve caught on meat down to his right by an overhanging tree and straight out at 6 mtrs.
3rd place went to Clint wojtyla next to me on 19 with 105.9
4th Shaun Townsend on 70 with 105lb
5th Craig Edmunds on 51 with 102.15
6th Gary oshea on 5 with 99.6
Gordon canning on 31 with 22.12 , of skimmers and f1,s
Tim ford on 27 with 16.2
The lakes didn't fish to well , I think the fish are struggling as there are still a lot of fish with spawn in them, most of our other local venues seem to be fishing hard aswell, we need some warm weather to the spawning over and done with , hopefully this week is going to warm up nicely midweek so it may get done and dusted.