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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Short pole series round 1

Back at chilton trinity again this year for this 4 match series where we are just allowed to use down as far as your number 6 section, all very fair, I thought it was popular last year with 24 fishing, but this year I am up to 28 fishing , so not to many empty pegs as there are only 34 on the lake, at least the fish wouldn't have to many hiding places, unless they decided to stay at 8 mtrs and beyond, only one no show , but that was down to family illness, and he sent his pools anyway , top man.
I let misha draw my peg and she gave me peg 29 which is the peg straight across the bridge , shortest walk aswell, for company I had Clayton Hudson on 30 and rod wootten on 28 but he was the first peg in the next section. My section was from me round to peg 6 on the far bank which was occupied by Pete nurse , and in between was Martin McMahon on 4, the gimp on 3, steve Seager on 2 and I felt the danger man in the section was Tim ford on 32 with some room around him, and with the wind blowing into his end I really fancied his peg for a bit of margin work, rigs today were a hard pellet rig  (4x18)  at the limit of the pole length , a meat rig for 4 mtrs(1grm) and a hard pellet rig for the margin to my left as I had a nice depth tight in of about 3 foot.
At the start I fed the three line and started at max pole depth on a banded 6mm over hard 4,s. I fouled and lost a carp first put in , then caught a few skimmers , but not really well enough to be a threat to the silvers pool, opposite in the flatter warmer water people started catching some fish shallow , especially bela bakos who was still trying to perfect his random slapping technique, by the halfway mark I had caught three carp, one down the edge , one at max length on pellet and I hooked an 8lb fish in the fin on the meat line , which came to the net like a kitten, opposite the anglers were catching well ,either shallow or down the edge, tim ford came up for a walk , moaning as he only had 1 carp and a few silvers, by now mr McMahon was winning the section but with a couple of hours left Tim and me began to get a  few down the edge , as did steve Seager, it wasn't hectic but I was getting enough indications to keep me interested fishing banded 8 mm pellet over 6,s, by the end I thought I had about 70lb, and as I was the first to weigh I wasn't to disappointed to plonk 77lb exactly on the scales, but I new Tim had beaten me as he was saying he had 90lb , he actually weighed 96.5, which was a good weight but I new mike nicholls on 15 would probably have more as he seemed to be catching all day, and that's how it turned out with mike winning on the day with 117.9 of peg 15, he had a lot of small roach n caster down his edge till the carp arrive , then he switched to paste over hard 4,s to keep the carp coming
2nd was Tim ford on 32 with hs 96.5
3rd Paul elmes on10 with 94.13
4th bela bakos on 12 with 88lb
5th trig Edmunds on 20 with 84.3
6th me on 29 with 77lb
Dave Evans on 19 with 18.4
Chris fox on 27 with 16.5
I wad a bit concerned that we had to many on the lake but the weights today seem to prove that it may have been a good thing as the fish were all over the lake, and being no one could fish long there were no issues with people around you.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Thursday open , Avalon

Bit late doing this one , been a bit busy today, normally we would have been at huntstrete for this one but the fishery has been closed this week as the banks are undergoing a bit of cosmetic surgery, to rectify the massively undercut banks, I've seen a few pictures on the net and it looks good, it won't please everybody but something's just need doing to ensure safety of us on the bank, time will tell.
We managed to get 15 of us on the bank , some huntstrete old boys and some extras from elsewhere.
I let dave wride pull my peg and he handed me peg 40 which is the first peg on the second island right hand bank, a nice draw , with pellet on the pole , meat down the edge and a short pellet wag chuck to the island , about 23 mtrs away, so all rigs were assembled for those lines, for company I had stuart barnett on 42,who is soon on his way back to oz to live as things never really worked out for him over here, all the best to him then. On the other side on 38 was the irrepressible mike key ,
At the start I fed all lines and begun on the pole at 14 mtrs on banded 6mm over loose fed 4,s, after 10 mins and only a 4 oz skimmer to show , and with stuart playing his second carp on the wag I was soon putting the pole down and picking up the wag, and that's where I stopped for the rest of the match, catching odd carp right till the end, the right to left wind made it hard at times as the wag was blowing off the island quite quickly, so unless I had a bite quickly it was a recast very quickly, it was a hard day with lots of shoulder pain by the end , but it was worth it. As I won with 151.12, it was 23 carp for 138 lb and 13.12 of accidentals in the shape of.  Squeaker pasties , a skimmer , a chub some nice roach and a couple of decent hybrids.
2nd was stuart on 42 with 128.11. It was neck and neck till the last 45 mins when his swim dried and I managed a few more carp 2 of which were double figure fish.
Third was Alan jones on 37 with 97.10
4th Adrian jeffery on 28 with 76.12
5th Alan oram on 32 with 68.3
6th dave wride and mike jones on 23&20 respectively with 36.8
Silvers were won by mike on 20 with 25.10
Second went to dave wride with 23.1

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday open , landsend fishery

Back to landsend again this Sunday for a match I had forgotten I had booked till mike rang me weds nite to remind me , it was short notice but we still ended up with 26 again so mike let me spread over match and number 3 lake.
I let Martin lenaghan draw for me after he drew peg one for himself, and he handed me peg 3 which can be a tough peg and not generally one you want to draw on this lake when you have the likes of Shaun Townsend on 18 Alan oram on 19 Tim ford on 11 plus Gordon canning on 5 glen (2pots) bailey on 21 even steve Seager on 22  had to be watched, that was just on this lake and with Anton page, mat tomes, ken Rayner , Tom mangnall on lake three plus other venue regulars, lots of competition, (did I really say mat tomes in that lot).
Back to peg three and as mike had put a foot of water back into the lake I quite fancied it as the far bank has a nice shelf , and as there was I bit of depth over there now (18inches) I expected that to be ok for a few, better still there were some fish on the surface sunbathing or swimming round in small shoals, right up my street. Also the margin to my left can be really good, so rigs today, a stalker/slapper, meat rig for 5 mtrs and down the left hand margin (same depth). A pellet rig for the far side shelf and a hard pellet rig for 6 mtrs to my left and right for silvers just in case all else fails.
At the start I fed all lines with the relevant feed and went out with the stalker , and after 20 minutes I had three carp in the net, then it went strangely quiet in my swim , Gordon on three was now catching well against the island , even Martin on 1 was hooking a few , but even though he hasn't fished a match for a while as he has been asleep in a bivvie for most of the year so far, he doesn't seem to have lost The art of losing fish.
Towards the end of the first hour and only adding two more carp and the surface looking a bit barren I went on the 6 mtr pellet line on 6 mm banded pellet over 4,s, all the time I had been firing some 4,s to the far side and I could see a bit of fish activity against the island so I was confident of getting some from there, the 6 mtr line gave me a perch a skimmer and a 4 lb carp , and with not enough activity to keep me there I binned that and went across to the island on the stalker rig so I could fish against the far bank but off bottom, and I had a few on that, with the sun now putting some heat onto the water , I was now seeing quite a few fish so the next couple of hours was most enjoyable , targeting individual fish as they swam past, it's a style of fishing I enjoy as you aren't just slapping a rig around like a windmill on speed but actually picking out specific fish to target, it's quite satisfying to see a fish , plop the pellet in front of it and watch it suck it in. After a couple of hours of this the sun went in and so did the fish, I looked on the 5 mtr meat line , had a fouler first put in then no bites, down the edge and no action there either, so it was against the island on banded 8mm, I had some more there then towards the end of the match some fish arrived in the margin and I had 4 or 5 fish down there.
By the end I had 35 carp plus a few silvers so I reckoned on 180lb at least, the scales started on 1 and Martin had 88lb, then after several weighs my nets went 209lb exactly for first on the day , and I had been very good as I hadn't gone over the net limits .
2nd was Shaun Shaun Townsend on 18 with 171.10
3rd Anton page 160.14 on peg 50
4th Alan oram 133lb
5th Russ peck on 16 with 121.9
6th Gordon canning peg 5 114lb
Paul faires on peg 24 with 30.2 of mainly skimmers
2nd in silvers was Tim ford on peg 11 with 26.1
Off to Avalon on Thursday for a bit of a cost cutter (£16) so give me a ring at veals on 01179260790 on Tuesday or Wednesday to book in or txt me on 07974807941 to book in

Friday, 10 April 2015

Thursday coffin dodgers, huntstrete

Before the fishing there are a couple more real pole offers at veals this week, both maver poles again firstly the enigma 1 pole package , was 799.99 now 499.99
Then the enigma 2 pole package was 999.99 now 549.99 both brilliant value for money at those prices.
Next Thursday mike jones and myself are running a cost cutter at Avalon, 9.30 draw , if anyone fancies it ring me or mike at veals on 01179260790 to book in or txt me on my mobile on 07974807941.
Back to the fishing and this is going to be one of my shorter blogs, after going to the lake for a bit of a session on Tuesday and catching 60lb of silvers off peg 4 on banded 6mm hard pellet over 4,s I was going to place most of my faith in that approach, all I asked was for a draw somewhere around the middle of the lake , into the draw bag ,out comes the yellow disk with number 19 on it again, that's third time on the trot, what's the odds on that. For company I had silvers ace dave wride on 18 and I had to look at mike nicholls on 21 who has been on that peg for the 4th time since Xmas ,
Needless to say , the hard Pellet tacti never worked, and I ended up with 8.12 of silvers, but I did save a bit of face with two carp down the edge which went 24.6 for a total of  33.2, no pickup for me then !!!!.
1st on the day was dave bacon on peg 30 with 65.8, which was 35.12 of bream and 29.12 of carp taken on a mixture feeder and pole
2nd Alan jones on 28 with 54lb
3rd ray (I've had a moment) bazeley on 27 with 44.4 , all silvers.
4th terry bruton on 6 with three carp for 38.11
5th me with 33.2
6th bob price on peg 2 with 27.8 of silvers on bread
All the carp caught today were relocated down into withy pool, the club are aiming to make bridge a silvers only lake, I hope it works for them, but having been around long enough to see other venues try it without long term success, I won't be holding my breath,  there are some good bream and roach venues across the country but it seems to me to be more natural larger lakes which succeed, all the local venues to us such as viaduct, landsend , sedges , Avalon, chilton trinity, I could go on , have large amounts of silvers, and a large head of carp, keeping all happy, there is a thought that carp have very short digestive systems which can't absorb all the nutrients from the pellets and boilies that are used in these venues, so there is still a a lot of nutritional value in there poo, so the skimmers and roach thrive on the carp waste. I,m no expert but a lot of commercial fishery owners seem to think this is the case, and all these venues hold a thriving healthy amount of both carp and silvers, I have been told by one of the bailiffs that. If it doesn't work they may decide to put some smaller carp back in.
This weekend I am running a match at landsend on Sunday, so if you fancy it ring me on my mobile or in veals to book in.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Sunday landsend fishery open

26 fishing today so mike spread us out over match and number 3 lake , I wasn't to fussy as to which lake I drew as both fished really well last week, so I wasn't disappointed to open up peg 18 , which is on the left hand side of the island gap on the far bank of the match lake. For company I had Shane caswell on 16 and bristols finest roofer bela bakos on 19. Also I could keep an eye on mike duckett on 15 as we had to fish the final of the k/o from the winter league.
It was a nice day and with a few packs of carp floating about the stalker rig was assembled, also a margin meat rig and the same for 5mtrs, also a pellet rig for over against the island.
At the start I fired in some 4,s to the island, some meat down each side margin and at 5 mtrs and threw a handful of pellets tight in to my left against the bank in less than a foot of water. I then started on the stalker rig and had a good start with a fish virtually straight away, and the first two hours went well with me having 18 carp in the net, then it went Pete tong, the main pack of fish seemed to move to my right and settle on peg 20 between bela and rich heatley on 21, with bela doing the best, not even feeding , just slapping a rig around , he went from struggling a bit to catching up my early lead and overtaking me easily, I had a few from my left hand margin rig on pellet, but in such shallow water the fish were very spooky, disappearing from the swim as soon as the pole went over there heads, I also managed a few from the island, but the fish didn't really seem to want to eat over there, by the end I had 26 fish , which looked ok but was a long way behind bela , also trig over on 7 had had a good last couple of hours catching on his short meat line, plus he had caught a lot of good skimmers earlier on on hard pellet down the track, so that was going to be close. I new I had the better of mike so that was 40 quid in the bank from he k/o,
Bela was first on the day with 216.12 which was miles ahead of everyone else, also it was his first ever double ton so well done to him, all taken on the random slapping method , those who know him will have to ask him about that one lol
2nd was me with 146.11 plus I had a crick in my neck from looking to my right.
3rd craig(trig)Edmunds on peg 7 with 143.12
4th rich heatley n 21 with 114.13
5th ken Rayner on 13 with 90.12
6th kev molten on 70 with 75.14
Rod wootten on 22 with 54.15 of skimmers on hard 6 mm pellet over a mix of micros and 4,s fished at 5 mtrs

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Veals silver league , final round

Before I say about my day , a message from steve long at viaduct fishery, anyone who fished last years spring series at the venue and wants to do so again this year , needs to give steve a ring on 01458 274022 to confirm, likewise if any of you fancy a go this year give him a ring to get your name on the list.
Also a few real pole offers going on in veals at the mo on the following maver poles
Series 1 sx was 450 now down to 295
Series 2 sx was 650 now down to 395
Series 3 sx was 989 now down to 595
Series 4 sx was 1259 now down to 695
Series 5 sx was 1529 now down to 795
Can't see them hanging around for to long.
Back to the fishing and after the gales we had to endure at the weekend it was nice to find nothing but a gentle breeze , into the draw and out comes 19 again , I had it last week when carp counted but it was only a silvers match today , and after really struggleing for silvers last week I didn't really go to the peg with to much confidence, but a week can change a lot of things. I set up a banded pellet rig for 2 lines at 13 mtrs , a caster rig for into the bay on my left and a margin rig for my right as I had a few fish on that last week , at the start I cupped in some hard 4,s at 1 o,clock angle and some soaked micros and 4,s at 11 angle, some caster and corn to my left in the bay and the same into the right hand margin, I also fed some casters at 4 mtrs in front as the left hand rig was the same depth, beginning on a banded 6 mm I never had a bite at the 1 angle so a switch to the 11 angle was called for, and for a few minutes I thought I was going to have a good day as I had a couple of 8oz skimmers then a near 4lb tench, but it was a false dawn as I couldn't buy a bite on a hard pellet, so I changed the hook for an 18 middy 8313 on .12 line and went onto the soft pellet and for a while things went ok with several more skimmers skimmers gracing the net, but judging by the banter it became apparent that the main body of fish seemed to be further up the lake, I did manage a tench on caster at 4 mtrs and a few half  tidy roach and perch from the margins but I was never going to compete with the pegs up the lake a bit , John smith was first on the day with 36.2 off peg 26 , catching on soft pellet or triple maggot over micros in most parts of his peg, all skimmers  and bream,
2nd Barry fitchew on 28 with 33.9
3rd dave bacon on 29 with 32.14
4th dave wride on 32 with 32.9
5th mike nicholls on 15 with 30.01
6th dave Gillard on 10 with 27.14
7th bob price on 24 with 25.11
8th me with 23.10
Considering it was flat calm it fished really well. Well done to dave wride for winning the series, and for for carrying me on his back to win the pairs,
Nice to see the old stager John smith winning the knockout , shame it was at my expense lol,
Off to landsend for an open on Sunday , should be good as the weather seems to be warming up.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Landsend league , final round

Last. Match in this well run series, my turn on lake 3, and with winds forecast to be gusting to nearly 60mph from the west , it was never going to be comfortable, but with all that wind creating extra water movement, it quite often switches the fish on providing you can fish that is !!!!.
Into the draw tin after organiser ken who had pulled one of the 4 pegs I had hoped to avoid (46) as I needed a section win to guarantee winning the series, out comes 68 definitely not one to avoid, it turned out to be a tough looking section with trig Edmunds on 58, Adrian Clark on 61 , Paul faires on 66 and rod wootten on 70.
Getting to the peg and with the wind really going for it ,I only got my 6 mtr stinger basher out of the bag, I set up 3 rigs ,a 4x14 for meat at 5 mtrs, 4x12 for meat in the left hand margin and a pellet rig for 6 mtrs to my left down the shelf but that rig was never used.
I began on meat at 5 mtrs and had a 12lb fish first drop, and never really looked back catching steadily on this line for most of the match, I did get two fish from the margin but the 5 mtr line was the best , by the end I wasn't to sure as to how many fish I had but I new I was over the 80lb net limits  in my 2 carp nets which was confirmed when the scales arrived, I was playing a fish on the all out which I new would be a waste of time putting in the net, luckily Paul was stood next to me and lent me his spare silver net to put it in,
I had two nets at 80lb and one net with one carp and three silvers for 12.12 for 172.12 total for the needed section win, nice.
As expected the lakes fished really well with Shaun Townsend winning off peg 22 on the match lake with 209.12 fishing meat at 11 mtrs to begin with but ending up at 5 mtrs as the wind really got up
2nd was me with 172.12
3rdbob gullick on the only peg with no wind, 13 on match lake with140.10
4th kev molten on 28 with 134.3
5th mark poppleton on 19 with 125.15
6th Paul faires on 66 with 121.11
And there was another 3 weights over 100lb and plenty of good weights after that.
Silvers went to Nigel Bartlett peg 20 with 39.7 of mainly skimmers on soft pellet
Final league tables
Tony Rixon 29pts 601.6lb
Nick chedzoy 27pts 379.15lb
Steve Seager 26pts 259.4lb
Ken Rayner 25pts 339lb
Chris fox 28pts 68.15
Gary o,Shea 27pts 42.13
Anyone interested there is an open here on Sunday (Easter) to book in ring mike at the fishery on 07977545882 or me at veals on 01179260790, or my mobile 07974807941