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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thursday costcutter , Avalon.

Only twelve of us today, just enough  to make it interesting. I was on the the phone to 3 network trying to sort out ne f my contracts with them that someone had hacked into and caused me no ends of problems that have been going on for 6 weeks, the match started at 10.15 and I eventually got off the phone at 11, so that was three hours of my life I ain't getting back as the calls began at 8, and I had made 19 calls to them by then, eventually talking to someone in Scotland who hopefully sorted it in about ten minutes, unlike the the Mumbai call centre which is a total waste of time as they ok
Moly give answers from prompt cards I'm sure,
Whilst I was on the phone I stood behind vic bush on peg 11 who had 3 carp and a skimmer by the time I had finished n the phone, the carp obviously hooked themselves as is normal on the lead , but I did need to coach him a bit as to when to strike on the skimmer, but I would have thought that his line dropping back slack would have told him something was going on !!!!!!!!.
With only a bit of time to get started I only set up one ,75 pencil float to fish for silvers, so after feeding two balls of ground bait at 11 mtrs and 3 at 14 I began on the shorter line and was soon catching small roach, with a couple of small hybrids, but no skimmers, so out to 14 mtrs and the same result, small roach only, so I refed quite heavily to try and force the issue, then I used he same rig to fish on my top set with caster , and I did start catching some better 4 oz roach , but as expected it didn't last, I dropped a small ball of g bait in there and later I did get an 8oz skimmer there but that was the only one , back out to the two longer lines, neither were to good with the shorter one being a total waste , and the longer one only still giving up small roach, with only 2 hours to go I went back to my can and got a reel then set up a wag to fish off the corner of the island with banded pellet and I was soon wishing I had fed and fished it from the start as I started getting indications immediately , and I soon had a couple of 6lb carp in the net, I ave the line a bit of a rest and dropped in over the longer silvers line , the float was only in there for a few minutes before the float lifted and stayed up, so the big strike was met with a fair bit of 5 elastic coming out of the pole and a 2 lb plus skimmer was safely netted, followed shortly by another a few minutes later, but that was my loy off that line apart from the small plippy roach, so most of the remainder of the match was spent on the wag, as I said I should have done it from the start as I finished the match with seven carp, only three sensible ones but the peg was definitely worth a few more if I had done it from the start, but I never so I didn't , end of lol.
I put the results sheet somewhere safe so that was the end of that then, but I will do my best to remember the top six.
1st vic bush peg 11 41lb
2nd Tom mangall peg 20 33lb
3rd me with 32lb
4th terry Bruton peg 3 29lb
5th Adrian Jeffrey on 21 with 28lb
Tom mangall 19lb
John(the gimp) Bradford 16lb
3rd was veils oldest employee Mike Jones with 9lb

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday landsend open

only 14 fishing today so it was the match lake only, going into the second day of a cold snap I wasn't to sure as to how it would fish, last time here the fish seemed to want to be in there normal winter quarters, so a draw on the far side in the high numbers were preferred, I waited till near the end to draw , and just for a change pulled out peg 3 again !!!!!, I can't seem to get away from the peg, it's a nice summer peg and I quite enjoy fishing it if ice breaking is called for as there are usually some perch around. But today I thought would be difficult, rig wise I set a 4x12 for 14 mtrs on an angle to my left for hard pellet and the same rig would be ok to fish n front of peg 2 as it's the same depth as out in the lake, another 4x12 rig for the same depth to my right for maggot or expander over micros, and a caster rig for 4 mtrs in front and down to my left as again it's the same depth. On the whistle I fed to my left at 14 mtrs with hard 4,s aswell as cupping a few in by pallet 2. I would have like to feed it with a catty down by the pallet but the bush has grown a bit to much and it's nigh on impossible to get any down there with a catty, micros off to my right, again at 14 mtrs, but began on the caster at 4 mtrs, I did fire a few 4,s to the far side just in case but the water seemed a bit clear and cold to encourage any carp up on the shelf.
First drop and I had a 6 oz perch followed by a few of a similar size, but already the favoured far side swims were producing carp, with Paul elmes on 18, Adrian Jeffrey on 19 and ken(Kendra) Rayners on 21 catching early on , and hey seemed to be getting plenty of liners so the main body of fish looked to be wintering up. As with the last time on this lake the near side was extremely hard with only odd carp and very few silvers being caught , the carp pegs kept putting a few into the nets with Adrian on 19 sounding to be doing the best. My long pellet lines each way at 14 mtrs never produced a bite. And the down to the pallet line to my left gave me one bite which I skillfully abated to impale my hook into the tail of a 5 lb common which led me a proper dance before I managed to reverse it into the net, but it did make a mess f my inside line, during the match I did hook 6 carp , three I landed two of which were lip hooked and the other three escaped, one with a rig. About 90 mins from the end I shall owed up my maggot rig and swung it into the far side on double maggot , I was rewarded with a 1lb stripy , so I quickly changed that rig into a proper caster rig for over there and began firing a few casters to the spot, silvers wise on the lake was wide open with no one catching much, the skimmers were scarce as were the perch so it was a case I of nicking odd fish from my three silvers line, even the ever reliable john"the perch slayer" Bradford on 5 was getting no luck, but he did get a nice ide and a skimmer later in the match, he seemed to be doing the best with him and me being pretty close with the silvers, then about 30 mins from the end I managed to snare a 2lb unseasonal tench from my left hand margin to put me in th edriving seat as far as the silvers went.
Beany aka Dave Westcott was first to weigh on peg 1 and put one carp and a few silvers on the scales for 9.4. I was next and my three carp went 15lb and the silvers went 9.12, the only threat as far as I could tell for the silvers payout was john on 5 and luckily my tench seemed to have edged it as his silvers went 7.8, so at least we got some money back .
1st on the day was Adrian Jeffrey on 19 with 80.14 of maggot tempted carp just at the bottom of the island shelf
2nd was Ken Rayner on 21 with 69.7
3rd Paul elmes on 18 who started well but his swim died quite quickly but he ended with 46.6
4th was me with 24.12
5th Andy hembrow on 13 with 19.1
6th Martin lenaghan on 15 with 17.10
Thursday we are off to Avalon again so if anyone fancies it ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in for the 9 am draw.
This Friday veals are having a bit of a Black Friday clearance with selected items in the coarse, sea , game and gun sides being reduced, so it may well be worth paying us a visit , could be an early Xmas pressie some where for someone

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thursday affordable at harescombe fishery

travelled up with Chris fox today, we were nearly late as a motorcyclist decided to fall off at jct 13 a bit of a tailback but we managed just get by and got the fishery well in time for brekkie, sadly only 9 of us turned up, so at least we would have plenty of room. Into the draw bag and out comes 8, as of yet I haven't drawn the same peg twice, and I ain't had a bad days fishing yet, Chris drew 14 which was the end peg on our bank, so I reversed up to his peg and dropped him off, then Dave to mine , where I unloaded the gear and set about tackleing up, all was gong well until Andy the fishery manager arrived to tell me I was getting ready on peg 9, doh, senior moment, and that was the first time I have ever done that, plus it was raining which it wasn't meant to do in Gloucester , they got that right then as it pissed down all day !!!!!!.
So kit moved onto the right peg and still enough the to get ready, I have indulged myself with a new drennan acolyte carp pole so I gave it a run out today, and I got to say it's a nice piece of kit , bearing in mind it's a carp pole so it's not going to be ultra stiff and light but it is manageable up to 14 mtrs easily , so looking for a quality all round pole definitely give this one the once over.
Back to the fishing , and I thought maggots would be worth a go today and with the weather still very mild I thought the fish would still be against the island on the shelf, so I set up a maggot rig for that and a pellet rig for further along the island and the same rig would do for down the edge, big mistake was not setting up a rig for 4 mtrs in front at this stage.
At the start I cupped in some maggots against the island and fed some pellets in the two areas, margin and island.
Starting across on maggot resulted in a couple of small roach the a barbel, followed by a three pound carp then another barbel, followed by more and more and more small roach, then an f1 then back to the roach fry and gudgeon, an hour in and going nowhere on the maggot so I binned that and switched to the island pellet line , but that proved difficult with only odd f1,s and even fewer carp. Down the edge wasn't much better, and I could see Adrian Jeffrey opposite catching steadily as was Martin hook to my right and Chris fox beyond him, all,of a sudden there was only two hours left , looking along Martin to my left was still catching short so I set up a 4x14 rig to fish at 4 mtrs, luckily I did start feeding the line not long after the start just in case , so I started catching some decent f1,s and in the last two hours I probably put 3/4 of my final weight in the net but it was never going to be enough especially as Chris on 14 was still catching and Mike Nichols over on 20 also had a good last couple of hours, just fishing with his topkit down each side margin, but in th end I was a lot closer than I realised , another hour and I may have had him, Mike won on the day with 63.2
2nd was Chris fox with 60.6
3rd me with 52.10
4th Martin hook with 46
5th stuart graham on 29 again with 44.14
6th Adrian Jeffrey with 42.4
Off for an open at landsend on Sunday , still got some space so ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in of contact me in veals on 01179260790

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Viaduct silvers league round 4

after brekkie at lillypool it was off to the fishery for the 9am draw, into the tin fairly early and out comes112 , it was ok for the first couple of matches then n match three mash drew it and got carped out and dnw,d, and getting to the peg I thought today may go the same way as there were carp moving all around my peg, for company I had fromes very own Olympic cyclist and down hill skiing champion steve denmead on 111 and Mrs brown impersonator Bob gullick on 114, the wind was still quite strong blowing in and across, but not unmanagble, so I set up rigs to fish caster at 3 mtrs, a .4g pencil, and town .4g rigs to fish caster and maggot over groundbait at 9 and 13 mtrs , all rigs had my favourite silvers hook on ends,  middy 6313 size 18,s to .10 line.
At the start I cupped in two balls at 9 and three at 13 mtrs, then started on the short caster line, small roach soon became a problem , no quality at all, with lots of the roach so small they were dropping off before I could grab them, after 20 mins I had had enough of that and went out onto the 9 mtr line, that wasn't to good either with the small fish being a pain there aswell, Bob g on 114 was catching small skimmers and Nick chedzoy on 115 had a tench and some skimmers too, I lost a flying skimmer of about a pound quite early on the 9 mtr , then shortly after that I had a 2 lb er, but that line seemed to be full of plippy roach , so most of my match was spent out at 13 mtrs where there seemed to be more in the way of skimmers, Bob kept catching skimmers of all sizes for most of the match, Nick on 115 caught steadily to and steve on 111 was getting odd quality fish, I did get a good 4th hour catching a few better skimmers which used me ahead of steve but I was never in much danger of catching the two to my right , then steve had a late skimmer making it very tight between us, in the end steve had 20.10 to my level 20lb , which put me 4th inthe section, not the result I wanted or needed, oh well that will hopefully be my dropper then.
1st on the day went to Chris Davis on 55 with 29.10 , catching on worm over worm
2nd Dom Sullivan catching the same way as the winner with 28.10 on peg 73
3rd Bob gullick on 114 with 27.4
4th Nick chedzoy on 115 with 26.9
5th Dan squire on 68 with 25.3
6th g Powell on 124 with 23.2
All in all it fished quite fairly , with my 20 lb putting me 11th on the day,
Next Sunday I am running a match at landsend , so to book in ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in .

Friday, 13 November 2015

Avalon Thursday costcutter

16 fishing today so another reasonable turnout. I let ziggy slowinski draw for as we were having a quid on silvers and he gave me 20 , which as venue regulars know it is a good carp peg as there is a small gap in the island in front of you which the carp seem atracted to, it can be a good wag peg as long as conditions allow , and with no sign of the forecasted edge of storm Abigail hitting us , the wag was assembled, also a long line pellet rig for 14 mtrs and a silvers rig for 8&13 mtrs to fish slightly to my right . For company I had Dave Poole to my right on 19 and the old warrior which is rich Coles to my left on 21.
On. The all in I cupped in two balls at 8 mtrs and three at 13, also I cupped some pellets at 14 mtrs slightly to my left so it was well away from the hoped for silvers line. Starting on the wag and I managed about 6 casts before the gale. Sprang up from nowhere, rendering the wag useless as it was blowing across and in at me, a quick mental note to self, always ensure I carry a lead rod, although I don't enjoy being caught by carp I would probably have let them have there fun today.
As for the 13 mtrs line , that was three balls of groundbait wasted then, the wind was that strong.
I did pop a ball at 3 mtrs and begin feeding a few pellets along my left had reed line as it was within 4  inches the same depth As out in front, rich to my left had three carpin. As many chucks. My match turned into a proper grind really , which was a shame as before the wind started there were skimmers rolling in the area , even once the waves started odd ones could still be seen topping. .not long into the. Match I had to replace the .7g pencil float which normally works well, but they don't lend themselves to really rough conditions, especially with a hard trip going with the wind, so I swapped it for a wire stemmed bodied pattern , which was better, but the wind/trip going the same way even that wasn't enough, a 2g may have been even better but I don't carry floats of that size normally as the venues I fish don't require them, I did mange three better skimmers and a couple of smaller ones from the three and eight mtr lines plus a handful of bits for possibly ten pounds , and I had one. Small. Carp from the margin and lost another which tied me to the stick ups .
The match looked to comfortably won by Martin heard over on peg 30, who by his own admission was helped by the wind as it was slightly off his back meaning his was was blowing in against the island, and he ended up with 23 float caught carp on banded pellet fished about 18 inches deep, as for the silvers there were three of us admitting to ten pounds, but knowing how much we all lie only the scales would tell the truth .
Overall Martin ran out an easy winner with 107.2. A good weight on a difficult day
2nd went to Adrian Jeffrey on peg 9 with 73.5
3rd rich Coles on 21 with 40.10
4th was terry Bruton on 7 with 40.1, and a happy birthday to him as it was his 79th.
5th kev molten on 39 with 39.8
6th Mike west on 32 with 31.12
Rich Coles 11.13
Vice bush 11.12
Me 11lb
Off to viaduct Sunday for round 4 of the silvers league, the following Sunday I am running an open at landsend fishery, that's the 22nd  , so phone or txt me 07974807941 to book in or ring me at veals on 01179260790 to book in , or better still come into the shop to book in and check out the new hands on shimano stands which look good.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tuesday costcutter, acorn fishery

Only 13 here again today, possibly the forecasted strong winds and rain played a part there. Into the draw bag and out pops 12 ping pong ball, I haven't been here for about 18 months but it still looked the same , 12 is a good peg with a nice long margin down to the right , and with these mild temps I fully expected to catch down there, I intended to fish caster today as I had accumulated several pints and it would be a waste not to use them. So I set a margin rig for left and right in about 2 foot of water , a rig for 5 Mars in the deep water and another for down the margin shelf in about 3 foot of water. On the all in I started feeding caster on all lines and began at 5 mtrs fully expecting to catch straight away , to say it was a surprise to have to wait 1 3/4 hours for my first fish was an understatement , then it was 1oz perch, mint, but shortly after that I had two carp from the same line in as many put ins, looking around no one seemed to be getting much, Ray bazeley  on 6 seemed to be doing the best , but he was so far from the next angler I was beginning to think he was in another county, Andy gard was his neighbour and he was on 11, better blame it on the pegger lol.
I had tried my margins by now and across on the island but couldn't raise a bite anywhere, then with 2 hours to go a few fish turned up on the island, and it should have been enough, towards the end I lunged at a fish with the net and broke it off, I thought straight away it would cost me , I did have one bite down the edge for one carp which s unusual for this swim as its normally a margin banker, I ended up with ten carp which I thought may go 40lb, and I wasn't to far off as they went 39.14, Ray in his pleasure peg had 15 bridge carp on his favourite bait BREAD for 41.14 , well done Ray,
3rd was in form venue regular on peg 22 with 38lb
4th Andy gard on 11 with 35.12
5th ed wynne on 15 with 33.8
6th d Stephenson on 34 with 31.8
Silvers went to ed wynne with 4lb of goldfish

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday open field lake , harescombe fishery

Only managed to get 13 booked in for this one  , but Andy reckoned on only putting 15 on the lake max , so 13 would mean some extra room, after pegging the lake and having a brekkie it was draw time , as none of us had fished the lake before I didn't have a clue as to what was a good draw, so I waited till the last peg and ended up with peg 10 which today was the first peg around the right hand side. For company I had mat tomes on the end of the dam ,and bela "berty" bakos to my right ,
Getting to the swim I was quite happy as there were some carp topping and I had a nice margin to my left, rig wise I set up a caster rig for close as the lake has a big head of quality roach, but the water had coloured up from when I looked at it on Thursday , so I wasn't to sure the roach would feed properly, so I also set up a meat rig for 6 Mtrs on the deck in 8 foot of water, then two pellet rigs , a shallow slapper as there were enough fish showing to possibly make it a goer, and a margin rig to fish down my left in about 3 foot of water, at the start and with the wind forecast to get strong I decided to go shallow to begin with but feed my other lines , 3 Mtrs caster line. 6 Mtr meat and my margin pellet swim. I only fished 13 Mtrs and wasn't expecting to much, and was surprised when I had a bite first drop, but I missed it , in fact. Missed two more before I connected , I was already. Two fish behind bela after twenty mins, I have seen his random feeding and slapping technique work well before , and today he was feeding at 14 and fishing at 11, but it seemed to be working at the mo, lol.
No one else apart from myself and bela seemed to be getting much action, so we stuck to the shallow fishing and it was nip and tuck for a while till I had three on the trot to ease ahead of my neighbour, and that was how the match panned out with me getting a few extra over bela, especially with 5 late fish from down th edge on pellet, the meat lines only gave me one fouler and the roach didn't want to play ball, so I ended the match with 22 carp for 114lb exactly ,
2 nd went to bela with 84.3
3 rd Mike Nichols had 53lb
4th Ryan Jordan with 41.13
5th rod Wooten 29lb
6th mat tomes 28.14
Stuart graham with 12.2 of roach
Thursday I,m off to Avalon again , so to book in ring or text me on 07974807941 to book in, then it's off to viaduct for round 4 of the silvers league on sunday