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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Viaduct spring league final round

Travelled down with Chris fox and Judith today, after a nice breakfast at the Toby inn carvery in whitchurch, for which chris,s wife Caroline joined us, all very civilised, got to the fishery with about ten minutes to spare, no pools to pay as we paid that in our entry fee.
I wanted a draw on Campbell if poss, so I let Judith draw for me and as normal she didn't dissapoint, peg 127, not necessarily a peg of choice, but at least I could expect some bites,
Plenty of time for tackling up, so I set up a deep and shallow pellet rig for, 14 mtrs, a meat rig for 5mtrs, and a wag to fish at depth just past 20 mtrs.
At the start I began on the deck at 14mtrs, it didn't take to long to lose the first fouler, followed by several more, looking around most were suffering the same problem, except for the Welsh lad (sorry forgot the name , it's been a long time since our paths crossed) who was fishing the tea bag on the lead on 126 and he was catching steadily. On my right was Martin Hudson who was on lodge the day before on the maver qualifier , on peg 70 and blanked, I bumped into one of his mates in the carpark,  didn't want to give me his name, but he assured me that he answers to Gaylord, and is a chef by trade, and he is staying in one of the fishery lodges this week.
He was getting some early fish shallow, but i tried and couldn't get a bite on it, so back on the deck, I managed a couple of carp, but it was a problem trying not to foulhook, my first fish was in  the tail lol.
I tried the wag and had a couple but it wasn't right.
So untried the meat line, a bit earlier than I should have, but I was getting desperate, there were some good skimmers there, and I did get a carp out of the blue, for me it stayed difficult till about 90 minutes from the end, when all of a sudden I began to hook fish in the mouth, never enough to effect the outcome in the section, especially when you have trig in the section, but it turned out the section was fishing hard.
For some reason the fish seemed to settle , I even managed a couple on the short line, along with some good skimmers, opposite Gary o,Shea on 115 was winning a peg to peg battle with Sam Powell on peg 114, but Gary seemed to have the upper hand towards the end, it probably did him no harm when Martin Preston packed up early on 116.
At the end of turned out a lot closer than ok thought in our section, after  Niel (drawbag) Mercer had 150+, trig had 129, Martin also had 129 but less ounces, and my nets went 117, so two more carp would have out me second in the section, I certainly put back more than enough to  do that, but I never so it don't matter.
Too weight on the day went to Clayton Hudson on 85 with 250lb of mainly margin caught fish.
The league was trigs to lose, but after drawing 130 it was going to be a big ask, aidan  borduik drew 64 on lodge lake and no one was expecting him to make a mistake, and he never , winning his section, giving him a perfect score for the league, well done mateg, trig did well to come second from his peg, and
Winners pictured below, I never got the weigh sheets, so if you are reading this steve, any chance you could get  mat to send them to me, thanks
Aidan is the one in the middle, flanked by trig to  the left , Sam Powell to the right, then Mark wynne to his left again, and two to the right , Gary o,Shea, well done all, not an easy league to win or frame in as the standard is very high, well done to the long family for running another great league.
I'm running a match at Landsend fishery next Sunday , 9.30 draw , message or ring me to book in, cafe will be open.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thursday costcutter at Shiplate farm

Back on the main lake for this one, with only 16 fishing plenty of room really, but before the draw it was time to sample one of Mark jones,s tasty breakfast,s, I wasn't dissapointed, a definite 4.85, so he's getting there, he has also taken over the running of the cafe at bullocks farm, I'm sure he will make a success of it.
I was actually first into the draw tin today, and pulled out peg 3, it's at the far end of the first island on the left hand bank, nice wind in and across, but very strong , I wanted to fish to the island so sat at the right hand end of the peg, making it only!!! 16mtrs to the island.
So I set up a .2g rig for over there, also the same rig would do down the left hand margin, a slightly heavier .3g for the right hand margin where it was a bit deeper, and a silver,s rig for 11 mtrs out in front, at the start I cupped in two balls of groundbait at 11mtrs, just with caster in, and fed each margin by hand and cupped some pellets across to the island,
Started on the silvers line, with maggot, small skimmer first drop, then small roach, switched to caster and had a 1lb skimmer, but that was it, I felt there were some fish there as the float was getting funny indications, but the wind was blowing the rig through to fast, just out of interest I put a soft pellet on, and it seemed  to work I had some more small skimmers, so I sieved  all the casters out of the groundbait, and replaced them with softened micro,s, that worked as I had a couple of better skimmers, I stuck with this for a couple of hours , but the waving tails on the island got to hard to resist, so over I went, to say the wind was making it difficult would be an understatement, if I only weighed 10 stone I would never have been able to do it lol.
But I did manage it, and was rewarded with a few nice carp, all on banded 8,s over 6,s , I lost a few  foulers,  due to the wind hacking the rig through, but as far as I could see no one had much apart from Mike Owens on 11  and was catching on the method slinging to the end of the island in front of him.
I persevered with the island till about an hour from the end when some fish turned up in the left hand margin, where I had a few towards the end, I thought I had 90lb , and when the scales for to me Mike on 11 was winning with 82lb,
My silvers went 10lb and my carp nets went 114 for a 124 total and first on the day.
On the whole the lake fished a bit better, I think the windy cooler weather helped, there was nothing showing on the surface like we have seen on recent matches, weigh sheet below.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Float only league rnd 2

Landsend fishery for this one, with 2 sections on speci, and three sections on match and johns, as normal the breakfast was good, 4.9.
Had a bit of time for a chat in the car park before draw time, interesting to see Chris Davis perhaps looking at a bit of a sport change, but I can't see it really, with his temper tantrums everything will be bent around a tree in no time.
Also Mike nicholls was well buttoned up against the sunshine , either that or he still had his night shirt on.
Got the draw underway and waited for trig Edmunds to get to the front and got him to draw for me as we drew each other in the k/o, he hands me peg one, ok, then he opens up 32 for himself, a nice corner peg on speci, said he didn't fancy it, but he normally does lol.
Like peg one normally so quite fancied it for a few, I spent a bit of time cleaning the end bank at 16 mtrs , , so I set up a rig for that to fish pellet , the same rig would cover the front of the island, a pellet rig for the shallow water in front of peg two against the island, a meat rig for 5 mtrs and another for pellet down to my right against the bank at a topkit range,
Well I've had a bit of a hard time of it today, started short on meat to try and get a couple of sucker fish, which I did, unfortunately it was two roach and a perch, I did lose a decent carp, but it was one of those  lazy wallowers  which fell off when I reached for the landing net, apart from a lost fouler later in the match that was the extent of the meat fishing for me, most of the match was spent swapping between the island and end bank shallow water, plenty of fish showing but extremely cagey, or I've done it wrong, or not enough there to make them compete, who knows , Shaun Townsend up on peg 6 was doing well fishing into the shallow water, in fact he was flying , and towards the end his peg was getting stronger, I  think niel  Mercer over on 18 gifted it to him a bit LOL.
Any way I ended up with 65lb for third in section, so a bit of a disaster , second in section would have been ok but Martin rayet on 7 beat me  by a pound and a half, hey ho, Shaun with just a couple of fish from his 187lb net, well done matey.
As we are getting used to recently , there was only going to be one winner today, and it was that man trig again, with 249lb , I think we should try and convince him to have Chris davis,s golf clubs and give us all a break LOL, well done trig, as always .
Result sheet below, in the whole it fished reasonable, it appears a lot of venues are struggling at present , possibly down to oxygen levels, also the lakes need a bit of a trim, as a lot of anglers found it hard to get the best out of the swims, but I'm sure Mike has plans to do it, and I know he had someone already doing the bankside, but he will be doing the islands, also I am running an open here on Sunday 24th so message or ring me to book in, 9.30 draw, match lake to begin with but I have the option for another lake of needed,

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Thursday over 50,a huntstrete, bridge pool

Had breakfast on my own today at the Toby inn carvery in whitchurch village, and as normal it was very nice too, 4.25 on the rixster scale.
Again it only took ten minutes to get to the fishery, ideal.
24 fishing today, which is about as many as you would like to put in this lake,(bridge pool).
Early into the draw bag as I was doing some of the recording, and out comes disc 30, a peg up on the left bank and first peg on the  last island, a good peg, both silvers and carp, so a choice to be made,
So I decided to target the silvers initially while I fed a pellet line across to the island, well nearly to the island as it was 19 mtrs wide here, so I only went to 17.5, which is far enough to be fair. So I set a couple of rigs to fish pellet on the deck in about 5 foot of water, also a shallow rig for the same line, a margin rig for pellet, never had a bite on that, and a silver,s rig for 11 mtrs.
For company I had Jeff Francis to my left, and bathampton legend hughie Evans to my right, and just to cap it off I had to look at Mike Jones and Jimmy (calamity) norris, who was going to entertain us in the last half of the match.
At the start I cupped in some balls of groundbait with worm and caster in, began fishing 4mm hard pellet on the 17 mtr line, but began on a piece of work over the groundbait, it took a while to get a bite , and that resulted in an f1, I stick with this line probably longer than I should of, as I only had about 5 lb of silvers and a few f1,s, and as we stop after three hours to weigh the carp, (club rules), then begin again. So with 90 minutes I went into the 17mtr line, shallow to begin with, and I caught f1,s straight away, and I had a a nice time fishing about 18 inches deep, then for some reason I couldn't get a bite up in the water, so I went on the deck, and the peg got a bit stronger towards the end of the first three hours, I also had a nice common just into double figures, so after three hours I weighed just over 40lb, and fully expected to carry on in the second half as the first half had ended,
So when the whistle went for the second half, I was straight out feeding 4,s with a banded 6, fishing on the drop at full depth, but I couldn't get a bite, and no one else seem seemed to be fairing any better, it probably took me nearly an hour to start putting a few bites together, the f1,s had disappeared , so I switched to feeding 6,s and fishing with a banded 8mm  on the hook, this worked , as I began getting small proper carp, and not an f1 in sight. It was about now when calamity norris began performing, fishing down his margin, Jimmy began hooking a few, his first was in the mouth, but after that I don't think he had one any where near the front end, he did land a nice fish , probably over ten pounds, but he made a right hash of transferring it to his keepnet, and it fell back the wrong side, then he lost several more after that, even one which went around the legs of the empty pellet next to him, my side's were hurting at one stage as I was laughing to much.

By the end I hadn't added to my silvers tally, and I thought I had about 40lb of carp, so I was a Bit surprised when they went 48lb , and with my first half 40lb and over 5lb of silvers I ended with a level 94lb,
Beating Paul haines into second who had just over 80lb, but he was a bit unfortunate as he lost 16 carp to some underwater snag on the island, 
Too silver weight was taken by steve Dawson on peg 10 with 35lb  of skimmers, a nice net of silvers on a day when the silvers didn't really want to feed.
Weigh sheets below, there were a fair number of fish caught , but some areas were a lot harder, although a lot of venues seem a little off the pace in recent weeks,

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Viaduct spring league 4

Had a nice breakfast at the Toby inn in whitchurch with Chris and Caroline fox and Judith aswell, into the van and off to viaduct with Chris and Judith, little did I know this was to be the best bite of the day, got to the fishery with about ten minutes to spare, just right.
Drew about halfway and was a bit disappointed to see 57 staring up at me from the ticket, it's the disabled peg in the right hand corner of lodge lake, God only knows I wouldn't have chosen that one, but at least we would be in the shade all day, not really what Judith wanted and expected LOL.
Only three rigs today, a deep pellet rig for 16 mtrs on a couple of lines a meat rig for 5mtrs, and a pellet rig for up towards peg 58, which is never in, I had Lee petissio on 59 and trainee nursery school teacher on 56, Martin preston.
My days aren't getting any better at the moment, I had a carp of about 5lb 20 minutes in at 16 mtrs on the deck, I couldn't get another bite from anywhere after that, and the white fluff from the willow trees wasn't helping the cause, it was nearly impossible get a rig through it at times, not that there was much point as this part of the lake seemed a bit devoid of life.
The air was thick with it and Judith was having a hard time keeping it out of her coffee.

It took 4 1\2 hours to catch my next carp, and that was from the empty pellet of 58, I had another towards the end and lost two, I think I would have had several fish if I could get a rig to go through the fluff, I ended up with three fish for 16lb, another inform angler in the shape of aiden  borduik on 62 won the section with 94lb of mugged fish, second in the section was gary o,Shea on 53 and I was third, it was definitely the section of death today. 
The match was won by Sam Powell on 85 with 325lb, half mugged and half down the edge , well done to him.
And second on the day was they man edmunds, who can do no wrong at the moment, and after drawing 116 , he was always going to do ok, so just over 300lb later, and a section win he is looking good for the series win, but aiden also has max points but he is a long way behind on weight.
Onwards and upwards for me then.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Thursday costcutter at Shiplate farm

Oh well, another torrid day. Can't say to much about this match to be honest as very little happened. Breakfast at the fishery, then into the draw, peg 4 comes out, several other pegs I would have preferred, but it's not to be, although it has a bit of carp form, as have most pegs on there day, I decided on a silver,s day, so a caster rig for short to the bush to my right, and a positive rig for 11 mtrs with worm or maggot over groundbait with worm and caster in, also a deep and shallow pellet rig for 16mtrs, and a wag  for 25 mtrs again deep and shallow, also a meat rig for the left hand margin.
Well as it transpired, I probably did my silvers fishing no good at all, I cupped in a couple of balls of groundbait at 11mtrs with worm and caster in, a small ball down by the bush, and cupped some pellets out at 16 mtrs, fired some out into the wag line, and fed some meat down the edge.
Started down by the bush on caster, bite first drop from a small roach, and that was it , hmmm, tried the work line, had a couple of small fish and that was it there aswell, out to 16 mtrs on pellet, nothing there for now, by now Mark wynne over on 14 had landed 3 carp shallow, but no one else was doing any thing, not much more to say about today if  I am honest, I lost a few foulhooked carp on the pole and wag , I did have a small carp  down by the bush, and a tench, but it was a strange day as it was nearly impossible to get a  bite caster or maggot, very strsnge, and the only people to catch silvers of any more were the Wickham family, and they only fed meat worm and caster, definitely no groundbait, I did get one carp from the long pole line, and a few better skimmers. But t was no good today, the weigh sheet is below, Mark wynne won with 67lb off peg 14, and one fish behind was gary(ned)flinders on 15 with 62lb.
Out fishing a sea match tomorrow night, it's the league run by Steve ace up at Littleton, makes for a change, and I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Float only league rnd 1

After a good breakfast at Landsend fishery cooked by Di and served up by olive, (4.9),me and Jason took the 20 minute drive to viaduct for this first match in the series, it was sold out again , apart from  one person cancelling in the week, but I will get a reserve in for the matches , so no drama.
40 fishing , so split between Campbell and cary, I must admit I feel I am due a day on Campbell, I let Gabe skarba draw for me and he handed me 116, I thought he said he couldn't draw, well not for himself, he was on cary 99.
Got to my peg , and I do have to say it is one of the better ones on the lake as 117 isn't normally put in.

I had Clayton Hudson to my right on 118, and the quiet man Paul faiers on 115, my section ran from me round to 123 , so in all fairness mine was potentially the best peg in the section,
I set up four rigs today, a pellet rig for up and down at 14mtrs, a pellet rig for on the deck at 6 mtrs, and a margin rig for pellet down to my right  , it did look proper sexy mind, and it's a bit of a banker for late in the match.
At the start I began at 14 mtrs on the  deck, it took about 10 minutes to get the first fish, but it was going to be a tough day , no problem getting bites , mostly liners , so foulers were a bit of a problem for everyone I could see, tried shallow but no good, couldn't get a bite shallow, but get back on the deck, and foulers again, I tried coming off the deck to see if that's how they wanted it, but never had a bite doing that, so back down again, I was getting odd fish , but was going nowhere to be honest, I did get one fish shallow, and it was my best fish at about 12lb, the short pole line never have me a fish, and I had to wait until the last 90minutes for the margin to start responding , then it was quite busy right to the end, if not a bit hair raising at times, a proper bit of hit,  hold and pull fishing, only one  piece of kit for this type of fishing , and it's the drennan acolyte carp margin pole , strong as you like, giving me plenty of confidence to pull as hard as I liked. I also invested in one of the new acolyte 3.6 mtr net handles, ideal for netting these bigger fish a bit further out when they pop up, again very strong .
I had 160 lb on the clicker so was pleased  to be fairly close as I weighed in 171lb , for the section win and 4th on the day, so a good start.
 Top  weight on the day went as I expected on peg 81, to Craig Edmunds,even he admitted his peg was black when he got there, and it was, as I had a chat with him before the start , and there were blows and fish all over his peg, but you still need to catch them, and as we know he is more than capable of doing that, so when he put 316lb on the scales, I wasn't to suprised, well done trig.
Weigh sheets below