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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Viaduct winter league

As always this team's of 5 series is as popular as normal with 19 teams taking part, a big match these days.
I travelled down with Jason Radford and Ron hardiman today, and after the breakfast in cannards well which was nice, it was off down to the fishery, it was soon draw time, and its my turn for the first match, no4 ticket came out which gave us sequence of pegs putting Tim Clark on 113 , Clayton Hudson on 79, myself on 73 , Clint wojtyla on 43 and Ron hardiman on 5, a good team draw.
My peg 73 is a corner peg on lodge, its got lots of history and form, providing the carp were under the tree and along the bank to my right it could be happy days, as always it looked good.

Simple set up today , a bread dobbing rig for down along the right hand margin, and a meat rig to fish under the branches out on the end of the tree and out in front at 14 mtrs, both areas I never had a bite on, for company , and good company it is, I had to look at Nick Collins on the other side of the tree on 53, even he was going to fish to carp today , as silver's which he normally like to target aren't really an option in these pegs at this time of year and with the clarity of the water.
At the start I fed the two meat lines, then picked up the dobbing rig, I started at 13 mtrs and 10 minutes in and I was attached to my first carp, which I was just about to net when the hook pulled, bigger. It didn't take to long to get attached to another one which was safely netted, and at probably 12lb was a good start, in the next hour I netted 3 more, but that was it on the 13 mtr line, no more bites, so along to 14 mtrs, and a bit of a worry as I never had a bite there, so it was down to 16 mtrs, by now Nick was one fish ahead fishing the long pole and corn on the back of the tree, but I had a bit of a purple patch at n 16 mtrs catching several carp fairly quickly to put me back in the driving seat, but it didn't last , some of the fish were approaching double figures, but a few of them were on the small side, if you can call 6lb small. I looked to be doing ok and winning the lake as Nick seemed to be my biggest threat, and he was struggling a bit, the last hour I went to 17 mtrs and had a couple more carp, then Nick started to get some big fish on the wag and corn fishing into the bay behind the tree, and on the whistle he was playing a fish and I was sure it was the one to give him the edge over me but he didn't agree, and after safely netting it he was admitting to about 85lb , and I thought I had about the same, and it was close as Nick had 96lb to my 94.2, so that last fish was the decider,  mind you it didn't help that his last 4 fish went about 55lb.
First on the day went to Colin dyer on 102 with 15 carp for 154.11
2nd Tim Clark on 113 with 150.6
3rd Paul Greenwood on 77 with 111.9
4th Nick Collins with 96lb
5th me with 94.2
6th Mark wynne on 128 with 67.12
Sam Powell on peg 2 with 18lb
Team sheet below, with my team , future networks coming out on top
A bit short on photos today as Judith couldn't come (to much housework lol) but hopefully normal service will be resumed next weekend on the Landsend league, but before that its back to huntstrete for round 2 of the silver's league, hopefully I will improve on the 8oz I had last time.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tuesday acorn costcutter

A disappointing turnout today with only 10 of us, but at least the breakfast was good in the the bridge in Hatton. With so few anglers on the bank it was likely the fish would back off into the quiet spaces, Ray soon had the draw balls ready, and after Mike Chapman was first into the draw and pulled out ball 40, the inform bridge peg, I dived in next and out comes number 13, hopefully not unlucky for me, for company I had ed wynne on 15 and Keith Ray round on 11.
I soon had plenty of rigs made up to fish several places around the swim, from down to 12 pallet, a couple of places in the middle off to the right , and a couple of places at the bottom of the far shelf, in front and again off to the right, and a rig for up on the far shelf, once sorted I tidied my swim up so as not to look like a travellers camp.
Hmmmm still a work in progress, but it is better. Isn't it ?.
As for the fishing, the less said about that the better, Mike Chapman on 40 and Andy France the other side of the bridge on 6 both caught from the off, everyone else sat there motionless, and that didn't change for basically the whole match, during the match I had an f1 and 2 tiny carp down by pallet 12, and 2 goldfish and a 4oz skimmer from the right hand bottom of the island shelf to the right, and that was all the bites I had, Mike had odd fish to the end , but Andy peaked to early, letting Mike overhaul him to come out top on the day with 28lb.
And had 24lb and rich lovering on 25 was 3rd with 14lb, silver's went to Mike laird on 9 with 3lb something, I didn't get the results as I fished on for an hour as I couldn't believe there were no fish in the swim, or area as both ed and Keith blanked, and they both know the venue well, as I said finished on for an hour, and indolent know what it was but I began getting a bite every put in on the 13 mtr line to the right at the bottom of the island shelf, I wasn't doing anything different now to what I was doing during the match, I think it was more to do with time of day and reduced light levels, but I probably put over 28lb in the net in the hour between 3 and 4, all very strange as I can honestly say I never had a liner or missed bite during the match, then the swim is all of a sudden its solid, who knows where they were for the previous 5 hours, the swim was now full of f1,s and carp, debuggers.
Ed wynne took the picture of my after match catch, we had no answers , also Lee Waller watched for a while, just so he could see some bites.
Off to viaduct this weekend for the first round of teams of 5,s, and me along with 94 others will be hoping to draw peg 130, but they may well move or spread out, let's hope so, or even better its frozen over meaning everyone can only fish pole length lol.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Landsend open

15 booked in today, not a lot but with several matches on in the area it wasn't really a surprise, breakfast at the fishery was as good as usual, and the banter in th a cafe was good. The food tasted even better than normal as Judith managed to get the combination right on her purse and paid , shock horror.
I let Judith draw for me and fancied a peg anywhere on lake 3 as its been fishing the most consistent at the venue, but with Mike letting us put 10 on number 3 and 5 on one side of lake 2, so o it comes peg 15 stuck to her MIT,  I havnt fished this lake for ages and the General consensus was that the fish seemed to have relocated to the other end of the lake, but I wasn't convinced as 15 has always been a good peg , and it was the end peg today so even better.
I set a rig for each side to fish maggot for perch about a mtr off the bank, a meat rig for down under empty peg 14, but apart from a couple of liners I never had a proper bite down there.
A rig to fish banded 6mm pellet at 14 mtrs to the left, and another rig for 16 mtrs to my right for maggot over micros. I was just about ready in time , and Judith reckoned my swim looked like a travellers camp, I thought it looked ok myself.
At the start I went on the perch rig to my left after feeding the long lines, I soon had an 8oz fish in the net followed by a several more of various sizes, but as is normal with the perch here they very rarely queue up, I was soon going out on the banded 6mm over hard 4,s, and I didn't have to wait long for a bite, which settled in a nicely coloured 4lb common, so a good start.
I tried the right hand maggot over micro line but it only produced odd small fish, the left hand pellet line was my most productive with some better skimmers aswell,

so I just kept swapping between the inside perch swims and the 14 mtr pellet line, putting a odd skimmers and carp in the net, with some perch top ups from the inside, by the end I had 5 carp including a pretty ghostie.
And 18lb of silver's , which was top silver weight on the day and with the carp was enough for top on the lake and 4th on the day.
First on the day went to the old stager Adrian Jeffery on peg 51 with 88lb, he caught all his fish on triple maggot , so well done to him.
2nd Stuart Barnett on 58 with 47.4
3rd kev molten on 55 with 42.10
4th me with 38.7
5th Ken (cosmic) rayner on 42 with 31.4
6th Steve seager on 62 with 28.6
Not to bad really with ever one catching a few, and Judith is still improving with the camera.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Rnd 1 silver's league, huntstrete

I was looking forward to this series, with 24 fishing, not to bad for a midweeker, plus I had time to call into the maesknoll in whitchurch village , as its a Toby inn, its all you can eat and drink for 5.50, and very nice it was too.
Getting to the lake with plenty of time I had chance to look at the lake (bridge pool) and as expected it had an icy lid on it, I wasn't to upset as I like ice hole fishing (normally), a draw at the closer end would be nice as these pegs are more consistent in the colder months, so into the organisers (Chris rolfe,s) new draw bucket and out comes 33 aaargh, one from the end on the far side, which also meant a day sat in the shade as the sun doesn't get high enough this time of year to get above the small hill behind these pegs, for company I had Dave Gillard on 34 and much practiced Paul barnfield on 31, opposite and filling the rest of the section was Mike Jones who once came second to dickie Carr in a competition as to who was the most fanciable, ( to the opposite sex) , Paul Dicks and Steve tanner on 2/3 and 4 respectively. I soon got a channel broken in the ice to 14 mtrs as it was an easy break.
I had a quick walk round to take a pic to show how cols our bank was in comparison to opposite, the frost stayed on the ground for the whole day, I fact all the gear behind us also got a coating of frost during the day.
Now for the fishing, well not to much to report on that front, in fact I had 5 bites all day , I lost the first small fish after about 15 mins as it managed to wriggle off with a bit help from the ice, the next three bites in the next hour resulted in 2 small skimmers and a roach, the next bite I missed and that was my lot for the whole match, Dave to my left had one small roach, Paul to my right had a dozen small fish and the three opposite all blanked, Paul won our section with 1.12, and I was second with 8oz, as expected the further down the lake you went the better it got with callum dicks coming out  on top with 60 small skimmers for 9.2, all very hard, us anglers in the shade had to endure constant freeze ups with us needing to clear the ice every 30 minutes minimum, not ideal really when fish were hard to come by, weigh sheets below.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Something for a change

As the title says, something of a bit of a change, after a go at some lrf fishing in Cornwall back in November, when I blanked and Judith caught a wrasse, we were keen to try and catch some perch drop shotting or soft plastics, so new years eve saw us turning up at cheddar reservoir , to cut a long story short we worked our way all around the large expanse of water, trying different colours and weights but apart from lots of weed we had a nice walk walk but nothing else.
There were a few pike anglers out but apart from one who had a 9 and 13lb fish no one else had a touch.
In a desperate attempt to catch something we got back into the van and headed off to the north drain, normally ok for a few jacks, but it looked to have a bit to much colour in it, and after an hour of trying it probably did as all we had were a couple of old Lilly stems.
Still it was a nice day, we saw a barn owl on the moors , plus a couple of egrets and the obligatory her on, you can't beat being outdoors, I just don't get these computer games etc, if you get out and look about there are so many interesting things to keep you interested, well there is for me anyway, there is a whole generation coming through that are going to have some serious rsi with there thumbs.
New year's day and despite the heavy rain we ended up on the kennet and Avon canal at Dundas aquaduct planning to try some drop shotting for perch between the aquaduct and limpley stoke bridge, so with our lures selected, a white one for me while Judith went for a translucent blue wormy thing off we went, it took a while to catch, but it was first blood for me with a small perch, much to Judith disgust, you can't quite see the middle finger in this picture of first blood to me.

It didn't take long for Judith to get on the score board, with her own micro perch, which she was pleased with, and after yesterday's blank , anything was an improvement.
It was never manic but its certainly interesting try in to get the lures into various nooks and crannies and the takes are quite impressive for such small fish, I can see it getting a bit addictive, the fish may have been small, but they weren't to easy to fool, but when we did get one they were lovely looking miniatures, and as we were using barbless hooked they all went back with no damage

as I said I can see this becoming a bit addictive, and the same set up will be good for lrf fishing on the coast ,
Cost of outfits aren't to bad and the lures and weights are cheap, so pop down to veals in Bristol and have a look, its a type of fishing the whole family may enjoy as its an active part of the sport as it seems you need to keep on the move to get the most out of your day.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Philtone 7 a side

Landsend fishery was playing host again to this annual event organised by Phil and Neil Mercer from philtone printers, it is a bit of a mixture of employees and friends, and towards bit of spice its turned into a team match with 7 a side, des shipp was in charge of one team and me the other, over breakfast at the fishery which was as good as usual we drew for teams, then for pegs so we alternated around the lake , I ended up on peg 42, not a bad peg and probably about the deepest on the lake at nearly 5 foot deep, for company I had des on peg 41 and Craig "trigger"Edmunds on 45, looked like being a tough day with some more neckache for me, or even worse whiplash, lol.
Three rigs would be enough today , a couple of rigs for straight out at 14 mtrs , one for banded pellet and another for maggot, and another for fishing maggot down the track to my left towards trig, didn't take to long to sort out, but the start was put back 10 mins as there was a bit of ice breaking needed.

To begin I cupped in some hard 4,s out on the 14 mtr line and some micros and maggots down the track to my left, I was still feeding when des had his first bite, but it was a liner as he never connected , I started on double maggot o it at 14 mtrs and had a good start with a 4lb carp first drop, and an f1 next put in, des also had a carp but trig was very quiet, I had a couple more f1,s on maggot but apart from odd liners  nothing much was happening, Neil Mercer over on 66 had a couple as did willow to his right on 65, a switch to the banded 6mm pellet produced a few more fish in the shape of 2 more carp and some more f1,s.
I did get my biggest fish to my left on maggot at about 7/8lb and I lost a couple of foulers from there aswell, by the end I thought I would have about 30lb, 4 carp plus 9 f1,s, but looking up the lake Martin rayet on 55 had a good last hour fishing meat at 16 mtrs along the end bank, also Neil Mercer ended up with 7 carp , so that would beat me aswell.
First was Martin rayet with 61.4
2nd Neil Mercer on 66 with 42.6
3rd me with 31.6
4th trig 23.7
5th Alan oram on 62 with 23.5
6th Clint wojtyla on 70 with 22.9
Silver's top weight was me with 11.8 of f1,s.

A quick look at the points revealed that team tone triumphed over team des by 4 points allowing us some bragging rights till next year, big thanks to Phil and Neil Mercer for organising the match, much appreciated,
Anyone interested I am running a match here on Sunday 8th Jan, not sure which lakes yet, will decide when I get some numbers, so ring, txt or msg me on fb or contact Mike at the fishery on 07977545882 to book in, it will be a 9am draw.
Finally in hope you all have a good new year from Judith and me, all photos kindly taken by Judith today , she appears to be improving .

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Viaduct 2 day silver pairs

Booked in to fish this 2 dayer with Craig Edmunds, so with him drawing for us I was guaranteed a flyer, wasn't I ,?
Into the draw tin on day one and he pulls out 12 on spring for himself, not the best, then he lets 110 on Campbell leap into his hand for me, cheers pal, with it being a very shallow peg, incessant to confident to be honest, I had Phil cardwell next peg on 111, it was the first outing for my Xmas prezzie from Judith in the shape of the new MAP Z30 seat box , and first impressions are that it a nice sturdy piece of kit, so if anyone is looking for a box upgrade , this range of new boxes is well worth a look, all models in stock at veals fishing tackle in Bristol.
With it being so shallow and clear I wasnt to sure it would be ok, so at the start I cupped in balls of groundbait on lines at 11 and 14 mtrs, some neat caster at 16 , and some caster with a few chopped prawns down by the stump to my left and some at 14 mtrs off to the left, for perch and tench hopefully, to cut a long story short the prawn lines were a non starter as I had 2 carp for about 24lb on the 14 mtr line, and not a bite down by the stump.
The long pole lines were just giving me tiny roach, with not a skimmer in sight , but Phil to my right was getting some decent skimmers, so just love an hour from the end I cupped in 3 balls of groundbait at 16 mtrs to my right about halfway between me and Phil, I had my first skimmer of about 10 oz 40 minutes from the end shortly followed but another, then 5 mins from the end I had a 2 1/2 lb fish to drag me off last in the section to 4th, Phil won the section with 16 lb, I put his success down to him being a good angler and having 12 more inches of water than me, plus his platform does go out further into the lake, a disaster for me but luckily trig managed second in section, so two section wins on day two would be needed to get us in the money, first on the day went to that man des shipp with 22.8 of mainly skimmers on the pole on peg 3 on spring.
2nd Dan squire on 37 with 20.12
3rd Phil cardwell on 111 with 16.2
4th mat Parsons on 123 with 14.12
Trig drew again for us today, handed me 60 on lodge which I wasn't to upset with . And lo and behold 110 for himself, serves him right LOL, for company today I had John fuidge on 59 and birthday boy Martin McMahon on 62, who had his son, Joe, opposite on 68, so at least they could share there swims with no arguing, well nearly none !!!!.
It was another fairly rubbish day for me again today , with not even plippy roach to annoy me , and I had to watch the angler at the next peg feed a fairly steady stream of skimmers into his keep net, no not Martin to my right , but John to my left, whilst I sat there virtually biteless, I did get the odd skimmer but it was like there was a brick wall between me and John as nothing be getting through, in fact it only appeared to be John catching anything on our lake.
Martin Preston over on 69 had a few fish on the wag and caster, but he wast in out section, as expected John won our section with 23.12 and I was second in the section with 5.1, that's winter fishing for you.
On the day it was that man des again who won on the day with 33.10 off peg 128 fishing single caster on the waggler, catching quality fish in the shape of skimmers, perch tench and hybrids, there's no stopping him.
2nd was his nephew , Ryan on peg 119 who fished the same way for 27.12
3rd John fuidge with 23.12
4th Mark Harper on peg 17 with 21.7.
Des shipp/mark Harper with 4pts (max) 82.10
Ziggy slowinski/John fuidge 7pts 47.15
Martin(mullah) preston/ Phil cardwell 9pts 40.4
Ryan shipp/rucky mills 10pts 48.15
Off to the docks tomorrow to try some drop shorting for perch then it's off to Landsend fishery on Friday for the annual philtone team match