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Monday, 13 July 2020

John dursley thursday open, shiplate main lake

Only 13 booked in for this, then we had a couple of no shows, so down to 11, plenty of room for all then, John did the social distancing draw and pulled out peg 6 for me, a good silvers swim, plus carp are always going to put in an appearance at some stage.

 I decided to go primarily for silvers, so I set up a .3g pencil with an 18 b960 on .16 for banded 6mm hard pellet over hard 4,s, two lines one at topset and two and the other at 13 mtrs, it was the same.depth, a meat rig for the margins and a shallow mugging rig just incase, tried for a couple but they didn't play ball, so that rig was out to one side, the margin meat rig never happened, I had one eel and a carp to my left and a skimmer to my right. I spent most of the match fishing the short line, and I've had a lovely day catching skimmers on the hard pellet, plus a few rogue carp, I thought I had about 45lb of carp, but never had a clue as to how many skimmers I had in my two silvers nets, when the scales got to me Jamie Cooke was top on 15 with 150lb, and ade bishop on 10 had 69lb of silvers, my silvers went 86lb and my few.carp helped 129lb, a great days fishing, at a lovely venue.
The match was won by Andy fry on peg 2 with 216lb, well done matey, beating Steve Jackson on peg 1 into second place with his 183lb, weigh sheet below.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Landsend open

Struggling to find a match for this weekend so I decided to run one myself, a quick call to Landsend and get the match lake, only going to have 15 fishing but ended up with twenty, so the fishery allowed use 58 to 70 on lake three, thanks for that.
I did the draw with the bingo ball machine and ball 24 popped out for me, happy with that peg, especially as it had top weight the day before, it's a nice peg with a long end bank margin to fish along, it always holds fish.
I had Chris fox to my left and Glen Calvert opposite on peg one. I set up a meat rig for topset and two, a mugger rig and a couple of pellet rigs for along the bank, one at 13 mtrs and another at 14 mtrs where it was about 12 inches deeper than the 13 mtr line, 
I called the all in, and began on the short pole meat line, I stuck here for the first hour and was rewarded with two carp and a hybrid, not much but no one else was doing particularly well so I was my to worried, I had been firing some pellets along the bank the whole time, or at.least when I remembered,😏, there were a cruising about, but they just weren't interested, but luckily I was getting some fish along the end bank, I had been feeding 6,s , and was fishing an 8 in the band, by now most people I could see were catching a.few, but I thought I was just ahead of most , after about 3 1/2 hours I managed a few muggers, but just as quickly as the fish switched on for this method, they stopped, so it was back down the bank. I had only fished the 13 mtr but up till now, it for the last hour I switched to 14 mtrs, a good move as I had several more carp from here.
I reckoned on having 120lb, but hoped for a bit more, by the time.The scales.Got to me Clayton Hudson on 19 was top with 119lb, but I was ok as my nets went 140lb , too weight on the lake but beaten into second place by Dan Russell on peg 58 with 148lb, only his second match so well done matey. Weigh sheets below.

I did have a.sausage and bacon roll delivered to my peg, and it was.very nice aswell.
Off to Shiplate again tomorrow for another John dursley rip off, looking forward to it.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Shiplate thursday open

Gary flinders is running there matches on behalf of the fishery, so 15 turned up today which means plenty of room with the generous pegging on this lake, Gary started.The draw and when he got to my name on the list he pulled out peg 11 for me, a lovely peg with several options, an island in front which lends itself to a nice waggler chuck, a nice left hand margin down to a bush, and a long pole line which is normally good for skimmers aswell as carp.
So rigs done for shallow and deep on the long pole, a margin meat rig and a 4mtr meat rig, lastly a small loaded middy fatboy waggler for the end of the island.
On the whistle I started.On the long pole , and after.15 minutes I had three carp in the net, as did Gary flinders on 10, then I began to struggle , skimmers were feeding well as I was catching a few.On 8mm hard pellet, Gary was.getting a.lot of skimmers aswell as.more.carp, and I never catch him up, he pulled steadily.away for the duration, I had a few on the wag , and very nearly had a nasty accident, booking fish on the wag you tend to have to pull hard to stop the fish going around the island, in one fish I had the acolyte carp waggler rod bent to the Mac when I pulled out, and I could see the float narrowing back at straight towards my face, I just managed to duck a bit and the float but me on the tip of the head, good job I had a hat on as I think it would have drawn blood, I did end up with bump, but it did make me chuckle, any.way to not waste any time with this report, I cant.really complain as I've had 134 lb which is still a good days fishing, but I was well Off the pace as Gary won with 240lb, followed by Anton page on 15 (again), with 207, then Gary (thumbprint) Bowden on 3 with 128lb followed by me, too silvers went to Dave wride  7 with over 45lb of skimmers on his secret soft pelletsπŸ˜‚. Weigh sheet below as normal.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Sunday and monday

Booked into the Summerhayes match on sunday, I quite like the venue as it's mud bank fishing which I find interesting, and at times frustrating, Pete did the distancing draw and pulled out peg 36 for me, right in front of the hut, and a good peg for carp, nice and narrow(13 mtrs), which today was.going to help as we were going to have winds gusting to 40 mph, plenty of options to go at , nice left hand margin
Some nice mud on the far bank.
And the aerator off to my left.
So a rig for pellet under the bush to my left, a depth pellet rig for the far side and a shallow rig for against the mud, and lastly a rig for meat by the aerator, 
Pete called the all in and I went straight across on the depth rig, I had a carp fairly quickly, then just liners, but it didn't take too long for slurpers to start showing, so it was out with the shallow rig, pulling it right against the mud, which was working ok, and I was putting a steady run of smallish carp into the net, towards the end the wind for to strong so I switched to the meat line and the margin line , and added a few more fish, which to be fair were slightly larger, on the all out I new I had just over 100lb, and as one as first to weigh, that was confirmed as the scales read just over 112lb, just aboriginal on the day, best me.old mate Glen Bailey by 2lb, then Gary Bowden had just over 100lb, weigh sheet below.
Onto Monday at it was the John dursley rip off on the canals at shiplate, I fancied a day on Hawthorn as I haven't been on there for about 3 years, but no John pulls me out peg 13 on westpool, oh well, just got to get on with it, 

for company I had james(cookie) cool on end peg 15, and Lee Williams on 11. Rigs today were a mugging rig as some fish were mooching about, mostly moving to quickly, but enough going slowly enough to be viable, a right hand margin rig for pellet , and a meat rig to my left at the bottom of the margin shelf, and a far bank depth rig for pellet, but that rig was never used, I spent most of the day mugging, swinging an 8mm pellet at any fish I saw, and I had quite a few, towards the end I had a few down each side , but 90% of my weight came on the mugger, I do enjoy doing this, see a fish and try and catch it, it's all about getting to land your pellet in the sweet spot for these cagey fish to take it, I love it. On the all out I new I had over 200lb, but I had a bit more as my nets went 233lb 6oz for first on the day , and also a new top match weight for the lake, so happy days, weigh sheets below.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Monday shiplate

John dursley has organised some Monday matches at Shiplate, so today I found myself at the fishery with 14 others, it was nice to catch up with Steve and Carol as I haven't seen them for months.
Onto the draw which was done by John , he pulled out peg 5 for me, a good area for silvers recently, so I thought that may be the way to go, but I hadn't factored in the strength and direction of the wind.
So this will be a short one, due to a proper schoolboy error by me, I couldn't catch any skimmers , there were a few carp down the edges and I did manage to share 7 or 8 in the last 90minutes, with some nice fish up to probably 18lb.

So by the end I reckoned I would have 75lb+, So I packed my kit away, pulled the top part of the nets up onto the bank and went for a chat, as you do, it didn't take to long for Burnham on sea,s very own caped crusader, John dursley, aka drennan man got to our side of the lake, 

we went to my swim and there seemed to be something missing, oh yes I know what it is, it's my net with most of my fish in, aaaargh, John page managed to find it in the lake but the only thing left in it was water, luckily I never had enough to do any good , and it is the first time I have ever lost a net without going over the net limit, as I said earlier a schoolboy error, πŸ˜‚, I think John page won from peg one, not to sure what with as I was wheel spinning out of the car park before they had even weighed him.😯.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Todber manor, hillview lake.

Today was meant to be a float only league match on hillview and homeground, but due to the covid pandemic and the league being cancelled, I ran it as a short pole match on hillview only, so all 28 pegs were in, I invested in a bingo ball thingy to do the social distancing draw, and it went very well. Judith came with me today and helped by recording the names, she put me down with her pet name for me, as you will see on the sheet at the end.I'm fairly sure some of you will agree πŸ˜‚

Anyway bingo ball number 54 dropped out for me, it's a peg on the farside of the lake, plenty of room , but with the strong wind blowing mainly straight in but slightly from the right , I new presentation was going to be difficult with wind and trip going the same way, I set up three rigs, one for topset and one straight in front, one for the right hand margin in 10 inches of water and one for the left margin where it was a bit deeper at 15 inches, starting in front, feeding 6,s and banding an 8, I was soon getting bites, but as expected foulers were a problem, I fed some 4,a down each side , and the right hand side soon showed signs of life, but the left for some reason remained barren for most of the day, I shallows up so my bait was about 6inches off the deck, which seemed to help, looking around there seemed to be elastic coming out of most topsets, but niel Mercer was doing the best as far as I could see, on peg 50, catching on topset and one , then topset only towards the end of the match, I had a good spell in my right hand margin, but the left only gave me one small resident dark carp, at the end I thought I had about 220lb, but that was miles behind niel aswell as a few others, so no chance of getting in the main frame, as it turned out niel won with 330lb+, followed by Martin rayet on peg 45 with 321lb, then Paul elmes on 48 had 298lb, I ended up with 243 for default section pick up, in all there was over 5200lb of fish caught which is phenomenal, and the fish are in brilliant condition, I didn't get round to taking any pictures, so all I've got is the sheets which are below .

Friday, 26 June 2020

Boat fishing

By way of a change I booked a trip out with Mike on teddy boy charters at minehead, he may be only 12 (22 really)but he has made a good name for himself in a fairly short time.
Only four of us on the boat today, due to covid 19 and social distancing, myself, judith, james, my youngest son, and lastly dan fowler, also a big thanks to daughter Lauren for helping us out by letting the dogs out for us X.
It was going to be an 8 hour trip, and very sociable start as we left the quay at 12 and were due back in at 8, the beauty of going out of minehead , especially if you are just after a days fishing is that there is no long steam, meaning more fishing time. So ten minutes after leaving the harbour, 

the anchor was down and we were fishing, and it didn't take to long for the ever present doggies to find our baits we did have a few.other fish, a day a hound and some congers(small), Mike decided a move down the channel may be a good idea, , so again after a short steam we had baits in the water, and the fishing was.good, nothing to big but we had allsorts, (not liquorice), small eyes , spotted , blonde and thornback rays.

We had several more hound,s , well when I say we, I mean they did, I couldn't catch one.

And just to cap it off , Judith had a good to add to her species count, even if it was just out of the egg.
Got to say it was, unbroken sunshine and a flat sea,.along with plenty of fish, we did get quite a few.small double figures, and don't forget the copious amounts of doggies, I can see us doing this again before to long.