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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Short pole series , final round

Back to chiton trinity for the final match in this series, I hoped woodland lake fishes better than it did last week, 24 of us fish this league, and it's proved quite popular, so I will be running it again next year, the lake is booked so I will put the dates up on here before the end of the week
I let misha draw for me and she handed me peg 10. A good peg so no complaints from me, for company I had Dave Evans on my right, on the peg that won last week, and Leon Hubbard on my left, who was on my peg last week and really struggled , I hoped history didn't repeat itself this week as I really needed a top 2 in section to keep me in with a chance of staying in the end of if series prize money.
I set up a pellet rig for 6 mtrs at 11o,clock angle , a meat rig for 5 mtrs at 1o,clock angle and a pellet rig for the right hand margin, the  left hand side was a non starter as it was to overgrown.
I started the match on the longer pellet line , and just cupped 6,s in trying to keep the fish on the deck in the 8 foot deep water , several people caught straight away, so it looked as though it may be better than last week, nope false dawn. At the end of the first hour I had one skimmer in the bag, Dave to my right had a few and Leon had caught as well , my peg never switched on really, there was plenty of fizzing in most peoples pegs including mine but the float refused to go under, I had to wait till the last 90 mins to catch , when I had a couple shallow , one on the deck on pellet and 2 more on the meat line plus a few skimmers from both lines, by the end it was clear that I was going to be well down in the section, so ending the league on a low, never mind , there's always next week,
1st on the day went to Shaun Townsend on peg 23 which was the end peg on the car park bank at the right hand end, he ended up with 12 carp catching some shallow some deep and a few down the edge for 72.11
2nd glen bailey on 26 with 59.1
3rd dick bull on 24 with 58.12
4th Dave Evans on 9 with 51.3
5th bela bakos on 31 with 50.6
6th tom mangnall  on 17 with 50.2
Silvers went to joe McMahon on 32 with 19.3 of  thrashed out whitebait
Paul Elmes 23 points
Chris fox 20 points , 308.2lb
Shaun Townsend 20 points 290.1 lb
Glen Bailey 19 points
Craig Edmunds 18 points 263.5 lb
Dave Evans 18 points  178.1

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Summerhayes weds open

Back to this nice fishery again this week, but it's a proper pegged match today , so not in charge of my own destiny today , which I prefer especially as I don't know to much about the venue.
Into the draw tin and out comes peg three on sellicks , a flyer peg behind the hut, and more importantly I missed the pegs on Lilly pool. For company I had the old stager Gary butler on 1 and Gabriel skarba on 4, and with them both looking to fish for silvers I would have the far bank carp to myself, I set up a meat rig for 5 mtrs, then the rest were pellet rigs, one for the left hand margin , one for on the on the deck against the far bank and a shallow rig for against the far side , the same rig would do for the right hand margin as it was very shallow, the far bank has a spit of bank sticking out giving me two sides of it to fish, the right hand side was only 12 mtrs away whereas the left hand side went back to 14.5 mtrs,
At the start I fed all lines and began on the deeper rig against the far bank, to say it was slow would be an understatement, after the first hour all I had was one carp and that came from my right hand margin, the second hour wasn't much better but I did manage three more carp from the far side and a skimmer off the meat line, which apart from a small carp later in the match those were the only two bites I had on meat. Also the left hand margin never seemed to get going, I did have one bite down there , but was royally seen off in a snag under the pallet of 4, also gabe spent a fair bit of time fishing the other side of the pallet for nothing either, I don't think to many fish were caught in the margin anywhere today, which is unusual on this lake. I had decided to feed the far bank quite aggressively with 6 mm hard pellet , and fish banded 8mm on the hook, it took till the last thre hours to start working, but the fish turned up it was enjoyable last half, I think I ended up with about 35 carp and the lonely skimmer, I didn't have to wait long for the scales as I was second to weigh in after Gary on peg 1 who had 14lb of skimmers which was good enough to give him second in the silvers and as 23 people were fishing today it meant he was going to get a pickup, Charlie Barnes on peg 3 on Lilly won the silvers with 15lb of skimmers, both of them caught on worm and caster .
My nets went 92.15 which was good enough for first on the day
2nd was andy hembrow on sellicks 8 with 77lb
3rd peanut on Lilly 2 with 76lb
4th mark leahay on sellicks 15 with 72.11
5th Martin addicott on Lilly 14 with 71.6
Another good match on what is sure to become more and more popular venue , as it's not a venue where it is   Possible to predict winning pegs, although some pegs do have a lot of history , the owners always make you welcome and the complimentary crisps and chocolate after the match are a nice touch.
Off to chilton trinity on Sunday for the last round of the short pole series, I do have one space available, so if anyone fancys it ring me at the shop to book in on 01179517250

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Chilton trinity, woodland lake , Sunday open

21 booked in for this one today,  a nice number on this lake, and since it brush with khv it has been fishing really well so I was looking forward to this one , fabio pulled out two tickets so I took one and ended up with peg 6 which is he first peg up on the far bank from the left hand end, it's a peg I've always fancied in the summer as it's a nice peg with good margins , so I set up a margin rig for down the right only as the left hand side has got a sunken tree in it, two deep rigs for in front, one at 5 mtrs for meat and one for 14 mtrs on hard pellet, with lots of fish moving n the surface I set up a shallow rig aswell, I would love to report we all had a good day , but the lake fished harder than I have ever known on a summers day, no real reason as to why, perhaps it was the building high pressure, the bright sunshine coupled with no wind or at may have been the full moon last night, but it was hard with no one catching, I lost more than I caught , and as a whole there were probably more fish lost than caught , I ended up with 6  carp and one tench for 27.7.
1st on the day was dick bull on 9 with 69lb. Of meat caught fish at 6 mtrs
2nd rich heatley on 14 with 38.8
3rd lee wherret on 3 with 38.1
4th Adrian jeffery on 2 with 37.12
5th me with 27.7
6th mark Walsh on 7 with 27.4
Gordon cannings on 24 with 14.1 of meat caught skimmers, just beating the gimp into second place off the next peg(23) who had 13.5 of whitebait

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Summerhayes weds open

On the first Wednesday of the month Pete runs this match as a rover I,m not to keen on rovers as it tends to favour the locals with lots of knowledge on the venue, I had a quick walk around the the lakes as you can fish any of the lakes, the only stipulation is that you leave at least one peg empty between you and the next angler, there were 25 booked in so that's exceptional for a midweeker recently, firstly you draw a number to sort out the draw sequence, an early number is always an advantage , so when I pulled out 23 I was a little bit upset , when it was my turn most of the main form pegs had gone , so I plumped for 23 on Lilly pool, it's a nice corner peg with a nice Lilly bed at 11 mtrs and a lot of cover in my left hand margin, there were lots of reeds to my right but they were to high and thick to be a sensible option. I fished a match at the venue last year and Aaron britnell drew it and had a reasonable weight of it , catching up the left hand margin on pellet, so I set up a depth pellet rig for out to the Lilly's, a shallow rig also primarily by the Lilly bed, and a couple of margin rigs, one for corn into the reeds at 5mtrs with corn as this bait has been doing well here recently, and a pellet rig for 12 mtrs along the edge just past the reeds, at the start I fed all my lines and began out by the Lillys, I should have known better !!!!! , an hour and 15 minutes later and with only one roach in the net things weren't really going to plan, I lost several tug of war contest with carp and Lilly's , both shallow and deep , stuart barnett on peg two at the other end of the lake was catching steadily, also adie bishop opposite on 11 was having a few on paste out by his Lilly pads but wasn't catching fast enough. I went down on my corn line and had two quick fish, and apart from another one a bit later in the match that was my only three bites in that spot, there were odd fish mooching through the reeds but it didn't seem overly populated,
I had been feeding with a catty on my 12 mtr line and several fish were at times slurping up the bank, I spent a lot of time trying to catch these, and I did get a few , but as is normal in these situations, the fish are a bit pole shy, I could get a quick one then they would disappear, only to turn up again once the pole is removed, I think I got it wrong today as in the last 24 mins I came off the bank a bit and had 4or 5 better fish, perhaps I should have done it earlier, I ended up with a dissapointing16 carp and a lonely roach, which was going to be no good whatsoever, I actually weighed just over 48lb 2 nd on the pond but way off the pace, the match was won by Giles cochrane on peg 20 on longs with 76lb
2nd steve kedge on 12 sellicks with 71lb
3rd I think was Dom Sullivan on 3 sellicks with 67lb
4th Ron hardiman on 18 longs 65lb
5th stuart barnet , 2 on Lilly with 61lb

Off to chilton on woodland on Sunday, still got a couple of spaces so ring me at the shop to book in if your interested

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sedges brick lake , Sunday open

19 fishing today , just one Larry let down as his missus wouldn't let him use the car, I said I wouldn't say his name , so Pete noton I won't then.
I,ve really got to stop saying which peg I fancy , as I said to trig peg 10 would be nice today , I was last but one to draw and yes peg ten comes out stuck to my mit, it won the match on Saturday with 90 something pounds so I expected a reasonable day.
I set a meat rig for 5 and 14 mtrs ,it was the same depth within a couple of inches so one rig for both, the business end had the normal size 16 middy 8313 hook on .16, for the end bank I put together a rig to fish against the reeds in about 2 foot of water, so I was ready in plenty of time, at the start I fed both meat lines and fired some 6 mm pellets to the end bank, starting at 14 mtrs it didn't take to long to get my first carp, and by the end of the first hour I was on 4 carp and a couple of skimmers, it was about now that I saw the reeds twitching a bit so I got off my box and made a shallow rig up to fish at 6inches against the reed stems, and it worked well as by the end of the second hour I was on 12 carp, so it was off my box again to go and get another net as this fishery has a 100lb net limit and with 4 hours left it looked as though a big weight was on the card, I fed all lines before the net walk and when I got back the fish didn't seem to want to be against the reeds the same as before, in fact the last 4 hours were quite difficult I did manage a couple more on the long meat line but the rig against the reeds produced the best fishing banded 8mm over loose fed 6,s, I ended up with 23 carp up to about 12lb for what I reckoned would go 150lb ish, but it was going to be close with Craig Edmunds having a bit of a purple patch over on 13 catching really well towards the end on meat over groundbait in his margin including a fish of over 24lb, also Tom mangnall on 7 had enjoyed a good latter part of the match catching on his favoured straight lead approach ,
My 23 carp and few silvers went 148.1 for first today
2nd Craig Edmunds on 13 with 139.6
3rd Tom mangnall on 7 with 139.1, that was close
4th Martin rayet on 12 with 100.8
5th Martin lenaghan on peg 1 with 89.11
6th Gary o' Shea on peg 6 with 82.1
There was a tie for silvers with trig and Martin rayet both weighing 24.9 of skimmers
Next week I am running one at chilton trinity on woodland lake so phone me at the shop on 01179517250 to book in

Angling trust, aca masters, the glebe fishery

This fishery is a bit of a drive for one days fishing, it's a 240 mile round trip for me, so well over 2 hours driving but it's worth it from time to time as the sport can be good, I picked ken Rayner up at 5.30 and 2 hours 20 mins later we pulled into Mallory park for breakfast with a bit of time to kill before the 8.30 draw, it's a nice match as some of the best anglers in the country attend with the  ringers , James dent and the likes, we had to go to the fishery for the draw, which as is normal at this event it's all a bit haphazard , even though we were first to pay our pools we were last to draw, whilst waiting me and ken took a brief stroll around pool 1 where I commented on liking the look of peg 1, then we took a look at uglies pool and ken reckoned he was entitled to fish on there as he had never fished it , back to the draw and with mark poppleton eventually getting the last draw sequence , lo and behold peg 1 pool one for me and a nice draw on uglies for ken,
The peg was nice as I was sheltered from the gusty wind and I had lots of options, margins each side, long margin to a reed bed to my as it's an end peg, corn at 5 mtrs works well here as meat is banned and 2 pellet rigs for 14 mtrs  one deep and a shallow rig just in case, finally a pellet wag rod was assembled with a 4ssg j range styro was , it was probably a 45 yard sling to the far bank but with a favourable wind easily attainable, I was the only person on the lake to set one up, but with the wind getting worse that wasn't supriseing , most seemed to opting for a feeder approach , the method is banned on this complex and roar set up must have a minimum of a 20 inch hook length , and with reeds opposite feeder fishing can be a bit torrid with a hook link of that size, then again fishery owner Roy Marlow is known to work in mysterious ways from time to time, but it's a nice well kept fishery so he must be right most of the time.
Not to much to say about the fishing really as I had a nice day catching 35 smallish carp on all methods , starting on the long pellet rig on the deck and had a few, went long to the reeds and had some shallow there, went on the wag and caught well for a while then they backed off, I did lose a few on the wag as it felt as though there was a length of line going across the swim as I could feel the fish on the end, but they were tethered just going side to side, the corn line gave a few and the margin also had fish in it, in the end, it seemed as though I was going round in circles, the match was only 5 hours which seems really short and it was all over to soon, I was last to weigh on this lake and when the scales got to me 114.10 was winning the section, I thought it was going to be close, but I just managed to edge it with 115.12, so section win and 100 quid in the pocket, that just about covered the day day then !!!!!.
As for the team , we had a few indifferent results, so we ended up 6th I think which isn't to bad in a quality field,
The ringer team won it for the second year running so well done to them, no overall results as you can't get near the sheets , I could have had a look if I waited till after the raffle but with  a long drive we couldn't be assed, over 200lb won it with lots of 100lb back up weights, confirming it as certainly one of the premier waters in the country, but it's not a day ticket water , you need to be a member to fish it, so it never really gets the pressure that commercials get,
I fan ally walked back through my door at a little after 9.30pm , now that's a bit to long of a day for me, off to the sedges tomorrow a mere 40 miles down the road , easy.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

pole only, viaduct fishery, cambell lake

Travelled with trigger and fabio today so the banter was good, slagging loads of people off and putting the world to rights on all subjects from the best breakfast spots to immigration,
at the fishery 14 had booked in, still not great but better than normal, I still cant get my head around the fact no one wants to fish Wednesdays and stand the chance of making a slight profit, yet costcutters on venues like viaduct on thursdays and ivy hiuse on Tuesdays regularly get between 20 and 40, and if you win you hardly cover the cost of travelling there, perhaps its not about the coin anymore and just about a days fishing with the edge of competition.
Back to today and into the draw tin first and iut comes 116, good peg with plenty of fish out in front and the option of a good margin to my right with an overhanging tree, I was next to viaducts shortest 6 foot angler lewis greenwood, on 115 and he was looking a bit confident after the shoeing he gave me the week before, on my right was somersets best milk sucker dave romain,
keeping it simples today as I was going to fish meat at 6 and 13 mtrs and 8mm pellet down to my right , at the start I began at 13 mtrs,  kindering meat whilst feeding the same by hand at 6 mtrs,  I could also just about feed 8mm pellet by hand down to the tree. It was a bit of a slow start and by the end of the first hour I had 4 carp , but as far as I could see no one was catching. Lewis had caught a couple but as is normal he had yet to hook one in the mouth. I spent the first couple of hours at 13 mtrs and was getting the odd fish, but with the 6 mtr line now fizzing a bit , the temptation was to much, so I went in and started catching straight away,  but for some reason most of the fish being cqught today were of a slightly smaller stamp, there were some of the 7 to 10lb fish coming out,  but not as many as normal, I did give the margin a go and had a couple of fish, and I was getting lots of indications,  but the meat line at 6 mtrs was the best, feeding 8mm meat and fish7ng 10mm on a middy 8313 hook to ,18 but I still managed to have 2 rigs ripped off, not really the lines fault as they were almost definitely foulers judging by the ammount of avalon orange hollow elastic being pulled to the middle of the lake,  and thats strong stuff. John howell up on 119 left about halfway through and dave romain went down to the newly vacated swim and began cathing really well, all within a couple of minutes of john leaving,  also lewis had started to catch on his close line, trigger on 123 was also catching as was p nut on 110, but kept catching odd fish right to the end ending up with 40 carp of various sizes, so over 200lb was in the nets, the only person with more carp than me was p nut but his fish were a lot smaller.
It fished really well again and it turned into quite a close affair.
1st was me with 242.14
2nd p nut on 110 with 221lb
3rd lewis greenwood king, on 115 with 216lb
4th trigger edmunds, on 123 with212.8
5thdave romain,  on 118 with 183.2
6th j walvin on 112 with 142.14
silvers with 36.9 was the gimp on 130 with 5 tench a few skimmers and lots of small roach and tiny skimmers on worm and caster