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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Still lockdown fishing

Decided to pay Huntstrete another visit today, especially as its exactly 5 miles door to door. I normally stick to bridge pool, as most of the matches are fished on here, but i fancied a change today so drove on down to withy pool, i could see that peg 54 was empty so i loaded the trolly up in the rain and wandered down to the peg, its a nice peg to fish as there is an island in front at only 11 mtrs, and its the shallowest peg on the lake, only 5 ft, generally you only need to fish 7mtrs, which is just past the deepest part of the swim. Just by kindering a few casters in it hasnt in the past taken to long to start catching, but today was different, took ages to get a bite, then after catching a fish, the next one would take ages to get, i tried going a bit further across into slightly shallower water, but the results were the same , only odd fish.
I had fed a meat line over towards the corner of the island, i did give it several goes but never had a tremor there . I was intending to pack up at 3 so at 12.30 i wandered back to the van and got a bag of groundbait which i had mixed about 5 days before, it didnt smell to good, and the spores growing on it didnt instil me to much confidence, but who knows, it may be a covid cure, I made another rig to fish 13 mtrs to the right, where it was about 12 inches deeper, i cupped in a ball with some caster and dead reds, gave the meat rig another go, but ten minutes later i was going over the 13 mtr line.
It was like a light switch going on, bites straight away from small skimmers with the best about 12oz, and some roach aswell.
I also started introducing some groundbait on the 7mtr line , and that line came to life aswell, so i definitely made a mistake by not feeding crumb from the start, live and learn. So i had a good last 90 minutes with skimmers and chunky roach, so slow start and really enjoyable end, plus on the doorstep, well nearly. Good fishing for a small outlay, and lovely surroundings, so get down to premier angling in keynsham to pick up a BAA licence and a few day tickets.

Monday, 11 January 2021

Safe lockdown fishing

Just for a change today i decided to have a little go in keynsham park on the little river chew, normally good for some dace with the occasional surprise, its thrown up a few barbel this year with the biggest about 5lb, but most in the 2 to 3lb bracket, also there have been some decent perch , chub roach and trout to be had, plus there a some rogue carp which sometimes turn up. I parked right by the footbridge in the carpark , went over the bridhe and dropped into the second fishable spot below the bridge, i could have fished right behind the van but the far side gave me more room to ship the pole back. only set up one rig, a .4g drennan bodied float, as?. Plumbed up , and was shocked to find 7 ft of water down the middle, shallowing up to 4ft at 11mtrs, i did change the float to a .6g same (?)pattern, i decided to just past middle in about 5 1/2 ft of water. Running through it soon became apparent that there were lots of snags, mainly branches, of which i had several pieces, so i had to fish about 12 inches off the deck to avoid the subterranean stickups, not ideal but no choice, I expected to catch some dace quite quickly, but the onky bites i could get were from minnows, they would even mange to get a caster down there necks.
I had a visit from tim Clark and his sone Elliot, who i havent seen for months, so we had a good catchup , i must say i was quite impressed with the floral patterned folding chair he turned up with, vey nice. I eventually had a decent dace while he was there, followed by another about 10 minutes later.
I went further across as tim was driving out of the carpark, and i began catching quite well, single caster for some more dace of all sizes.
And as quick as they showed up the dace disappeared to be replaced by the pesky minnows again, so i gave it another 30minutes in case the dace came.back or something else had arrived, but no, it just seemed to be back to minnow heaven, i packed up just before 1 ending up with a few pounds of quality dace, ok for a few hours, i havnt fished here in probably 35 years, but i will give it another go as long we are allowed, but that will depend on everyone being sensible with the social distancing and sticking to the guidelines set out for us.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Last pre lockdown matches

Firstly went to shiplate with chris fox for an open on the main lake, i had peg 12 drawn for me today, but with a cold and strong north easterly blowing in and across, i new any sort of float fishing was always going to be difficult, and so it proved, i set up a skimmer rig to fish 8 and 13 mtrs, ut it was impossible to stop it going through hard with the wind, i had a few small fish, roach and blade skimmers, but it was never going to happen on that, a waggler for meat at about 25mtrs, again it was like fishing a.river, so no good, so just over an hour in i was off my box setting up a lead rod, i had two carp for about 20lb in two chucks, then apart from a lost small carp or good skimmer, that was my lot, didnt even bother to weigh, so deemed a blank, well done john page on 13a who won on the day with 115lb, meat on the lead was the main bait for him.
Top silvers went to dom Sullivan on peg 7 with just short of 16lb.
Momday and it was back down to plantation main lake again for a silvers only match, i did the social distancing draw and ended up on permanent peg 31, to be fair i wouldnt have been to upset on any peg today as with only 13 fishing, i didn't think there was a bad peg in the draw, normally 30lb is needed to win these matches, but it had switched off a bit in the last couple of weeks, mainly down to the weather probably, for company i had mr D Shipp on 32 and phil morgan was my closest competitor to my right, des said we wouldn't catch for at least 40 minutes, so we had a quid on that, and also a quid on who came out on top, Only two rigs today, a bulk rig hopefully for skimmers, and a lighter rig with spread shot in case the roach came off the deck, and sometimes the skimmers want a lighter on the drop approach, the light and reflection was horrible, with a gusty wind from the left didnt help, so i chose just two lines, one at 5 mtrs which was foing to be a loose fed caster line, and the other was at 13 mtrs for groundbait, so at the start i fed a couple of balls at 13 mtrs , but started on the short line, just to try and get an early quid off des, but no bites there in twenty minutes, so just to catch i put on a pinkie and went over the groundbait, and had a small roach, pound up at the mo, and in all fairness des was nearly right as it took him over 40 minutes to catch, the lake fished to recent form, it was a bit of a grind, constantly switching between the two lines jist to keep odd bites and fish coming, it was a case of catch a few fish from one line then having to go to the other, hard but enjoyable, at the end i thought des had probably won but trig up on 19 had caught plenty of small fish plus a bonus big perch and skimmer, but des had caught quite a few 8oz skimmers plus small fish, id had a few skimmers, but more roach, in the end it wa des who came out on top with 13.8, trig was second with 12.13 and i had a level 12lb for third, so quite close. Weigh sheet below.
Well thats the end of match fishimg for at probably 7 or 8 weeks, at least the angling trust managed to get us out on the bank for a bit of pleasure fishing, providing we stay local, ive no doubt some will push it , arguing as to what is deemed local, to be fair i dont know. all i know is that i have spoken to quite a few people recently who have had the virus, and i have a couple of friends who are in hospital with it at the mo, so it is real and dangerous, a massive percentage of sufferers will recover, but a small percentage may not recover and lose the battle, lets all hope its none of out relations or friends, please stay safe everyone, an

Friday, 1 January 2021

Philtone teams of 7 , hillview canals 1/2/3

This has turned into a bit of an annual event, where philtone boss(now) niel mercer gets 21 of hus friends together to have a bit of a xmas laugh with a teams of 7 format, the teams.are.drawn behind closed doors beforehand , but looking at the teams there definitely was no foul play LOL 😂😂😂😂, listed below.
I got to the venue in plenty of time for breakfast, all a bit alfresco as we had to eat it under a pagoda in the fresh air, so a speedy demolition was called for, as there was snow on the ground and the lakes were frozen, luckily i had delved.into the depths of the shed and dragged this bad boy out for the first time this winter.
Draw done and i ended up on canal 2, peg 62 which is the aerator peg, so a nice draw, first job was to clear the ice, it was only about 3mm thick so nice and easy, plus ypu can go around and clear the floaters away.
Company wise i had paul(beaver) my right and mr happy Anton page to my left, only two rigs seemed to be the order of the day , a maggot rig for a couple of spots and a rig for dogging bread along the far bank, At the start i fed some maggots by the water windmill, and some down to my right at top 4 at the bottom of the shelf as it was the same depth in both spots. Straight across dogging and caught from the off but only small fish, and i mean small 3 to 8oz, not the size i needed, but i wasnt complaining as most hadnt caught yet, i would like to say i had some better fish ,but apart from two fish over 2 lb i seemed to be in the nursery today, paul to my right started to catch, but he was gettimg mainly proper carp.with only a.smattering of juveniles, he was fishing by the ice up towards me and well off the bank, if i went to far to my right there was a nasty underwater snag which i lost several hooks in, paul was flying at ime stage and was well ahead, anton and me.were suffering small fish, i did manage to stop paul catching to be fair, it was a dirty trick but alls fair in love and war , he decided to fish off to his right for a bit, as his back was turned i gave the ice pack between us a bit of a nudge, it duly obliged and slid into his peg covering his catching spot, it was only paul who didnt find it amusing, well he sort of did, but he just pushed it on and it became the problem of phil mercer and martin rayet, who by now was catching well on maggot down the .middle, up to my left on the end peg tim ford(my team) was having a really good day and caught steadily for the duration of the match, i just stayed with the small carp, and it nearly paid off, i ended up with 38lb to pauls 40, the lake and match was won by tim with 109, followed by martin with 74 then dave lewis was third with 58lb, all in my team, to be honest most people had some fish , odd areas struggled.with canal 3 being the most difficult, weigh sheets below.
Big thanks to niel and philtone for hosting the event, greatly appreciated by all there, and i think beaver may have forgiven me by now, Just another quickie, went to huntstrete for a bit of a go, i enjoy fishing through the ice, got to bridge to find the far end ice free, but full of anglers, couldnt believe how many were i set up on peg 15, tbe ice was only thin so only the baby breaker was needed, soon had a 13 mtr channel cleared out.
Fed a ball of groundbait at 6 mtrs and another at 13 mtrs both with a few casters and pinkies inand to be fair ive had a bite most put ins, mainly small 3oz skimmers, there are a couple of 12 oz fish in the net, one of whuch dave burnham caught when he had a go, it must have been easy. I probably ended up with 6/7lb which is nice fishing in an ice hole.
paul barnfield managed a couple of the bigger skimmers up on peg 4, and the angler on peg 8 also caught a lot of small fish aswell, and a couple of carp anglers over on 32 and 33 had a couple of carp, only small , an 8lb and a 3lb fish, but probably most welcome, with the rivers still out of action get yourselves a bathampton licence and day tickets from premier angling down by the marina and have a go, lots of skimmers on bridge and withy has been giving some roach catches, the carp fishing on all lakes is hard at the mo, but it is winter, but you got to be in it to win it as they say, and with all this covid business going on the safest place to self isolate is definitely on the bank in the fresh air, not sat at home watching the same old repeats or another lame reality show, so get wrapped up , pop down to premier , pick up some bait and bits and up to date info on where to go, whichever discipline floats your boat.

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Landsend xmas open

A bit of a belated xmas match, but surprising as there have been lots of rearranged events due to covid, i had a breakfast roll booked at the fishery, and very nice to, a 4.75, which is a good score for a takeaway, (well done rachael), mike got the draw underway and pulled me out anothwr corner in the shape of peg40, which is the opposite corner to last week, and not as good as i fulky expected the main shoal of fish to be at the other end, that was occupied by adrian clark on 33 and alan oram on 32, probably no mistakes on those pegs today then. And definitely a case of dejavue as i had dave(beany) westcott opposite me again. I only.set up two rigs, one for bread dobbing along the end bank and the other one for meat at the bottom of the shelf,and out towards the island at 14 mtrs.with the lales full to overflowing i expected to have to contend with some underwater foliage.
At the start i fed some.meat in the two intended meat lines then went out along the edge on the dobbing rig, thus peg haf a bay small bay between 13 and 14 mtrs and with a depth of about 30 inches , it was an ideal place to start.
I was.soon a nice fish of about 5lb which was soon netted, so a good start, hopefully there were a few about, to give me a chance of the lake win.
I did get another quite quickly after that but i felt there werent to many about, no liners and also no silver fish bites , which the week before were a nuisance, beany opposite soon gave up trying to catch carp which probably didnt help my cause as the carpnalways seem to back off to the quiet water where they are not being targeted, there is a wooden post in the water along the bank in the opposite peg and i saw it knock several times during the match where carp hit or, but i think beany made.the right choice as he was the only one i could see catchimg any silvers I did manage 8 carp during the day, 4 on bread fish half depth, one on meat at the bottom of the shelf and three on meat on top of the shelf at 16 mtrs.
As i thought would happen, adrian up on 33 had a steady day to end up with over 90lb for first on the day, catchimg most of his fish on maggot fished along the end bank, then alan oppsite had 51 to my 50, but i did get the section money by default. The weigh sheets below show how hard its fishing, but looking at other results lots of venues seem to hard at the mo, but i know that the fishery is about to undergo a restocking programme during january which shoukd see an upturn in sport, as ling as we dont go into another lockdown or we are put into tier 4 which would effectively stop competition fishing, we will have to wait and see what boris comes up with tomorrow, weds.30th.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Landsend and acorn

Sunday was the first round of Landsend fishery individual winter league, only 20 booked in, but with several matches being rearranged bue to lock down and tier restrictions it was always going to happen, damn you covid, anyway mike did the social distancing draw and pulled out peg 32 for me, certainly one of the better pegs at the fishery, its a corner peg on the speci lake so there is a long right hand margin to go at, an ideal left handers swim 😁.
Three rigs assembled, a dobbing rig for along the bank, a depth rig for along the same bank, a rig for meat in open water, nice and simple, no need for a silvers rig as its a ten peg section, so carp were definitely needed to do well, company today was merv clark to my left, and opposite was dave (beany) westcott, so nice company. I had a few Landsend legends in the section aswell, but they were definitely on inferior pegs so i shoukd be ok 👌. back to my swim and occasionally its possible to catch along the bank at a sensible distance, but ive fished the peg several times and found the need to go up to the trees to catch.
The match got underway and I started dobbing a piece of punch along the bank, and it was no suprise to me that i never had a proper bite until i got to 14 mtrs, first carp about 7lb in the net, two and a half hiurs in and i had 7 in the net, and that was my.lot, no more bread bites, i tried feeding a bit of meat, in the open water and along the edge but apart from a couple of lost foulers i couldnt get another fish, i am fairly sure that i had stuck with the bread till the end i would have had a couple more, but i cant keep my hands out of the bait box, over on 36 dan pither was fishing a tidy match, fishing bread or maggots along the far bank to end up with 14 carp and a lake and match win with 94.15, well done, and as he was standing in for martin pettiffer as a reserve , martin is off to a good start.picture of the winner and the weigh shhets below, without doubt it was rock hard in some areas, that will change, and looking at results from other fisheries it was a difficult weekend for many anglers.
Monday and i was down at acorn for the fortnightly knockup i run, with the forcast for lots of rain it was going to messy, every fishery seems to have a mud issue at the mo, but that cant be helped, no point in moaning about, just crack the draw done, or so i thought, only thought 12 were fishing , wrong, 13 were in attendance, so the dreaded call for a redraw went out, i never drew in the first draw, but was happy for trig to pull out peg 5 for me second time around, bread dobbed along the far bank has been accounting for a lot of fish at this venue, so thats how i started, three lost foukers in the opening 15 minutes, then one landed correctly hooked, but no more bites , tried maggot over there aswell but only small roach seemed to be interested, so after a couple of hours i decided to go for some silvers as no one at this stage was catching to much, so i fed caster and maggot on three lines and kept rotating around, the best swim was topset and three where i had four good tench with some nice roach and a few skimmers of varying sizes from 4 to 12 ounces, the two other lines , one at 13 mtrs to the left in open water and the other at topset and three to my left just past the corner of the island, the two latter areas only produced a few roach and skimmers, i was suprised i never hooked any carp on any of the silvers line, apart from a tail hooked one which came off at the net, most peolke started catching towards the end with trig over on 11 without doubt doing the best, catching well on maggot to his left down the middle, and he did indeed win with 67lb, i managed to win the silvers with 27lb, enjoyable bit of fishing. And the rain set in with a vengeance half an hour from the end , and for the duration of the weigh in, thanks to ray cooper for doing the weigh sheet ,sheet below,no other pictures as it was a tad to damp to get the phone out.

Thursday, 17 December 2020

An overdue catch up

Before i report on the fishing , a sad announcement, we lost another local star this week, unfortunately lance tucker who was an angling legend in the southwest, died suddenly at the start of the week, thoughts and condolences to the family from judith and me, he will certainly missed.And he won his last match which was the clevedon xmas match on the river kenn with a 7lb bream.
First match was a week ago at plantation on the main lake , silvers only, 18 fishing so a nice number affording everyone a bit of room, social distancing draw done and i ended up on peg 2, nice swim as its got a nice new wooden platform, , i had a nice days fishing catching 3 decent skimmers and the rest roach for 23lb and 4th on the day, dave wilmott winning off permanent peg 7 with 27lb, followed by lee waller with 26 then chris fox had 24, so a good close frame with most recording double figures, weigh sheet below.
Sunday and it down to viaduct for round three of the silvers league, i have no chance of doing any good in the leafue as i will miss three rounds so iwas just there to try and do well on the day, peg 88 was my home for the day, it can be good , but not today, 13lb, but a second in section double default section pick up softened the blow, LOL 😂. No weigh sheets availab!e as the fishery seems to have stopped posting them, and as far as i am concerned this was probably my last visit to the fishery for the foreseeable as no one can book anything other than Campbell lake for matches , the winterleague teams of 5 has been cancelled, i thing the spring league may go the same way, i normally had two rounds of my float only league on Campbell and cary , but there are no more bookings being taken for cary so i have had to go elswhere, a bit sad really, but onwards and upwards as they say. Monday and it was back to plantation for another silvers match, and it didnt dissapoint, i drew one peg further along from the last time, and again had a really good day, ending up with 28lb , a few decent skimmers and lots of roach, lovely fishing, dave willmott seems to have it sorted as he won again off permanent peg 11 with 32lb, which was 4 good perch to over 2lb and the rest was roach, all on caster at 7mtrs, 2nd was trig with 31lb and me 3rd with 28lb, then there was a couple of 24lb. Leon Hubbard and mat tomes, and again all had double figures, it is probably the best silvers fishery around at the mo, as its impossible to predict where the winner will come from, showing how unpeggy it is. lastly today and it was off to windmill for another Silverfox open, 16 in attendance and the draw put me on peg 12 which is on its own at the far end of the lake, its the shallowest peg on the lake, but it was still 6foot deep.
Fed for silvers in several spots and corn for carp in one spot, well i never had a silver of any description all match, i had 4 carp on corn at 13 mtrs, and anothe 4 at 16mtrs on maggot, made.a.grave.error in not going out to 16 mtrs earlier i should have even though i couldnt see my float to well as the sun went round directly in front, and the ripple was enough to make it hard, dave willmott won again over on peg 10 with 80 of maggot caught carp at 13 mtrs, well done
mike nicholls was 2nd with 41lb with me third with 36lb, top silvers.went to dave.poole with 7lb, weigh sheets below, for anyone who is looking for a match on monday, i am running one at acorn again, 8.30 draw, give me a ring at premier angling on 01179867507, todays weigh sheet below.