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Sunday, 12 November 2017

A silver's weekend

I got to say that having worked most Saturday's for nearly 40 years , I am really enjoying fishing these Saturday matches and series, or just having the chance to spend a Saturday with Judith, and she is enjoying it aswell.
Any first off it was round 5 of the Avalon silver's league, I went into this match with a 12lb+ buffer over Mark leader, so a good draw was required to keep it that way, I stopped off with Jason at Landsend fishery for breakfast, and as usual di didn't disappoint, and we still got to Avalon with plenty of time, 13 of us attending today, so it was 7 on the left hand bank with a rear wind and the other 6 opposite with the wind and rain in there faces, into the draw bag and out comes peg 15, well actually it was the last one in the bag, quite happy with that as Rob watts did ok off it last round, when I was on 16 and really struggled, today that was Martin McMahon,s peg for the day, on my right was Jack Jones who would hopefully be keeping the carp away from me.
Last match there were a lot of fish caught on soft pellet, so this week I had some , so I set up to fish two pellet lines at 7 and 13 mtrs, a rig for caster and groundbait at 13 mtrs on a different angle and and a caster rig for on my topkit to hand, all I want to say really is that I had a difficult day , with all the long lines not doing particularly well, I did get a couple of better skimmers on maggot, but the longer pellet lines only gave me a few small skimmers and roach, to add insult to injury Martin on peg 16 was doing ok, catching odd big skimmers on mainly soft pellet, my best line was the topkit swim, where I had a decent perch, a good hybrid and a couple of 1lb skimmers along with a lot of small roach, I ended up with an ounce short of 13 lb, and I was top weight on our bank apart from Martin who did well off the peg no one wanted with 22.3 for second on the day behind Mark leader who had 26 lb and was no3 ahead of me by just shy oysters 2lb, so all to play for next Saturday, its only yours to lose mark lol.
Onto Sunday and it was round 4 of the viaduct fishery silver's league, I needed a good result today to keep me in contention, a good draw on Cary would be nice, but no I go and draw 119 on Campbell, perch down the edge can be good here , not to much out in front as the skimmers havnt really ventured this far up the lake recently, so possibly tench perch and maybe a rogue skimmer, and always the plippy roach would oblige, opposite Alvin Jones on 123 wouldn't be making to many mistakes.

I set up a rig for the right hand margin, for perch ,and a couple of rigs for caster,  on the topset and 2 and the other for 11 mtrs. I didn't want to go any further as the wind was near Gale force in our faces on this bank, I started on the short rig after feeding all lines, and was surprised when my first bite resulted in a 1lb skimmer, soon followed by a 2oz skimmer, so a good start, but that was my lot on that short line, out on the long line the dreaded plippy roach were in attendance, it was a hard day with most of my section really struggling, I did manage another decent skimmer on the long line along with a tench of about 1 1/2 lb, I also had two perch down the edge, one about 5oz  and the other probably closer to 3lb than 2, and I lost another big one down there aswell , but perch do have a nasty habit of getting off, but it never cost me as Alvin won the section with 18lb, but I managed second with 10.12 , so a decent result, keeping me in third place in the league, Craig trigger Edmunds won again off peg 59 with 28lb, and surprise surprise he is also winning the league, well done matey, weigh sheets below.

Avalon final round next Saturday then todber pairs series final match on Sunday, can't wait.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

One for Judith rixon,s days out

I have been asked to write a bit about about fishing from the female prospective. I am not really into match fishing, or at least not to serious about catching the most, (unless it means doing better than Tony), I just enjoy being outdoors and with my husband.
I have done quite a bit of fishing over the years, with my first love being boat fishing, now closely followed by barbel fishing .
Tony and I used to go boat fishing quite a lot before the kids arrived. Then I had to find a hobby I could do and take the little monsters with me if necessary.
So when I got my third munsterlander the breeder asked me if I would show him and try and qualify for crufts, which we did and I won best puppy with him, I was bitten and enjoyed showing for many years, with varying amounts of success, but always managing to qualify for crufts.

Unfortunately last year I hurt myself and am no longer able to show, as everybody seems to think I should have a hobby I asked Tony if I could start fishing again, and he was only to happy to oblige, mainly going with him to matches and watching, but also when able having a go after the match, also we began doing a bit of drop shotting and lrf fishing which is great fun, which is very affordable and great fun for young and old.
Also there is no groundbait or dirt involved  so nothing to get under my nails lol.

Then we started doing a bit of boat fishing mainly in the self drives off beer beach ,great fun being out on the sea with Tony, plus I normally manage to out fish him, which he says he doesn't mind but I now better, I can't believe how competitive I have become, I don't even mind putting my own bait on even if it is trying to savage your fingers when you do(ragworm), and you can eat what you catch.
For a change Tony took me to Huntstrete to try and catch some carp, Tony showed me how to use the bander etc for the pellets , all was ok but I still need a bit of practice with my knots, fairplay to Tony he seems to have endless patience, I had several nice carp between 5 and 14lb
 catching more than Tony again. We've done this a few times during the summer and the time just seems to fly.
Not long after this I saw Shaun kitteridge had been to the river wye and had some barbel, we had tried to catch some a few years ago but only managed to get a few chub. So Tony had a word with Shaun and jon in the shop (veals) and they suggested a place called aramstone fishery which is run by a river keeper called Stan, so a day was sorted and we soon found ourselves on the bank in a swim reserved for us by Stan, after a few more lessons from Tony in the use of bait drills and chrochet hook, (bait needle) it took me about 45 minutes to get a bite which resulted in a nice 5lb barbel, my first and I was made up and wouldn't care if I never had another  bite, but I did and had another one shortly after, Tony was now sulking , but it all came good in the end as we had 4 each, but mine was the biggest being 7,10, which was 1oz bigger than Tony,s best .
I needed another fix of this so we found ourselves driving over to the Wye again on 10th of November for another crack at the river, after a 4.9 brekkie in the premier inn just north of Gloucester, (that score as they did buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup).
 As there were no other anglers there on the day we had the whole stretch to ourselves, so after getting stuck in the mud up by the old bridge, Tony managed to push us out, we decided on a swim just below where we fished last time, as Stan said the area had been producing a few in recent days, and as the temperature had dropped significantly since our last trip, we heeded his advice, I was a bit more confident about getting sorted and tackling up so we were soon ready and fishing, with large cage feeders with a halibut groundbait with 6mm pellets mixed in and double hair rigged 8,s on the hair.
It was always going to be a struggle due the to cold wind and lower water temperature,s, but it doesn't help when I look around at the wildlife , namely swans and kingfishers both of which came really close today,
I missed a bite which Tony reckoned on being a chub as it was just a bit of a rattle, then Tony connected with a fish that turned out to be a nice chub of over 3lb.
Soon after that I had another bite which thus time I connected with and also had a nice chub of about 3lb.

About 1,30 Tony said we ought to have a move so we upsticks and went about 300 mtrs further down, again its a bit hard with no bites , so at about 3.45 tony says we will give it another 15 minutes then pack up, a few minutes later and my rod goes over and I'm attached to a nice little barbel of about 5 lb, so at least I had one.
 Back out again for "one last  cast ", and the tip soon goes over again, this time it all goes solid mid river in a snag, Tony told me to put the rod in the rest and give it some slack line as this sometimes works with the fish pulling the tackle free from the snag, and luckily it did and I soon had a nice chub in the net, it was a nice fish which Tony weighed, and it went a level 4lb which is 1/2 oz bigger than tonys best, then I get a lesson with scales and ask for a reweigh, never ask for a second go as it now went 3.15, 1/2 oz smaller than Tony,s  best , lesson learnt. I'm sure Tony did a little dance to celebrate.
But at least I did better than him again with 2 chub and a barbel to his single chub, without a doubt we will be back on this lovely river , probably towards the end of the season, unless we get a nice mild spell in the weather.
I have been asked if I am ever going to fish a match, but I'm not sure I couldn't still for that long ,there are a few women in the area who match fish, but I'm still learning to be honest so we  will have to wait and see,
I'm surprised more wives and girlfriends don't have a go, they May be pleasantly surprised.
And of course none of these days o it would be at all possible without the help of our daughter who helps out with the dogs, so lots of love to Lauren rixon x .

Monday, 6 November 2017

Todber manor pairs series rnd 3

Travelled with Ken rayner today and Judith joined us hoping for a better day weather wise than our last visit, stopped at cannards for breakfast and it was ok , a level 4 pointer.
Got to the fishery in plenty of time for the 8.30 draw, I let Judith pull my peg out and ended up on 66, an ok peg but with Andy power on 74 and Andy Lloyd on 75 , which was the end peg , the rest of us would definitely be fishing for third at best, first job was to get judiths,s  chair sorted out , didn't take to long as its nice flat banks all round,

so with the wife happy it was time to sort my kit out., it doesn't take to long to get my swim into the type of order I like, which basically us no order at all.
With the wind blue to get stronger I set up a lead rod to fish banded pellet over to the far side , and a wag for the same area, then two pole rigs, one a banded pellet rig and the other with a normal hook on to fish maggot or corn, primarily on the short line(6mtrs) but also over the 14 mtr line as a change bait.
At the start I fed all lines but started on the wag, ash Tompkins to my right started on the long pole line and caught from the off, to my left Martin Rogers began pretty much the same as me, I had one fish in the first twenty minutes and was already several fish behind ash, so I came back onto the pole at 14 mtrs, feeding 4,s and using a banded 6mm on the hook, I had a few fish, but it was hard with the wind making presentation difficult, so I switched to an 8mm in the band which seemed to help, about halfway through I started feeding 6,s which made it better and I started to claw a few fish back on ash, as expected the Andy and Andy show up at the end were catching well with Mr power catching best on the small pellet feeder, whereas Mr Lloyd was catching on corn on the pole towards the end bank, I caught odd fish up to the end with a couple of better fish up to 9lb,

so by the end I thought I had beaten the three to my left and I thought it was close between me and ash, but Alex Murray the other side of ash had caught quite well on the waggler to the far side.
A quick pack up was needed as we finished at 4 and it was going to get dark pretty quickly, also it rained towards the end, ideal.
As I expected I beat the three to my left ,I weighed 63lb ash just did me with 66lb , Alex had over 80, then the two Andy's had 106 and 114 with Mr Lloyd coming out on top and being top on the day, so 5th in the section wasn't a total disaster and with Ken coming second on his section means we are still in third place one point behind first and behind Andy Lloyd and Alan oram on weight, so all to play for on the last match, weigh sheets below, sorry a bit dark and fuzzy but it was dark, they may be easier to read on Mike Nicholls blog as he uses a proper camera.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Avalon silver's league rnd 4

Stopped off at Landsend fishery for breakfast on the way through, and as is normal very nice it was to.
Got to the fishery in plenty of time for the 8.30 draw. A bit disappointing turnout with only 13 there, a few have jumped ship from this league to fish another, which is a bit wrong in my book to be honest, I think if you commit to a league its only fair on the organiser and the other anglers to see it out, nuff said.
Any way drew peg 16 today which has shown a complete lack of form during this series so far, maybe today would be different.
But it never disappointed and really lived up to expectations, NOT, basically if I managed to avoid the micro roach on the drop it was a bit of a carp fest, my normal caster and groundbait attack never worked today, I ended up with 8.14 which was a bit of a blow out as its a weight series, the main shoal of bream still seem to be ensconced on the second island, with Mark leader on peg 13 coming out a clear winner with 26lb, I don't think its that Peggy but peg 13 is doing its best to prove me wrong as its won 3 out of the 4 rounds so far, send was Rob watts to my right on 15 with a big 17lb then smiling John fuidge on 10 was next with a smaller 17lb, 4th was the old campaigner rich Coles on 32 with 15lb followed by gabe on 9 with 14lb,
Lots of fish caught on soft pellet today, of which I had none, best take some next time then.
Off to todber manor pairs league tomorrow, my turn on ash lake it is then, Judith (my very own draw bag) will be there tomorrow so peg 75 it is then lol.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Viaduct silver's league rnd 3

Another reasonable breakfast at cannards, although the bacon was a tad overcooked,
Got to the fishery in plenty of time , even though the draw was thirty minutes earlier due to the clocks going back.
I fancied either lodge or Cary as I thought the carp in Campbell would still be a problem, I got early into the draw and pulled out 62 on lodge , right lake and possibly a good peg as long as the skimmers are at this end.
For company I had Nick ewers on 61 and Steve denmead on 64, who was the first angler in the next section, signs were good as there appeared to be skimmers rolling around at this end, but they quite often seem to do this on this lake but can be hard to tempt, I set up a couple of rigs for 11 and 14 mtrs and a short caster rig, the match began and I fed the two long lines with groundbait and began short on caster, and as expected some small roach were soon coming to hand, but it was fairly short lived, I went long a bit earlier than I wanted to , to be honest, I had a 6 oz skimmer straight away, but that was it, so onto the longer line to be met with more small roach, I want to say the skimmers arrived and I had a nice match, but it never happened like that, it was a case of swapping round all lines nicking a few roach and a very rare skimmer, all the while Gary o,Shea on 56 was putting fish of all sizes into his net, and to make matters worse Nick was putting a few skimmers in his net, and that was how it continued to the end, I did have a couple of better skimmers on the 14 mtr line, and a bonus 2lb tench, I also lost a good perch down the edge, they can be a pain as they have a nasty habit of dropping off, also carp were a pain, I landed a couple of doubles , one of which broke my net handle. I won't say who had only just given it back to me after repairing it .
Any way I've had a laugh with Nick next to me and in was never in contention for the section , Gary won it with 26lb and Nick was second with 24, Alvin was third with 21 and I was 4th with 15lb, so that will hopefully be my dropper, the match was won by Craig trigger Edmunds on 78 with 32lb , catching mainly on banded 6mm over 4,s , and Vince Brown was second on 77 with 31lb, I didn't get the sheets after the match but no doubt Mike Nicholls will have them on his blog, there were plenty of decent weight today with in think 20 weights over 20lb, all to be seen on the viaduct face book page, two matches again next weekend, Avalon silver's league on Saturday and the todber pairs on Sunday, can't wait, even though its going to be a bit cooler this week.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Todber manor pairs series rnd 2

Travelled with Judith and cosmic Ken rayner today, so we had a stop at cannards for breakfast, and I must say it was very nice (4.65). We got to the fishery in plenty of time for the 8.45 draw, it was my turn for A section which was on home ground lake , first time on this lake for me, Judith was going to draw for me, with peg 90 being the flyer, even fishery owner John candy managed to win the lake off this one last round, I can always rely on Judith, and she only goes and draws it for me, partner Ken was on 40 on hillview, for company I had gabe skarba to my left around the corner of the lake and Nick chedzoy to the right , also around the corner, peg 90 is on the end bank all on its own, so plenty of room. First job was to get the base camp sorted for Judith, but it was hard as the Gale force wind was coming straight at us, meaning she had a good view of the field behind us but nothing of the lake.
Done it as well as I could then set about sorting my peg out, due to the weather I decided to keep it really simple , only two rigs , a .2 for down each side in three feet if water, and a ..6g gram ng float which I had to adapt as the ones I bought from him were crap, I did try and message him three times to discuss it but he never had the decency to reply, so that will be the last time I buy anything from Mr Gilbert.
I was using the same rig to fish at 5 and 11 mtrs in front, there was only.a 4 inch difference between the two lines, I was going to feed 6,s and fish a banded 8 over it. At the start I fed both margins and long lines but started at 5 mtrs, it was slow and it took 10 minutes to get my first bite and fish, soon followed by another, but that was all I had from that line, apart from a short look down the margins , which was never going to happen as it was to rough and cold, the bulk of the tech was spent out at 11 mtrs, there were plenty of fish on that line , but with the Gale blowing straight in any presentation was none existent, foulers were a massive problem, as the fact it began raining hard at times meaning I couldn't see out of my glasses, coupled with the fact the float was constantly trying to hide under my pole tip, but I kept plugging away putting odd stockie carp in the net, by the end I had 45lb on my clicker and actually weighed in 46, so that was good for me, the lake and section was won by Neil Fitzpatrick 4 pegs round to my right with 50lb , on the cage feeder and pellet, so well done to him, the match was won by Craig Edmunds on peg 45 with just over 100lb, I don't have the weigh sheets at the mo but as soon as I do I will put them on here. So I was second on my lake and Ken managed 5th on his, so we are now joint top on points with the two marks, poppleton and wynne,

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Avalon silver's league rnd 3

Travelled with Jason Radford again today for this and we stopped on the way at Landsend fishery for one of di,s lovely breakfasts, which also served to increase the personal ballast as storm Brian was going to be blowing nearly 50mph and I didn't want to get blown in did I !!!!!!!
We got to the fishery and found Brian wasn't going to disappoint and was howling straight up the lake, it was meant to blow slightly off the left hand bank later in the day so a draw on that bank would be advantageous, especially towards the end of the day, Vic Bush wasn't fishing today, and he probably won't be until next May at the earliest as he was on holiday I Greece last week and noticed someone drop a Euro, and in his haste to get it snapped his Achilles tendon, (ouch), so he is house bound with his leg elevated above head whilst laying down, get well soon matey, he had Joe McMahon reserving for him today.
I had last peg in the hat today which turned out to be peg 10, so at least I was on the desired bank, for company I had gabe skarba on peg 9 to my right and Martin McMahon on peg 11, so the three way pound side bet was struck. With it being so windy I set up an open feeder to fish towards the island if necessary, and two 1gram pole rigs, one double bulked with a 16 hook, and the other conventionally rig  with a bulk and three droplets and an 18 hook, I have switched hook patterns from my favoured 6313 muddy hooks to the guru f1 maggot hooks, although not as strong as the middy pattern, more more than a match for most silver scenarios.
With it being so rough I decided to fish 5 and 9 mtrs, and adjusting the rig by about a floats length to fish the left hand side at the bottom of the near side shelf.
At the start I cupped in two balls of groundbait on both the 5 and 9 mtr lines, and one ball down the edge , I then chucked the feeder out, that last all of 15 minutes, and I think gabe and Martin gave it even less time than that, so I picked up the 18 hook pole rig and went out in front at 5 mtrs, Martin to my.left had gone down his edge and had a small fish, I went out and had a 12 oz skimmer and gabe was yet to get off the mark, but I couldn't beget a bite then, so I went out to 9 mtrs and with the wind blowing the rig through to fast I couldn't get a bite there either, Martin had a few small skimmers down his edge , so I followed suite, and had a few small skimmers and roach, so at least I was putting something in the net, then I fell behind very quickly with Martin getting a good perch and a tench from his edge and gabe had two skimmers, then I had a good skimmer down my margin, but gabe added a couple more, so at this stage my squids were looking dodgy, but these affairs are never a Sprint, more like a steady marathon, and slowly I started to claw my way back then overtake my neighbours, catching on double maggot fished about a floats length overdepth , so by the end I new I had beaten them both, Gabe was first to weigh and recorded 17lb , my fish went over 27lb.
Then Martin's went 18lb, so the squids were safe, second on the day went to no3 McMahon on the end peg on the far bank with just short of 22lb, (how many is that on the trot now Joe). Considering how bad the weather was it fished quite well, with fish being caught all round, its a good venue for a silver's league as it is impossible to predict where the winner will come from, probably due the fact its the same depth all over in every swim. Weigh sheet below.

Off to todber manor tomorrow for the second round of the pairs league with Ken rayner, and Judith is coming along so more pictures courtesy of her . The forecast is for a little less wind so hopefully some better tackle control will ensue, my turn on homeground lake which I have never been on before, as the wind is westerly tomorrow I hope Judith draws me a peg with a bit of shelter.