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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Landsend league, round 3

I must admit its a good job they have opened the cafe at the fishery as I drove past lillypool at 7.45 and it was still shut, I think they are missing a trick there !!!!!!.
I must say Diane has got a nice breakfast sorted out, quick tasty and hot, job done.
My turn on match lake today , so into the relevant draw bucket and I pull out peg 24, another corner , but with some resident fish always on the end bank in was confident of a few, but on my recent form nothing was guaranteed.
For company I had organiser Ken ranger on 22 and Dave hodgson opposite on 1.
All a bit muddy and the Brolly was up solely to keep my stuff dry, but unbelievably it never rained , well not enough to threaten anything.
Rigs today were a meat rig to fish 13 and 14 mtrs out slightly to my left and on the end of the trees in front , also at 14 mtrs, a hard pellet rig for slightly up the end bank shelf at 13 mtrs in about 3 foot of water, a caster rig for 5 5mtrs, and I did make up another caster rig to fish to empty peg 23,
At the start I fed very carefully, meat on the three long lines, a few pellets along the end bank, fired a few casters to the empty pallet to my leg left, then picked up the 5 mtr caster rig,
That never went to plan, it took me 25 mins to get a bite, which was a small roach, soon followed by several more, Ken had a carp on pellet across by the island, but Dave was still fish less by now, I then lost a good skimmer at the net, it was one of those which comes off just out of range of the net, then just lays on the top for what seems like ages before swimming off, probably chuckling to itself.
That line went quiet , so I tried the meat lines, I had a go at 13 and 14 mtrs but never had a bite, so in tried the 14 mtrs line by the trees and lost a fouler, then nothing else, so I had a go on the pellet line against the end bank, that also was a none starter, here we go again then as Dave opposite was beginning to get a few, so the quid was looking dodgy. I went back out on the 13 mtr meat line and had a carp, but no more bites on that line, Ken was also struggling after his lone early carp, then he went down to the empty swim between us on PRAWN, and bigger me if he didn't get a 3lb bream, so I had a look down there and had a 8oz perch on caster, and a few sensible roach, Dave on 1 was still putting fish in his net and offering me lessons if I felt the need, but the last 2 hours came good for me, I had two more carp on meat one at 14 mtrs out to the left and one by the trees at 14 mtrs, I also had two big skimmers down by 23 pallet , and rounded off the match by having 7 more carp down along the end bank on banded 6mm over a few 4,s, and it was enough to win the section with 56lb, in front of Dale housen on peg 5 with 45lb which included top silver's weight on the day with 18lb of f1,s and skimmers, just beating Ken next to me who had a late run of skimmers  for 17lb , he did lose two late bream which cost him on the day. Top weight today went to inform Adrian Jeffery on peg 16 with 110.12 , catching on meat out in front to begin with then down his edge
2nd was trig Edmunds on 51 with 103.14 also on meat
3rd Andy hembrow on 13 with100.14 also on meat
4th Mark poppleton on 31 with 72.8
5th Nick merry on 33 with 68.9
6th me 56.8
Adrian with part of his catch, well done to him

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thursday knockup Landsend fishery and still torrid

Well not to much to write about really , only 7 fishing so very disappointing really, had a new by today in the shape of Stuart woods who is having a bit of time off from his sea fishing, it was good to see him. I must say the breakfast cooked by Diane and her accomplices is very nice to, lillypool is fast becoming a memory.
Nearly had the last ticket as Mike duckett drew for me and he handed me 13, nice corner peg out the way of the wind and a in form peg, Alan oram won off it last Saturday, and even Mike Jones nearly won off it, so what could go wrong, everything !!!!,
I ended with 6 carp for 30lb and 2lb of silver's, which was 2 perch and a hybrid, nuff said , I had to watch Adrian Jeffery opposite getting a couple more carp than me and some descent perch down his edge on PRAWNS, I ask you what's all that about lol.

Top  picture is Adrian unhooking a near double at the end of the match, and a view of my flyer before the start.
The following pics are Alan oram with a few fish from his winning net of 61lb and Andy Gard with the top silver's weight on the day,which was 25lb of skimmers and perch

Alan was on 18 and caught all on meat fished in various parts of his peg, Andy had his silver's on maggot down the edge on peg 6, Adrian was second with 51lb  and I was 3rd with 32, Vince Brown came in 4th with 31lb.
I did catch an old friend today in the shape of this orange carp, I reckon I have had it 10 times over the year's, not only is it orange but its got a split dorsal making it recognisable.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Round 2, viaduct winter league

After a passable breakfast at cannards well for breakfast it was off to the fishery , I did the team draw again as none of my mates don't seem to want the responsibility for that one, I pulled out sequence 4, which put Ron hardiman on 113 , Clint wojtyla on 79, Clayton Hudson on 73, we on 43 and Tim Clark on 5, all reasonable pegs apart from clients, although its in the widest part of Cary it can be a toughy.
Back to my swim, and its one of my preferred draws on the lake as it can be a nice wag peg , but with a strong wind coming roof my right shoulder it would make the wag travel along the front of the island, and these carp and f1,s don't really like chasing a bait, but in set it up anyway, also a light lead rod to attack the island, a couple of pole rigs, both .2 drennan as5 patterns , one for caster over groundbait at 13 mtrs and the other for meat over meat at 16 mtrs, for company I had fellow blogger Dom Sullivan on 44 and occasional angler mat Parsons on 42, a quid side bet was struck Dom , then we were off, I cupped in 5 caster infused balls at 13 mtrs and a bit of meat at 16 mtrs, I then picked up the wag rod and managed to snap the main line at the reel as I picked it up as it was stuck around a dead reed stem, that was good then !!!!!. So I chucked the lead out which fell woefully short of the island while I reassembled the wag, it didn't take long, I thought I would try another go on the lead, so threw it again , thus time landing much closer to the island. Both mat and Dom had been on the tip all this time but apart from a coupe of small fish they were struggling, the other side of the lake seemed to fairing better , with the 4 anglers on the corresponding swims on the other side were all catching, I picked up and tried to wind the lead in , but I was attached to some heavy line which was secured to trees each side of my island Chuck , meaning I couldn't throw tight, so I had to go slightly to my right to avoid it, this was definitely a match of two halves for us on our bank, with the first half being a non event then the last half the fish did a bit of a turning up act, mat on my right started catching a few sensible skimmers and Dom on my left had a couple of good f1,s on the tip, then I had three quickest f1,s on the wag, and Jason Radford up on the top bank was beginning to catch on the popped up bread, Chris Davis on 25 was also catching now , on meat but feeding with a catty, both myself and Dom also started to get odd f1,s on the pole and meat, but we were going to be to little to late as we were always behind the pegs opposite and the rest of our section on spring lake, at the weigh in I was happy to put 32.6 on the scales but that only gave me  9 out of 19, which I'd a bit disappointing to be fair, I had the best weight on the 4 pegs on my side as mat had 16lb, Dom had 25 and Chris had 29lb, we were beaten by the pegs opposite and  some of the ones on spring and middle with Adam Mitchell of frenzee swimming orange on peg 26 winning the section with 82lb dobbing bread down the edge, 
1st on the day went to rich lacey on peg 66 with 129.14, catching on dobbed mother's pride down his edge without feeding a thing.
2nd went to in form and guru New signing Ben hagg on 112 with 113.4
3rd Dan white on 110 with 95.11
4th Gordon canning on 128 with 94.5
5th Adam Mitchell on 26 with 82.9
6th Fred.Roberts  on 56 with 77.2
That man des shipp
 on not really fancied 61 on lodge with 35.12 of mainly skimmers 
and hybrids on caster at 10 mtrs 
2nd mikey on 37 with 26.13
Match at Landsend on Thursday, so if you dancing ring me or txt me on 07974807941 to book in

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Windmill Thursday silver's league

A full house of 20 turned up again for this popular series run by the legendary Ray bazeley, we were greeted by a bit of a frost which was bad enough to freeze the puddles on the way in to the lakes , but the lake was ice free, and with a bit more colour in than last time I thought it may fish a bit better. I was in D section for this round which is pegs 24 to 28, end peg 28 would have been nice , but I had to make do with 25, which was the section winning peg from the last round with 5lb.
For company I had Lee Waller on 26 and Mike laird on 24,
Only 2 rigs put up today, a 1g drennan as5 for 9 mtrs at 11 and 1o'clock angles , both groundbait lines , but micros in the feed to the left and casters to the left, a big fish rig but with it being 10ft deep and with a stiff breeze I felt it was right, to be honest a bigger rig wouldn't have made much difference, then I set up a .3g as5 for caster short down to my left about a mtr off a dead reed bed in 4 ft of water.
At the start I fed a bit positive, 3 balls with caster in to the right and 2 balls with micros to the left on the 9mtr lines then started on the short line, it started better than the last round as I was catching small roach immediately, with single caster on the hook.
That lasted about 45 minutes before it showed signs of slowing, but I had enjoyed a nice start with plenty of small roach , but only one net fish of about 6oz. So it was out onto the longer lines where the small roach were obliging along with tiny skimmers, which seemed to prefer the micro line , my match went quite well really as I was getting bites from small fish off both long lines, I managed a small tench over the caster line at 9mtrs and a crucian over the pellet line, in fact it was a bite a church, I also had a nice hybrid another tench and a crucian on the short line , but towards the end of the match carp became a problem on that line , and I landed a few up to 10lb, I wasn't to sure as to what I had by the end , but I was more than happy to plonk 14lb on the scales, which won the section and was top weight on the day.
2nd on the day went to Mike Nicholls on end peg 9 with 12.2 of roach
3rd Dave wride on peg 8 with 8.8, (all the 8,s)
4th Paul barnfield on 7 with 7lb
5th Steve Dawson on 4 with 6.15
6 Mike Jones on 3 with 6.2
I thought I may start a bit of a collection for Mike as he obviously fell on hard times and is struggling to afford a hair cut judging by the picture below,
Proper bad hair day that is LOL
Off to Landsend fishery next Thursday , so give me a ring or text me on 07974807941 if you want to book in

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday costcutter acorn

After last weeks 4 pegger I was hoping for a few more this week, yes we did get a FEW more, 3 to be precise, so we had a 7 pegger it was then. I don't think the gales and non stop heavy rain was going to encourage people to turn up.
Dave wride did the pegging and never put a bridge peg in, God knows what Mike Chapman was going to do. If I had to choose a swim I would have gone for 5, with the direction of the wind it would have been easy to turn your box around and fish with the wind at your bank, and with no one on the end bank it was always going to be the favourite, the small draw got underway and 5 came out early, stuck to the Palm of John "Turkey" Thompson, who was more than happy as he reckoned the angler on it at the weekend had rested it . I promise not to mention John baker was on it, Turkey's neighbour no less.
Turkey getting his kit ready, first first thing out was the feeder rod.
My peg for the day was peg 2, not upset really , although the far bank or any line past the middle wasn't going to happen due to the Gale that was blowing right to left.
Got the drennan acolyte carp pole out today as anything up to 14 mtrs is easy with this pole, only 2 took its came out, both with solid 8 elastic in, on one top I put on a .5g drennan AS5 float for 5 5mtrs in front and 9 mtrs to my left with the wind, and the other top had a .3g AS5, for the empty pallets each side, which I fully expected to catch by.
To begin with I fed all lines with a few micros and maggots, and began at 5mtrs, it took about 15 mins to hook a carp, and a three pound ghostie was soon in the net, trouble was the Turks had caught a couple of decent fish on the lead with bread.
The first half of my match wasn't to bad I probably had about 10 or 11 carp and f1 mix and a nice perch of about 1 1/2 lb, then for 90 minutes I could gat a bite anywhere, margins , 9 mtrs or the 5 mtr line , out of desperation I tried across battling the wind, but that was fruitless aswell, the float was ripping through to fast.
An hour from the end I went down the edge on single maggot , and bigger me if the float didn't go under, with a proper lump on the end I took my time and safely netted a 10lb plus common, bead handy, back in and another carp on, unfortunately fouled and it came off, then I had another fish from there about 15 mins from the end, I reckoned I had 40 lb but Turkey probably had 60 plus, as for anyone else I never had a clue as I had my hood up and apart from Turkey I couldn't see anyone else, luckily I just about had enough for second with 43lb as expected Turkey had 65lb and Dave wride had just under 42 on peg 31.
Well it did rain all day, my goretex bib and brace is now no longer waterproof, I may send it back to halkon hunt as I have only had it 3 years, it should last longer than that. How did we manage without Eva bags, all my bits and bait nice and dry, mosella do a nice size trolley bag which is more than big enough, and I also got a drennan one aswell which is a bit of a system one as its got three groundbait bowls inside , dead handy, neither of each is overly expensive, its just nice to have your kit nice and dry, as long as you remember to zip the top up LOL

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Landsend winter league, round 2

Luckily Mike and Diane opened there new fishery cafe today, especially as we drove past lillypool at 7.20 and it was still shut.
Verdict on the Landsend breakfast, very good , can't wait for the next one.
In the Carpark waiting for the draw I came across one of our regulars, Pete nurse doing his Indiana Jones impression, as pictured, probably the smartest person on the fishery.
My turn on the speci lake today and I fancied any of the pegs between 31 and 34, I got my wish and pulled out 34, as anyone will tell you who knows the fishery will tell you its a banker peg for a good day, hmmm.
Also I had drawn Mark "the big bopper" poppleton in the knockout, and with him drawing 62 on lake 3 I really fancied beating him. On my lake I had the ever genial Nick sewers on 33 and the even more genial Adrian Jeffery on peg 36. Being an out and out carp peg my day was going to be based around pellets, hard and soft, soft over micros at 13 mtrs on 2 lines and hard 6,s over 4,s up and down the far bank shelf, I drew this peg in last year's league and had 150lb so I was confident of a few, possibly to confident, I began on the soft pellet lines but 30 mins in and only a coupling roach to show for my efforts, it was off to the bottom of the island shelf, that was no better , with not even liners, by now Nick to my left had caught a couple of carp along his end bank margin swim, and opposite on 32 the plump ginger ninja, Andy hembrow was also catching. My peg never switched on at all, I ended the match with 6 carp and a few silver's for 43lb, but I had a serious case of neck ache as Nick caught steadily all match on a variety of baits from nearly all lines in his swim, the picture shows him netting another one.

He won on the day with 122lb, I ended up 4th in the section, so that will definitely be a dropper then,
I am having a bit of a torrid just lately, I can't remember when I had a run as bad as this, but I will keep going and things will change, just in case things don't change , trigger has booked me in for some lessons as he has a few spare dates in March , yea right LOL. Weigh sheets below .

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Landsend fishery, Thursday open

After an aborted breakfast stop at lillypool !!!!!!! It was off to the fishery for the draw, luckily Mike and Diane will have the fishery cafe open for this weekend , but they need a rough number of people who may want feeding on Sunday morning, so if you can txt or ring Mike on 07977545882 to let them know.
Back to the match and I let Mike draw my ticket out last and up ended up on peg 1, Bob gullick won off last Saturday on a low weight match , so hopefully today would be similar, the lake was still partly frozen, well to be honest ever one else's peg was frozen apart from mine, so I did my bit and broke 4 other anglers swims out (cos I'm kind like that) then rescued sheps top 4 after he pulled it off trying to shift ice about, so a bit short on time setting up, so a caster rig for several parts of the swim and a hard pellet rig for along the left hand margin.

View of my normal tidy swim.
I wasn't ready by the start but I was only a couple of minutes behind, I fed pellets up the edge and put some caster under the tree to my right, I couldn't feed anywhere else as the wind had picked up and a big sheet of icewas slowly moving towards me
I began under the tree with single maggot, I had my first bite after about 15 minutes which resulted in a 4 oz perch, next bite a few minutes later had me attached to a carp which broke my .10 line after a couple of minutes, so a change up to .12 was done , another perch was soon netted followed by a nice little common.
Apart from another perch later in the match, that was my lot from that part of the swim, my match was pretty uneventful, I did get three carp on banded 6 mm up the edge and one on maggot. I had a good skimmer and some perch at 13 mtrs on caster but bites were at a bit of a premium, at least we weren't all sat around a lake all throwing a straight lead into a hole with all the other anglers, so I ended up with 5 carp and a few silver's , normally that would be there or there abouts on this lake , but the carp I had were the smaller swim residents, not the stamp 5/6lb fish but the 3/4lb fish which always live in these corner pegs, the odd bigger carp were caught the other side at the far end, Adrian Jeffery had 4 carp and 6lb of silver's of peg 17 to win on the day with 32.7.
Mike Jones on peg 13 was second with 32.5
3rd went to Mike's younger twin, Nick Jones on 15 with 29.11
4th Alan oram on 7 with 26.5, which included top silver weight on the day of 16.15 of skimmers and f1,s
5th was me with 25.15
6th Vince Brown on 21 with 13.15
Only 11 fished but considering the weather its to be expected really. So dont forget to ring or txt Mike to let him know about food on Sunday