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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Weds landsend

Can't be to enthusiastic about this blog as only 6 of us fished, it was more like a pleasure session with an edge, oh well small entry Wednesday matches won't be a worry for me come the new year as I will be working weds , with tues and Thursday off to begin with, cost cutters for me then, and a chance of ten quid pick up and a bonus lucky bag on some venues, but then again it's not all about the money is it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to landsend and last ticket for me , peg 11 nice , right out of the wind, to be fair we put three on each bank at the top end just so we all had some shelter from the gale that was blowing, the only downshot to the day was that I had to sit and look at fabios cheery face all day, did I really say cheery.
The fishing to say was ok , I had one carp of about 7lb straight away over to the weedbeds just off the island , then I lost a fouler and apart from waspy perch that was it from that area, the 9 mtr caster line was ok with plenty of roach and sensible size perch, I also had a good skimmer and big IDE from here towards the end , also I had two good skimmers on corn over micros at 14 mtrs towards the aerator, I also hooked a carp there aswell which I nearly netted before it came adrift, I would like to say the hook pulled or it broke me , but no I had the dreaded curly line syndrome, bad knot then.
First on the day was Ron hardiman on peg 7 with 32lb of silvers and one near ten pound carp ending with 42lb , fabio was second with 37lb which was mainly 8smallish carp, which tend to sometimes inhabit these corner end pegs, I was third with 29lb, which was 19lb of silvers and two carp, one of which was a squeaker taken towards the end on caster,
Off to todber for the final round of that series and it has been a bit of a disappointment this year as it hasn't fished at all well, with a distinct lack of f1,s which can be a nuisance here, seems as though something has happened ,
Still a few spaces for Sundays match at landsend so book in with me or at the fishery if you want to fish.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Final round , viaduct silvers league

This was a match I needed to get a section win in, as it would mean that I was ending on 5 points and unable to be caught by the chasing pack, lead by the very capable Gary o'shea, a section second would do providing Gary had a bit of a blowout,
So into the draw tin and out comes 121, bugger, it's up on the top bank of cambell all on my own, it's been a bad peg peg right through the series, I would have been happier about three or four pegs to my right in the mid 120's, as the needed skimmers tend to hang,
Getting to the swim I was less than happy to find the strong breeze blowing straight at me, in for a cold day then. With it being on the end of the lake it ruled out the wag as it would mean casting past the anglers on the side banks, plus there were loads of carp on the long line and I couldn't have fed more than about 11 mtrs with caster due to the wind, so it was three pole rigs then , a .5g rig for 11&14 mtrs, a .3g for 5 mtrs and 11 mtrs to the left at about 10 o,clock angle and 4x12 for caster down the margins as the peg can throw up some decent perch, at the start I decided to give it some as nothing had worked for the anglers in previous rounds, so put in 3good balls at 11 mtrs and four at 14, fed casters at 5 and 11mtrs to the left and each margin, and I would like to report that it all went to plan, but no, I had no bites n the first 45 mins at 5 mtrs, so I went out to 11 mtrs and had my first bite just over an hour in, and that was a carp, 20 mins later I had my second bite, a plippy roach, GREAT,
Out to 14 mtrs and it wasn't to much better, with the wind blowing straight it, presentation was crap with the rig constantly blowing in and under the pole tip, if I let it happen I could get the rig to blow in and end up at my feet in about 3 minutes, the wind did stop for about 15 minutes at one stage and I did get some more small roach and I pulled out of a decent fish which felt like a perch,then the wind picked up and finished that off, the 11 mtr angled caster one gave me one good perch of about 2lb, but some carp turned up there and became a nuisance , I landed three and lost the same, I need up with 3lb 3oz for jnt 4in the section, meaning that if Gary won his section he would win with six points leaving me with 7 and hopefully 2nd or 3rd depending on a weight count back .
It was a hard day with most struggling and some even blanking,
1st on the day went to dan squires on 59 lodge with 16.14 of wag caught skimmers and roach, mainly on maggot
2nd Sam Powell on 64 lodge which is the monk peg with 16lb
3rd Paul faieres on 97 with 13 lb
4th Craig Edmunds on 126 with 12.14
5th Gary o'shea on 111 with 12.13
6th Paul greenwood on 56 with 12.8
Gary o,Shea, 6pts
Tony Rixon 7pts     144.14
Dan squire 7pts.   116.1
Craig Edmunds 8pts dropping 4
Bob gullick 8pts dropping 5
Paul elmes 9pts dropping 3
Gary webber and travelling partner Sam Powell 9pts but both dropping 4,s
Next Sunday the gimp is running an open on landsend fishery 9am draw, to book in ring mike at the fishery on 07977545882, or ring me on 07974807941

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wes silver match, viaduct, Cary lake

There were 8 names for today which is still crap numbers , oh well when I start work in veals on the second of jean that will all change as I will be working Wednesdays so it will be costcutter on a tues or weds, not ideal if you are looking to cover costs but at least they are 30 peggers in the summer and normally 15 plus in the winter, oh well.
Back to today and with a weather bomb forecast I fancied a peg with the wind off my back, 77/78/81 but it wasn't to be as I pulled 100 , at least it was the end peg on this bank, for company I was next to mr Preston southwest mark harper on 98, the peg has had a bit of waggler form lately so I set a 3aaa affair up to fish caster at about 20 mtrs, one pole rig , a .4g rig for the pole at 11 and 14 mtrs, weather bomb permitting, I never set up a light rig which possibly turned out to be a mistake, at the start after feeding 3 balls of groundbait on both pole lines and loose feeding some casters at 5 mtrs I began on the wag with caster, but after 40 mins small roach were being a nuisance, and it seemed the same problem for everyone on the wag, Gary webber over on 78 was on the feeder and had taken a good skimmer and a perch, I went onto the 11 mtr line and the roach were still present there aswell, I gave that an hour but only roach graced the net, plenty of bites but not the required skimmers that are needed to win, out on the 14 mtr line it was the same, 2 1/2 hours in and going nowhere I decided on do or die, so I put in two big balls in at 11 mtrs and 4 proper cup fillers at 14. I gave it 15 mins to settle and had a go at 5 mtrs , a few roach and perch later I went back out to 11 mtrs, after a couple of roach (urgh) I had a pound plus skimmer , I expected a couple more off that line but it was back to roach, and not another skimmer from there for the rest of the match, even though I did give it regular goes, I went out to 14 mtrs and never had a roach bite , which i liked , and I was soon netting a skimmer, I had three on the bounce, to which mark observed that it must be solid, as normal this was the kiss of death, I lost one and it went quiet, so I cupped in anothe ball and had some more skimmers , but an hour from the end my swim totally dried, only the very occasional roach obliged, whereas mark had a reasonable last hour netting 5 good skimmers on a very light rig just dropping it through the groundbait line, I should have set one up but for most of the match I was glad I never as the roach would have loved it, but it may have cost me , but then again the four skimmers I pulled out of  were more to blame , first n the day was mark on 98 with 25lb, I was second with 21lb , Gary webber on 78 had 18lb, andy power on 96 had 15lb followed steve kedge on 87 with 14lb,
Back down to viaduct for the last round of the silvers league , I need a section win really so a good draw is necessary , same peg would peg nice lol, please.
Next weds back down to landsend for a match so let me know if you are interested .

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Landsend winter league round 1

36 fishing this league with 12 on each lake , the first match s a random draw , then you rotate round the other two lakes then back to a random draw to repeat the process with hopefully some different anglers in the section for the last three matches.
Into the draw tin nice and early when all the good pegs are in there, trouble is all the bad ones are in there aswell, and I got a bad one in the shape of 39 on the speci lake, the other end is normally always the favoured place to be , but you never know, (I did really), I,m not going to bore you with the details of a bad day, enough to say that I never had a bite on the normal carp baits in the way of meat , soft pellet and banded pellet, I had to fish single caster along the far bank cover picking up odd perch and a couple of chub, for a bad day and not the start I needed for this league, I did get one carp at the start but at 2lb 13oz it was probably the smallest carp in the lake , and I hooked that in the wing, I did lose a big carp towards the end but my .10 hook link was never going to be up to it.
I ended up with just over 10lb for 4th in the section, so that will hopefully be my dropper, but it's a hard section with some good anglers in it, so the draw is going to be all important, the full results will be on ken rayners blog, but our lake was won by dan white on 31 with 90lb ish second was Adrian Clark on 34 with 70lb, third was Kendra Rayner n 32 with 65lb and nick duckett on 33 with 35lb, so we were definitely at the wrong end,
Off to viaduct on Wednesday for a silvers match, hopefully it will be on Cary or lodge so it will be good practice for the weekends last silvers league match.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wes open, landsend , lake three .

12 fished today which is a nice number on any of these lakes at this popular Somerset venue, we were  met by quite a hard frost this morning and with a strong northerly wind blowing it was going to be a chilly day for some, especially those on the south bank, Ron hardiman and me argued about who was going to have the last ticket , I let him have that ne and was glad I did as he ended up on 51 whilst I opened 41 which is in the first corner of the lake, unfortunately it was probably the coldest peg on the lake with the freezing wind blowing into me, and it turned not the coldest day I have had to endure so far this winter, I was next to. The gimp on 42 and opposite on the Majorca was bob(super G) gullet on 70 and rod the re-invented silver ace rod wootten on 68. I set a caster rig to use at 6 mtrs and out by the aerator with an 18 6313 on .12 , a meat rig rig for the right hand margin and a depth pellet rig for 14 mtrs just off the spit sticking out from the end bank.
After feeding all lines  I went out onto the caster rig at 6 mtrs, and never had a bite for a while ,which us unusual in this swim as small roach can be a proper pain normally, by now the midsomer norton superstar was getting odd small carp and bits on soft pellet against the far bank, but his fish were on the small side which is normal in that swim, it seems to be a nursery swim. Rod had begun n meat and was catching small skimmers on it, and the gimp was biteless, I started catching small roach after about 15 mins then I had a 4lb carp, then back to the roach again, at the end of the first hour I had another carp off this line in the shape of an 8lb common, and that really signalled the end for bites off that line, so I went out and tried the hard pellet line at 14 mtrs, first put in I had a 6oz roach but that was it, I never had another bite on that line till about 15 mins from the end and that was from a 4 pounder (carp not roach). The swim never got going , I. Did get another carp on caster out by the aerator, and 5 on meat down the edge, losing one down there aswell, the other end and the other bank, seemed to be the place to draw as I could here splashing and see Kendra Rayner up on 55 netting regularly, whereas the anglers on my bank up to the left were left struggling, it seemed the swims without the wind chilling the surface were the place to be , with mark poppleton up on 58 coming out on top with 69.15, mainly caught on soft pellet over micros, I think the peg may have been solid as he left his bait dangling in the edge whilst he was doing something, when he picked up his topkit to ship out there was a carp hanging on the end !!!!!!!
2nd ken(Kendra) Rayner opposite the winner on 55 had 65.15, catching the same way as the winner, but he never managed to snare a freeby on his topkit
3rd rod wootten on 68 with 55.13 and he had top silvers weight with 13.11 of f1,s and small skimmers on his favoured banded hard pellet
4th steve tucker on 62 with 55lb
5th Adrian Clark on 66 with 51.14
6th me with 44.01
The lake fished better than expected with the cold bright weather , but the fish certainly seemed to favour the more sheltered swims, the average weight was over 40lb even with bob gullick trying to reduce the average with a paltry 20lb, no doubt the super G will be back after his face book sympathisers get on the case LOL, (it's only banter)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tuesday, costcutter, acorn fishery

It's probably been about 18 months since I last visited this fishery, so I was quite looking forward to today, the only downside was the weather, although dry we were going to get a strong northerly wind, so a nice draw with the wind from behind would be nice, after a couple of bev,s tasty bacon and egg sarnies made with Charlie Barnes,s bacon and or was time for the draw, into the bag bag and out comes peg 6, nice ,a bridge in front and wind off my back, NICE.
Only three rigs today , one for caster at 5mtrs, .4g. Another .4g for against the bridge and a 4x12 for slightly off the island shelf and down the edge, not to much to report on that rig as all I had was a perch over by the island and not a bite down the edge, so no more of that then, to cut a long story short I had three carp and a few bits at 5 mtrs, 5 over by the bridge and I started a new line at 13 mtrs to my left and had 2 there, all the fish being caught on double maggot over potted maggot and a mix of micros and 4,s. Ending up with 35.01for 2nd, being beaten by mike Owens on 21 with 39.10
3rd nick green on 31 with 30.5
4th andy gard on 22 with 22.08
Off to landsend tomorrow, which may be quite hard as there looks as though we are going to get a frost tonight and a clear cold say tomorrow , but you never know !!!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Viaduct silvers league , penultimate round

After a nice brekkie in canards it was off to the fishery for the draw, nice and early into the tin and out comes 77 on Cary, a nice draw and a good section peg which is all I needed really as it's the section points I needed to stay on top. For company I had Nigel Bartlett on 76 and andy cotterell, on 78,
I set up my normal silvers rigs, a 4x12 to hand on a topkit and a .4g for on the long pole at 11 & 14 mtrs over groundbait, at the start I cupped in 3 balls at 11mtrs and 4 at 14 mtrs then began on my topkit to hand rig, it took 15 mins to get a bite which resulted in a 3 oz roach , the next fish was a 1 1/2 lb perch fairly Hooked in the dorsal fin. Then disaster as I lost two more big perch both fairly hooked , but they just farm off, on another day you land every one, then others you can lose loads, and today I think it was just one of those things, I just hoped it wouldn't cost me . I gave the short line  45 mins then went out onto the 11 mtr line, a few small roach was all I could muster on that , so it was out onto the 14 mtr line , that was a bit better as I had a few skimmers , not the normal 2 to 3lb fish but 12oz to 1 1/2, but as no one was catching much of anything I wasn't going to complain, the match was hard for the whole duration to be honest , the forecasted cloudy skies never materialised and with the flat conditions the bigger skimmers never really wanted to feed , by feeding the two long lines quite regularly and swapping between the two lines I kept putting odd smallish skimmers in the net, by the end I reckoned I had between 18 and 20lb, the only other threat in the section was from nick Ewers on 74 who was admitting to 12lb but I didn't believe him as he has always struggled to lie straight in bed, and I was right to not believe him as he put 17.01 on the scales but luckily my net went 18.06 for the required section win, it was a hard match all over and it ended up being a very close affair with Paul elmes on peg 70 coming out the winner with 20.13
2nd Phil cardwell on 68 with 20.7
3rd Gary oshea on 115 with 20.6
4th steve kedge on 97 with 19.10
5th steve tucker on 86 with 18.12
6th me with 18.6
Off to landsend on Wednesday of a match it's a 9am draw if anyone fancies it, either ring me or mike on 07977545882 to book in