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Monday, 28 September 2015

Two for the price of one

fished two matches this week, Avalon on Sunday then the over 50,s silvers only at the sedges on Monday.
Sunday firstly and it's a little bit disappointing that I could only get 11 to fish this one , especially when it fishing so well for carp and silvers , and it's about as fair a venue as you can get ,as it seems there are plenty of skimmers and bream up to 4lb seemingly in ever peg , plus there is a myriad of small fish to be caught on a topkit to hand, back to the match and I ended up on 35 which is just past the end of the second island , I could cast. Swag back at the island so the shallow wag was put up, then two long pole rigs for pellet , one on the deck and one shallow, and a silvers rig for 5 Mars for worm over ground bait with chopped worm and caster, I had an enjoyable day really , I think I may have caught well on the shallow wag out by the island but due to a nasty underwater snag which kept slicing my hook lengths I shelved that one , but I did get a couple , I also had a few carp on the deep pellet rig , but I kept coming back over the silvers line taking good skimmers , so by the end I thought I had 35lb of silvers and 45lb of carp, I actually had 39lb of silvers and 52lb of carp for 91lb in all,
The weights were good with 164.14 being top weight off peg 24, Dave downton
2nd 119.12 off peg 42 Paul elmes
3rd 97.10 peg 37, steve seager
4th 92.11 on peg 30, Jason radford
5th 91lb on peg 35 tony rixon
6th 89.15 on peg 38 Mike west
39lb peg 35, tony rixon
34.13 peg 28 stuart graham
Monday over 50,s sedges brick lake.
25 turned up for this one today which is an excellent turnout really, even if we were all oldies,lol.
With that many fishing it meant we were going to be on brick with an overflow onto tile, everyone felt a draw on brick would be needed to win today as the skimmers are a much bigger stamp on that lake, so I go and draw 33 on tile lake , not ideal really, for company I had Phil clapp on 32 and mark , I can't read his surname sorry , on 34 , but I will say his wife makes lovely cakes which we had after the match with the usual complimentary tea and coffee supplied by Denise, I also had steve(scud) Jefferies behind me on 6 , who wanted a quid side bet seeing he was sat on a flier, only two rigs today, one to fish caster and the other with a bigger hook to fish worm, at the start I cupped in two balls at 6 Mars and three at 13 , all laced with caster and chopped worm, with skimmers and perhaps a tench and some eels in mind, well to say it was difficult was an understatement , odd bites was all you could get, with the caster rig being the most productive, small 2to 4oz skimmers being the only fish that seemed to want to feed , even those were proving difficult to trap, I kept topping up with balls of g bait bpduring the match, but it didn't seem to help or hinder, no one was emptying it , mark on my left had decided to fish the whip shallow and caught small fish the whole match, and Phil on my right was making his chopped worm and caster work to fashion , taking slightly better skimmers than me , but he did have a bit of carp trouble, I just kept plugging away putting small skimmers in the net with the odd better one to 12 oz, 10 mins from the no I was adrift of the anglers each side of me with Phil talking about chip shop sausages and being battered all round, but then I had 3 skimmers in the last ten mins that would probably go 3 1/2 pounds between them, making it close with the anglers each side, but the lakes had fished hard and Pete ? Won on peg 5 with 19.2
2nd was mark to my left with 16.4
3rd was me with 15.14 with the help of those three late skimmers
4th Phil Coupar on 9 with 15.6
5th Phil clapp on 32 with 15lb
6th Bob c n 15 with 13.4.
Ans what of steve Jefferies, well nuff said on that one , his 8.11 meant I was going large on the way home , thanks steve.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday costcutter, harescombe

back to Gloucester today to harescombe fishery , I still can't believe it shaken me this long to to start fishing it as its a really nice fishery , with plenty of bites, also the onsite cafe isn't  to bad. I travelled up with Mike Nichols again and I find it strange that more people don't fish it , only 10 today and half of those were from Bristol, plenty of room for us all today then , into the draw bag and out comes peg 9, it doesn't mean to much to me as apart from the end pegs they are all the same , 13 mtrs ish wide, 5 foot in the middle and 2 foot against the boards on the island, only three rigs today , a shallow rig , one for down the track at about five mtrs on the deck, and another to fish against the boards and down the margin, bait today was 4 mm hard pellets to feed and 6,s for in the band.
Either side was stuart Barnett to my left and Gloucester old boy terry  girdlestone to my right, terry started the match with his patented duck caller , I went in at 5 mtrs expecting bites straight away but nothing happened, stuart also was struggling , but terry starting on the method flew out to the blocks , catching immediately , as was Adrian Clark next to him again, by the end of the first hour I had 3 f1,s and a couple of skimmers, stuart didn't have much more but terry and Adrian probably already had 15  f1,s I had been feeding 4,s to the island from the start , so went over with the shallow rig and never really did much else but fish shallow against the island catching steadily till the end and to be honest the peg was getting stronger towards the end, but I thought I was going to be a few fish behind from the bad start I had , the only plus was at I had caught quite a few 2 to 3lb proper carp so that may even things up a bit, I thought Adrian Clark two my right was going to win , and he did with 122.12, catching probably 90lb on the pellet feeder, and he rest on the pole towards the end
2nd was me with117lb
3rd stuart graham ( good to see him after a bit of a lay off) 100.14
4th Mike Nicholls 99.10
5th stuart barnett 97.4
6th terry girdlestone 91.4
No complaints with those weights when you consider its lots of f1,s and if you get a fish of three pounds it's a bonus, so I will be back there again in two weeks for lots more bites, hopefully a few more will turn up.
This Sunday I originally booked a match for landsend on lake three but I already had Avalon booked , somavalon it is then , if anyone fancies it ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in or ring me at veals on 01179260790 to book in

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday open, landsend fishery

I was hoping to get enough to use 3 and 4 lakes today , but with a couple of cry offs due to injury and a bit of fixture clashing , we only ended up with 11 so t was lake three only, I was last but one to draw and ended up on 58 which tends to be the last swim used on the right hand bank, it's always been a good draw so I wasn't moaning . For company I had to look at Dave westcott aka Mr bean over on 54 and my nearest neighbour was rod Wooten on 62 , rigs today were a meat rig for 5 mtrs, a pellet rig to fish n the deck each side and across on the island and it was all the same depth within a couple of inches so one rig did all on those pellet lines, and finally a shallow slapper/stalking rig.
At the start I began feeding 6 mm hard pellets across to the island and up by peg 57 to my right and a few 8,s to my left at 3 mtrs, and some meat at 5 mtrs, I began on the meat line and had a carp first put in , but a definate false dawn on that as I only managed one more on that line during the rest of the match , so no more about that , an hour in and with the sun out some fish were up on the top mooching about so it was out stalking and I managed a few good fish to 10 lb on that before the sun went in and most of the cruisers disappeared, I managed a few slur perks from the island but as always these fish are cagey and were quick to disappear once the pole appeared above there heads, so the margins were the most productive , left and right , so I ended up with I think 27 carp , but the margin fish were of a smaller stamp, Ron Hardiman on 66 also had 27 carp but of a bigger stamp so he was going to be the man to beat , also Dave roper on 70 was admitting to 100lb.
Ron came out n top with his 27 fish going 166.13. Catching all on meat from his right hand margin on meat
2nd was me with 133.9
4th Dave roper on 70 with 99.9
5th rod Wooten with 68.6 off 62
6th kev molten on 50 with 60.12
Clapton Hudson on 42 with 23.10

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday cost cutter , avalon

i beginning to find it a bit strange that we are only getting small turnouts for these matches, only 10 today so we spread out on pegs 1 to 23 , I let ziggy draw for me today as we were having our normal pound , I ended up with 16 which is on the small island on my own, it's normally a good carp peg on the wag and lead, so just the wag for me then. I also set up a margin rig for pellet to empty peg 17 and a deep pellet rig for 16 mtrs, also a skimmer rig for 5 mtrs for worm over caster and worm in groundbait. I should have set up a shallow rig but never , well not at the start anyway.
At the start I cupped in some 6,s at 16 mtrs, and three balls of g bait at 5 mtrs, also some pellets to the empty pallet but apart from a liner that was a no hoper then. Starting at 16 meters with a banded 8mm I had a carp second drop then a skimmer, then nothing, I had a bit of fizz over the close line so went out with half a dendra , a short wait and a 2 lb skimmer was soon netted, I was also feeding pellets to two spots against the island and it didn't take to long for them to start slurping , but it was weird I had loads of fish in the swim but I couldn't get a bite, I had one fish on it but it was all very frustrating . I kept trying it but was going nowhere fast, I was also falling way behind in the carp stakes as glen Bailey , Mike west and Adrian Jeffrey were all catching well with glen and Mike catching well on the  paste and Adrian on the wag, I should have just concentrated on catching some skimmers but I kept trying to catch carp, but to no avail, I did set up a shallow rig with a couple of hours to go and had two quick carp and some nice hybrids , so I think if I had set it up at the start I would have had a few more carp , but I,m not sure it would have been enough as glen was still catching as was Mike west and I could see some splashing up on 23 where Gary (ned) Flanders was getting a few aswell, I kept dropping back onto the silvers line and netting odd good skimmers along with a couple of tench, by the end I thought I would have at least 25lb of silvers and 4 accidental (lol) carp, I hoped it would be enough to take the silver pool, but I new ziggy and Mike Nichols on peg 1 would be trying for them, but my 25lb turned into 34.5 for a silvers victory, so money back today which is always handy, the match was won by glen on peg 19 with 172.12 of paste fish.
2nd went to the Avalon bridesmaid , Mike wet with 134.12 again on paste on peg 9
3rd Gary flinders on 23 with 129.7, again mainly on paste
4th Adrian Jeffrey on 13 with 113lb
5th me with 61.9.
Off to land send again on Sunday on lake three with an overspill into 4 if I need it , so if anyone fancies it give me ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in r ring me in vials on 01179260790, it will be a 9.30 draw fish 11 to 5,
Also for those fishing the silvers league at viaduct , steve would like your monies or at least a phone call to confirm you are fishing, so ring him on 01458 274022

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday open landsend fishery

Just enough fishing today to use the match lake and the car park bank of the speci, I wasn't to fussed where I drew as long as I could avoid peg 9 and probably 39 as that peg has been really cruel to me in the last few years, I waited for the last peg in the tin and opened it to see number 3 looking back at me , I quite like the peg as 2 and 4 are not normally put in , so plenty of room to work with, and to make it better I had Nigel Bartlett on peg 1 and Chris fox on 5 both of which were going to try and target the silvers , so all the carp for me then  ha ha ,  not to many rigs , a shallow rig for any slurp ears against the island and another for on the bottom on the island shelf in about 15 inches of water, both to fish banded 8,s over loosefed 6,s and a meat rig for 5 meters and the same rig would do for my left hand margin by a small bed of lilies as it was the same depth. The shallow slurper rig was never used so no more about that one then, I even put the hook back in my ready tied box ,
At the start I fed some 6,s across with a catty then shipped out a piece of meat to 5 mtrs, threw 10 bits in and Hooked a carp straight away, in fact I had another next drop, so that was 2 fish in the net for 14lb before some people had finished cupping bait in, 15 mins in and I had 3 carp and an f1 , a good start but would it be to much to soon, luckily it never , by the end of the first hour I had 7 carp and the solitary f1 for probably 60lb , but already craig(trigger) Edmund was  admitting to 100lb, so everyone was going to be chasing his tail again, I had a nice steady match catching carp on both meat lines and also over on the pellet , I ended up with 45 carp to 12lb and the lonely f1 for over 200lb , but I had a good average size so it would probably be well over 200, but with trig admitting to having 70plus carp it was likely he would have over 300lb.
My nets went 256.9 which I was well happy with off the peg but I was still well behind trig as he weighed 311.5 , catching well on pellet up his left hand margin at 16 meters before switching to meat at 5 meters towards the end of the match.
So second for me then.
3rd went to steve seater on peg 39 with 147.1
4th Andy hembrow on 15 with 141.5
5th Paul elmes on 24 with 134.1
6th Mike Nicholls on 18 with 90.12
Clint wojtyla on 37 with 36.1 of mainly skimmers on soft pellet or corn over micros
2nd was Paul faiers on peg 22 with 33.2 of skimmers on caster.
Matches this week
Off to Avalon on Thursday for an open, again no floating or buoyant baits to be used or fed including bread and all artificials, it's a 9.30 draw at the fishery
On Sunday I am running on at landsend fishery again but out on lake 3 with part of number it needed, for both matches phone or txt me on 07974807941 to book in , or ring me in veals on 01179260790 to book in for either match

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Harescombe Thursday costcutter

Back not deepest Gloucestershire again for my second visit to this nice fishery, after a decent brekkie in the on site cafe it was time to draw , into the bag hoping for 24 or 29 as they seem to be the form pegs, either side of the landslip, out comes 29 lovely , drove round and parked right behind my peg leaving me three steps from the back of my van. Four rigs today a caster rig for down the edge but apart from feeding the lakes small roach population it was never going to work so no more on that one then, a pellet rig for on the deck at 4 mtrs, a shallow rig for over the same line and it would do for shallow up the edge and an on the deck rig up the margin by a marginal weed bed, starting at 4 Mrs on the deck while firing some 4,s along the margin I soon had a couple of f1,s in the net and two skimmers and a small barbel, then after a few liners I was reaching for the shallow rig which resulted in some more f1,s but by the end of the first hour it wasn't really happening as I expected it to, so I went along the margin with the same rig and to cut a long story short I spent the rest of the match fishing shallow along the edge between 8 and 11 Mtrs , getting plenty of bites and indications , just firing 4,s in and fishing a banded 6 and occasional 4 for the rest of the match, by the end I had enjoyed a nice day but as for how I had done I never had a clue as the fish being small I was having trouble estimating what I had , I reckoned on 100lb but I may have been miles out, the scales started on the far side and Mike Nichols was winning with 130lb ish then terry girdlestone weighed 112 and I wasn't sure I had that but I new I never had 130, but after I weighed the adding up came to 117 so second was ok and it was a good day, I,m not sure of the full result as I forgot to take a picture of the weigh sheet, but Mike Nichols will have it on his blog, it's a really nice fishery with everyone having plenty of bites , so I will be back there again in a fortnight ,but next week on Thursday its back to Avalon , but there will still be no floating or buoyant baits allowed including bread and all artifials and definitely no floating feed baits.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sunday Ivy house open

Back up the motorway to this increasingly popular fishery , Andy and karen are always looking to improve things which is nice to see, and the brekkie is still good , even if karen was a bit snowed under with orders as there were plenty of anglers about today .
Into the draw tin and out comes 8 on the new canal, now according to the sheet 8 shouldn't have been in the mix , it should have been 9 according to Andy, so he changed the sheet to 8 , but after several more draw bag cockups we were soon being called back for a redraw, second time around I pulled out  peg 3 on the match lake , which is an ok peg, for company I had travelling partner Jason Radford on 4 and Alan pardew (I think) on 2 . Last time here I had 80lb of skimmers on worm over chopped worm and caster in groundbait, so I set up a rig for that at 11 meters and two pellet rigs for 16 meters, one shallow and the other for on the deck.
At the start I cupped in three balls at 11 Mrs and cupped some 6mm hard pellets on the 16 mtr line, starting with a piece of worm over the ground bait I was soon swinging in a micro perch , soon followed by several more, not the best of signs , I did get a few roach aswell but I think the cod night and and bright conditions were never going to encourage the large head of skimmers to feed, so it was out on the 16 mtr line on the deck but all that produced was a 6oz skimmer, with the sun beating down there were some cruisers about but they certainly weren't interested in feeding , so 2 1/2 hours in I had less than a pound in the net, then I managed to mug a good fish so that got me off the mark, and with no one really catching much I stuck with it . I hooked another right munter , which I thought was well under control, that was until it turned round and stole my rig and elastic doh, but it has been in all summer so it probably was on borrowed time, Alan in the meantime was catching roach steadily on his top kit and looked to be easily winning the silvers, so I did start feeding some caster on top kit range , but I just fished my .4 g skimmer rig in the 3 foot of water and did start catching some nice roach, but I was to far behind to catchnalan so I went back out after carp, it was hard but I managed to end the match with 7 carp, 2 stalked , 3 shallow properly where I was feeding and 2 on the deck towards the end, I also had a 3 lb bream on my top kit on single caster along with some decent roach, my carp went 53 lb and the silvers went 9.3 for a 62.3 total and first on the day,
2nd was Mike etheridge on 20 with51.10
3rd red n 12 with 48.12
4th bela bakos on 18 new canal with 42.14
5th joe Thompson on 14 canal with 42.8
6th Craig Edmunds on 12 canal with 40.14
Silvers went to Alan next to me on 2 with 26.6.
It was really a difficult day with nothing really wanting to feed, hopefully with a bit of settled warmer weather this week the fish will get there heads down next weekend, so for those who may be interested I am running a match at lands end fishery next Sunday , on the match lake and hopefully enough to use a second lake aswell, so as normal txt or ring me on 07074807941 to book in or ring me in veals on 01179260790 to book in

Friday, 4 September 2015

Thursday Avalon costcutter

Only a dirty dozen fishing today as there were some fishing elsewhere or they had to do the dirty and work !!!!!.
I drew last but one and ended up on peg 23 , end peg on the left hand bank, I had really wanted to fish for skimmers again today but the peg had more form as a carp peg , but it was not going to be stopping me having a go, so rigs today were a .6g for silvers with a 16 middy 6313 hook on .12 yuki line, then 2 rigs for banded pellet against the end bank at 13 mtrs where I had to do a bit of gardening so I could get in close , one shallow and one for on the deck where it was still over 5 foot deep as close as I could get.
The all in was shouted and I cupped in 2 balls at 5 meters and 3 at 11 with some worm and caster in them , and by the time I had stood up for the pre match pee, and cleaned my glasses the peg was already fizzing on both lines, last time on here I caught lots of good skimmers in the fizz but today was different , I couldn't get a sensible bite , off the bottom and it was whitebait, on the deck it was nothing , I did get three good skimmers on the bottom and a handful of smaller ones but 2 hours and 20 mins in, and with crap moving along the end bank , that was the signal to throw the silver rig up the bank, the last 3 1/2 hours were enjoyable and I ended up with 28 carp of various sizes from 1 to 6lb, the only other person I could see catching was the irrepressible Mike west on peg 20 who was feeding a steady stream of carp into his nets using his favoured paste method.
I worked on my fish averaging about 3lb but they were slightly bigger as my carp went 102.8 and my meagre silvers went 7.13 for a 110.5 total which was enough to win , just scraping the result over Mike west who had 108lb.
3rd rich Coles on 17 with 92.9
4th Adrian Jeffrey on 13 with 82.8
5th Mike Nicholls on 5 with 68lb
Nigel Bartlett on 19 with 33.5 of mainly whitebait
The silvers were close with with 5 more weights between 22 and 28lb which bodes well for the Saturday silvers league vic is running this autumn, the dates are.
26/9 ,3/10,10/10,17/10,24/10,31/10,7/11,14/11,21/11,28/11.  20 pounds entry then 21 pools on the day, 8 results to count from the 10, should be good, I wish I didn't work Saturdays as I think it will be good