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Monday, 31 May 2010

bank holiday landsend

even though we only had 21 booked in mike let us use match and speci, so plenty of room today.
i was forced to draw my own peg today so i wasnt to upset when i drew 31 for myself(ha ha), i drew this peg a couple of weeks ago and had over 200 lb off it so to say i fancied it would be an understatement, for company i had rod wootten on 32 and jason radford on 29.
3 rigs today all on .18 with a 16 b960 for hair rigged banded pellet, on was a 4x12 impact 10 for shallow , a 4x10 impact 3 for up the far shelf against the island , and a 4x12 impact 6 for just down the island shelf in 3 foot of water.
at the start i began firing 6mm pellets towards the island and began down the shelf , it ook about 5 mins to get my first carp, and i had 5 in the first hour, a good start.
then mikes wave making machine started at 12 and that was the end of my bites really until the aerater went off after 2 hours, even after it went off i couldnt catch against the island where you normally do , odd fish would come in and have a bit of a mooch but didnt seem to happy to stay under the pole tip . with fish uder the bushes at the front of the island there was only one optian , and that was to go 17 mtrs so a quick plumb up revealed the same depth as my side of the island so the same rig would do. i wish i had done it earlier as i began getting liners and bites straight away , trouble was ed wynne on 25 had landed 20 plus carp by now so it was to late to play catchup, but who knows i did lose several fish , some of which i,m sure were hooked in he mouth, by the end i had about 18 carp so i thought i would have about 100 lb which was never going tobe enough as ed had 28 and stu foale on match lake 21 had had a good day.
stu foale ended up winning with 135.13 on peg 21 with all his fish falling to hard pellet between 13 and 16 mtrs, it was also the bronze peg so he picked up 145 plus 85 for winning so he was more than happy .
2nd was ed wynne with 127.13 on peg 25 catching all his fish 14.5 mtrs up his left hand margin
3rd was me with 89.15 over estimated badly
4th paul (the beaver)elmes on peg 22 with 86.4
5th dave (beany)westcott on peg 15 68.00
6th jamie dyte 60.00 on peg 39
silver were won by john bradford on peg 13 with 37.9 0f chub, perch,tench and skimmers on caster
2nd in the silvers went to steve lippett on 17 with 28.2

Sunday, 30 May 2010

trinity(and it aint the lighthouse)

it was a hastily arranged affair as there wasnt anything on really ,so we ended up with 21 fishing, paul elmes drew for me and handed me 11 which is abouit halfway up the far bank, not to bad a draw , for company i had dean on my right and garry wall on my left. three rigs today , a 1grm j3 with a 16 b960 to fish the deck at 13 mtrs(it was to windy to go any further)in 9 foot of water, an impact 10 4x12 with a 18 b960 for up in the water and a 4x12 j3 for down the edge on .18 with a xedion 16 for meat.
at the start i cupped in some 6,s at 13 mtrs and threw some meat down to the empty pallet to my left. i fished at 13 mtrs on the deck and was rewarded with 2 bites and lost fouler in the first 45 mins, by now dean was fishing shallow but getting plagued with roach so i thought i would let him carry on with that unless he had a carp or two then i would have a go, by now the wind was making it ny on impassible the get any presentation, and apart from tom magnol on peg 2 , out of the wind catching smallish carp no one was doing any good,
2 hours in and i had taken 2 small carp on the deck and dean had 3 shallow, i went out with the shallow rig with a banded 8 on but got roached out and i couldnt hit the bites and it wasnt helping that i couldnt hold my pole still.
i decided to go down the edge but again it was only roach bites, this wasnt going to plan at all, i re plumbed close to the bank to my left which was about 18 inches shallower than by the pallet , threw in some meat and went back out to 13 mtrs, starting on the deck i took a couple more small carp and lost 3 foulers, by now dean had caught s few more small carp shallow and also some quality f1,s and gary on my other side had now had some carp on paste at 7 mtrs and was beginning to get somebites down the edge as well, with no bites deep now and only roach bites shallow i was falling behind and the 13 mtr lines showed no signs of coming to life, it was back down the edge on meat , i will be honest and say i missed loads of bites and lost 6 or 7 carp cos they were going through snags and dissapearing around the legs of the platform faster than i could get the pole back but i did manage to land 5 carp 1 tench and a good f1 by the end .but i had been proper battered each side, gary wall on peg 13 won with 70.13 on paste thats 2 wins in 2 days, he,s going for the hat trick at landsend tommorrow and i wont be betting against him
2nd tom magnol on peg 2 with69.13 of mainly shallow caught fish
3rd chris fox 50.7 peg 23
4th dean malin 44.2 peg 10 and he had top silvers with 18.10
5th paul elmes 41.3 peg 30
6th ryan summerhayes 39./10 peg 5
poor old shrimp head is back in hospital again with his belly bother, so get well soon matey .
so i,ve suffered the dreaded chip shop sausage syndrome today(battered all round)but tomorrow is another day so roll on landsend.
oh yes and i weighed 28 lb

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

avalon again

its been a while since we fished here so i was looking forward to it , as its a venue that can be a bit testing to say the least, with a lot of anglers ,and good ones a that staying away . perhaps its the fact they cant cast a float tight or sit behind a lead rod pinging some 8,s somewhere in the vicinity of there hook bait who knows or it might be just a bit of a difficult nut to crack.
liegh and vic have done a lot of work over the winter and spring , trimming islands repairing platforms installing aerators and chalking the lakes, which seems to have done it good as the colour was a nice brown with no trace of that horrible grey suspension that seems to switch it off making the fish difficult to catch,
i fancied peg 1 today as have never drawn it but it wasnt to be , i waited till the end to draw and it was left to me and martin lenaghan to argue over the last two tickets , as it turned out martingot peg one an i had to make do with 24 (christ its tough sometimes)probably the best peg on the venue , i cant believ fadio didnt draw it as its one he has had several times, he had to make do with 11 which aint bad .
3 pole rigs today two 4x14 j3,s on .18 with a 16 b960 one for out in front and one for down the edge by the reeds, and a 4x12 impact 10 with the same line and hook for shallow against the reeds, and i set up a pellet wag to fish towards the end of the island,
at the start i cupped in some 6,s at 16 mtrs and by the reeds down the edge and fired some 8,s towards the island, starting at 16 mtrs with a banded 8mm i had 1 bite in the first 30 mins , a 10 oz skimmmer being the culprit,and with no fizzing going on the signs werent good, so out on the wag and that was hard , ifished that for about one hour and managed just 2 carp for about 8 lb, i did mis 2 or 3 bites but that was a none starter really, so it was down the edge then,and there seemed to be plenty of fish down there with liners and bites with most of the carp being of a sensible , 3 to 6 lb , feeding with a catty meant that some of the feed went into the reeds , so when the reeds began twitching i would ditch the deep rig and push the shallow rig against the reeds and catch one then go back on the deck, by switching between the deep and shallow rigs i caught odd fish right to the end ending up with 23 carp ,one tench,one skimmer and 2 x 8 oz carp. being up in the corner i couldnt see what was going on , the only person i could seew as gary wall opposite on 23 whose always good for a bit of entertainment as he can swear more in 6 hours than the entire cast of shameless can do in an entire series,. after the match the only person who had caught was dean malin who was admitting to about 100 lb. liegh turned up with the scales and my catch went 129.14 which was enough as dean was close with his guess as his net went 114.15 for second place all his fish falling to 8mm pellet fished between 17 and 20.5 mtrs which takes some doing, being on peg 16 it meant he could just reach the island(to heavy for me and most other people)
3rd alan oram on peg 12 with 75.11
4th gary wall 69.2 peg 23
5th vic bush 66.15 peg 19
6th glen bailey 63.5 peg 5
silvers were won by mike west on peg 7 with 21.12 of skimmers taken at 10 mtrs on soft pellet.
it fished quite well really with fish on most pegs willing to have a bit of a munch so with the improved water colour the signs are that it should fish much better this year and to be fair the anglers that have been fishing it recently have enjoyed some good sport with silvers and carp, as far as the matches go it has never been a fish race venue and i hope it never does as its possible to win and frame off numerous pegs and you are always in with a chance as its a venue where a couple of big fish can always get you back in the hunt

Sunday, 23 May 2010

goodiford goodies

off to goodiford mill fishery today for my first visit , so after a good brekkie in abby,s kitchen dean , jason and me were off down the A 38 and m5 to the collumpton turn off and wee got to the lake in an hour so it wasnt to bad or to far. the lake looked nice the only thing was a lot of the carp population seemed to be spawning, but not all as there were quite a few cruisers indicating that they werent all at it. the match was a nick coller/ anton page affair and it all ran very smoothly. there was 40 fishing so it was a good turnout , even though there are 64 pegs on the lake it meant putting some corners and tight pegs in so 32 or 33 would be a nice number on the lake.
i drew for myself today and ended up on 21 which was at the top of the slope from the carpark, a nice short walk, i had a good long margin round to mike west on 21 trouble was the willow tree,s were shedding that horrible white fluff (seeds)that stick to everything it touches and by the time the match started the margin was no more as the fluff had built up to such an extent that it was 2 to 3 mtrs out from the bank making the margin unfishable , so the 4x12 j3 float to .16 and a 16 b960 was a waste of time ,i did feed it during the match with 8mm pellets just in case it cleared, but it never so that was a waste of time.
as there were a few cruisers i made up a 4x12 impact 10 to fish pellet shallow on a long line so i could go dapping with a 8mm on .16 with the ususal hook, and i made up a 4x16 j3 for fishing on the deck, but with it being 9 foot deep i didnt excpect to much on that.
at the start it was straight ou with the shallow rig , and it didnt take long to dap the first carp into the net , steve kedge on 19 had 3 doing the same in the first 3 put ins then he bagan to struggle, jason radord to my left started on the wag to a small island, he had a carp first chuck then the island on the next 3 so that was the end of his wag fishing as he didnt want to lose any more floats.
i couldnt really see to much of what was going on as there were islands,tree,s and spits in the way, i did hear that at the halfway mark dean was admitting to 40 carp, so tha was the winner sorted . by the end i had taken 20 carp all taken shallow at 16 mtrs , for an estimated 90 lb,as expected dean won with a bit to spare as he ended up with about 70 carp all taken on 8mm pellet from his right hand margin at 13 mtrs for 214.2 on peg 27
just behind (lol) in 2nd spot was me ,my 20 carp going 109.6 on peg 21
3rd tim ford 102.10 peg 13
4th gary (bigfoot)bedford 84.7 peg 33
5th leon (the imp)hubbard 84 lb peg12
6th gary wall 83.14 peg 39
silvers were won by ron stark with 27.12 of caster caght roach and skimmers.
considering the fish had other things on there minds i dont think it fished to badly so another visit is definately on the cards, all we have to do is convince the owners to let us put less anglers on the lake so giving more anglers a chance to get a few bites and fish

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

lovely landsend

18 booked in today so mike let us use the match and the far bank of the speci, thatchers platinum blond rent boy drew for me and handed me 28 which is halfway up the island on the speci lake, generally you need to be on an island end to do well , but i have done well off these mid pegs befor so i didnt really mind, and who drew flier 31 , yep fabio again , thats 6 times in 12 months surely he must get it right this time(not).
getting to my peg i was greeted with the sight of spawning fish, luckily it wasnt the carp but it seemed to be the f1 type things and the carp were having a bit of a mop up on the spawn.
3 rigs , a 4x10 impact 1 with a 16 b960 for banded pellet against the island in 15 inches of water and the same rig would do for down the edge, a 4x10 impact 10 (dibber) same hook and line for up in the water just in case and a 4x12 j3 for 14 mtrs same hook and line to fish in about 1 mtr of water .
no place for cups today so at the start it was catty,s only, i reckon i had my first carp on befor most people had finished cupping , so with an 8 pounder safely in the net it was back out on the 14 mtr line ,and i added another fish of a similar size about 10 mins later, then after a couple of liners and a lost fouler that was the end of the first hour and the end of that line.
over to the island and after a couple of liners number three was on its way, but at least it was a good double(13 tom 14lb) i would like to say that the bites came thick and fast , but they never , it was hard work as the fish seemed to need a constant bit of feed fired at them and a lot of lifting and dropping with a lot of the fish taking it on the drop, when i say lot i dont mean loads just the ones i caught, i only had one down the edge and that was the smallest at about 4lb.
i think i had 9 carp in the first 3 hours (with some big fish ), i had to wait till the last 15 minutes to get another carp it seemed the whole place switched off as most people struggled during the same period with the fish switching on towards the end, my peg was no different as in that last short spell in 3 put ins i had 2 grass carp in consecutive drops one of 12 lb and 1 of 14 lb , and on the last put in i had another double figure mirror, why couldnt they have started feeding a bit earlier, i ended up with the top weight on our lake with my 12 carp and 4lb of silvers going 123.2 with all the fish taking a banded 8 over loose fed 6,s
but it was only good enough for 2nd as my travelling partner dean malin on peg 17 had taken 35 carp on pellet against the island for 165.8
3rd went to the avon fire brigades only daffodil tony witcomb with 117.4 of paste cauht fish on peg 13
4h gary wall 106.8 peg 26
5th adrian bishop 86.4 peg 32
6th andy france 76.9 peg 24
top silvers went to john(the gimp)bradford on peg 7 with 42.10 all on caster at 3 mtrs
after looking at the results you can probably tell that fabio got it wrong again and could only manage 50 lb from what is the best peg in somerset lol sorry fabsy i had to say it. he really does need to find an extension for his pole so he can get to the far side, but he did lose a lot , i think he lost 4 befor he netted one.
i heard today that mat (the shrimp)tomes had been rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains , after a ct scan it appears he has developed a hole in his bowel(nasty) look on the bright side though now you got two bums you might be able to eat even more. or was it something to do with anton and nicky screwing you over the work but i dont think you meant it in that way lmao, get well soon mate i cos i dont know how long we can manage without you contribution to the pools .

Sunday, 16 May 2010

match lake viaduct

with nothing on unless you wanted to drive a long way a quick call to steve at viaduct and we had the match lake booked, its only a small lake with 14 pegs so it didnt take long to fill, i even had a waiting list, so after a breakfast in abbies kitchen in bishopsworth (tasty quick and clean) off we went . with everyone on time except for tom magnol who shares a house with 2 girl twins so we will let him off, the draw was done , fabio drew for me and gave mee 44, on past form its not the best of pegs , but the lake has been emptied and restocked with f1,s , small carp ,skimmers and tench so hope fully we would get some bites, for company i had john(the gimp)bradford on 43 so all the water past 6 mtrs was mine, and paul (beever)elmes on 45 who seems to miss 95% of all the bites he gets, its like being pegged next to a demented swordsman swishing his pole or waggler rod about all day for no result, even advisory phone calls from niel mercer during the day didnt help.
3 pole rigs today , all 4x10 impact 1,s . one with a 18 6313 to .10 for caster down the edge but i never had a bite on that .
one with a 18 6313 to .12 for maggot and soft pellet at 13 and 16 mtrs and anather with a 18 b960 for hair rigged banded pellet at 13 and 16.
i also set up a wag rod with a 3 aa wag to fish on the drop out by the island
at the start i cupped in some micros and a few casters at 13 some soaked 4,s at 16 mtrs , began firing some 6,s to the island and threw some casters down the edge (wot a waste of time ).
starting at 13 mtrs i didnt see the float go under after 5 mins as i was watching fabio land a skimmer on 46 and i was talking to mr long , but as they are new fish they dont let go and after a bit of a merry dance on number 6 elastic a 1lb carp was in the bag and that was the last bite i had on single maggot , double maggot produced a few skimmers a and a 3lb bream over that line , after about 1 1/2 hours i couldnt raise another bite on that line so i put a soft pellet on and shipped out to 16 mtrs and missed a bite so back out with the 6mm banded pellet and another carp was on its way. the fish certainly didnt seem to want much bait chucked at them , so it was a case of feeding a few pellets and fishing on it until you had a fish then repeating the process. with about 2 hours to go i tried the wag , i took 4 quick carp and another skimmer then never had another bite on that, so it was a case of feeding the 2 pole lines and swapping between the 2 picking up odd fish here and there , looking round the lake i couldnt see any one really catching except for tom magnol on 50 who had been catching fish on the feeder during the first half of the match, but his swim had died for the second half , considering the ammount of fish that they have put in ,it was strange that it was a real struggle to put more than 1 or 2 bites together from any one area , we also had some torrential rain it was so heavy at times i had to take shot off my rigs so i could see the floats, the scales told the story of the lake as it had been very hard for everyone and my 25.8 was enough for first which included top silver with 9.14 of skimmers
2nd tom magnol 18.12 mainly with maggot on the feeder peg 50
3rd dean malin 14.00 peg 42
4th j bradford 12.2 peg 43
5th phil harding 10.15 peg 46
6th g wall 9.2 peg 51
it was good to see acouple of old friends back in the shop this week firstly bill milton who has been really ill since last november but went to rood ashton today on the team veals match , i hope he enjoyed it and is ok. then stuart barnett who went to oz 14 years ago but has come back to celebrate his 50 th birthday, he,s hardly changed except that he seems a bit shorter than i remember amd less hair but then again thats the same for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

fizzical at viaduct

another pole only today and with 35 booked in it just goes to show people enjoy it .as i parked in the car park you couldnt help but notice all the fish sunbathing at the bottom end of cary, so most people egreed that 74 would be a good draw as it is the first peg up from the bottom on the left hand bank, so where did i draw , peg 74 !!!!!!!!, but would they feed or were they just enjoying the unseasonel sunshine(lmao).
3 rigs today 2 of 4x10 j range 3,s with a b960 to .18, one for the empty pallet to my left and one to go down the edge towards the tree,s to my right and a 4x12 with the same hook and line at 14.5 mtrs out to the edge of the tree,s.
at the start i cupped in some 6,s at 14.5 , some down the right and some to my left by the empty peg, which i did try several times but never had a bite there. i also cupped some in at 6 mtrs as dick bull had won the previous saturdays match with 180 lb fishing there and out by the tree,s.
by the time i had finished feeding , the swims out by the tree had begun to fizz, and it never really stopped all match, and a lot of people i spoke to on cary had the same problem, while it was fizzing strongly you would struggle for a proper bite ,but as the fizz began to fade you could expect a proper bite, but if i had a bite in the fizz it was a fouler. the best feed pattern seemed to be either pouch in a couple of pouches and fish it out or pot in a reasonable ammount and do the same. the right hand margin was fed with a catty, and i did get 5 or 6 fish down there but they were on the small side.
although cary was fishing quite hard cambell was doing ok with ray hayward on 110 seemingly running away with it fishing hard pellet mainly down his left hand margin at 16 mtrs, at the end he was admitting to 180 lb so we were all fishing for the minor placings and it was going to be close , by the end i had taken 16 carp which normally would go 150 to 180 lb but as i said they were on the small side, i was first to weigh on cary and my 16 fish went 112.5, a bit dissapointing for this lake, but i was top weight on the lake all the way till we got to paul blake on 105 who had fished meat at 10 mtrs to take 10 carp which weighed 120.12,
as expected ray hayward won with 192.9
2nd jamie parkhouse 124.4 on 123 also he had top silver weight with 25.3 catching tench on meat
3rd andy (the ginger prince)power with122.15 peg 114
4th paul blake 120.12 peg 105
5th tony rixon 112.5 peg 74
6th mike nicholls 106.00 peg 119
all in all it was another close match and the fact we had a frost probably didnt help as the water temperature is up and down like tom thicks under pants when he is out doing what he does best. trouble is the fish will probably spawn as soon as the water temp hits 18c ,as they normally spawn this or next week but they are going to be late this year as the water is only 12c and with the weather not warming up until this weekend it will be a couple of weeks yet

Sunday, 9 May 2010

float only rnd 1 viaduct

another cold and windy day with a moderate north easterly blowing ,just what you need for a float only. we ended up with 56 fishing , the same number as last year which is good.
trigger aka craig edmunds was at the front of the queue today so he drew for me , the magic fairey dust off his head must have been on his hands as he drew 66 for me which is in the top left corner of lodge lake (another flier) a good section peg , and mike nicholls won the first round off it last year with 140 lb on paste .
3 rigs today , a 4x14 impact 6 with a 16 6313 to .12 for skimmers(hopefully)at 8 mtrs on meat, and 2 4x12 j range 3,s with .16 to a 16 b960 for banded pellet up to my left by the empty pallet and under the trees.
at the start i cupped in some cubed meat at 8 mtrs and started firing in 6,s to my left by the empty pallet.
starting on the meat line it took 15 mins to get my first bite and duly played the carp to the net , where it fell off, usual first fish lost then. i did stick with the meat for the first hour and a quarter just to let the inside line settle, i did land a 7lb carp during this time but bites were nearly non excistent on this so i put in a big pot of meat in and went down the edge, but apart from a good hybrid and a couple of iffy bites that was rubbish aswell(this wasnt going to plan). back out on the meat line and a skimmer was all i had in the next 20 mins, while i had been chasing my tail around a bit shaun townsend had been fishing further out than me on 67 and had had a carp and several skimmers on soft pellet, so i cupped in 1/2 a big pot of 4mm,s at 14.5 mtrs and went back down to my left, i had a bite within a couple of minutes and a 5 lb carp was in the bag, now there was some fizzing out in front where i had put the 4,s so i changed the hook on the skimmer rig to a size 18 b960 for hair rigged banded pellet, slipped a 6 into the band and shipped out , first bite and a 8lb carp in the net , back out and another one within minutes , after that i cupped in some more 4,s and went back down the edge all this time i had been firing 6,s down the edge . now the fish had arrived as i was getting indications and bites all the time and i started putting a few fish in the net, every time it went a bit quiet down by the pallet i went out in front , sometimes i would get a carp and sometimes i wouldnt get a bite ,either way it seemed to help the inside line as i would go back in and get a couple off fish. by the end i had taken 16 carp which would go over 100 lb, as i had my back to carey and cambell lakes i didnt really know how they had fished but as far as i could see i had done enough to win my lake .
due i think mainly to the shit weather my 16 carp which went 126.14 was enough for first on the day, even though i fell foul off the 80 lb net limit again as i had 3 oz to much in one net(lol)
2nd was fred roberts on 121(cambell)with 108.2 again on hard pellet
3rd martin pettifer 97.9 peg 86 on the wag
4th gary etheridge 87.5 peg 126
5th clayton hudson 84.15 peg 128
6th dave evans 83.3
top silvers niel mercer 35.9 on 125 skimmers and tench on hard pellet at 14.5 mtrs
even with the water only at 13c there is always one fool who is going to drop something in, and today it was the last of the southmead gnomes , leon hubbard who dropped in the 16 mtr bit off his tourney pro hence the reason he was seen strutting his stuff up and down the bank in a very fetching pair of boxers (not a pretty site), caroline must be a very understanding person.
also steve (the beast)preece is now offering his services as an angling guide at bullocks farm the only payment he is looking for is a tin of lidl,s economy baked beans , good value me thinks thats the beans ,not steve

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

a landsend fish injection

christ that fabio can draw, this was the fifth time he has drawn 31 on the speci lake ,shame was though he drew it for me ha ha ha .getting to the peg and i was greeted with the sight of about 15 carp of varios colours and sizes on the surface sunbathing. i did set up a margin rig to fish corn down the edge but never used it even though i fed it for the whole match.
i set up a dibber rig to fish shallow at the start for the sunbathers with a 16 b960 to .18 for hair rigged banded pellet, and a 4x12 impact 1 for about 2 foot of the island in 2 foot of water and a 4x10 impact 1 for tight to the island both with the same hooks and line as the dibber,when i find a hook and line which suites me i very rarely change ,and the b960 hooks and xedion rig line very rarely lets me down so why change.
at the start i went straight out with the dibber rig trying to poach a couple of cruisers, and sure enough i had 2 x 6 pounders in the first 10 mins , and that was it as far as the cruisers went , these landsend fish dont stand to much chasing around the surface, after half an hour of that and with no more bites it was out with the 2 foot rig, and within 5 mins i was attached to a 12 pounder, which was duly netted , then the fun started as my landing net was a bit worse for wear and the fish fell straight through and back into the water , still attached to the hook, so i had to pass my topset through the hole, get off my box get a spare landing net screw it in , the whole time this was going on the carp just sat by my keepnet so i thought it would be easy to net , but i think it was just getting its breath back as it fought harder the second time around, and after that the match was really enjoyable with fish coming steadily for the whole match , although it did get better towards the end , so much so that i put 95 lb in my third carp net in the last 90 minutes and there is a 80 pound net limit in place (doh again). i never had to go in tight to keep catching though i did shallow up a bit more to about 18 inches and about 12 inches off the island and by feeding 2 pouches of 6mm,s after every fish and lifting and dropping an 8mm in the band i ended up with about 30 fish, the only other person i knew had caught well was dean malin on 26 who was admitting to 20 carp , but good ones . fabio turned up with the scales and started with stu taylor on 32 who had struggled and ended up with 30 lb.
my fish went 206.5 ,i just hoped the 15lb i had to much in 1 net wouldnt cost me but it did give dean a laugh being that i was so much over as he had done the same at viaduct the week befor, but he who laughs last laughs longest as when we weighed deans fish he was over in both of his nets giving him 178.3 and second (whose the loser now then)
3rd tony the past(e) master witcomb 98.4 peg 19
4th chris fox 84.4 peg 5
5th adrian bishop 60.00 peg 17
6th john(evergreen)smith 57.4 peg 22
silvers were won by the maestro john(the gimp) bradford with an excellent 53.2 on peg 3. mainly skimmers and tench on caster at 3 mtrs
2nd mike west 28.12 peg 11
after the crappy weekend i had today was just, what i needed roll on the weekend for the first of the float only,s

Monday, 3 May 2010

bank holiday landsend

30 booked in for today, probably a couple to many to make for a good match but if people want to go who am i to stop them, and there is 40 pegs to pick from. i was forced to pick my own peg today , and ended up on 38 on the speci lake, not a peg i would have chosen, in fact i had it circled to leave out if i could,(shit happens).
three rigs today a 4x14 rig with a 16 6313 for caster down the edge , a 4x12 rig with the same hook to .12 for soft pellet at 13 mtrs, and a 4x10 on .16 to a banded b960 size 16 for 8mm pellet on the island shelf over 6mm fed by catty.
at the start i cupped in some soaked 3mm , fired some 6,s to the island and fed caster each side at 3 mtrs, the first hour was a bit slow but i did manage 3 good skimmers and a 2lb f1 befor the small roach turned up and made soft pellet fishing a proper mare, by now mat tomes on corner peg 33 had taken about 6 carp so the writing was on the wall as far as the 2 quid side bet went . i normally see carp onthe far bank feeding on the pellet but they werent showing today, the odd fish was cruising through but didnt seem to keen to stop and feed, probably because there wasnt enough there to make them compete.up on the other side i could hear pete sivell on 31 and nick collier on 30 getting a few carp on pellet shallow towards the island, stange thing today was that there was 3 grass carp caught , 2 by russ peck on 29 and one by nick on 30 thing is i think it was the same fish as it went 12.3 each time it was weighed as you have to weigh and return theese fish straight away. i did have some reasonable perch and 3 good chub down the edge on caster but it was a real struggle. the last 2 hours of the match were spent on the far bank carping , but they didnt want to play, i did manage 5 and lost 2 , one of which was a good double which i knew would cost me the section , but judging by the way itwas fighting i dont think it was in the mouth , but some where close to it.when i weighed i had 16 lb of silvers and 23 lb of carpfor a 39lb total , not good enough for anything today, mat tomes caught steadily for the whole match to end up with 154.5 for a comfortable win, with most of his fish coming shallow up the edge or out to the aerator on hair rigged pellet with fish up to 12lb, fairplay matty it just goes to show that you can make the transition from lead linger to proper angler if you put your mind to it, and the gossip on the bank is about you taking antons place in the got baits team cos shergar seems to have lost it a bit.
2nd was pete sivell on 31 with 84.4 also taken on shallow pellet
3rd nick collier 75.8 on peg 30
4th mike west on peg 5 again he draws this more often than fabio draws 31, he had 70.00 which inluded the top silver weight of 52.8 all taken on soft pellet at 11 mtrs
5th leon(the imp)hubbard with 65.14 on peg 6 , again on pellet
6th phil(fabio)harding 54.8 on peg 15
2nd in the silvers john (the gimp)bradford on peg 7 with 33.06.
when is this cold weather going to end as i think the fish as well as us have had enough of it now , with water temperatures hovering around 12 c the fish arent to inclined to begin to feed properly, if we get a couple of warm days the fish really switch on, then we get more cold days and nights and it slows it all up again, its all just rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

acorn on paddocks

why have the weather men got to get it right, we had early rain and a strong north easterly wind forcast , and thats what we got , and .it was cold with it.
another reasonable turn out of 27 , so i could leave a few corner pegs out , but i must have had a brain surge cos i left out a couple of pegs that i shouldnt have ,doh,
ryan summerhayes drew for me and handed me peg 2 (nice), i must admit i nearly ran to it as tim clark even had 60 lb off it last match so it must be solid.
it was going to be a mostly a maggot and caster job today so i set up only 2 rigs, both impact 6,s , one 4x12 with a 16 6313 to .12 for over , and a 4x16 on the same line and hook to fish at 4 and 11 mtrs as its the same depth, about 6 foot, over on the island i had about 18 inches a metre off.
at the start i cupped in some caster with a few dead mags on all 3 lines, then started at 4 mtrs, it wasnt long befor i started to get the odd perch up to 8oz on double caster but no carp. over on peg 9 ,the waitrose trolley dolly, aka shaun kitteridge was catching carp already, helped by the fact that he had an empty peg each side of him(blame it on the pegger), also 2 pegs to my left the clevedon dwarf paul faires had a couple of early fish on (horror of horrors)THE METHOD, but fairplay to him he did stop using it after a few choice insults from me , i should have let him carry on as it cost me at the end. i had a good first 2 hours catching perch on the 4 and 11 mtr lines, i also had a small carp and a 4 pounder at 4mtrs but that was about it really. the last 3 hours were really hard for me , i think i only had 5 more small carp, all taken by the island on corn or maggot and 3 more perch, all this time shaun had been catching steadily on 9 , also gary wall on 30, rod wootten on 11 were all getting a few as was tim ford on 5. paul faires was catching quality silvers after ditching the method.
as expected shaun kitteridge won with 135.13 all carp to 8lb on pellet at 11 mtrs on peg 9
2nd rod wootten 64.4 peg 11 on maggot over pellet
3rd gary wall 60.00 peg 30
4th martin rich 51.8 peg 16
5th tim ford 49.14 peg 5
6th paul faires 49.6 peg 4 also he had the top silver weight with 25.14 big skimmers 2 tench and some nice perch
rod wootten came second in the silvers ,but as he came second overall it meant i picked up 2nd silvers money with 16.6, if i had left paul with his method i may have even picked up first in silvers by default(bugger).
the wind was a real problem today and with the wind going with the trip presentation was hard , so i think the weights suffered as most people couldnt , stop there rigs blowing through .
off to landsend tommorrow and with 30 booked in and with a better forcast it should be good.