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Sunday, 31 October 2010

bullocks farm

this was a bit of a practice match for next sundays teams of 4,s and with 22 of us on the match lake the pegging would be the same as next week, after a brerakfast at the venue, which has to be said was very good and with the draw being at 8.30 next week week the cafe will be open from about 7.30.
into the draw bag went paul elmes and pulled out 2 tickets so i took one and ended up on 12 whilst paul managed to keep hold of 17, which is the best peg on the whole venue, but then again he needs to draw well cos it makes up for his lack of talent.
for company i had team fry,s very own slipper wearing legend known as steve (the beast)preece, and if his catmeat approach worked i would be in for some serious mickey taking,and i had martin rich the other side.
the worrying thing today was the clarity of the water, all the colur seems to have gone, so i opted for light lines and rigs , so it was a couple of 4x10 rigs ,one to use straight out at 13 mtrs and one to fish by the island to my left on .10 with an 18 6313 , and a 4x10 to fish the margins each side again with a 18 6313 but on ,12.
at the start i cupped in some dusty g bait at 13 and by the island and fed some casters each side in the margins.
starting at 13 mtrs with soft pellet i had a small hybrid straight away then a crucian then nothing, on with a maggot and a small roach took it but that was it . over to the island and i had a 2lb fantail then nothing again, so it was a case of catching a fish , feed again and look some where else(by the island)but it was crap, the only people i could see getting any sport was paul elmes on 17(no suprise there then)and gary bebford on 8 was also catching a few, i did have 2 bites down the right hand margin and had 2 small carp but that was the only bites i had down the margins. no one seemed to upset when the all out was called as most had struggled, the beast nextdoor had taken 4 carp on catmeat so it was looking dodgy, the scales would tell.
as expected even paul elmes couldnt cock peg 17 up and won with 35.1 on mainly soft pellet fished at 11 mtrs, he also had top silvers weight with 19.9
2nd gary bedford 24.2 peg 8
3rd glen calvert 22.7 peg 30
4th dave roper 21.14 peg 25
5th rod (i aint got 10lb lol)wooten 19.2 peg 31
6th john grey and me with 12.12 john was on 2
john grey was first in the silvers by default with 12.2 giving me second in the silvers with 8.4
i hope the water colours up a bit by next week or we will be in for another tough day

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

viaduct silvers match

well i nearly drew for myself today, steve jackson pulled out 2 tickets so i took one off him , steve ended up on 112 and me in 111, steve long really should learn how to shuffle them up , but i wasnt to dissapointed as 110,111 and 112 are good silvers pegs as the weather cools and with will bohne on 110 it was going to be interesting as both steve and will are good at silvering. i set up 2 rigs, both on .10 with a size 18 6313 , one was a 4x14 for caster at 6 mtrs and the other a .5 to fish caster over g bait at 13 mtrs. at the start i cupped in some casters at 6 mtrs and 3 balls of caster laced g bait at 13 mtrs. starting at 6 mtrs it didnt take long for the small roach to arrive , but in the first 90 mins i did have a few skimmers up to 1 1/2 before that line went hard , a switch to the 13 mtr line saw several more skimmers to 2lb, a look back on the short line and i had a tench and skimmers, oh yes and a carp aswell, the turning point of the match for me was when i started potting grounbait onto the short line and that really switched the inside line on for some quality in the shape of some more tench and skimmers and a couple of perch, so it was a case of switching between the 2 lines , with the fish coming straight back over the g bait almost as soon as it was cupped in, steve jackson on my right on 112 had really struggled as the chopped worm approach didnt seem to be working as he was really struggling and only ending up with about 8lb, he did put some cereal in about halfway through but i think he had missed the boat by then, whereas will on 110 had fished fairly similarly to me with caster short , g bait long but he had the advantage of a good margin to his left which yielded some nice perch for him up to about 2 1/2 lb. we had a real peg to peg battle and by the end will was convinced i had beaten him while i thought he had done me.
will was first to weigh on our lake and put 41.1 on the scales, i must admit i thought that would be enough especially as my elastic snapped a couple of minutes from the end while i was playing a tench , but i just had enough as my net went 43.9 for first on the day with will bohne second with his 41.1 ,you really must try harder will as thats the second silvers match on the trot i have i have cut you to pieces off the next peg(lol)
3rd mash on peg 128 with 39.13
4th kev newman 27.9 peg 118
5th martin lenaghan 24.8 peg 99
6th john green and steve kedge with 21.7
and i nearly forgot to say i caught all my fish on single caster.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

teams of 4,s rnd 4 landsend

with another bright day forcast i thought it may fish quite hard but yet again i neednt have worried as all 4 lakes fished really well.
the team draw found me pushing my kit up to johns water which is lake 3 and round the right hand bank to 58, a good peg which i have never drawn so i was looking forward to it, to be honest with only 11 anglers on each lake there werent any bad pegs in today. the main area where you tend to catch in this peg is at 14 mtrs at 1 o,clock, so i set up a 4x12 rig on .14 which i was going to fish at 1 and 2.
a 4x12 with an 18 on .10 for 6 mtrs and caster, and 2 4x12 rigs one for the island and one for my right hand margin in front of 57 by some brambles.
on the whistle i cupped in caster at 6 mtrs and to the island and cupped in corn and micro,s at 1 and 2 and in the margins , also fed some casters to my left at 3 mtrs by some more brambles.
starting on the caster at 6 mtrs i was soon catching roach, crucians and a coupl;e of skimmers aswell as 1 carp and i lost another, all of a sudden and there was 90 mins gone and i had about 10lb of silvers and a carp in the net, i had a look to my left and had a 3lb carp, but that was the only one the only other fish i had there were a few small chub, off to the island and all i had there was a chub ,a ide and a small skimmer and got plagued by small fish. a look at 1 and a lost fouler, then i went to the 2 o,clock line and had a couple of carp on corn, i went to my right hand margin and had 3 carp in three put ins, then i think i made a mistake as i came off that line and i think it may have paid me to stay on it and plunder it a bit more as i was getting bites quickly and it never seemed to be as good , i had to keep feeding and rotating round all the areas of my swim to keep getting odd bites, i ended up with 13 carp and 15 lb of silvers for a total of 77.14 and 3rd on my lake, the match was won by by bristols finest auto electrician with 136.6 on peg 42 with all his fish taking banded pellet at 14 mtrs towards the island.
2nd was rod wootten with 94.14 on peg 7 again on hard pellet
3rd dave roper on 31 with 89.10
4th ryan shipp 80.10 peg 68
5th t rixon 77.14 peg 58
6th and let that be a lesson to you des shipp 77.10 peg 25(lol so i had to beat him off a different lake)
tom thick 49.4 on peg 40 of mainly f1,s on soft pellet at 13 mtrs
2nd in silvers des shipp 30.2
teams on the day
westerliegh 37
matts maulers 29
avon angling 26
philtone 25
thyers 25
g b electrical 24
keyford 23
aa select 21
tims tarts 21
dynamite 20
charlies angels 13
overall lge
weaterliegh 40 1/2
philtone 34 1/2
dynamite 27 1/2
avon angling 26 1/2
gb electrical 26
keyford 25 1/2
thyers 25
matts maulers 22 1/2
tims tarts 16 1/2
charlies angels 12
aa (still not)select 7 1/2
the lakes fished really well as there was an average weight of just over 44lb per man.even bob gullicks carp avoidance tactics couldnt knock the averages to much , even his prowess as a self proclaimed silver ace couldnt help, but someone had to come last didnt they, and his 12lb of blips looked pretty though. it makes a change to write about someone other than the shrimp who managed nearly 35lb off peg 72 lake 4(sydneys)he was only 10lb off the average, its good to see him improving.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

weds landsend

i let fabio draw for me today in the vain hope that he woyuld draw me 31 , as he has a knack of drawing it all the time, but it wasnt to be, i ended up with 40 , right lake ,wrong end. it is a corner peg so i had a good margin to fish to, plus a bush to my left which can hold some good perch, chub and odd carp, so i set up a 4x14 with an 18 6313 to .10 for the bush , a 4x14 with a 16 6313 on .12 to fish at the bottom of the margin shelf and a 4x12 with a 16 on .12 for the top of the shelf.
at the start i cupped in some soaked micro,s and 4,s at the bottom of the shelf, and to the left in open water, some caster and corn on top of the shelf and began feeding some casters at 3 mtrs by the bush.
starting at the bottom of the shelf at 16 mtrs with corn on the hook i hokked a carp first drop, shame it was in the tail, after a 5 min tussle a 6 pounder was safely reversed into the net, back out with corn and 10 mins later i was in again , but this one did me in the steel cage that holds the hay bales, after that it went quiet so i re fed and went to the open water, that was crap aswell with only 1 f1 to show for my efforts, so i refed that line and got the bush rig out, i had 6 quick perch up to about 1 1/2 lb before tat went quiet, back out to 16 at the bottom of the shelf and another f1 on soft pellet, but it seemed impossible to string any bites together,i stopped feeding pellets and started putting casters on all lines and that seemed to improve things with more perch and f1,s , but no more carp, so it was a heads down and try and pick up some silver coin, but i could only get one fish then have to go some where else and get another, hard work but enjoyable, the fish switched on a bit towards the end as i had some more chud ,perch and 2 carp on the top of the shelf in the last hour, with all the fish coming on single caster, there were a lot of fish taken on caster on both lakes today so the teams of 4,s at the weekend may be a caster match, saying that though nick duckett won today on 31(the peg i wanted)with 59.14 with all his fish taking 6mm hard pellet at 16 mtrs
2nd jamie brown 55.3 on peg 28 on caster
3rd kevin molten 52.9 peg 35 worm and caster
4th mike nicholls 45.4 peg 5 soft pellet i think
5th tony rixon 42lb
6th craig edmunds 37.10 peg 16 caster
silvers went to kev molten with 35 lb but as he framed, first in the silvers went to john(the gimp)bradford with 26.4 on peg 13, he had 8 tench plus bits for 26.4, and i picked up second in the silvers with 25.11

Sunday, 17 October 2010

landsend individual league round 1

with the first proper frost of the year ,it may have been hard today, but it turned out ok.
we had 39 booked in and paid, or so i thought , that was until pete nurse turned up and i never had him down(i,m going to have to think about that one), as i was one short it didnt matter to much today, i may have to put 14 on one lake, i will check with the other anglers in that section before i make a desision(thats spelt wrong i know) but it will up the payout on that lake.
back to the draw and lofty radford drew for me and gave me peg 3 on the match lake , which gave most people a laugh as it aint to good at the mo, with it being so cold i expected the fish to feed best on the other side of the lake as it had the sun on it and would warm up more, whereas my peg would be in the shade all day.
i decided to go with an all caster attack as i thought it would be important to get bites all day, so i set up a .5 grm to fish down to my right by a bush with a 16 6313 on .12 , and it would do for 3 mtrs straight in front as it was the same depth.
a .3 rig with an 18 6313 to .10 for 11 mtrs, and a 4x12 rig to fish corn and soft pellet at 10 and 2 at 14 mtrs with a 16 hook on .12. all quite light gear but i just wanted to make sure i got bites and with only 6 and 8 elastics i fancied my chances of landing most things i hooked.
at the start i cupped in some caster at 11 mtrs , some micros at 10 and 2 and began loosefeeding at 3 mtrs and down the margin, starting at 11 mtrs i was soon getting small roach ,then i had a couple of perch to about a pound, these fish really switch on at this venue as the water starts to clear and cool, with 3lb fish quite common and odd fish to 4lb taken every year, by kindering a few casters in after each fish it was possible to get fairly regular bites , but the perch were on the small side.
if i could keep them going i thought i might stand a good chance of winning the lake silvers, but i new that i would have my work cut out as mat(genghis khan)tomes was on 18 and he has been on fire lately for the silvers winning it 10 times on the trot (but i did think it would be to much for him as there were more than 5 fishing).
after an hour i had a quick look over the micros with corn on the hook, but i only managedv one bite and that resulted in a 5 pounder in the tail which ran me ragged on light gear but it ended up in the net. back to 11 mtrs and some more perch and a nice ide of about 2lb , i had a look at 3 mtrs and lost a good carp first drop then no more bites there, a look down the margin produced 2 perch, then nothing, so back out to 11 mtrs , then i started hooking carp , and landing them even on the .10 .
about 2 hours from the end i decided to make up a rig to fish to the reeds on the island, so while i was doing that i dropped the 3 mtr rig in and started to put the other rig together, i just about managed to put the line through the float and the float went and a was attached to a 7 pounder, no more bites there so it was across with the island rig on double caster, i had cupped some bait over there before i made the rig up so i wasnt to suprised when the float went and i had a 3lb carp, next drop a perch then a good f1 and that was my lot over there, i did get 2 carp down the edge and a couple more at 11 mtrs , so i ended up with8 carp plus silvers,
my silvers went 15.6 and the carp went37.6 for 3rd on the lake ,but a section win to start the league, i would of had a better silvers weight but i missed the net with a pound plus perch as it kicked and spiked me as i was putting it in the net and i dropped it the wrong side if the net ring
top 3 on the speci
1st n duckett 65.11 peg 33
2nd nick merry 60.14 peg28
3rd dave hodgson 37.1
silvers dean malin 28.12 peg 35
top 3 match lake
1st adrian clarke 65.4 peg 21
2nd paul elmes 60.12 peg 24
3rd tony rixon 52.12 peg 3
andy france 15.15(that perch did cost me)
top 3 john,s water
1st james withers 76.6 peg 42
2nd mark poppleton 60.6 peg 50
3rd nick collier 51.4 peg 68
tony page 19.6 peg62
oh and i nearly forgot to say that mat tomes one trick pony has been taken to the knackers yard and shot , as he was last but one on peg 18 with 7lb of silvers. back to the drawing board me thinks matty

Saturday, 16 October 2010

viaduct silver fish final

firstly i must apologise as i didnt hang around to get the final result as i had to get home, i will get the result in the week and put it on then.
back to the draw and 99 stuck to my hand, not the draw i wanted as everyone thought cambell would be the place to be, oh well never mind, and i was in good company section wise with adam palmer on my right and will bohne on my left, and with tom chopsy thick and martin preston in the section it was never going to be easy.
i set up a 4x14 rig for 5 mtrs with an 18 6313 on .10.
and a 4x14 for 13 and 16 mtrs with an 18 to .10 and a 4x16 with a 16 on inm case it went well.
at the start i cupped in some casters with a few chopped worms at 5 mtrs, 2 balls of g bait at 13 mtrs and 1 ball at 16, not a repeat of the 9 balls i put on weds.
starting at 5 mtrs it was rteally slow with only a 6oz perch and a small roach to show for my efforts, adam to my right started on the feeder and had 3 skimmers in this time, with most people getting odd fish to my right and those to my left only getting blips. adam switched to the pole at 14 mtrs with caster over w&c and began getting skimmers with odd fish up to 3lb. i went out to 13 mtrs and had a ferw skimmers on maggot or caster but it was very slow, and i was several pounds behind adam, so i switched to the 16 mtr line and caught steadily for about 2 hours, nothing big , just skimmers from a few ounces to about a pound and a quarter , iether on single caster or dead maggot , then about 45 mins from the end the swim died , i thought i had caught adam up as i had been catching more fish than him but they were of a smaller stamp and in that last 45 he had a 3 pounder and a pound plus perch , and i pulled out of a 3 pounder 5 mins from the end anmd that cost me picking up , as ended with a few ounces under 25 pounds , adam had 26 lb there was a 26.7 two people with 28 plus and steve kedge won with 29 off peg 130, so it was a good close match with cambell not really the place to draw as the winner could have come from either lake.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

viaduct silvers only

i drew next to gary etheridge today with me on 96 and gary on 97, and he was explaining that i might benefit from some punctuation lessons, he,s probably right as i have had a few people tell me they get a bit breathless by the time they have finished reading,so, i, will,give, it,a,go, NOT, JUST TAKE A BIGGER BREATH.
i really wanted to draw on cambell, but as there were only 8 pegs being used on cambell as there was a small match on the far bank, the other 16 anglers were on cary so thats where i was as i,ve said i had gary on 97 and tom magernal on 94, all flying carp pegs but also reasonable skimmer pegs, as long as the carp dont get in the way.
just 2 rigs to start both 4x16 with middy 6313 size 16 to .12, one to fish at 5 mtrs with caster and bird food and one to fish at 13 mtrs over g bait with some worm and caster in it.
at the start i probably all but ruined my peg by potting in 9 balls at 13 mtrs(i still think its warm)and half a pot of worm and caster at 5 mtrs, luckily gary next door was pinning his faith on a mainly pellet approach for the skimmers, hopefully that would keep most of the carp in his peg(and it did).
i did get my first bite after 5 mins on the 5 mtr line but bumped what felt like a decent fish, next bite was a roach , then a 3lb bream which must have jumped 5 or 6 times, making a proper mess of the peg, needless to say it went a bit quiet for a while, so i cupped in a bit more worm and caster, onother coupl;e of small skimmers soon followed, but the bites were very shy, a change to caster bought some roach and small skimmers, a switch to the g bait line at 13 mtrs produced anither 3lb bream but bites were very hard to come by.
abouit halfway through i got off my box and made up a lighter rig with an 18 6313 on .10 to see if it made aq difference, and to be honest it seemed to, also switching to maggot on the hook was a lot better, but gary etheridge size roach were being a nuisance, if i dropped the rig in a small roach would nail it, probably attracted by the noise of the rig hitting the water, but by lowering it in quietly 8 times out 10 the bait got to the bottom un molested, by the end of the match i had kept an odd skimmer going in to the net, along with 2 tench and some reasonable roach, at the end i had a look in the net and thought i had about 20lb, tom on 94 was admitting to 25lb but i told him he had over 30 anmd he just gave me that big cheesey smile and laughed, will bohne on 78 had also caught early, but his peg had dried in the second half of the match.
kieth masheeder won with 41.5 on peg 115 cambell mainly skimmers on worm over g bait at 14 mtrs
2nd paul homewood with 35.3 peg 111
3rd tom magernal 34.11 peg 94
4th will bohne 29.7 peg 78
5th paul blake 28.14 peg 110
6th t rixon 22.14 and a default section thanks to tom
and did io mention gary etheridge packed up befor the end as he wasnt prepared to loser anymore rigs and hooks to carp, i did hook 4 carp myself ,losing 3 and landing 1 of about 15lb, the carp[ seemed to be veery active as most people lost or landed several. back down there again on saturday for the silver fish final, i certainly wont be putting 9 balls in this time , and i will be using less bird food and i still want to draw on cambell, and off to landsend sunday for the first round of the individual league

Sunday, 10 October 2010

avalon sunday open

i let dean draw for me today, and he gave me 39, which aint to bad. the good thing about this venue is that you never know where the winner is going to come from. its not like draweing 19 at landsend is it shrimpy, oh i forgot you never won yesterday did you lol .
back to my swim , i set up a paste rig anb a hard pellet rig to fish at 14 mtrs, a corn rig to fish down the edge(never had a bite on that), and a shallow and a deep wag rig for pellet, at the start i cupped some 4,s at 14 mtrs fired some 6,s towards the island and put some 4, s and corn down the margin. beginning on pellet at 14 mtrs the first hour was crap, with only a lost fouler and a skimmer to show for my efforts, a switch to corn on the hook produced 2 carp an 2 skimmers in the next 45 minutes, nick plip plop davidson from keynsham had taken a coupl;e of early fish on the lead on 38 , while clayton hudson on 37 had begun to get bites on the pellet wag, so i followed suite , and was soon getting indications, but the nasty side wind blowing right to left was making it hard as the float was getting pushed through to fast, so if i never had a bite within a few seconds of the float landing it was a waste to leave it any longer so it was wind in feed and cast again, the only person i could see catching was jamie dyte on 42 who was catching on paste at 14 mtrs. i did try the solvite rig but to no avail, it wasnt that i wasnt getting bites it was gettiong annoyed with the fact that i was missing bites, i really must get it sorted before next summer. the deep wag was never going to work as it was blowing through worse than the shallow wag so that was consigned to the bushes , so most of the remainder of the match was spent on the shallow wag, ending the match with 14 carp plus a few bits and bobs i thought i had about 80 lb.
jamie dyte on 42 won with 127.9 mainly on paste but he did get a few on meat
2nd was me with 92.10
3rd went to clayton hudson with 72.2 on peg 37
4th alan oram 65.13 peg 19
5th tony page 65.6 peg 24
6th dean malin 65.4 and he also won the silvers with 11.5 of skimmers on corn on peg 27

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

landsend weds

17 fishing today so mike let us use the match lake and the far bank of the speci , again i fancied the speci but it wasnt to be as dave blakemore drew for me and handed me peg 17, not a bad peg as it has a good depth across by the island(about 18 inches), and an overhanging bush to my right which i caught under last time i drew it, so i set up a 4x10 rig on .16 and an 18 xedion hook for corn down the right, a 4x8 rig to fish banded pellet to the island which was to be a 6 over loose fed 4,s, and a 4x12 rig with a middy 6313 on .12 to use soft pellet over softened 3,s at 5mtrs.
at the start i cupped in some 3,s at 5 mtrs and some 4,s by the island in 2 spots, and some corn and 4,s down the margin. i started at 5 mtrs but but it was very slow, in the first 90 mins all i had was 2 carp ,1 skimmer,1 perch and 1 roach, but there was no activity in the way of bubbles so i decided to go to the island , which i had been feeding(badly)with a catty, after spending the summer firing 6,s about i was having a bit of trouble getting 4,s to where i needed them, by now jamie dyte had begun catching on 19 using meat, which seems to be the in bait at the mo. apart from jamie i didnt nkow who was catching as you cant see anyone else due to the tree,s, and as i couldnt hear to much splashing i thought it might be fishing hard, chris fox had come down to watch as he couldnt fish(no change there i hear you say)due to him having a small op on his hand , and he wasnt allowed to get it wet, but he walked around on the halfway mark and came back saying that it was hard with the speci lake not producing with steve seagar being best with 4 carp on 32, and with mike nicholls being scared to get his extensions out to fish to the bushes on 31 (possibly the best carp peg in the northern hemisphere)it seemed there was all to fish for.i did try in the margins but all i could muster was 4 good skimmers and no carp from there.
so i kept moving my rig with a banded pellet along the far bank picking off the odd fish and managed to end up with 14 carp plis my few skimmers for about 90lb, jamie had 18 carp, dean had 16 and pete sivell had about 8or 9 good fish on paste on peg 21
as it turned out jamie dyte had 94.9 on peg 19 taking most of his fish from the far bank plus an odd one down thi middle ,all taken on meat.
2nd tony rixon 90.1(good guess)
3rd dean malin 79.7 peg 1
4th pete sivell 59 lb peg 21
5th leyton palmer 49.2 peg 29
6th mike(short pole)nicholls 49.1
silvers went the way of the gimp, john bradford with 23.12 off peg 24 ,using caster fished at a variety of lengths.
there,s a match at avalon on sunday 10 am draw book in at the shop on 01179517250

Sunday, 3 October 2010

teams of 4,s avalon round 3

with a strong wind and heavy rain it looked as though we were in for testing time today, cos as we know it can be a tough nut to crack, there a certainly plenty of fish in ther but they can be hard to pin down, but we neednt have worried as it fished very well.
the team draw saw me heading towards peg 23 on the match lake , which is the end peg on the left hand bank, it must be said it is a good draw, for company i had dean on 22 so the pressure was on.
i set up a 1grm rig to fish maggot/corn and soft pellet over micro,s at 14mtrs and a corn rig to go into the left hand margin at 13 and 14 mtrs, at the start i cupped in some micro,s at 14mtrs at 10 and 2 o,clock and put some corn and 4,s into the margin.
it started slow with just a few small skimmers on maggot and corn over the micro,s and even deans feeder approach was slow to get going. after the first hour it was into the margins with corn, and i had a couple of carp on this but it was a bit slow, there seemes to be some fish ther but it didnt seem right, so i decided to change to a pellet approach in the same spots, so i put some 6,s in changed the hook and went back in with a banded 8, that seemed better as i didnt seem to be getting any bites off silvers as i was with corn on the hook, i took another couple at 13 mtrs and at 14 mtrs, i kept seeing a bit of reed movement at 16 mtrs so with 2 hours to go i set up a 4x14 rig to fish tight to the reeds, by cupping in some 6,s in and just fishing for one fish at a time i finished up with 14 carp which i thought would go about 65lb, dean had 10 carp but also about 8 pasties and some skimmers foe about the same weight buty i thought his small fish would give him the edge, and that was how it turned out with dean having73.5 and me a couple of ounces short of 71.
1st on the day was vic bush who had 25 carp on the feeder from peg 5 on the speci(heath)lake for 128.5
2nd (at last)ron hardiman with 104lb on peg 11 speci lake
3rd steve mayo 85.14 on peg 30 main lake
4th craig(trig)ebmunds 81.11 peg 9 main lake
5th james brown 76.9 peg 12 speci
6th dean malin 73.5
silvers went to mike nicholls on the silvers hot peg which is 19 on the main lake, this peg has now won the silvers 3 matches on the trot, very strange. mike had 17.2
2nd went to vince shipp 15.12 on peg 13 main lake
teams on the day
philtone printers 39
avon angling 33
westerliegh 28
dynamite 26
keyford 26
tims tarts 25
thyers 24
charlies angels 24
gb electrical 18
mats maulers 13
avon angling select 8
westerliegh 29.5
philtone printers 27
dynamite 26.5
keyford 21.5
gb electrical 20
avon angling 17.5
thyers 15.5
tims tarts12.5
mats maulers 12.5
charlies angels 10.5
avon angling(not so )select 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

viaduct winners final

this match has a winners pot of £1000 and all the people fishing were those that had won an open match of over 10 pegs, so it was a who,s who of viaduct regulars making it hard to win. i decided to wait till the end to draw for a ghange, and i ended up on 98 cary, not the draw i really wanted as me and most others fancied a draw on cambell, it was going to be a hard section to win as i had paul greenwood, paul garrett, ray hayward and dick bull to beat so it wasnt going to be easy, at the start i cupped in some 8,s at 16 mtrs and fired some out on the wag line at 30 mtrs. i began on the pole with an 8mm hair rigged pellet on a 4x12 rig on .18 with a 16 b960. everyone around me started on the lead, i hope i hadnt made a was a slow start for me and the anglers to my left, and in the first 90 mins i had 3 carp and 2 skimmers which was on a par with most in my section. dan squires on 97 which was in the next section was catching steadily on paste on the lead, by the halfway mark he had 9 or 10 in the net, then he snapped his net handle so i lent him my special unlucky net handle and he only had 2 more for the rest of the match, the second half of the match for me was spent on the wag on the deck with 8mm pellet and i managed another 11 carp giving me 14 but the section was going to be close as ray hayward was admitting to 12 or 13 on 102, luckily for me paul greemwood next to me on 99 fished a nice tidy match probably too nice and tidy cos he does look good catching fxxx all, as the scales came round it soon became apparent that the lakes had fished quite hard as the ginger prince aka andy power had won on 86 with 165.3 with about a 50 50 split on the pole and straight lead so he was a grand better off.
2nd went to marc illingworth on 128 with 136.2
3rd t gilbert 120.15 peg 118
4th tony rixon 115.12 peg 98
5th roy worth 112.5 peg 114
6th tim(64 turns)pallant 109.9
no silvers today