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Monday, 31 August 2015

Bank holiday weekend, double blog it is then

first match was on Sunday and it was the last of the float only leagues at viaduct on Campbell and Cary, twenty on each, two no shows today , one with a valid excuse and the other I don't have a clue about, all it takes is a txt or a call to say they can't make it , rather than having me waiting outside his house for no reason it seems, any way that's enough of me griping . Rightly or wrongly I let Chris fox draw for me today and he handed me peg 102 on Cary which is the aerater peg, not to bad a draw , I was lying joint second going into this match and nothing less than a section win was needed to keep me there , but I was in a section with Shaun Townsend and steve tucker who were on the same points as me , but I had a big weight advantage over them. It was an interesting if a bit annoying match due to the foulers but we were all suffering the same. I had a few on the wag , one on meat and some shallow and deep on the long pole line , ending up with 14 carp and double figures of skimmers , both Shaun and Neil mercer both had 14 carp as well but I was a bit worried as mine seemed to be on the small side for this lake , where they normally average 10 lb or more but mine certainly didn't today , I hoped the skims would make the difference, but alas no Niels 14 fish went 159lb , Shaun's went 158lb and mine went 121lb and skimmers went 15lb for 136 total and third in section, I thought I may have done just enough  to scrape into the overall monies, trig won the match off peg 76 with 175.4 , giving him a maximum section point of 25 so he also won the league , well done to him , he is certainly flying this year .
2nd Chris fox on 115 with 173.13
3rd Chris Davis on 116 with 170.13
4th steve seater on 118 with 162.2
5th niel mercer on 97 with 159.11
6th Shaun Townsend on 100 with 158.3
Gordon canning on 127 with 31.5
Craig Edmunds 25 pts
Tim ford 24 Pte
Chris Davis 23pts 794lb
Shaun Townsend 23 pts 540lb
Tony Rixon 22pts 738lb
Gary Oshea 22pts 428lb
Bank holiday Monday , Gary wall memorial match, landsend fishery.
We had 28 fishing today so Mike let us put 14 on match and number three, so plenty of room, I waited till nearly the end to draw and pulled peg 7 for myself , it's a peg I enjoy but it tends to be a bit of a slow burner with the swim tending to get stronger the longer the match goes on, and today was no different  ,it is normally possible to catch over against the island on the shelf , but today they didn't really want it there or it could have been the fish didn't want to be around this side  the island , I did start catching late but it was a 16 mtr reach to my left and the corner of the island , but it didn't
happen until I really upped the feed , forcing it a bit , but it seemed to have the desired effect as more fish were turning up in the shallow water , and anton page who was opposite me on the other side of the island really began to struggle , I looked as though the fish had come round for some grub, but anton looked to have done enough as he had been catching steadily all match,
In fact he had done enough and won with 197.2, catching shallow towards the island on banded pellet
2nd Tom mangnall on 21 with 179.4
3rd Craig Edmunds on 62 with 154.7
4th Russ. Peck on 15 with 149.11
5th Nick duckett on 19 with 136.2
6th Ken rayner on 13 with 135.13
7th Alan roam on 1 with 99lb
8th me with 98lb
Silvers went Chris fox on 9 with 30.4 of skimmers on his top kit just in front of his nets on double caster

Friday, 28 August 2015

Harescombe fishery near glos

first time visit to this fishery with one of the best views about , you can see clear across to the malverns and on a good day from the top top lake you can see the black hills , now that's a good view.
I travelled up with Mike Nichols and we arrived in plenty of time to to sample the on site brekkie , which to be fair was not to bad, I don't know to much about the lake as far as fliers go but it seems the pegs closest to the cafe where the banks slipped in seem to be the best , so  we fancied those two swims , 29 and 30 with the former being first choice, we were nearly last to draw , Mike drew 30 and fellow Bristol traveller Ray cooper pulled 29, me I had 17 disc in my hand which was at the other end of the lake, but I did have an empty peg each side , not to convinced this was good or just a reflection on the swim, but after a quick chat with terry girdlestone, who is a regular at the fishery, and I haven't seen for probably over twenty years, he had fished an 80 peg match at Evesham the day before and won his section with one chub for 1 1/2 lb and the match was only won with 4lb so that was hard then.
Back to today and it's really an f1 venue with a few proper carp thrown in for good measure as well as some barbel , chub and skimmers, but to do well it's case of targeting the "carp" variants, rigs today were a margin rig , a depth rig for 5 meters , a depth rig for over against the island and a shallow rig to use on both lines, most of the locals were using the jigga rig to fish up in the water, not a rig I have tried or seen used so today would be interesting, at the start I began on the deck at 5 mtrs, first drop a skimmer then an f1, followed by a few more variants, the match flew by really as with f1 fishing you are always busy , swapping between lines , depths etc,  I seemed to be doing ok at my end of the lake but Andy t on end peg closest to the land slip on my bank (24) was catching steadily on the jiggy rig, also I could just about see Mike up on 30 with his elastic out , also venue ace terry girdlestone on 6 was getting the pellet feeder to work well, I was getting bites on all lines apart from the margin where I had one bite and one f1, by the end I reckoned on over 50lb but by how much I had no idea, all I new was that I had had an enjoyable day with my biggest fish being about 2lb so plenty of bites, I only fished hard pellet , feeding 4,s and fishing various sizes over the top, as usual I can't stop myself feeding to much which makes catching these canny little fish sometimes difficult, and today was no exception lol.
First in the day was Andy t who is the fishery laccy with 109.10 of mainly f1,s on the jigga
2nd terry girdlestone on peg 6 with 86.5 of feeder snared fish
3rd Mike Nichols on 30 with 69.9
4th me with 67.10
5th Ray cooper on 30 with 61.11
6th s brown with 43.7 on peg 12 ish
It's a nice venue and I will be back but not for a couple of weeks though.
This weekend I have the last round of the float only league at viaduct on Campbell and Cary , I do have a few spaces to fill so ring me on 07974807941 or ring me in veals on 01179260790 to book a space.
Monday its the annual Gary wall memorial match at lands end fishery near cheddar to book in again you can contact me on the above numbers or ring Mike at the fishery on 07977545882 to book a place

Friday, 21 August 2015

Avalon Thursday costcutter

A better turnout today with 16 fishing , including fishery boss mr bush as he had managed to blah Martin heard into doing his deliveries, we were all on the right hand bank , 23 to 48, it doesn't seem to matter to much on this venue as the winners always come from different areas and pegs so you very rarely see to much moaning after the draw. Ray cooper drew for me and handed me peg 40 which is the first peg on the second island, a good carp peg for the pellet wag and lead also the long pole and paste can be good, but not for me that one , I had decided on a slightly easier day and thought a silvers day was in order, so I set up a .6g wire stem Corby bodied float with a 16 middy 6313 hook on .12 yuki line to fish at 4 and 11 meters with worm over ground bait with some chopped worm and caster in the mix, but I couldn't resist a long pole line at 16 meters for hard pellet over loose fed 6,s, so a shallow and deep rig for out there aswell, I was in a line with 4 other anglers all targeting silvers in the shape of Nigel Bartlett on 39, john fuidge on 38 and Vic on 37 , so it was a bit of a hard area to be in, luckily myself and Vic had an empty peg next to us ,which I thought and eventually may of made a difference by the end, at the start I put one ball at 4 meters and 2 at 11 and a big cup of 6,s at 16 mtrs , the long pellet line fizzed up almost immediate ,but I largely left that alone , I did get one good skimmer from there and lost a couple of carp but most of the day was spent on the two shorter lines fishing fairly large pieces of dendra, but it was a bit of a waiting game for a proper bite, although there seemed to be plenty of fish which were happy to sit off the deck , but. Were not easy to tempt even fishing small pieces of worm or maggot or caster, small roach and perch were. Getting to it first , so back on the deck with the bigger pieces of worm and waiting, most of the bites were good lift bites with the fishing holding the bait off the bottom , so the double bulk was working well, by the end I new I had beaten Nigel due to the fact he kept letting his skimmers off the hook, also john had strugglers to nail any quality skimmers down, Vic next to him was my biggest threat , he had caught well so it may have been close between us, overall it fished well throughout with no one running away with it , first on the day went to Craig edmunds apprentice in the shape of Paul Elmer's on peg 44 with 109.10 mainly on paste at 14 mtrs but he did get a few on the pellet wag aswell
2nd was mike west on 29 with 99.4
3rd glen bailey on 30 with 97.5
4th Alan roam on 32 with 88.4
5th ray cooper on 24 with 84.14
6th Vic bush on 37 with 84.13
Me with 39.8 of quality skimmers mainly
And Vic had 32.12

Monday, 17 August 2015

Sunday open landsend fishery

Just about enough of us today to use the match lake and half of number 3 lake (johns water). Not really minding where I drew I waited for the last ticket and opened up 17 on the match lake , for company I had venue regular Andy he brow on 19 and the complan kid Adrian Jeffery on 15 so good company .
Rigs today were a shallow stalker (never caught on) a margin rig for pellet in my right hand margin in about 8/10 inches of water, a meat rig for 6 meters at 10 and 2 o,clock angles and a pellet rig for the far side against the island where it was about 15 inches deep. At the start I fed some 6,s into the margin , started catapulting some to the far side , but started on the meat lines, it took about 20 mins to land my first carp, whereas Andy had started against the island and was probably 3 or 4 fish up on me already so I was playing catchup already, I stayed with the meat lines for a little over an hour but with Andy still catching and with the close lines not going well enough to keep up I had to change, I could see odd fish in the margins so I went down there first and was rewarded with an 8lb fish, although I was behind Andy I thought my fish looked a tad bigger than his island fish, so I wasn't a million miles behind, but as expected the margins were proving difficult to catch well as it was so shallow , so most of the match was spent swapping between the island and the margin, but only going into the margin when I saw some fish arrive, Paul Elmer's up on 13 was catching well but judging by the Chris fox Tourette's type outbursts he was losing some aswell, as for the third lake I thought it may be fishing well as no one was bank walking , I caught steadily up to the end with the swim getting better towards the end, it had been a bit of a nip and tuck with Andy on 19 but. With me possibly having the better finish I thought I may have just edged it, we were both admitting to 160lb but I hoped my nets would go a bit more, as it turned out I did just beat him by 10 ish as my nets went 188lb and that was going over in one net by ten pounds, and I think I only had 15 or 16 fish in that net.
I must apologise for not having the correct weights as I lost the weigh sheets somewhere between the fishery and home ,
1st on the day went to the always inform Craig edmunds with 250lb off peg 51, he had about 60 carp on pellet across and down his margin
2nd was me with 188lb
3rd Andy hembrow with 178lb
4th Paul Elmes on 13 with 146lb
5th Dave roper on 55 with 145lb
6th glen bailey 141lb on 46
7th mike Nicholls on 7 with 104lb
Silvers went to rod Wooten on 5 with 25lb
Thursday I am running another at Avalon , it's the normal 9.30 draw so ring or text me on 07974807941 to book in or you can always ring me in Veals on 01179260790.
Rules as last time no fishing or feeding of any buoyant or floating baits including bread and all imitations and artificials

Monday, 10 August 2015

Short pole series final match

Back to chilton trinity again for this final match, I had little or no chance of framing overall in the series unless all the people above failed to show and I still won my section, so I thought I would fish for silvers today as there was an end of league final payment for the best silvers weight .
I let misha draw for me again and I was hoping to avoid the top bank, and for once she didn't disappoint , and handed me 23 , two pegs out of the corner, for company I had mike (square ass) nicholls on another corner peg on 22 and Tim ford on 24. Mike was going into this match at the top of the league and needed at least a second in section to sow the league up , but with Craig Edmunds in his section on 14 second was probably the best result he could get as trig has been on fire all summer. With a silvers approach in mind I set up a .6g rig to fish worm and caster over groundbait, a caster rig for top set range for caster and a pellet rig for the margins each side. At the start is popped in 2 balls at max pole range(6mtrs) laced with worm and caster, I made the balls hard as it was about 7 foot deep. Fed a few pellets each side and started on the short caster rig, had a few small roach quickly but with copious amounts of fizz developing over the g bait, I was soon shipping out with a piece of worm on the hook, but nothing happened, hmm. By now trig opposite on 14 was beginning to catch , and it seemed everywhere he decided to fish he was catching a carp, and as far as I could see no one else was getting much joy. My section was turning into a bit of a mare as I could catch a thing , and to make matters worse there were some fish coming out on paste around me , I,m not going to bore you with to much detail of my match as nothing really happened, the silvers never showed for  me and apart for two carp from the margins my day was a monumental none event , trig caught right to the end, mike to my right struggled and Tim ford and glen bailey to my left battled it out for the section with a bit of a paste fest. By the end it was obvious trig had sealed the match and series as mike was looking at third in section at best as kev molten on 17 had caught well.
1st on the day went to trig with 135.6 on peg 14 catching all his fish on banded pellet, he also won the knockout and the biggest weight in the series aswell as cruising to an easy win in the overalls,
So well done to him, Avon angling trained is all I can say.
2nd kev molten on 17 with 81.14
3rd Tom mangnall on 7 with 64.13
4th Tim ford on 24 with 56.10
5th mike west (think) 52.12
6th glen bailey with 50plus something
Paul faieres on 12 with 22.10
Craig Edmunds
Mike nicholls
Paul elmes
Chris fox
Bela bakos
It turned out to be a good series but not for me , with 28 fishing it was popular and the venue is booked again for next year on the same dates, so book early to avoid disappointment.
Next Sunday I am running a match at landsend fishery on the match lake and number 3(johns water),
So to book ring or txt me on 07974807941 , also the annual gary wall memorial match is being run at the fishery on Monday 31 August (bank holiday Monday) so again to book in ring or txt me or ring mike at the fishery on 07977545882 to book in.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Thursday costcutter , avalon

Not to bad a turnout today with 15 of us , just enough for the left hand bank, 1 to 23 . I let kev molten draw for me , I was hoping to avoid peg 3 but luckily rich Coles drew that one , phew, so he gives me peg 1 instead, not as bad as three but still a bit of an all or nothing peg recently, with more emphasis on the nothing , at least it was a short walk, all of 20 mtrs from the van door, I fancied a day trying to catch the some of the lakes big skimmer population so I was armed with worms, casters and groundbait for that, plus the obligutary 6 and 8mm pellets for feeding at 16 mtrs in front and up the end bank margin, I set a .6 rig for the skimmers with a 16 middy 6313 hook to .12 yuki line which I must say seems very good especially as it mikes up spot on but is very strong (4lb).
Plus pellet rigs for 16 mtrs in front and a shallow and on the deck peg against the edge bank.
At the start I cupped in one ball of g bait at 6 mtrs and three at 11 mtrs and fed some pellets onto the pellet lines.
Beginning at 6 mtrs I never had a bite for 20 mins even though there were fish blowing over both groundbait lines , the first bite was a decent skimmer of about 2lb, false dawn !!!. By now there were some slurping noises coming from the end bank but I ignored them as they would stay there as long as I kept feeding  them. Being on peg 1 means I couldn't see another soul except for the bailiffs opposite so I couldn't gauge what was happening , I spent far to long on the silvers , I am convinced they were over the groundbait as the float was moving up and down indicating something was in residence, but I couldn't get them to take the bait , I tried off the deck , on the drop, smaller baits but that just attracted small roach, the best approach was to sit and wait with a big bit of dendra on the hook, when it did go to the end bank I had a quick run of small 1lb plus carp shallow before they disappeared , so I rested that and went back over the g bait for another skimmer bringing my tally to 12 good skims for 20 odd pounds, back to the end bank but on the deck there now as the shallow fish soon wished up to having a pole tip over there heads, but I caught steadily for the last 90 mins but they were still small with more over under 2lb than over, I did get one 6lb fish and a few between 2 and 4 but the majority being under 2lb , I ended up with 18 carp for 47.8 and the 12 skimmers went 22.2 for 69.10 only good enough for 5th, I cocked up really as I should have fished more up the end bank , as I could only seem to get one skimmer at a time then have to wait ages for another bite, so if I had switched between the two lines in between the skimmers I would probably have got in the money , but I will never know.
1st went to glen"2 pots" bailey up on 22 with a very good 153.8 on his one and only trick ,PASTE.
Oh yes and he likes lead chucking, he also won the silvers with 26 .4 of accidental skimmers so FairPlay to him as he was miles ahead of the chasing pack.
2nd was another paste angler in the shape of bridgwaters roads minister mike west with 85.3 on peg 9
3rd Adrian jeffery on peg 16(again) with 72.10
4th gary(Ned) flinders on peg 19 with 72.5
5th me with 69.10 , one or two mre carp would have put me third
6th ray white on 6 with 66.9
Silvers by default went to ziggy slowinski with 25.8 on peg 12 closely followed by mike west on peg 20 with 25lb.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Float only league , penultimate round

Off to the sedges for this one and with 40 fishing(well 39 as someone forgot!!!!!). So both big lakes being used , tile and brick, I don't normally mind where I draw on these lakes but a corner would be nice, I nearly got my wish , I let kev molten draw for me and he handed me 12, one off the corner , that was going to be occupied by a Liverpudlian escapee in the shape of mike walker. On the other side I was in for a quite day (not ) as Clint wojtyla was my other neighbour , After watching a fine display of float levering on Thursday I set up a depth wag, but in this league it's a 12 inch max over depth and nothing more than one no8 shot to be on the bottom. Other rigs were a margin meat rig , no bites on that , a depth meat rig for 6 mtrs , never tried as there was a total lack of bubbles there , then it was two pellet rigs for 14 mtrs , one deep and one shallow.
At the start I fed all lines and began on the wag at 25 mtrs, I had a bite first chuck and lost a fouler , that was the only action at that distance, Clint managed a few on the proper shallow wag , but the fish on this lake can some days be very wise to this tactic, whereas on tile lake with its islands the fish seem happier to feed with the refuge afforded by the islands.
The rest of my match was spent at 14 mtrs both shallow and deep, getting odd fish with the shallow rig being the most successful , I tried not to look to my right to much as mike was catching steadily on banded pellet down his end bank margin so that was the section and probably the match sorted for him, so damage limitation was called for with a section second just about needed to keep me in the hunt for league overall monies , it was a case of just plugging away on the long line picking off odd fish , towards the end it all went a bit pear shaped where I couldn't get a bite shallow and all I could connect with on the deck were foulers, I did get one right on the whistle shallow to end on 17 carp , one tench and two skimmers for somewhere just over 100lb, but as expected I was mile behind mike, but I thought I had beaten Clint aswell as vic bush and Leon Hubbard in the section ,
1st as expected went to mike walker who said after the match he had 190lb on the clicker and fair play or him he weighed 187.4, with all his fish bar one on the wag early came for his end bank swim.
2nd opposite mike on 10 was nick chedzoy with 146.11
3rd and behind nick on peg 31 on tile lake was Gary oshea with 133.1
4th Chris Davis on 34 with 119.11
5th t rixon  114.9 peg 12
6th Tim ford on 40 with 88.3
Vic bush on 14 with 33.5 of skimmers on his favoured chopped worm and caster with a bit of groundbait
2nd in silvers went to the old warrior mike nicholls on 19 with 30.6 catching skimmers late on.
Matches this week are Avalon on Thursday , it's an any method match but with a blanket ban on all floating and buoyant baits real or artificial including bread.
Sunday it's off to chilton trinity for the last round of the short pole series, I do have at least 2 spaces for that one , then I am running one at landsend on the 16 so to book in for any of these give me a ring or txt on 07974807941 to book in of ring me at veals on 01179260790, apart from Thursday when I,m not in the shop.
A special mention for Clayton Hudson who today won his section making it his first pickup in 12 months, good to see you got your mojo back, but I must say you are probably the worst drawer in have ever seen.