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Sunday, 27 November 2011

plantatioin main lake

this was a match organised by the cornish armed robber ,darren(nuddy)vowles and with 21 fishing this is the limit sensibly for this lake even though there are 42 swims on it there are to many corners so you would find yourself sword fencing with the anglers around you if they were all put in. into the draw and out comes 33 which is on the far sa side sat in a bay all by yourself, it can be good as long as the fish decide to go in there but the fish have been sat on pegs 1 to 8 mainly for the last month or so , so i didnt hold out much hope, rod wootten did say that i may catch some long up the left hand margin to the empty peg so i set up a 4x12 rig to fish banded pellet and soft pellet over loose fed 4,s, then a .5 rig with a 16 6313 for soft pellet over softened micro,s at 14 mtrs and a 4x14 with a 18 6313 for caster at 5 mtrs, at the start it didnt take long for the silence to be broken by the crashing of method feeders landing by the islands , i fed my 14 mtr line and fired some 4,s to the empty pallet and started at 5 mtrs on caster and i began getting bites from small(2oz)roach straight away, looking towards the empty swim i half expected ant and dec to appear from the bushes to tell me i was in the middle of a bush tucker trial as the swim had rats running everywhere taking the pellets which overshot the swim,
even though i started at 5mtr it only took 5 mins before i was down to my topset and still getting roach, although i did try the 14 mtr line that only produced 3 small skimmers and 2 tiny carp so that was a non starter as was the empty pallet which gave me a 2lb carp on soft pellet and some roach towards the end on caster so the match was spent on a topset(nice and easy)where i had plenty of small raoch along with one good skimmer, one crucian and a few good perch up to 2 1/2lb for a net of silvers that i thought would go over 2olb
1st on the day went to craig(trigger)edmunds on peg 7 with 94.7 of carp all caught on banded 6mm over loose fed 4,s at 14 mtrs
2nd was fishery ace rod wootten on peg 19 with 67.1 caught the same way as the winner
3rd kev molten 40.15 peg 27 again on hard pellet on the pole
4th steve seager 39.9 peg 5
5th adrian jeffery 38.6 peg 4
6th t rixon 29.3 which included the top silvers weight of 25.12 peg 33
2nd in silvers went to chris davis with 18.4 on peg 8

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

weds at avalon

14 of us here today so we used a bank and a bit so plenty of room, i let roger andoniou draw for me again as he tends to draw fliers, its good to see some old boys out and about ,probably due to the nice weather innit rog. anyway his drawing arm was still ok as he drew 11 for me which is just on the gap in the second island, its a good wag peg aswell as pole so i set up 2 wag rods ,one for shallow and one for on the deck both with b960 size 16,s to .16 for banded 8mm, and with the weather still mild i fully excpected to get some shallow(wrong) and 1 pole rig which was a 4x14 impact 6 with an 18 b960 on .14 again for banded pellet but 6,s over hard 4,s, the islands do need a bit of a tidy up but then again with no one fishing tight in the fish seem to be coming off which makes it easier for everyone, but then again vic couldnt clean the islands as liegh must be applying for planning to turn the speci and syndicate lakes into marina,s as the boats are all on those 2 lakes(lol). for company i had tom thick on 9 so i had to put up with the sickly sweet smell of scopex mixed with the not quite so nice aroma of bullshit from him , and kev molton on 13 who didnt really speak all day, probably due to the fact that i couldnt see who it was there and i thought it was ray white so kev wasnt answering to the name ray.
starting at 16 mtrs with banded 6 over 4,s i hooked my first carp after a couple of minutes and i soon had a nice 9lb common in the net then next drop i had a 4lb bream, after the first hour i had 3 carp and the bream and i had missed a few bites , by now tom was catching skimmers on his soft pellet and micro approach and kev/ray had had 3 carp as well on banded pellet and i couldnt see anyone else due to the bankside growth, my swim seemed to be going quiet so i did my normal thing and upped the feed and things went from bad to worse with no bites , and when i did it was a fouler. about halfway through i left the pole swim and tried the shallow wag , i missed a bite first chuck then hooked one next put in which came adrift halfway back and that was the end of any bites on that , mainly due to the skimmy wind that started and was pushing the float through i tried the deep wag but that was hard to control so i shelved that for now and went back on the pole where i had a couplke more carp and skimmers but no where neat enough to worry tom as he was feeding skimmers and the odd carp into his net the whole time i did get three carp in the last hour on the deep wag rig but tit was to little to late as i ended up with 52.7 for 4th and no coin, first on the day went to craig(trig)edmunds on 19 with 90.6 with his fish being taken on both pole and shallow wag to the island
2nd was tom thick with 69.2 which included top silver weight of 39.15 on peg 9
3rd kev/ray molten 53.4 peg 13
4th tony (chip shop sausage)rixon 52.7
5th john(turkey)thompson 32.12 peg 3
6th martin(drive)lenaghan 24.9 peg 24
silver by default went to nigel bartlett on 27 with 24.4 of skimmers
hopefully we wil get a few more for the next weds in a couple of weeks as its a good venue where different pegs win each time and i dont think liegh will be succesful with the marina application

Sunday, 20 November 2011

teams rnd 6 and last, viaduct

we used match lodge and cary lakes today with one section on the 2 smaller lakes and 2 sections on cary , everyone fancied a draw on the match lake as it seems to be the best lake for a days fishing as there are plenty of skimmers, f1,s and smaller carp and with the mild weather still with us it looked like the best place to be . captain fantastic in the shape of andy bryant drew for us and the sequence of draws put me on 74 which is the first peg on the left hand side of cary, its an end peg at the shallower end of the lake but it has got the bonus of a large tree in the water to my right and it is a good peg in the summer but still normally good for a few carp even on the coldest day , so with pellets now not allowed on this venue i was pinning my faith on caster and corn, so i set up rigs to fish near the tree at 14 mtrs with a xedion 18 on .18(4x12), same for down the margin between the tree and the bank which is a bit of a suicide line and a light gig on .10 for caster each side at 5 mtrs as there have been some useful perch and hybrids showing in this peg and i set up a wag rod to fish corn out past the tree. at the start i cupped in some caster and corn into the 2 lines by the tree, fed some caster each side and fired some corn onto the wag line, starting on the wag no one was more suprised than me when i had a bite on the drop after 5 mins and lost a carp under the tree to my right, i thought that would be my only chance but 5 mins later i hooked another on the drop again but gave it less respect and netted a 7 pounder but apart from a slight wobble on the float that was the end of the wag sport until about an hour from the end and i had a 1lb skimmer, about halfway through i did get beaten up badly by a carp which took me under the tree and apart from some perch down the edge i had to wait till the last 15 mins to get me out of the mire when i had a 3lb carp on double caster out by the tree then next put in i had an 18.2 which pushed me into second in section with 36.5 but i was way behind the section winner , tom mangnol on 87 with 114.15
first on the day went to alan oram , dynamite baits with 183.9 on peg 96 of meat caught carp on the straight lead
2nd tom mangnol aa select 114.15 peg 87
3rd kev perry 106.5 thyers 106.5 peg 100
4th des shipp westerliegh 85.5 peg 68
5th clayton hudson avon angling 64lb
6th kev molton bynamite 47lb
des shipp 48.3 of pole caught skimmers on caster
BMS 34
avon angling select 28
dynamite baits 28
westerliegh 25
charlies angels 24
thyers 24
avon angling 23
tims tarts 23
somerset angling 20
mats maulers 20
harriers 13
BMS 57
mats maulers 49
thyers 46.5
dynamite baits 39.5
avon angling 37
avon angling select 37
westerliegh 35
charlies angels 34
somerset angling 32
tims tarts 21.5
harriers 7.5

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

weds practice at viaduct match and lodge lakes

for those who want tickets the viaduct xmas match tickets are now on sale and the match is on saturday 10th dec tickets from the fishery on 01458 274022, also there is an open on cambell lake this sunday, again phone the fishery to book in.
back to today and this was run as a bit of a costcutter, only 17 quid instead of 25 so we had 22 turn up so only 11 on each lake, most people wanted to draw on the match lake so into the draw tin and out comes 64, the monk peg up in the corner of lodge lake, a peg which up until a few years ago was always rated as a match winning peg but it seems to have gone off the boil a bit , with the peg opposite being the more consistent as you can get right under the trees where the fish seem to be most happy, especially as the water has gone a bit clear, and with mike nicholls in this one (66)i couldnt see to many fish coming around to me , and thats how it proved to be with me hooking 5 in various places down the edge and landed 4 one of which went around the pallet and my nets but i managed to pass my topset under the pallet and my nets and still land the carp most of which was video,d by mike opposite so it may be on his blog. both mine and mikes fish were on the small side with my 4 plus 1 skimmer went 19.3 and mikes 7 went 41.5 and no coin for iether of us, the match was won by lee wherrett on 53 in the carpark corner of lodge with 92.3
2nd andy lloyd 56.7 peg 51 match lake
3rd phil harding 55.6 peg 59 lodge
4th steve woods 50.10 peg 50 match lake
5th mike west 46.13 peg 52 match lake
6th clint wojtyla 45.5 peg 48 match lake
rich coles 41.4 peg 47 match lake skimmers on the wag and caster
also avalon is running an xmas match on sunday 18 december , to book in you can ring me at the shop on 01179 517250

Sunday, 13 November 2011

sunday open landsend

26 turned out today so its another decent match, we may have had a few more but the poppy match was on the river today and it was good to see it being sold out with 120 fishing on the avon between keynsham and newbridge, i think paul haines won it on peg 4 at swinford with 30 plus pounds , tim fords blog will have the results.
back to our draw and anton page volunteered to draw for me and i was glad he did as he handed me 33 which is at the bottom of the steps behind the shop on the speci lake, i new it would be ok for a few as tim clark lost 19 carp on it last week, tim has now changed his name to tim salter which is the same as the manufacturer of weighing devices cos the firm and tim both seem to specialise in scales
back to my peg and only 2 rigs to make up, one for hard pellet on the deck and a shallow rig as tim fouled a lot so i thought they would come up, for company i had the bristol leg end andy bryant opposite who also seems to specialise in getting his fish to reverse into the landing net, and self professed silvers ace steve seager on 35. at the start i cupped in some 4,s at 16mtrs at 10 , 12 and 2 o,clock, the first couple of hours were hard with only 2 carp and some nice f1,s even the shallow rig didnt produce a bite during this period then after a couple of hours i had a bow wave when i struck on the deep rig, so i went out again with the shallow and i stayed on this till the end of the match catching 14 more carp on this plus some more f1,s all about 2 foot deep so i ended up with 19lb of silvers and 76lb of carp for a total of 95.5
2nd went to paul elmes on 38 with 76.9
3rd tony page on peg 5 with 74.5
4th alan oram 72.3
5th a clark 71.6
6th scott puddy 68.6
silvers went to silver ace steve seager on 35 with 35lb of mainly chub and perch on caster fished over by the island, he was like watching a well oiled machine

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

acorn dog bone lake weds

i let fabio draw for me today and he gave me peg 15 and he ended up on 16 both reasonable pegs so no complaints, the beauty of this canal type lake is that you only need one rig as its nearly the same depth bank to bank so i set up a .2 rig on .12 with a 18 6313 hook and a 4x12 rig on .14 with an 18 8313 hook for bagging (just in case), with a severe lack of nuisance small (or any)silvers in the lake the bait today was going to be maggot, i started by cupping some maggot and softened micro,s at 13 mtrs and right over at 15 mtrs and fed some down the edge and at 6 mtrs in front , starting at 13 mtrs i missed a bite after 5 mins but by now tom thick on 13 had caught 2 carp and ha continued to catch for the first 3 hours fishing tight over using maggot over micro,s, after 3 hours tom was well ahead but his swim died and the last half of the match was very hard for him whereas fabio and me had a proper next peg battle with both of us catching odd fish right through the match both tom fabio and me all ended up with over thirty carp so it was going to be very hard to tell who won and it turned out to be a very close thing with tom thick just edging it with 74.11 peg 13
2nd and only a small fish behind was me with74.5 peg 15
3rd and slightly bigger fish away was phil(fabio)harding with 72.15 peg 16
4th ryan summerhayes 69.10 off peg 4
5th craig edmunds 42.14 peg 11
6th pete sivell 30.00 peg 8
silver were won by ryan with a skimmer and a roach for 2.4

Sunday, 6 November 2011

teams of 4 rnd 5 landsend

not to much to report this week, the team draw put me on peg 55 which is the top right hand corner on lake 3(johns water)its a peg which has shown a bit of form lately for carp so i was hopefull of a few fish, in set up a hard pellet rig for against the end bank , another pellet rig for out by the wire cage but i didnt really want to go there as its a bit of a tackle graveyard as the fish tend to bolt into the wire cage and break you, a soft pellet rig for 14 mtrs out into open water and a rig to fish caster down the edge , to cut a long story short i only had 1 roach down the edge, a few crucians and 2 carp on soft pellet at 14 mtrs and 4 carp down to the end bank all in all a hard day but we shouldnt really complain as it is november my net only went 33.13 for no good at all.
first on the day went to craig(trigger)edmunds on 22 with 86.9 caght on a mixture of soft pellet down the middle, hard pellet over and caster down the edge
2nd brian slipper 62.13 peg 29
3rd alan oram 57.3 peg 27
4th nick harvey 54.1 peg 50
5th mat tomes 49.15 peg 66
6th steve seager 48.12 peg 31
nick collins 26.14 peg 38 chub and perch on chopped worm and caster
teams on the day
bms 34
thyers 33
mats maulers 32
dynamite 25
somerset angling 25
charlies angels 25
aa select 22
tims tarts 21
avon angling 17
westerliegh 16
harriers 13
bms 46
mats maulers 46
thyers 40
avon angling 32.5
somerset angling 30
dynamite 29.5
aa select 28
charlies angels 27.5
westerliegh 27
tims tarts 17
harriers 6.5

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

weds landsend match lake

just on the match lake today . i put 23 in the hat instead of 24 as this peg has been hard of late , i let ray white draw for me and guess what peg 23 for me then. plenty of options as i could reach the corner of the island as well as the end the end bank on 24 so i set up a banded pellet rig to fish in 2 foot of water against the end bank and off the front of the island (4x12)on .16 with a 18 b960 hook. a 4x10 rig for caster down the edge as this has been working on all the lakes here,and a 4x14 rig for soft pellet at 6mtrs. starting on the soft pellet at 6 mtrs over micro,s it was very quiet with only 2 carp and 1 lost fouler in the first 90 mins to show for my efforts, i had been feeding 4,s across to the island with a catty from the start so i put a 6 in the band and shipped it across , i didnt have to wait long for a bite but only hooked a snag on the strike, one hook gone out again and the same result ,two hooks gone, so out with the plummet and instead of the front of the island i found the same depth just round the side of the island towards 22, the snag is the old plastic meshing that mike put some barley straw in to help curtail the algae, trouble is the plants on the island have rooted through the mesh and mike cant get it all out so it pays to stay away from it when you find out where it is, once i had found a clear spot i began getting odd carp, as was chris davis on 21 who was catching over on w and c.
the end bank produced no bites so 24 was still not producing also the caster down the edge only gave me one perch, so i stuck to the island for the rest of the match ending up with 18 carp for what i thought would go about 70lb.
i had bela bakos opposite on peg 1 and he had real struggle till the last hour when his margin sprang to life and he couldnt get the rig in fast enough with a bit of corn on , he ended up with 62.13 with most of that coming in the last hour, and chris davis on 21 had started catching down the edge and may have got closer if he hadnt trashed his rig with 10 mins to go and he ended up with 76.7 , but my net went 89lb on the button for first with chris second and bela third
4th went to fabio harding with 58.8 which included the top silvers with 26.10 of mostly ide on soft pellet at 7 mtrs off peg 7
5th dale housen 21.6 peg 16
6th ray white 21.2 peg 11