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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Weds open , acorn fishery , paddock lake

A couple of Sunday opens coming up soon, the first is at landsend fishery on 11th August and one the week after at chiton trinity on wildmarsh lake the following week on the 18th, as normal ring me at the shop on 01179517250 to book in, back to today and with only 13 booked in we had plenty of room , it should have been 14 but mike chapman had to bow to the petticoat government and stay home!
Bob gullick drew for and I was hoping not to find myself on peg 1 again so I was more than happy to see 5 on the draw card, always a good peg ,but it hasn't figured to much in recent matches, but I certainly wasnt about to complain, .
I set up a rig for the margins, one for the far side on the deck , a stalker/ shallow rig and one for the deck at 5 mtrs ,all rigs had a b960 size 16 tied to .16 line as all I had with me were 6&8mm hard pellets, the worst part of the day was that I had to sit and look at dean malin over on 9 and he was going to fish the method, I did make a bit of a rash statement that I would sell my kit if he won on that, but after shouting the all in, it must have aken dean all of 10 secs to. Be connected to his first carp, the writing was on the wall, anyone interested in some hardly used kit lol.
I wasted the first hour trying to catch deep and shallow at 5 mtrs but only managed 3 carp on the deck, so after that it was over to the far bank fishing on the deck in about 12 inches of water, by now dean was flying and he was probably about 15 fish up on anyone else already, I began to catch steadily but the fish were of a small average size , about halfway through I went in at half depth and started to catch some slightly better fish, but with dean still catching I was starting to look at my stuff and try and work out what it was worth, probably not a lot so I best keep it then , other people catching were gabe skarba on peg one but he was giving us all a chance today and was pulling off more than he was netting, mark poppleton  on 33 was also catching steadily, over on 26 bob gullick was using his landing net quite often , so for him to be catching it must really be fishing well, I kept catching right to the end I even had to borrow a net off the gimp next door as I had used my 4, by the end I had about 95 carp but with a lot of smaller fish I thought I would just have over 200lb , but I thought dean had well over 300lb and he did , he a staggering 351lb but as he was over in 4 nets his final weight was only (lol) 327.15 for a new venue match record, so well done to him.
2 nd and well off the pace was me with a mere 230.14
3 rd mark poppleton on33 with 203.11
4th gabe skarba  on peg 1 with 193.15, losing 21lb for going over the limit ,so he would have been 3rd
5th mark Walsh on 24 with 136.14
6th bob gullick on 26 with 135.11
Philip Harding on. 36 with 42.8 of mainly skimmers on worm and caster, fished down the middle

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pole only , chiton trinity , woodland lake

A couple of things first, I,m running an open at acorn on weds so if you want to book in ring me at the shop to book in 01179517250,
Second thing , for those of you that haven't heard or bumped into Tim Clark , he has managed to wing his way into the k/o final in the float only league ,is that ok Tim,
Back to the match today , and why would someone turn up with no seat box, bait bag and keepnets for a match, we don't call him trigger for nothing, well done Craig Edmunds, what an ender, then he tried to lay the blame on Paul elmes cos he picked him up and should have realised according to trig, but he managed to scab enough bits to fish with though.
Alan oram drew for me and handed me peg 20, which is up in the right hand corner, at least it was the least windy peg on the lake, I set up a meat depth rig for 5 mtrs, a shallow pellet rig for 14 mtrs and a pellet rig for the left and right margin, the left was to fish at 14 mtrs under a tree which is normally a banker area and only 5 mtrs to my right against some reeds, for company I had Martin McMahon on my right in 19 and Martin Alexander around the corner on 23. At the start I fed the margins, the 6 mtr meat line and then started on the shallow rig, and I had a carp straight away, but that was it , I flogged it for the first hour but apart from a couple of roach I never had another carp on it, so onto the meat line and that did produce a few carp and skimmers but it wasnt fast enough as Shaun Townsend over on 11was catching as was Gordon canning on 13, the empty peg in between them was probably helping especially  Gordon who was catching down towards the empty pallet quite early on, after a few fish on the meat line , most of the rest of the match was spent in the two margins, the normally productive left hand margin didn't really kick in and only gave me 4 fish, most of my fish came on banded pellet to my right , by the end I think I had about 25 carp plus a few silvers , but the clear winner looked to be Shaun  over on 11 who had caught really well down towards peg 12 pallet on meat . And that was as it ended with Shaun Townsend running out a clear winner with 163.11
2nd was me with 115.1 on peg 20
3rd Adrian jeffery on 15 with 113.1
4th Alan oram on 31 with 107.6
5th glen bailey on 6 with 106 lb
6th Gordon cannings on 13 with 101.15
7th Craig (ender) Edmunds on 24 with 101.13, but he did win the silvers with 26.8 of skimmers on meat at 6 mtrs
It fished really well today with lots of fish caught all round , shame there are no spare Sundays available so we could get down there again.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Landsend weds open

Numbers are down a bit at the mo so only 10 booked in, that equates to plenty of room for all. Big bore bob was i charge of the fishery today so I let him draw for me, and I ended up on the same peg as last time here, 24. I,m making a bit of a habit of drawing repeat pegs lately, and this is one I don't mind, although its not a favourite of many , but it's got a nice long end bank to fish along and I was second off it last time , so more of the same would be nice.i was opposite Tom thick on one and the gimp on 22. Several rigs today , the stalker but it was never used as there weren't any fish to target swimming by, a shallow pellet rig to fish against the bank, also never used as the bank wasnt clear enough to get in tight enough so that stayed dry after a quick try, the last two rigs were a meat rig for 14 mtrs straight out and a pellet rig to fish on top of the right hand shelf as this was the best rig last time, oh yes and a meat rig for the left hand margin , but I never had a bite on it last time so I wasn't confident, the difference this time was the 2 pints of casters I still had in the van from Sunday and boy did they stink, but carp like stinky bait.
After feeding the meat line at 14 mtrs and putting a big pot of stinky casters and meat into the margin, I started on meat at 14 mtrs, and began firing 6mm hard pellet along the end bank, the meat wasnt to good but I did get 4 carp on in the first hour , trouble was Jamie dyte on 3 was catching on paste and was already on 8 fish , so the writing was on the wall for the second time , with  the rest of us fishing for second, or worse.the gimp had caught a carp and lost a couple fishing caster at 4 mtrs so I started throwing a few pieces of. Meat onto that line as I went up the right hand side, I had a quick run of fish ,then it went quiet so I dropped onto the 4 mtr meat line and had a carp nearly straight away, but I only had one more bite there and that was from a 2lb tench, down the edge but not a sign there, so back out to the end bank several fish later and a few lost foulers and there's only a couple of hours to go, Jamie was on 20 carp now and Tom was a few fish ahead, and turkey Thompson on 19 was catching a losing some , but at least the fish are always going be well fed in his swim, he doesn't appear to like carrying to much bait back to his van. Back in my swim and with 90 mins to go I picked up the bait box with the casters in and threw the lot into the margin, then went back out to end bank for some more fish and some lost ones aswell, Jamie had slowed down but turkey on19 was still
Getting odd fish. 30 mins from the end I saw my first sign down the edge when I noticed a small swirl, so the last bit of the match was spent on boulders meat down the edge in about 15 inches of water, and I did get 5 better fish for about 30lb and lost one , so although Jamie looked to have won it may be close between me Tom and turkey, as expected Jamie dyte was first again off peg 3 with 137.5 , catching on paste back towards peg two and over the far side towards the end
Then one fish separated the next three with me just edging it with 105lb off 24
3rd was john(turkey) Thompson on 19 with 103.9
4th Tom thick on 1 with 96.10
5th dave blakemore on 15 with 63.13
6 th ray white on 11 with 51.7
Silvers went to philip(fabio) Harding with 35.3 of skimmers crucians and f1,s on chopped worm and caster aswell as soft pellet

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Float only league, rnd 4, shiplate farm

40 fishing today so a full house,which is good , I fancied any peg with 15 in it as it gives you end peg on all three lakes, failing that peg 1 on the main lake would be nice, Gordon canning drew for me and handed me peg 1 on the main lake(yay), it wins lots of money in matches here, as you have an island to cast at, a long right hand margin going back into a bay and down to an old jetty at 18 mtrs, so I set up a wag rod to fish to the island but the wind made it impossible to keep the float near the island so I won't mention it again, I set up meat rig for my right hand margin, but that only gave me one bite and that took me around the corner into the bay and tied me to a tree somewhere out of site of me, but not the people on the other bank who were most amused, I did actually hook a coot on the wag and even that went round to my right into the bay , but I managed to drag that back , and it showed no gratitude what so ever as it pecked and scratched me till I got it off the hook, but it flew off ok, I set up two depth pole rigs for banded 8 mm pellet, one for straight out and one down towards the jetty but about 12 feet out from it, my peg was at the calm end of the lake behind trees and with the sun directly in front all day so by the end I had drunk over 3 litres of water and a can of coke which Jim thomas bought down for me , it was good to see Jim as its been a couple of years since we had a good natter.
The match was a bit of a slow start for me as a flock of immature decided to hone there underwater swimming skills in my peg just as the match started, mint , so it was no suprise it took me and hour to get my first bite and that was down towards the jetty, but it did me under the old jetty, I could have pulled a bit harder but is it really worth snapping your pole, I don't think so.
By the end I had 11 carp and one 4 oz skimmer for what I thought may go 65lb, I probably had even split from out In front and down to the right , but I probably lost as many as it was to hot again and the fish just seemed to want to cruise around several people lost plenty of fish on the main lake ,so I wasn't alone in that one , bela bakos over on 15 and dean malin on 4 were suffering the same , I needed a section win as trig Edmunds on 11 was catching on the wag to the island, in my section dean also had 11 carp but he insisted that his were only small ones with only one double , but those who know dean will know he finds it hard to lie straight in bed, as I was doing the weigh in I began to realise that the fish were weighing  a bit light so I downgraded my estimate to about 60 lb.
It was no suprise to anyone that dean,s fish went 77.14 , so not quite as small as he thought lol,
Mine went a shade over 57lb for a second in section, which may cost me in the end as trig won his section as did Shaun Townsend on west pool, so trig is in the lead now by one point on his own.
The match was actually won by Tom mangnall on peg 6 on west pool, fishing banded pellet at 6 mtrs
For 140.8
2nd Paul elmes with 108.4 on peg 7 hawthorn
3rd Adrian jeffery on 9 hawthorn with 103.4
4th Craig Edmunds 94.4 peg 11 main lake
5 th dean malin 77.14 peg 4main lake
6th bela bakos 69.5 peg 15 main lake
Joe macmahon, with 19.7 on peg 8 , which included a 7lb sturgeon  to go with his lonely dream and few skimmers.
All in all it didn't fish to badly considering the weather we are having, steve and carol are working really hard to get the fishery up to a high standard and I don't think it will be to long before they get there, and judging by the club bookings they have got , a lot of people think the same.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Weds open, acorn fishery

Ended up with 14 fishing so we only booked1 to 21 which is loads of room, I got to be fair and say the clevedon aa club who now control the lake are only to pleased to see outside clubs booking the lake and understand that people like a bit of room, so I can't see any problems at all.
Back to the draw and dave blakemore drew and had another ticket stuck to his so I took that one and it turned out to be peg 1 again for the third match in a row,  I,m not really complaining as it a good peg .
Yesterday(Tuesday) des shipp set a new match record off peg 10 with 312 lb, all caught shallow on pieces of worm over loose fed caster straight in the middle, and most of the other weights came to shallow pellet down the middle , so that was the plan for today then, mainly 8mm banded pellet over loose fed 6mm just as far as I could throw 6,s, so that was about 6 to 7 mtrs, I set up a .2g j13 float with  a 16 b960 on .16. I set up a 4x10 impact 1 to fish pellet over to the at side ,but it was never used, bought a couple of pints of dead maggots along to fish down the edge , so a 4x10 rig was assembled for that, but apart from a few sorties down that edge which did produce a couple. But most of the match was spent on the 6/7 mtr line catching steadily through out, and I ended the match with about 75 carp for a weight that I wasn't to sure about , I thought about 160/180 but I wasn't to sure . I did put a 4 th carp net in 40 mins from the end and I was glad I did as I went over by 2 and 4 pounds in two of my nets, so I ended up with 209.10 for first on the day
2 nd was mike nicholls on7 with127.5
3rd Philip Harding on 15 with a few scales less and 126.15
4 th joe McMahon on 4 with 109.1
5th rich heatley on 10 . 106.7
6th Jamie dyte on 21 with 105.6
Barry fitchew on peg 12 with 23.8, mainly small skimmers on worm and caster

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday open , sedges , brick lake

Well that was another hot day with temps in the upper 20,s I don't think we are designed for weather like this, and the fish don't seem to be enjoying it to much either, I let mr draw bag himself Shaun Townsend pull my peg and he didn't  disappoint, as I ended up On Peg 11 which is one I would have picked if I had to, it's another corner peg on the end on the right hand bank, for company I was next to the impish Leon Hubbard who seemed to have turned up in a pair of Caroline's denim shorts, very fetching,
I set up a stalking rig as there a few fish about, and a pellet rig for on the deck at 14 mtrs , a meat rig for along the end bank and in the margins, and a pellet wag for out towards the rope,
Opposite was rich Lacey on10 who also set up a wag but managed to cast backwards into the tree behind him on a practice cast and lost it , I think he thought no one spotted that one (wrong).
At the start it was straight out on the mugger rig and at the end of the first hour I had 5 carp including one of 21lb, a proper fat lump it was aswell, but after that the muggable fish drifted out of range ,
The only person I could see catching with any regularity was trig Edmunds on peg one who was mugging loads, and after he said he reckoned to have caught 90lb in the first 90 mins, and I wouldn't doubt it as every time I looked he was playing a fish, I did get odd ones on the shallow rig during the day but there didn't seem to be many about , I had a few on the deep pellet rig and three down the edge on meat , I may have had a few more on the deep rig but I hooked a snag and the elastic snapped  so I had to sit and look at my rig stuck out at 14 mtrs for the last hour, I,m beginning to think that elastic s are only designed to last 6 weeks before they deteriorat and snap ,lol.
As expected after the first couple of hours there was only going to be one winner and that wasted Edmunds with 144.13 of mainly mugged fish on peg 1
2nd was me with 117.4 of some mugged and some caught properly off peg 11
3rd Shaun Townsend on 17 with 93.2
4 th Adrian jeffery on 2 with 76.15
5 th Leon Hubbard on 12 with 67.6
6th Paul elmes on 15 with 63lb
Mike nicholls on 4 with 45.8 of mainly skimmers on paste at 9 mtrs
I,m running one at acorn on paddock lake on Wednesday 10 draw , ring me at the shop to book in

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Weds landsend open

Only 13 today so we were on the match lake only, another hot day was forecast, and with the water levels down a bit , it was decided that a net limit of 60lb would be best and it didn't meet with to many moans, at least mr Murray wasn't here so we should be ok  (I can't help myself Alex).
Into the draw and I end up on 24. It's not a bad peg generally and Tom thick had 90lb off it on Sunday but said it was worth more than that, there weren't to many fish sunbathing but I set up the stalking rig anyway, a couple of meat rigs , one for the margins to my left and one to fish at 13 mtrs.
And two pellet rigs to fish along the end bank to my right at 13/14 mtrs, one for shallow against the bank and the other for on the deck on top of the shelf in about 18 inches of water. The margin meat rig and the shallow against the bank rig were never used, for company I had Shane turner on 22 and I was sat opposite dave blakemore over on peg 1.
Starting on the meat line at 13 mtrs it wasn't to long before I had a carp then a couple of f1,s. chris fox turned up to watch so at least I had someone to talk to without having to shout to the next person,
There were odd fish cruising off the end of the island , but they weren't interested so the stalking rig didn't produce one fish today, most of the rest of the match was spent fishing the rig on top of the right hand shelf, using banded 8mm pellet over loose fed 6,s with a lot of the bites coming on the drop, these wary fish seem more happy taking a falling bait or a static one , be it suspended or sat on the deck, looking up the lake I couldn't see to many people catching , except for Jamie dyte on 16 who was getting plenty of bites on paste down his right hand margin, I did manage two fish shallow but that was only by slapping the rig I was using on the shelf in front of them, I missed two aswell, but I probably tried to mug 30 fish but they just never wanted it, but there weren't many coming into range anyway. By the end I had 24 carp of various sizes and some silvers which included a couple of nice tench and f1,s but with Jamie admitting to 30 carp he looked to have it in the bag, and that's what happened as his fish went 142.12 , he did get a couple on pellet over but the bulk of his fish came to paste fished down his right hand margin to empty peg 17
2nd was me with 116.7
3rd Craig ( I've picked up 28 times on the trot) Edmunds on 11 with 91.6
4th Tom thick, on 7 with 80.8
5th ray white on 21 with 67lb
6th Ron hardiman 60.14 on peg 19
John( that's handy I am still the only person fishing for them ) Bradford with 19.1 on peg 7

Monday, 8 July 2013

Round 3, float only league, landsend fishery

Still had 40 fishing today, even though I had to find 7 reserves , some at quite short notice , so thanks to them for turning up, especially on what was probably going to be the hottest day of the year, and it was and with very little wind it turned out to be a proper scorcher, I didn't really fancy a long walk today(lake 3), but I let Tim Clark pull me a peg and he handed me 41 which is the first peg on the left    Hand bank on lake 3 , at least it was the was the shortest walk on that lake, getting to the peg I would have expected to see plenty of cruisers so I could mug a few, there were a few but with white water in front of me , spotting them would be difficult. I set up the stalking rig for banded 8mm, a couple of rigs to fish hard pellet on the deck, one out by the spit which sticks out at 13mtrs in front of me and another for down into the corner towards the tackle graveyard where there are loads of trees in the water. For company I was next to rich Lacey on 42, and I had to sit and look at jim(corner shop) Jenner on 70 and the ever genial dick bull on 68, my 5 peg section also included glen (one trick) bailey on 45 , clive federry on 46 and the now super fit Anton page on 50, if you check out mike nicholls blog there is probably a before and after picture with Anton and trig, check it out.
Back to the fishing and I started with the stalker, and I had a fish after about 5 mins , but not being able to see the fish properly it was hard, I had to spot a fish coming towards me but as they got to the white water I had to keep an eye on the water movement , so I did get most of my fish on during the match, I also had several fish against the spit , but these landsend fish are spooky creatures and don't like the pole over there heads, I did set up a meat rig for my right hand margin but that only gave me 2 tiny carp, so I didn't spend to much time there, I could get a bite a chuck over towards the trees but again the fish were small, and it all got a bit torrid as these small fish are quick, quicker than me , even though I was fishing 2 mtrs out from the snags , they were still getting into the trees, and the ones I did get out I lost several at the net due to hook pulls, probably to much pressure on the fish early on in the fight, so after plenty of lost hook lengths and several rigs , I thought discretion was the better part of valour and binned the line by the trees, I finished the match with over 20 carp but apart
From on big common of about 14 lb most were small fish, but I thought it would be enough to win the section and it was as they went 73.9 so that keeps me on three section wins but with trigger
Winning his section again he stays at the top on weight difference
First on the day was dean malin on 31 with 206.10 , mostly caught on banded pellet over against the
Island, he had a few down the edge on meat later in the match
2 nd steve Seager on 29 fished pretty much the same as dean and weighed 142.12
3rd kev molten on 27 with 98.8
That was 1st ,2nd and third in a line, but that's the best the speci lake has fished in a while
4 th andy Lloyd on 21 with 94.7
5th Shaun Townsend on 61 with 93.12
6th niel mercer on 16 with 92.2
Martin lenaghan on 36 with 30lb off peg 30
After expecting it to be a hard day it fished really well with plenty of fish caught despite the high temps, so I am back there on Wednesday for an open and with cooler temps forecast for midweek I think it should be another good day, as usual if only one wants to fish ring me at the shop on
01179517250, or ring mr duckett on 07977545882

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Weds open , acorn fishery, paddock lake

This was the first Wednesday match I have run here this year, so I was looking forward to it, and it was quite popular as I ended up with 18 fishing, clevedon aa now control the fishing on this lake, but after a quick chat with the match secretary who came down for a chat , nothing seems to have changed as far the booking go , all they ask is that if you can't fill the lake , the club will expect to have some pegs left for club / pleasure anglers, a reasonable request as far as I can see.
Back to the draw and I let the normally unreliable roger andoniou draw for me but he got it wrong today and handed me peg 1 (nice), the last time I fished here I had the same peg and weighed an ounce under 100lb so I expected a few. The swim most people fancied was number 10 as it was an end peg with the next angler on peg 22 , that is apart from a pleasure angler halfway up the back straight, and with
Mike (silverfox) nicholls on it , he was probably going to be the one to watch.
I set a couple of meat rigs , one for the right hand margin and one for 5 mtrs, both with middy 8313 hooks on .16 , and 2 pellet rigs for over, one on the deck on top of the shelf in 12 inches of water , and the other a small dinner rig for up un the grass. Before the start I went across the bridge with my scissors and weed cutter, and cleared a couple of areas of the dreaded spiky grass so I could get in tight enough. At the start I cupped in some meat at 5 mtrs and some pellets over to the far side in both spots, I also started feeding a few pieces of meat regularly into the right hand margin, I decided to give the first hour to the 5 mtr line while feeding a few 6 mm hard pellets to the far side, the float buried first put in but it was 8oz skimmer, I had to wait 10 mins for the next bite and that was from a 5 lb carp, but it was a false dawn , as by the end of the first hour I had only had one more bite on that line and that was
From a 4 lb fish, I did see a bit of movement in the margin so I went in but spiked one , bugger, luckily there were plenty of fish moving on the far side, going across on the deck rig I was getting bites and liners straight away, looking around no one was really setting on fire, Jamie date on 3 had
had an early burst on paste down the middle , and martin(Bernice) Alexander was getting a few on

the method on peg 5, I couldn't see mr nicholls on 11 doing much, so it seemed all to play for, I did have my back to Tom thick on 40 so not being able to keep an eye on him, he will always be a danger, back in my swim
The sport got better and better as the match went on with the far side being solid , the margins which are normally ok for a few only gave me 3 fish , so most of the match was spent over, the last couple of hours were the best for several people , with mike on 11 now catching regularly on paste down the edge
Also Jamie on 3 was now on the paste to the far side , and his fish were bigger than mine, strange how
The paste seems to pick out the bigger fish, by the end I new I had over 100lb but I wasn't to sure by
How much as I had lost count of my fish a bit, but being first to weigh I would soon now, but I had a
Bit more than I thought as my nets went 148.13, for first on the day,
2nd was mike nicholls on 10 with 116.1
3rd Jamie dyte with 114.4 on peg 3
4th gabe skarba on 22 with 112.15
5th martin( Bernice) Alexander with 112.3 on peg 5
6th Tom thick on 40 with 96.5
7th glen bailey on 29 with 96.2
Phil(fabio) Harding on 33 with 30.3 of mostly f1,s on bits of worm over caster
Barry fitchew on 10 with 26.7
All in all it was a reasonable match with plenty of bites to be had in most swims, I can't see it being to long until we make a return visit for another mid weeker