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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

weds match, sedges brick lake

Well thats the end of running wednesday matches for me , 11 booked in but 9ne was unable to get there due being stuck on the motorway due to a crash, so only 10 fishing , I just cant be assed to chase people to get the numbers up, so weds in future I will be looking for fishery run matches where I aint got to do anything, just turn up and fish.
Back to today and jamie recommended we use pegs 6 to 15 which meant we had 5 up each side of the lake, a corner or an end peg would be nice , but no I wait till there is only me and paul homewood left to draw , and we end up on adjacent pegs, paul on 7 and me on 8, and for company I had tom mangnall on 9,
I decided to give tje groimdbalit down the edge a go with banded pellet ofer tje top so a rig was assembled for that,  also a couple of pellet rigs for 14 mtrs, one shallow and one for on tje deck, and a meat rig for 6mtrs,
at the start I cupped in some pellets on the long line and some meat at 6mtrs, beginning on the long kine with pellet it was a slow start  .
opposite terry stanway had a couple of early fish down his edge and ziggy slowinski on 6 was straight into decent skimmers, at the end of the first hour I had 1 carp and 5 skimmers, tom next door was catching a few on the pellet wag and paul had a couple on the method feeder, after a couple of hours I was a long way off the pace with tim ford catching l8ng down his edgeon 11 and glen bailey was on his favoired paste catching good skimmers and odd carp, as the match went on I ended up going round in circles a bit  , I should have set uo a pellet wag as both oaul ant tom were catching on it with tom doing really well, but as I had forgotten to bring any reels it was always going to to be difficult (numpty).
the long pole line with pellet never got going I only had the one carp out there and some nice skimmers, I tried the shallow rig and had a bite every put in, but it was only half ounce rudd when I connected
the margin swim gave a 4lb fish hooked in the tail, by far and away I had most of my action at 6mtrs on meat, I should have concentrate d a bit more than I did in tjat line, as tje skimmers were having a proper munch today, as ziggy caught steadily from start to finish, so no pick uo today for me,
first on the day today was terry stanway who fishes with bilston labour up in birmingham, he, s staying down in one of the fishery caravan with some 8f his mate's,  he was a bit of a dark horse today as no ome really saw him catching on peg 16, but he snuck out enough from his left hand margin on corn over pellet to win with a weight of 136.12
2nd tom mangnall with 122.3
3rd tim ford with 113.11
4th glen bailey with 113.4
5th paul homewood, 100.11
6th fabio 89.3
ziggy with a really nice net of skimmers on bits of worm or corn over groundbait which went 76.8
2nd glen bailey 54.12
3rd me 54.10

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

weds open landsend fishery

Another poor turnout with only 9 fishing, I am running one at the sedges on brick lake next weds and after that I wont be doing anymore Wednesdays for a while, tgere are a few places I can go and just turn up and fish , I, fe had aenoigh of chasing round for small matches, so after next week I will probably go to moorlands on the weds as they run over 50, s matches and they generally get 25 or more, hillview do Wednesdays and summerhayes usually get 15 plus, so I, ve got options,
back to today and I let martin alexander draw fo me and I ended uo with peg 8, not a swim I would have chosen but with plenty of room each side it may be ok. Getting to the swim I pleased to see plenty of carp sunnimg themselves,  so the chance for a few muggers may be ok, even though I reckon ots a bit late in the year for it now, it always seems best in late spring/early summer. So I set uo a mugger rig, a depth rig and a rig to fish over towards the far bank,
as I expected at the start the surface fish were hard to tempt, they were very spooky, even shy8mg away from free offerings,  I did manage a few but it was hard, you had to virtually lower the pellet onto there nose, any hard splash and the fish would bolt away, after the first 90 mins and with 6 carp in the net, that was the end of the stalking, the rest of the match was spent between the far side and my right hand margin, it was an enjoyable match apart from the intense heat and I ended up with 30 carp which I thought would go 140lb, all fallimg 4o banded 8mm pellet over 6mm fed with a catty,  in fact the weight was 163.12 for first
2nd and hembrow  on peg 11 with 119.5
3rd steve seager on 2 with 102.15
4th paul attwood, on 19 with 77.8
5th fabio on 24 with 68.8
6th chris fox on 21 with 54.14
silvers went to mart7n alaexander on peg 5 with 34.8 of mainly skimmers on red maggot down the edge.
sunday 10 am running a amtch down at chilton trinity on woodland lake , its an any method match so ring me at the shop on 01179517250 to book in

Sunday, 20 July 2014

short pole series round 2

Back on woodland lake at chilton trinity again for this match, its only 2 weeks since it opened from its brush with khv, but it has been getting better and better since reopening so we were hopeful that it would fish ok, misha told me there had been catches of up to 45 carp in the last week, so the signs were promising,  24 fishing this series but as we can only use a pole to the 6th section there would be no problems woth encroaching into others swims, misha drew for me and pulled out 24 for me which I quite fancied as it was at the windy end of tje lake, I had tom (west) mangnall on 23 and mike nicholls on 25 , so good company.
I set up a pellet rig to fish at depth at 6 mtrs, a margin rig for pellet and a paste rig for 6 mtrs, at the start I cupped some 6mm pellets at 6 mtrs and some pellets down the margin to my left and right, by the time I had cleaned my glasses and put a pellet in the band , my 6 mtr line was a mass of fizz. I went 8n and had a couole of liners then 15 mins in I had a sensible skimmer,  followed by a couple more, by the end of the first hour I had 1 carp and 3 mre skimmers, I had lost a couple of foulers, but with the strong and gusty wind blowing in and across the rig was getting pushed through and into fish, so a switch to the paste rig, helped to keep the rig still but foulers and liners were still a problem, I was kicking myself a bit for not settimg uo a shallow rig,  especial as shaun townsend over on 10 was gettimg a few up in the water, but it probably helped with the wind comimg off that bank and up towards us, with 2 hiurs to go I was miles behind with 4 carp and my few skimmers,  I had looked down the edge earlier in the match but got pestered by snots, even on 8mm pellet, tom to my right habnt caught a carp and mike to my left had a couple, but he had been targetting his favoured plippy roach and had been doing well,  opposite was dave Evans,  leon hubbard,  steve seager,  climt  wojtyla,  shaun townsend,  martin rayett alk gettimg a few , so with 2 hiurs to go I dropped tje margin pellet rig back in and so began an enjoyable last 2 hours , I had 14 carp in that time all on 8mm pellet over loose fed 8,s, I thought I may have 80lb plus at the end , only the scales would tell.
1st on the day went to shaun townsend with 121lb exactly off peg 9 he had some shallow Iin the first couple of hours,  then he had a nice run of fish down his right hand margin on corn in the last hour
2nd was me with 106.5
3rd paul elmes on peg 30 with 105.6
4th chris fox on 29 with 87.8
5th steve seager on 13 with 79.3
6th leon hubbard on 14 with 73.12
clint wojtyla on 11 with 18.6 of skimmers and roach
so it fished really well considering the problems its had,  which is pleasing as its owned and run by a nice family who have worked really hard to get it to where it is now and dont deserve bad luck.
off to landsend on weds and if anyone fancies it we are running another open on woodland next week but it is an anything goes match, so to book in on iether ring me at the shop to book in on 01179517250

Thursday, 17 July 2014

weds, match lake at viaduct fishery

At last a match with more than ten fishing, in fact it was sold out with 14 booked in,  unfortunately lee peticio was caught in the m5 carpark due to a lorry smash, and as far as I know he is still there, so only 14 fishing, I had to leave one peg out and steve reckoned 46 would be best, not that fabio agreed as he reckoned 39 was the worst and said he woukd be pleasure fishing on cary if he drew it (kids eh), but he didnt have to worry as I had the last ticket in the tin, and yes it was 39, I can still see fabios grin as he wheeled his kit to 41.
I drew this peg in the winter league last, and it was hard as I was last but one in the section, as had most people when they drew it, bit today is a different day and f7sh have fins and do have a nasty habit of moving about.
For company I had ziggy on my left on 40 and tourettes joe, s dad in the shape of the ever cheerful martin on 52, it may be hard to have to much conversation as ziggy whose english is passable but not the best, and martin who is a cokeny, talks jellied eels and pie and mash mostley, only occasionally lapsing into swear mode, and with turkey in between him and joe I hoped the didnt both get turkied today, as for turkey,  he seems to hafe piled on a few pounds of late , I hope mrs turkey isnt fattening him up for Xmas,  his travelling partner for today, john baker he was  a stuffed turkey.
back to my corner peg, I set up a margin peg to fish 8mm pellet over g bait, a meat rig for 4 and 13 mtrs and a depth (2 1/2 foot) for 16 mtrs with banded pellet over pellet.
at the start I began on the meat lines, and I did give it a good hour, but  apart from a couple of skimmers and f1, s nothing was really happening , I could see most people apart from dan white on 45 , but I could hear from the bankside chatter that he was catching well fishing he favoired slapping rig, also joe on 50 was swearing a few on fishing shallow, he was getting mre fish than turkey,  but the turks paste fish were bigger, also ivan oakey on 49 was catching well on paste, I had fed so, e g bait down the edge and there was a bit of mud coming up,  so I had a look and had 1 carp and lost one, it was a nice depth in the side about 15 inches, but there was a load of detritus on the bottom,  so I had to fish the bait off the deck, I had a few fish down there, but it wasnt brilliant, my best line so far had been the 16 mtr line, but with 2 hiurs to go and with some fish arriving in the peg , I lifted into a bite and the 16 mtr section snapped in half, how does that happen, but this is the 2nd 16 mtr poece I have snapped on this pole, and as far as I know I havnt dinked it, but you never know, and with the number 4 section I kicked and snapped before the srart, it was an expensive day, so I will be on the phone to garbolimo this morning to see how much its going to cost me .
so back oit and now fishing 14 mtrs, I soo began getting indications and a few bites,  but I tgoight I was miles off the pace, and to be honest I probably was as the fish are quite small,
first on the day went to dan white on 45 with 65.14 but it was a lot closer than I thought with mat tomes on 43 being just a bit of slime behind with 65.12, but he did have the top silvers weight of 35.8, catching mainly at 8 mtrs on pellet.
3rd and 1 fish away was ivan oakey on 49 with 63lb
4th the gimp 52.8
5th john (the mcmahon masher) turkey thompson with 52.4
6th joe mcmahon 44.11
I did manage a section pickup as I had 1st and 2nd in my section plus the silvers default winner in the shape of the gimp, so 4th in section but a pickup lol, with 43lb exactly
off to landsend again next weds for the 16 quid open, so book in with me at the shop on 01179517250 ar with mike at the fishery on 07977545882,  it will be a 10am draw fish 11.15 to 5.15

Sunday, 13 July 2014

wildmarsh, sunday open

19 of us fishing today on what can be a notoriously difficult lake at chilton trinity,  there are plenty of fish in ot bit they dont seem to like spending to much time in keepnets. It was good to see woodland lake open and fishing well again after its brush with khv, carpenters arms 2000 were on there today and over 90lb won it with 80 plus coming second so the signs are good for this nice water, and the owners deserve for it to be ok.
I let fishery boss misha draw for me and she handed me 27, which I didnt fancy to much as I have been on and around this area several times I previous matches and struggled plus the gale force wind was blowing in and swirling everywhere, I did mention to my draw person and all she said is that I may want to man up and just get on with it lol.
for company I had steve seager on form peg 25 (again), I think he must have bought a time share for this swim, and on the other side on 29 was the evergreen mike west.
I, m bot going to waste to much time talking aboit my match as very little happened,  I set up a paste rig for 13 mtrs, a margin meat rig and deep wag f8r banded pellet,
in brief,  I had a fouled 4oz skimmer on the paste rig and missed a bite, a 12oz eel on the wag which is never a good sign on 8mm pellet and one carp from each side margin, for a total of 20.6 for nothimg again today,  I did lose 4 carp from the margin 2 of which were fouled for sure, but 2 were in the mouth, coming off near the net, to much pressure no doubt ,
1st went to aaron britnell on 59 with 10 carp on the pellet wag for 68.3
2nd was joe (tourettes)mcmahon on 10 with 8 carp for 46.3
3rd and unbelievably out moaned by joe was fabio on 9 with 31.8
4th steve (I want all the lake) seager with 27.9
5th martin lenaghan on 57 with 24.12
6th jamie parkhouse on 60 with 23.11
nigel bartlett on 62 with his normal net of whitebait which pulled the scales round to 14.4.
off to viaduct weds for a float only on the match lake,  only a couple of spaces left so make sure you ring me early at the shop tomorrow to book in 01179517250

Thursday, 10 July 2014

windmill fishery weds match

This was a 2 o clock draw and fish 3 till 9, I hoped it may attract a few extra bodies, but no , only 7 turned up, they get more for there 3 hoir weds evening bashes with a 5 pm draw, so its back to the drawing board for weds matches, but I can see me going down the m5 to summerhayes as tgey seem to get a few more turning up,
into the draw and out comes 24 , an inform peg of late so happy with that, venue professional shaun townsend was on 27 and and the wood carving pixie aka paul elmes was on 22, another weds evening regular.
the biggest draw back with this venue is the wind, even a gentle breeze at home transforms into a howling gale here, today was no different with a strong right to left wind wind making fishing up to the far bank reeds at 15 mtrs really hard work, I set up rigs for 4 mtrs on the deck, a couple of rigs for over , one tight in and another just off in 2 feet of water and a margin rig, at the start I began at 4 mtrs while feed7ng the other lines, I gave it 45 mins for a roach and a skimmer, by now shaun had caught a couple of carp as had paul, so it was a case of going over and battling the wind, starting with the slightly deeper rig down the shelf a bit I had a few liners and lost several foulers, 2 hours in and I was 8 nil down to the carp, much to shauns amusement,  with only the 2 silvers in the net I was eell behind shaun who was catching at 14 mtrs on the deck with pellet, also paul was beat7ng me with several carp, I went down the edge and had 4 quick carp, and that was the end of my margin fishing for the rest of the match, with carp now showin in and along tje front of the reeds I spent the rest of the match try7ng to catch in 12 inches of water,  but it was hard as it was impossible to stop the rig blowing through and fouling fish, with about 90 mins to go the wind began to drop allowing some sensible presentation,  even allowing me to shorten the line abofe the float, and I caught quite well towards the end but never enough to worry shaun or paul, I did end up with over 20 carp but with lots being on the small size it was never going to ne enough, as expected shaun put his venue knowledge to good use catching on pellet at 14 mtrs then towards the end on corn down his left hand margin, also paul had a good run of fish down his right hand margin on pellet, shaun ended up with nearly 90lb and paul had a couple of ounces over 70lb,  my late burst gave me 61lb for 3rd, silvers went to martin rayat on 30 with 13lb of skimmers on meat,
I got to say the last couple of hours were enjoyable , it was only the wind that stopped me catching really, terry works hard and deserves some support,  it was nice only having a 20 min drive to get home, the fish are in good condition and fight hard, thr platforms a good and terry is operating a net and bag cleaning service,  second to none , mime have never been cleaner.
Off to chilton trinity on wildmarsh on sunday, still got a few spaces left, so ring me at the shop ro book in, at chilton, woodland lake is now back open after its brush with khv and its fishing well.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

float only, rnd4, landsend fishery

Off to landsend fishery for this round, and with 40 fishing we were using three lakes, nearly everyone turned up , I only had 1 sicknote who had been sick all night and wasnt in a fit state to attend,
I didnt mind which lake I drew on as tge peggimg was relatively fair, I let martin mcmahon draw for me as I had his son joe in the knockout ,
he pulled a peg which turned out to be peg 5 on the match lake, its a peg I have drawn on numerous occasions and had some good weights off it so I was more than happy, for company I had paul blake on 3 and bristols finest roofing engineer in the shape of bela bakos on 6, f8r league points we fish sections of 5, and my section was 1 to 7 and with tim ford on 1 and leon hubbard on 7 it may be hard to get the sedtion win I needed to keep me on top of the league, my day was going to be a pellet attack on all lines today, so I set up 2 rigs for the island, one tight in and one out a bit, a 6 mtr on the deck rig and a margin rig,  but the margin rig was a none starter with no bites or indications so less said the better.
at the start I began on the 6 mtr line with a banded 6 over kindered 4,s whilst feeding 6, s to the island in a couple of spots. I decided to give the 6mtr line an hour to begin with, even though there were tails showing on the island , I had a few f1, s a couple of skimmers and a small carp by the end of the first hour, so I put that rig down and picked up the island rig, I wish I could say that I caught really well for tje remainder of the match, and to be fair I did hook plenty of fish but I struggled to get many in the mouth, the wind was blowing the rig along and I was fouling plenty, as was bela , I normally do ok when I can see the fish but not today, it was torrid to say the least , by the end I had about 15 carp but I thought I was well behind tim on 1 and paul on 3, I reckoned I had he measure of bela but it was going to be close with paul on 3, as it turned out sedtion wise it was tight with tim winning the sectiin with 82.7, I was second in section with 75lb,  so a bit of a let off really,  there are 4 of us now on level points, myself, shaun townsend,  garry gullick, and steve tucker all on 18 points .
1st on the day was paul elmes on 27 with 155.10, catching on paste against the island
2nd shaun(I, m back) townsend on 9 with 131.14
3rd martin rayet with 123.10
4th tom mangnall on 33 with 99.13
5th bob gullick with 98.7
6th niel mercer with 95.11
paul faires 32lb
off to chilton trinity next sunday to fish on wildmarsh,  anyone interested ring me at the shop to book in 01179517250

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ivy house new canal

Anotger poor showing for a wednesday match,  only 8 fishing today.
I travelled up with fabio and aaron britnell, fabio was glad of the rest as I mainly took the piss out of aaron all tge way there.
As normal we had we were treated to one of karens breakfasts, and as she mainly uses local produce it was very nice. We drew at 10 and I had the last but one ticket, so oit comes peg 4, which isnt the permanent pegs as we re pegged to give everyone a bit of room, I was nearly halfway up just as it starts to widen out, it was 14 mtrs to the far bank whereas martin lenaghan to my left who needed 17 mtrs to get tight over, unfortunately he doesnt have enoigh sections for that. To my right was john(turkey) thompson, so at least the fish would have a bit of a feed today, I set up several pellet rigs today as I was going to base most of my attack around loosefed 6, s with a banded 8mm on the hook,  2 rigs for over, one up the shelf next to the reeds and one just down the shelf, a stalker rig, and one for 6mtrs, I did set up a margin rig for dead maggots, but after several attempts to catch on it during the day, I never had a bite on it , so that was a waste of a hook and some line then !!!!!.
I started on the 6 mtr line and I gave it an hour whilet feeding with a catty towards the far side, the first hour didnt really amount to much, all I had was one small carp, one roach a skimmer and 2 tench,
the majority of the match was spent on and around the far bank it wasnt as good as the last time we fished here, probably due the bright hot sunny conditions,  I had enough bites to keep me interested, but it was hard to keep fish coming,  tim clark , three to my left was doing the best, catching small carp quite steadily,  going into the last hour , as far I could see, I reckoned I was going to be 2nd , but then martin to my left caught three big carp down the middle , it was going to be close. Tim clark won with 64.8,
luckily I had just enough small carp to give me 49.4 which was just enough to edge martin into 3rd as he had 45.12
4th aaron britnell with 42.12
5th john thompson 33.9
6th andy curry 17.10
silvers went to fabio which was no suprise really as he was the only person fishing for them with 17.8, just about winning enoigh to cover the cost of the worm and caster.
Next Wednesday I am fishing a match at windmill fishery that shaun townsend is running , its a 2pm draw fishing 3 till 9 probably, could be interesting,  and on sunday its the 4th round of the float only league at landsend,  and the following sunday I am running a match at chilton trinity on wildmarsh, rimg me at the shop to book in.