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Friday, 12 July 2019

Shiplate Thursday costcutter

Back to Shiplate farm today, but not after a stop off at breakfast at timothy,s , a roadside breakfast wagon, very nice to, met up with a couple of mardons ac anglers in the shape of John Roberts and Mike hills dad, Fairplay to John he is doing really well eating with his charity shop dentures.
Got to the fishery and 18 fishing so all good then, looks paid and got into the draw bucket early and was more than happy to see peg 1 looking back at me , possibly the best peg in Somerset after peg 10, (Mike hill). I soon had my kit at the peg as it's the shortest walk at the fishery, it's a lovely peg with an island to cast out to but it never seems to live up to its potential on that front.
But it does have a lovely right hand margin which normally comes good towards the end of the match, although it can be a bit torrid as the lake goes around into a bag at about 7mtrs, which most of the fish try and escape into after hooking, so the drennan margin pole would be coming out of the bag today.
Tackleing up there were plenty of fish on the surface, but moving to quickly, not mugging material at all, I set up two rigs for on the deck at 14 mtrs, one straight out and the other to my right in the entrance to the bay, suicide fishing. A shallow rig for both lines, a margin rig on the margin pole at topset and two, and lastly a pellet wag for the island.
On the all in I cupped in some pellets on the long pole lines, fed the island and started.sprinkling a.few.4,s down the edge.
I started.straight out on the long line and lost a.fouler first drop, and by the end of the first hour I was in three carp, all a bit small as I had 12lb on the clicker, I stayed in the deck for a while longer but all I could get was liners, so it was shallow fishing then, I had to keep swapping between the two long lines as the fish kept drifting away if you spent to much time on one line. The pellet wag was not really out into action, especially when the first cast ended up wrapped around one of those poxy brambles which seem to be adorning most fisheries at the moment, I did set it up again but never had a bite, so no more to be said about that.
I was getting odd fish from both long lines, and as far as I could see was ok , all the fish to the right did there best to get into the bay, but it for to say my now aging tourney pro stood the rest admirably, I've had it seriously bent, I couldn't see to many of the new poker stiff poles standing the sort of treatment I gave it today.
Towards the end some fish arrived in the margin and I fished the remainder of the match in the edge, I thought I had at least 120lb by the end , with the only.other person to have caught a few was venue expert gary(ned)flinders up on peg 6, but I was fairly confident he never had as much as me, I was last to weigh and my fish went just over 131lb, so I did the best peg in Somerset a bit of justice.
Top silvers weight was taken by Merc over on peg 14b with 24 1/2 of skimmers, weigh sheet below.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Float only league rnd 4

Sedges for this match, a well kept lovely fishery on the outskirts of bridgwater, but not before a stop in lillypool cafe for breakfast, and very nice to 4.6.
Had a quick walk round with Phil Hardwick as he had never been here before, and plenty of fish were mooching about on the surface, so with another nice day forecast it may be a shallow day.
We.soon had the 40 anglers in attendance so I got the draw underway, most of the banter was aimed at niel Mercer who has drawn really well in the league so far so most people were telling him that peg 40 would have his name on it, possibly the most consistent peg on the venue, and lo and behold he only goes and draws it, you couldn't right it, and as he had already won the two previous matches it looked more than probable he was on for a hat trick, Ricky Mills drew.for me and handed me peg 37 on tile, not to disappointed, it with Niel on 40 the best I could hope for was second in section, unless something nasty happened to him in the first hour. Either side of me was John white to my right , and Chris fox to my.left who was mainly going to target the silvers, for me it was all out carp fishing, I set up a pellet wag to fish out towards the island, a margin rig for pellet , a short rig for meat, and a deep and shallow rig again for pellet at 14 mtrs.
At.The start I began on the pellet wag, but with the wind blowing in and from the right it soon became apparent this was going to be a non starter, so I binned that, next I went out beep on the pellet and started fouling, so a quick change to the  shallow rig bought no response, so back on the deck rig, and an hour and ten minutes in I had my first carp, then a couple of foulers fish again had me reaching for the shallow rig, this time I started catching a few also mug a couple , the remainder of the match was spent on the 14  mtr line, the last.couple of hours went iffy shallow, so I went back out deep, foulers again, I had been feeding quite heavily, and I had lots of fizzing, so I just spread three number 10,s down the line, instead of a bulk and a dropper which in 8 foot of water didnt.look right,  but it seemed to do the trick as I only fouled one more  in that period, and I had a good run in towards the end, not on the drop as I expected but hard on the deck, it was obvious by the end that niel had not made any mistakes and was admitting to 250lb, and my clicker was telling me I had about 184lb, so I like to think I over estimate the size of the fish to be safe, even though they have a 100lb net limit and was claiming 160lb ish, I had a really good day on the estimating as I actually had exactly 184lb,

 I cant see that happening again in a hurry, as expected niel won with 258lb, so well done to him, a hatrick of wins can't be bad,  he definitely has a touch of the Picasso's about him at the moment, but you still got to catch them, which he can do.
 Top silvers weight was taken by Chris fox to my left with a nice net of meat caught skimmers at 6 mtrs mainly , with it going 44.2,
As a whole it didn't fish to bad with tile lake fishing better than brick, luckily for me Gary o,Shea drew on brick , and I had him in the k/o , he was top weight on that lake with 106lb, the weigh sheet are below as normal.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Over 55,s

Back to huntstrete on bridge pool again, as I've said before I love the short drive to the fishery from my house, the usual egg and bacon butty from the local greasy spoon, and arrived at the fishery in plenty of time for the 8.45 draw. Ken Morgan was doing the draw again today , got into the draw bag early and pulled out 14, a good skimmer aswell as a carp peg, there is an island but it's a 18mtr reach, and today it was going to be got and sunny with no wind, so I really discounted the silvers and decided on a hard day fishing to the island.
To my left was a couple of old boys in the shape of Jeff Grant on 15 and Mike nicholls on 16 who it appears dropped had dropped his lucky hook into the platform and was feverishly working with an old fridge magnet to get it back.
On my left was two even older boys, Paul Haines on 11 and Ray (red) bazeley on 10, both having a reputation as being Methodists.
I set up two rigs only, one for about a mtr off the island and the other as close as I dare due to the vegetation growing off the island, both sensas ccx power,

 I can't break one to be honest, also the deeper one would do to fish down to empty pellet 13,
I didn't do to much today as there were plenty of fish against the island, lots of f1,s which are hard to catch on pellet , especially at 18mtrs, also I lost a lot under the island brambles, I don't understand why some fisheries don't do more to eradicate nuisance plants, they not only make you lose fish, but I have also seen fish tied to these things on lost rigs.
Moan Over I had more.than enough fish on to win today but losses were at a max, Paul Haines to my right was dropping his method close to the island,(occasionally LOL) and was.catching f1,s and small carp, but was also losing fish to the bramlbes, Christ it was not , no wind day in the sun and fishing really long, it certainly is a drain on the body, but I stick it out as I couldn't really see anyone catching apart from paul, and he had odd good spells of catching small carp, so by the end I was confident he had beaten me by at least 10lb, especially as I had 36lb on the clicker, so I was shocked when the 52lb, I must have missed a few ,oops.
Palmas next to weigh and had 54lb, so it was closer than I thought, third went to John fry on peg 4 with 43lb, too silvers.weight went again to Paul barnfield on peg 19 who moaned on 28lb of skimmers, weigh sheets below.

Stone pier challenge, Thursday 27/6/19

This was the last day of out week away in West bay, so we dropped round to Weymouth to fish on the stone pier, we did go to chesil on Wednesday but all we had in two different spots, but all we managed were a set of lost feathers and a spider card all tied up in someone's lost braid rig, which we cut all all the braid away and gave it it's freedom, even though we were getting lots of spider action, ripped off baits and snipped hooks, but at least the weather was good.

Back to the pier , and we normally fish on the outside as there are lots of rocks and weed which hold loads of small fish with the occasional bonus, but the outside was far to rough as there was a very strong easterly battering the pier.
So we had to fish on the inside as it was a lot more favourable for the 1 to 7g dropshot rods.
As expected we started getting bites straight away from small pout with occasional small wrasse, I did get a new species for me as a small scorpion fish found my small piece of rag to his liking.

So plenty of bites but no really quality, Judith did get a schoolie towards the end on a whole rag cast further out and bounced back along the bottom,

 we didn't do numbers this week it was more about different species everyday, which luckily for me we tied every day, although Judith did have the biggest fish each day, dam you pheromones, and I'm still behind on the species list , with Judith having 20 different species to my 18, but I am slowly clawing my way back, LOL.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Float only.round 3

Back to Todber manor for this one, hillview and homeground lakes, but not after a stop at cannards well for breakfast, it was ok. 4.25.
Down to the fishery in plenty of time so the got the k/o draw.done , I fish against Clint wojtyla and beat him to progress to the next.round, I got john white to draw for me again as he pulls out some proper pegs, and he didn't disappoint as he handed me 48, which is a very good peg, it's an end peg on the spit on the left hand side, giving the peg a good right hand margin,

I'm not going to write to much as it's fished it proverbials off, basically I have caught at topset and one in front to begin with, then shallow at 13mtrs, and the last couple of hours down my right hand margin in a couple of spots, at the end I had a quick look at my fish and it looked as though I would be over the net limits in two of the nets,  it luckily I was 2oz under in one net and 2lb over in another , so bad,

 and it hasn't cost me anything as my 182 lb came.second in the section behind Ryan shipp on peg peg 50 with 230lb which included the top silver weight of 69.12.
Top weight on the day.went to niel Mercer on 89 in the corner of homeground with 294lb, the weights were ridiculous and it took an hour and a half to weigh in hillview, in all out of the 40 anglers fishing there were 32 weights over 100lb including 8 who had over 200lb, hats John candy who has got a ridiculously good fishery on his hands, all the fish are in exceptional condition and fight really well, well.done matey. The weigh sheets below show how good it was.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The week so far

Judith and me are down in westbay this week, staying in an apartment in the building which was the police station in broadchurch, nice sea view, shame there is a building site on the sea front where they are doing a lot of storm damage prevention work, a bit noisy but bearable, then again we don't spend much time in anyway.
Saturday was a rest day apart from a walk round the bridport market stalls along the roads in the town, plenty of tat and curios, all we bought were four black marbles to replace the missing ones from the solitaire game at home , 20p well spent LOL.
Sunday and into Weymouth for a mini bash on the pleasure pier, I was told we should try maggot, so picked up a pint from Weymouth angling and off we went, lucky for me it was a numbers match today, not different species, we got totally mini pout swamped ,one every drop.
That was until Judith caught a small wrasse, but it was numbers and we had stopped counting a long time before that, phew.
Monday and it was off fossil hunting with an old friend from bristol, Adrian Davies who has a group called the Weymouth fossil hunters, and he know lives down here following his passion and doing a bit of guiding , anyone interested in going out with him should contact him via face book, I would say it's well worth it as it's not just his ability to discover these stone animals, his knowledge of how old they are and the reasons for them being there was suprising, and he could actually name them, we didn't find anything large, except for the giant ammonites on portland, but they are set in 500lb rocks, the other chap who came along, another Tony but from London way did spot a rock with a bit of ammonite showing so ended up with a good find of a 4 to 5 inch fossil when he chipped it out of its 160,000,000 year old home, a long testing walk but worth it.
Same day we got a bit of rag and went into the stone pier, this time it was a species count, we both had plenty of fish, only small , we both had pollack,wrasse and some better pouting, a good end to a good day.
Tuesday and it's down to beer for a day in the self drives, and with a forecast for basically no wind we expected a good day. Motored out past beer head took the normal head selfie, this is without doubt one of Judith and mine favourite days.
Dragged a set of feathers and caught three mackerel , which was enough for bait, then went about 500mtrs beyond the head and anchored up. Couldn't asked for better weather, the sea was like glass.
And we had a plenty of fish, starting off with the normal dogfish, then we had some congers up to about 15lb. All unhooked in the sea, don't want them thrashing around in the boat.
Needless to say Judith had the biggest, also a couple of smoothounds  turned up which put a very satisfying bend in the 40g outfits we use.
The biggest may have just scraped 10lb, but they are excellent fun, and really pretty fish.
We also had one lonely bream (I had that), this was a species hunt again today, which I was winning 5 to 4, that was until Judith caught a pin whiting on the bream rig, so at 5 all we decided to motor back to about 50mtrs off beer head and bounce some rag baits for some wrasse, Judith have me right seeing to doing this with more than me and the biggest, with a couple of good ballans over 3lb, it's got to be said they really do pull hard.

So it was a tie on species but she did give me right spanking on numbers, oh well back to the drawing board, I may have to start cutting the points off her hooks LOL it's Wednesday now and with a North easterly wind we may spend a few hours on chesil.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Huntstrete coffin dodgers

Back to huntstrete on bridge pool again, after an enforced closure due to fish lovemaking, it's a bit late but I'm sat down in West bay overlooking the sea so I thought I would do it now, been out for a beer and fish and chips with Judith so life is good at the mo.
Back to huntstrete and into the draw early as I was doing the recording, peg 10 hmmm, never had that one before, it has got an island to fish to, but it's well beyond pole length,

company wise I had steve tanner to my left on 11 and Dave Gillard to my right on 8, normally it can be a good productive margin, I set up a rig for several spots to my right, but that was a total waste line and hook as I never had a bite down there, and of that, I also set up a silvers line straight out at 13 mtrs, but again apart from a couple of small,(and I mean small) skimmers, that also was a waste of time , line and hook, not to mention the groundbait etc.
I set up pellet rig to fish on the deck to my right towards the island, and to be fair I had a few small carp towards the end in that, but I had my best action on the wag cast towards the island, which was very hard as the wind was backing down the lake down the side of the island and into me making casting and control nigh on impossible, if I never had a bite within seconds of the float landing, I had to wind in and cast again, needless to say I hooked the island several times as the closer you got the quicker the bite, also there are quite a few underwater snags.which also were causing problems as the rig was blowing through, I may have caught more fishing the lead over there , but I just really enjoy float fishing,  u the end I new I had over 50lb, which I new was going to be top on me his side of the lake, but I new the old sky dog in the shape of Mike nicholls on the other side of the island had done ok with 7 or 8 better carp, I fact his fish went over 80 lb whereas my smaller fish and f1,s went 58, so that was first and second overall, top silvers.went to dave(diddlybonk) haines with 15.12, that's him pictured behind me with my fish shot.
Although there were a few fish caught, I thinks it's still suffering a bit, as is a lot of venues with the late, or not finished spawning, so weigh sheets below.

We had a newbe today , Gary Bowden who has now reached the ripe old age of 55, so he is now eligible for these matches, hopefully he will be a regular now, he has been here practicing aswell, but the f o e on the sheet tells me he didn't quite get it right, but there was a lot of jealousy in the car park when he wheeled his kit out of the back of his can on his bespoke ramp, very nice too.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Viaduct spring league final rnd

Stopped at Cannards for breakfast on the way again, and very nice to, tasty hot and quick, 4.79.
Still got to the fishery in plenty of time, so more than enough time for the normal banter, always enjoyable.
Going into this match I think I was in about 5th place, but with quite a few on the same points realistically I needed a section win with a reasonable weight to keep me in a money position, I may just creep in with a second in section as long as the people in the same position had a bit of a dipper.
I was third into the cruel tin of nightmares and opened my ticket to see 60 looking back at me, well potentially that was me done, especially when Gary o,Shea draws to my left in corner peg 59, then Nick ewers was the angler to my right on 62, Gary had the peg to be honest but it hasn't been to good in this league, a bit inconsistent, and nicks peg was on a par with mine although his right hand margin can be good, also the wind was blowing up towards that end, and these fish do enjoy following the wind, the corner pegs beyond Nick have been the best pegs in the league so far, with Steve chant on 64 and Ron hardiman was opposite him on 66, luckily not in our section.
I thought I would give it some today and try and force the peg to try and make something happen, so I set up a wag for pellet on the deck at about 20 mtrs,  it I thought that would be a bit of a non started as I could already tell there would be some horrendous tow coming from the right close in due to the wind, making the wag pull back towards me, and it did so although I tried it I was never going to get it to work, also I set up a margin rig to fish towards the right, but apart from a skimmer and a small roach that was it down there,
A meat rig for 5mtrs, again nothing really to report from there, apart from a couple of better skimmers late in the match,
All my fish came from the 14 mtr line on banded 6 or 8mm hard pellet over loose fed 6,s, I caught odd carp and skimmers but both me and gary were fighting for second place in the section as Nick on 62 was catching into his right hand margin , most of the fish seemed to be up that end of the lake, as Steve and Ron who were sharing the corner were both doing well.
I did foul a few as I probably tried to force it a bit to much, and up until the last hour when Gary , who had had a few to his left under the trees and then had a few fish from his short line, so by the end it was obvious Nick had won the section with 124lb, Gary was second with 83 and me third with 74, not good enough for me, but it was close, I ended up 6th overall, first out of the money.
Well done to jeb Atwood who had 4 section firsts to win the league, not an easy one as the standard in this league is very good, well done matey.
Jeb had 201lb off peg 129 on the day, which was also second , only a pound behind Clayton Hudson who had 202lb from cary 81, and also secured him second spot in the league.
That's that league over for another year, well done to the Long family for running a good league, back to huntstrete this Thursday for the coffin dodgers, nothing this Sunday as me and Judith are off to West bay for a week , so a bit of sea fishing for a change , really looking forward to it, it makes a refreshing change, we were hoping to have a day in the beer self drives but the wind doesn't look as though it's going to be playing ball, but it sometimes changes.overall sheets below, weigh sheets now below.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Shiplate Thursday costcutter

First of all I'm going to start by wishing Steve Tucker all the best as he had had a bit of ticker trouble , and is presently languishing in an by a bed in Yeovil hospital, hope all goes well on Friday matey and hope to see you back on the bank soon.
Stopped in lillypool for breakfast, it was ok,  it they certainly don't like to let you in before the 8am opening time.
Got to the fishery to find 16 fishing which is a nice number on the big lake, dived into the draw bucket quite early and 12a stuck to my hand, at least it was in the far bank so the wind wouldn't be to troublesome, for company I had Alan quantrill to my right and ash Sanders to my left, it's an open water peg but does have a bit of form as a carp peg.
Opposite I had to contend with John Roberts looking back at me who has been on silvers fire of late, but the wind on that bank was going to make it hard today.
I set home silvers rig for skimmers to fish corn over groundbait at 9mtrs, a margin rig for pellet, a long line pellet rig(14mtrs) and a waggler for 25/30mtrs on the deck,
at the start I cupped in some groundbait and corn at 9 mtrs , some hard 6,s at 14 mtrs, a big handful into each side margin and some.8,s out on the wag line.
I began fishing for skimmers, but after nearly an hour I only had one. As for the margins, well I was completely ducklinged out, so that was a waste of bait and a hooklength. And it started to rain, the forecast was for showers, no one mentioned the rain in between though did they, I left my jacket and Brolly in the van, so I was soaked right through.
Most of my match was spent on the 14 mtr line, but it was a bit frustrating, if I never fed or fed very little I wouldn't get a bite, if I upped the feed I could get indications and bites , sometimes liners so foulers were a pain. I did get some on the wag aswell, but beverage size was quite small, with several of the small stockies making an appearance, I just kept at it and y the end I had lost as much as I had caught, slanting right had struggled for most of the match, but towards the end he was catching well to his rightly a sunken bush, so by the end I new it was close between us, but I also new a couple of anglers , namely Gary flinders and titch williams, and when the scales for to me titch had 119 and Gary 109, I thought I had 70lb of carp plus my few silvers and tiny  carp , wasn't First out as I had 82.14, just beating Alan to my right who had 80 lb on the nail. So I was third so I got my money back with a bit more, too silvers weight was taken by Dave wride with 37lb. Weigh sheets below.