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Sunday, 25 October 2009

chilton trinity

when i had the chance to go to chilton with the psv boys i jumped at it as i hadnt fished woodlands for a couple of years and it is a nice lake with quality fish in it and you are always assured of a warm welcome from sue and her family.
i drew peg 18 which is at the top of the lake looking straight into the gale which was blowing, if there is a draw back with the lake , it is the depth which was 10 foot at 13 mtrs and 5 foot in the margins. so i set up a 4x18 rig for the long pole and two 4x16 for the margins one for caster iether side at 3mtr for silvers !!!!!!!!!! and one for corn to empty peg 17.
at the start i cupped in some 4mm at 13 mtrs , some corn and pellet by 17 pallet and loose feb caster either side at 3 mtrs,
starting at 13 mtrs on corn i missed a couple of bites on corn so i switched to a 4mm soft pellet and it soon bacame apparent that 6 oz skimmers were the culprits, so i upped the feed by cupping in half a cup of 4mm , i had tried catapulting but the wind was making it nearly impossible to feed properly so i decided that cupping was going to be best.
i thought i would try and get a few silvers down the edge while i waited for the 13 mtr line to settle ,first put in and a missed bite next drop on single caster and carp on , so much for silvers , next put in and another carp was on its way to the net, i fed it again and looked to the right at 3 mtrs and another carp , then nothing, so down to peg 17 which was hard as the wind kept trying to blow the pole up the bank, i missed 3 bites (liners)then connected with another carp , i fed it again and went out to 13 mtrs, where i had a couple of skimmers and carp.
by now darren north on 24 had started to catch shallow on pellet as did paul elmes on 26 , so i set up a shallow rig to give it a go but with the rig blowing back under the pole it just wasnt right so i chucked that up the bank , where darren and paul were they had the wind off there backs slightly making for better presentation and darren told me after that he definately had more bites when there was little or no ripple so i dont think i had much chance of catching shallow, so ijust kept catching odd fish from my 3 margin swim and the 13 mtr line,
at the end i quickly packed up as i had to do the weigh in cos i had sold the club a set of digi scales which some club members didnt like so i wanted to try them to see for myself if there was a problem.
first place went to darren north on peg 24 with 77.12 pellet shallow
2nd paul elmes 69.4 peg 26 again pellet shallow he also had top silver weight with 9.1 which was a few small tench also caught shallow on pellet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd alan healey 63.10 peg 16
4th tony rixon 55.7 peg 18
5 th simon belcham 43.10 peg 3
6 th chris zakis(i hope thats right) 35
as for the scales they were fine , it seems the people who moan the most are the ones that do the least no change there then.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

teams of 4 southwest

finally got the dates and venues sorted for the 2010 league
5/9/2010 trinity waters draw 9 fish 10.30 to 4
19/9/2010 cider farm draw 9 fish 10.30 to 4
3/10/2010 avalon draw 9 fish 10.30 to 4
24/10/2010 landsend draw 8.30 fish 10 to 3.30
7/11/2010 bullocks draw 8.30 fish 10 to 3.30
21/11/2010 viaduct draw 8.30 fish 10 to 3.30
league fee,s £144 per team to be paid before the end of june 2010
pools on the day £100 per team compulsory £20 goes to the team payout at the end , the £80 left to be paid out in full on the day. all people interested ring me at the shop for more details
avon angling 01179517250

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

deciderdly hard

with me and the carps club booking cider farm for a match, and with both lots only getting 10 anglers we decided to join forces and have one match.

i drew 28 and after a quick look at recent results i could see no mention of peg 28, great, but then again every day is different , and the peg did look ok with a gap between islands , and one of the few pegs where you could fish tight to the island, but it turned out to be to shallow , rigs today , 4x14 rigs one for in the gap for pellet and one for corn down the left by the reeds, and a 4x12 rig to fish pellet across at 13 mtrs to some proper reeds not those crappy big norfolk snag pits. and a 4x10 rig to fish tight to the island, but as i said it was to shallow(12 inches)cos the water was quite clear after the weekends frost and last nights rain, and i did try it a couple of times during the match but never had any indications so i wont mention it again.
at the start i cupped in some 4mm at 13 mtrs in the gap some by the reeds and threw some pellets and corn at 3mtrs to my left margin, starting in the gap with 6 and 8mm pellet on the hook , i never had abite in the first 45 mins so i went to the far bank reeds and at least i had movement , and after a bit of adjustment to the depth the first carp was on its way.
2 hours in and i had 8 carp in the net, 5 across and 3 down the edge but again no bites,it was about now that mark walked round and said it was fishing very hard and that dave roper on 25 had 8 fish and that was about the best he had heard of , so i was still well in the race.
with 2 hours to go i reckon i had 15 fish in the net, and i was really struggling for a bite anywhere, so i put in about 50 grains of corn in the channel between the islands and started to feed more with the catapult towards the reeds, and it seemed to have the desired effect as i began to catch fish on corn and also the reeds to my left also started to show signs of life, trouble is you never really know as to whether it was down to the increased feed or just time of day that has made them have a go , but by swapping bertwwen my left margin , the channel and the far bank reeds i probably had 15 fish in the last 90 minutes.
by the time the scales got to me top weight was dave roper on 25 with 47.3, i was next to weigh and put 63.9 on the scales and as it turned out was enough to win with steve kedge coming second just 1 fish behind with60.3 on peg 36
3rd dave roper 47.3
4th ed wynne 45.5 peg58
5th mike owens 44.9 peg 41
6th phil(fabio)harding 42.8(he said he cant wait to get back to the river for some proper fishing)
silvers were won by martin alexander with 6.3 on peg 46
it was definately a day for rotating around your swims as it was a real struggle to get more than a couple of bites in each place. what was stange was the fact that 8mm hard pellets seemed to be best on the hook. more so when you are fishing close to snags as you can tell by the float when your bait is sat just on bottom.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

de ja vue at landsend

anton drew me peg 21 , same as last weekend, hopefully it will be better today. much better conditions with no wind and some cloud cover starting to form even though there was a frost last night , i thought it might fish ok.
just 3 rigs today , a 4x12 with an 18 808 to 0.12 for corn and soft pellet at the bottom of the far shelf. a .40 rig again with an 18 808 to .10 for caster at 4 mtr,s and a 4x10 rig for corn over to the island, but i wasnt to convinced this would work as a lot of colour had dropped out since wednesday.
started off by cupping some 3mm pellets at 14 mtr towards 10 o,clock and some straight out at 13 mtr (same depth). and fired a few over to the island ,just in case.
i began at 4mtr to my left on single caster, as well as feeding the same distance to my right, after a few small roach and perch i found myself attached to a 4 lb carp, after 5 mins of careful playing it was safely in the net then it was back to the small roach and perch, a quick look to the right and it was small roach again that was until i hooked another good fish which turned out to be a bonus tench of about 2 1/2 lb , back to the left and i was attached to another carp which again found its way into the net, so the first couple of hours werent brill but at least it was more promising than last week. time to look on the corn lines , staight out and no bites so a look to the left and a couple missed bites(liners) so at least there are some fish about. next put in and i had one , and it was nearly in the mouth!!!!!!!!!
there seemed to be fish in the swim but they wouldnt feed, they seemed to be cruising about and not really interestd in getting there heads down, but by lifting and dropping and moving the bait about i did manage to snare a couple more, then with 2 hours to go i saw a fish by the island where i had been feeding a few pellets , in on the light rig and i missed a bite and spooked a fish, but by feeding a couple of areas on the far bank and moving between them i did manage to snare a few more befor the end the last 3 all falling to triple maggot as it was a more enticing bait as it was slower falling than corn.
first on the day was dean malin on peg 11 with 106.2 all taken on soft pellet in a foot of water by the island he had 19 carp which aint to bad even though dean reckoned they were only 2 pounders i have never known anyone as bad as him for estimating weights of fish.
2nd was tony wittcomb with 61.4 on peg 27 6 carp and a few silvers
3rd gary wall 48.13 peg 19
4th mr weasel aka tony rixon (that was for you mat tomes)45.9
5th martin (whit rhino)lenaghan 44.3 peg 5
6th a oram 39.7 peg13
silvers were won by martin pettiffer on peg 29 with 26.12 of roach caught on caster at 4 and ten mtrs
2nd nick collier 23.4 on peg three
fabio did well on the river today i had to give him 6 to 1 to get a pound with him but i need,nt have worried as he drew 1 above newbridge road bridge and never had a bite LMARO, but to be fair his section was only won with 9 oz, christ i really miss being a "proper"angler NOT .

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

try again at landsend

after landsend on sunday and only catching 28 lb off peg 21 it could only get better. i let the only junior fishing today draw my peg , so when mat tomes handed me 15 i was quite happy.
i set up a 4x8 with 0.18 and an 18 xedion hook for under the tree to my right where it was only about 15 inches deep . a 4x12 same hook and line for my left hand margin, and a 4x12 rig on 0,14 with a 16 808 for 11mtr in front and 14,5 mtr to my left just into the deep water, and the same rig would do for the 5 mtr line.
starting at 5mtr on soft pellet after cupping in a few 3mm softened pellets at 11 and 14.5 mtr and throwing a hand ful of casters left and right. after 45 mins at 5 mtrs and not a bite to show for my efforts i decided to go to the 11mtr line and apart from some iffy liners and 1 lost fouler , that was a none starter aswell , a look at 14 mtr also ended the same way with nothing to show for my efforts on any of the 3 lines on corn or soft pellet this was going to be sunday all over again. i had been dripping casters left and right in the margins so it was time for a look . into the right and first put in on caster and a 4oz perch was in the net , next drop and a 12oz perch in the net , then a 3lb carp which lost the tug of war as it tried to get under the tree after a couple more it was time to rest it and have a look on the left which is normally the more productive side but 1 lost fouler and nothing else things were looking grim , another go in the right margin and 3 more hooked and 2 landed not bad really as it is a real snagpit with branches and brambles only inches from where you get the bites.
three and a half hours gone and with only 5 carp in the net and things werent looking to good, i began to fire a few 3 mm pellets to the island and it wasnt long until i could see movement against the island, as i thought it had been to cold and to bright i hadnt even made up a rig for it , so off the box and a 4x 10 rig was put together on 0.16 to 0.12 with an 18 808, and the last 2 hours went well with 12 carp all taking corn in 12 inches of water by the island you could even see the fish moving thru and the occasional fish would stop and take the bait.
the fish i had were on the small side but it was enough for a win with 68.4
alan oram on peg 1 was second with 64.10
3rd mike duckett peg11 45 .7
4th gary wall 42,4
5th nick duckett 40.1
6 chris davis 35 .10
silvers martin alexander 16.15 peg 13

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

plantation on a day off

went to plantation main lake today with a workmate of judith, chris shields and his brother mick just for a days pleasure, also i took my daughters boyfriend, chris , who, s best catch to date is 3 carp we got on pegs 25 (young chris),26 old chris(northern monkey)27 his bro mick and me on 28. after sorting young crhris out with a method feeder with soaked micro,s for the feeder and hair rigged corn on the hook.
onto the 2 northern exiles and i got them to feed soaked 3mm at 13 mtr with avon anglings finest jellie pellets on the hook. small roach soon started to show interest but by feeding 3.s over the top with a catty they both had some carp , crucians and decent skimmers , even method boy on the end was getting a few.
after sorting them out i got on with my peg ,after 2 small roach on pellet i switched to corn and straight away got skimmers , carp and crucians. and it turned in to quite a good session, and i ended up with 21 carp and about 13 lb of silvers, mick next door had 4 carp and silvers , chris on 26 had 8 carp and a rake of skimmers and crucians for about 50 lb and method boy on the end had 10 carp and 1 skimmer for his best day ever. so that was a good day
off to landsend tomorrow and i must try harder lol

shop bitz part 6

some people got a cheek, fabio brought a float back on monday as it had a hole in the base , being peacock it wouldnt have mattered as it dont take on water, but he wasnt having any of it and wanted it changed i wouldnt mind but he hadnt even paid for it yet cos his giro dont come till thursday, so the rest of the tax payers in the shop had a whip round and paid for it.
adrian jeffrey went to see tom jones at the weekend and said it was really good and he was enjoying it that was until his lighter ran out of fuel and tom threw his under crackers back as they were slightly soiled.
judith is still doing well she is on her third diet in three weeks and so far she has managed to put on one pound each week i think she should sue.
sounds like the whole nicholls family has gone down with e coli , i really think it is about time brenda threw out the family cook book
finally pete notten took the scenic route to lake 4 at landsend, he was told to walk past the match lake go through the gate and turn right shame nobody told him to go through the second cos if it wasnt for dean asking him where the fxxx he thought he was going i dont think he would have stopped till he got to wedmore, but he did get as far as the top of the hill though, and i did promise not to mention it , yea right ,.wot a winker

Sunday, 11 October 2009

lost it at landsend

it was the first round of mikes individual winter lge today, with 48 booked in it looks like being a good series. there was a couple of no shows due to illnes but that cant be helped.
with 12 on each lake there was going to be plenty of room, so i was more than happy to draw 21 on the match lake , as rod wootten had won off it on saturday with 119 lb mainly on corn at the bottom of the far shelf .
one rig for soft pellet at 5 mtrs which would do corn at the bottom of the far shelf aswell as it was the same depth, another rig for the hair rigged pellet at the bottom of the far shelf and a rig for pellet up the far shelf. at the start i cupped in softened 3mm at 5 mtrs and 4mm at 13 mtrs across and at 15 mtrs to my left which was the same depth, and startes to fire some 4,s against the far bank.
starting at 5 mtrs on soft pellet i had an 8 lb common first put in , then i fouled one about 10 , mins later which came off shortly after i had a skimmer and that was me lot on that line, even though i kept feeding that line i never had nother fish there .#
over at 13 mtrs with hard pellet and not a bite there now i was worried, over the 15 mtr line and again no bites, oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
up on top of the shelf and at last some bites on hard pellet and a couple of smallish carp to keep my first one company as it had been on its own for a good 2 hours, i was hoping that the carp would stay up on the shelf , but it wasnt to be, and by the end all i had to show for my efforts were 5 carp which went 22 lb and 6 lb of silvers for last but in my section of 6. i will be missing three of the 8 matches so i wasnt going win anything in the overalls any way all i am fishing for now is pride. my section was won by nck collier on peg 24 with 60 lb and he even managed to catch under pallet 23 which just dont normally happen so fair play.
top weight on the day was vince shipp(des,s younger brother)with 92.7 on peg 39 fishing soft pellet at the bottom of the island shelf.
2 nd was mat tomes on peg 11 with 91.4 on 8mm pellet at 14 mtr towards peg 12.(just as well i showed him how to tie hooks in the shop on saturday)
3 rd gary wall peg 28 with 89.15 and still on paste uuuurgh
4th rob wooten 81 lb peg 34 (sorry i missed you on the results with the paperwork all over i just missed you ) 5 th paul elmes 80.5 peg 33
6 th stu foale 79.3 peg 56
7 th scott lovell 77.1 peg 42 (and he is now the proud owner of a i beat anton page off the next peg t shirt)
silvers dave "scouse" hodgson 23.6 on peg 40
only good thing today was the quid i got off of fabio, i had to offer him 5 to 1 on weight and as he only had 4 perch for 7 oz,s on peg 39 at newbridge the pound is back where it belongs

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

ciders all round

its been 18 months since i last went to cider farm , and what a difference, masses of reeds which have grown like wildfire. talking with mark before the start and his advice was not to feed or fish near them, makes sense i suppose but the fish dont always want to come out especially if its bright, no danger of that the forcast was for a cloudy and mainly dry day with just the chance of a bit of light rain late in the day so i left my coat in the van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i,m beginning to think that the met office would stuggle to get last weeks lottery numbers right, needless to say i got soaked.
back to the draw and i pulled 25 which as you cider regulars will know is a flyer , luckily gary cross drew it at the weekend and managed 25 lb off so it has had a bit of a rest,i did say that if i did worse than that i would take up diy and sell my kit (i only bet on certanties).
first drop in at 11mtrs to my left on 8mm hard pellet and i had a 3 1/2 pounder on the deck swiftly followed by several more fairly quickly. with a gap in front of me and an island left and right at 11 and 13 mtrs i decided to concentrate on these 2 areas feeding 4mm with a catty. by the end of the first hour i had 10 carp in the net but then began to get liners and odd foulers so out with the shallow rig and the response was instant and by moving between the 2 islands feeding 4,s and with a 6 on the hook i ended up with 67 carp and when the scales arrived they went 159.9. apart from the good soaking and a quiet 4th hour when it went a bit hard and i had to go back on the deck it was a good day.
2nd off peg 46 was now venue regular rod wooten with 93.3 caught mainly on the deck feeding 4,s and using the same on the hook.
3rd derek cullip 90.6 peg 11
4th chris davies 71.10 peg41
5th eddie wynne 57.1 peg 54
6th john dursley 52.7 peg22
silvers were won by the old never been aka matt tomes with 7.9
and i got me quid back off fabio i wont say anything about him cos he did make me a chicken and sweet chile roll for after the match and i must say it went down a treat, oh and what did he catch, well apart from roger andoniou who went home with hypothermia , probably due to his old thin blood , fabsy never weighed .

Sunday, 4 October 2009

better at bullocks

23 fishing today so we had 19 on the match with 4 on south pool. i didnt mind to much as to where i drew , but i wasnt to happy when shaun putley handed me peg 2. not normally to good for silvers or carp, although you can get a few down the edge to the left under a small tree. so i set up a 4x12 rig for in the open water for silvers , a 4x10 rig for the left hand margin and the same for 16 mtrs to peg 1 which wasnt in.
at the start i cupped in some dry grounbait at 12 and 2 , and a mix of caster maggot and pellet under the tree to the left at 6 mtrs and at 16 mtrs to peg 1 at 16 mts.
starting on maggot over the g bait a nd i had a fantail and a couple of hybrids ,then small roach, a change to corn on the hook and a sucsession of crucians started to find themselves in my net , by kinder potting dry g bait over the 2 lines i kept getting the odd fanny and crucians till about three hours in when it started to go quiet , a look with maggot only produced small roach , so i put in a potfull of g bait with maggot and caster over the 2 lines and got the margin rig out, a look to the left only reseulted in a missed bite on treble maggot and the rig ended up in the tree, i still get excited when the float goes under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . so i went round and retrieved the rig from the tree, then went to peg 1 with treble maggot , and hooked 1 straight away but it came off after a few seconds, so i cupped in some more mix up and went back over the silver lines and had odd fannies and roach . after about 10 mins i went back down to peg 1 and after a couple of mins i had another 1 on which stuck this time and a 9 lb fish was safely netted, thats how my match went right to the end really catch a carp feed again go on the silver line get a couple of roach and a fannie then try for a carp, by the end i had 6 carp and i thought about 12 lb of silvers. i could see bela bakos on 17 catching on paste and in the end he had had 21 carp plus bits so he was favourite to win , and lewis jones on 24 had been catching silvers well so that looked sown up.
back to the skales and i was first to weigh, 16.8 of silvers that was a shock , obviosly fat fannies tend to weigh well. and the carp went 34.8 total 52 lb which was top until we got to bela on peg 17 whose 21 carp went 66.13 for first with my 52 lb good enough for 2 nd
3 rd lewis jones 39.11 and top silvers with 16.13 peg 24
4 th tom thicck 32.2 peg 26
5 th gary wall 28.10 peg 21
6 th mike nicholls 28.1 peg 8
nice to see shaun putley out on the bank again thats 2 weeks on the trot and he is even threatening to go again next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!. he was going to fish next years teams of 4 with bela and 2 more but bela has decided to fish with someone else so shaun has has been treated like a used condom and thrown in the gutter poor bloke , i can remember when bela used to like him.
and fabio has finally won a quid off me he was on the river fishing the winter league .i had to offer him 6 times his weight to get the bet, then he goes and draws one of the best chub pegs on the lower avon at swineford and managed to foulhook 12 lb of the buggers meaning i had to get 72 lb to get the quid which is a tall order at bullocks. it aint so bad cos i am only loseing 1 of the pounds he has had to give me lol , i think i might have my wag rod back that i have lent him.