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Friday, 29 May 2015

Thursday costcutter Avalon fishery

This will be a fairly short blog, only cos I,m short on time , I can't understand why we can't get people to come here as it's a very fair venue , whether it's carp or silvers you are after, it's impossible to predict where the winners will be , it's not generally a big weight venue (200lb or above) and 100lb  will usually be there or there abouts to win on the day with fairly close back ups.
Into the bottomless draw tin and I waited till the end when there was only 2 left in the bag, the bailiff drew for me and handed me peg3, not one of my favourite pegs, and the last one in the bag was one which belonged to mike west today, the other side of me was today's travelling partner chris fox,
As I said it's going to be short and sweet, the pole didn't work for me apart from a couple of lost foulers and a couple of skimmers landed, the pellet wag was the best but today the fish didn't want to leave the sanctuary of the reeds today so to get a bite it was essential to land as close as possible to the green stalks, I had plenty of bites , mostly missed lol, but I did end up with 15 carp for 64lb and 8.7 of silvers for 72.7 which was third on the day. The day belonged to glen bailey on peg 16 with 108lb, he caught on the wag to begin with then when the fish settled on his pole line over his 8pints of pellets he switched to his favoured paste approach and caught steadily till the end.
Second went to mike west on peg 1 with 99.13 of paste fish,
3rd me
4th Paul lock with 67.2
5th Chris fox 64.15
Silverswords net to mike nicholls up on 23 with a nice net of mainly roach for 37.10 all on caster on his topkit
2nd Paul lock with 35.1 of skimmers
3rd mike jones with 34.4 of mainly whitebait

Monday, 25 May 2015

Viaduct spring league , round 3

Looking forward to this one as it's a bit of a practice for the first round of the float only league which is on cambell and Cary next Sunday (only 2 spaces left ), I was quite early in the draw queue and I really wanted to avoid lodge lake, partly as it isn't being used next week and secondly it is fishing hard, plus having trig Edmunds in the k/o I needed a good draw, trig was outside signalling that I was going to draw 55 on lodge which is definitely a peg to avoid if a big weight was needed, it's a good section peg but not a match winner, so not the tin and out comes 80, yay, next to the spit on Cary, I think Gary o,Shea was second off it the day before , catching mainly on pellet at 16 mtrs along the spit, I waited to see where trig drew , and lo and behold he found himself on 55 , oh how I laughed , but I still didn't totally discount him as fish have fins and do move about.
At the peg I found myself between two good anglers in the shape of the welsh legend lee wherrett on 81 and silvers to carp wannabe Paul faires on 78.
Simple approach today , two pole rigs , one for along the spit for banded 8mm pellet and a meat rig for off to the right at about 8mtr, but apart from a fouler that was my lot on that one, the other piece of equipment was a wag to fish on the deck off the end of the spit, I was going to fish an 11mm pellet over 8,s out there, I started the match on the wag and was rewarded with a 12lb fish first put in, so I was expecting a good match but an hour later and no more fish I was starting to worry, especially as I had seen trig have a few carp and skimmers on lodge, I had a look along the spit, and had a smaller carp from there , but there didn't appear to be many fish in residence, so I went back on the wag , so into the third hour the swim began to come to life , with plenty of indications and odd fish gracing the net, with the average size being over ten pounds on this lake it isn't really a fish race , it's just a case of being steady, and landing as many as you can, but foulers on the wag are always a problem, plus with the fish trying to get round the end of the spit you have to pull really hard , so it's a case of 6lb proper old score mono main line and a,20 hook length to a strong 14 hook (b960). The last two hours were my best , I had a few on the pole but most on the wag, but most on the wag, I ended up with 19 carp which included the lakes biggest common to date , which dave romain caught on the last match

and it went 26lb , but it had lost a few ounces as it went 25.12 which is my biggest uk fish , plus I will own up and say I did it the hard way as it was fouled in the wing, it did make my arm ache though. The lake seemed to have fished well with glen two pots bailey on 102 having a similar weight to me , but Giles cochrane was admitting to 38 carp on peg 86, at least it was a shorter chuck to reach the shoal this match for him. Yet again the fishery produced the goods with 31 weights over 100lb with 4 over 200lb.
Top on the day was Giles on 86 with 280.10 for I think 3 wins in three matches, he seems to have it Sussex at the mo so FairPlay to him, he fishes the lead but really knows how to work his peg on that method
2nd Sam (think) don't know his surname as I can't read his writing on 119 with 218.3
3rd glen bailey on 102 with 211.10
4th me with 210.4 (19 carp 1 tench and 1 skimmer)
5th Shaun Townsend on 111 with 191.11
6th ian exhall on 118 with 176.3
As fot the k/o, as predicted I was going to own trig and after he drew 55 the writing was on the wall as he ended up with 99lb , which was enough to give him a section win giving him three wins in three matches , the same as Giles , so they are both on the max points but Giles has a massive weight advantage, with two matches to go I need two section wins to stand any chance of getting in the main frame overall, but with the high standard of anglers it is always going to be a tall ask, good draws needed then please

Friday, 22 May 2015

Viaduct Thursday costcutter

Another good turnout today with  31 fishing , and with cambell being booked we found ourselves on Cary and lodge, into the tin and out comes 70 on lodge which is the carpark side of the aerator rope , not the best but with the sun out I thought there may be a few cruisers about  ,getting to the peg and as far as the cruisers went the there was a lot of emphasis on few , for company I had the thyers pocket rocket in the shape of titch Williams on 71 and his nephew by marriage mat tomes on 69, who asked for the normal squid side bet, be rude not to accept really.
With carp in mind I set up a meat rig for 5 mtrs and two pellet rigs for 14 mtrs . One for on the deck and a shallow rig on a long line for stalking if any came into range.
On the all in I saw a couple of fish come into range so I went out shallow , dropped the rig in front of them and one took it , got down to my topkit quite quickly, thought I had it under control , then my .20 line snapped on the hooklink loop, bugger, with no more swimmers coming close I went out on the deck rig and missed a couple of bites on banded 8mm before netting a nice skimmer, then a couple of liners had me reaching for the shallow rig, after a couple of minutes slapping the rig around in the feed , I hooked a good fish which ended up safely in the net and being a double figure common, it was a good start, bit of a false dawn as that was the last carp I hooked on the long line apart from a fouler I lifted into which jumped and came off in titch,s swim, looking around it seemed the whole lake was fishing really bad, so by the halfway mark and a few more decent skimmers in the net, two of which were reversed into the net , which Dom Sullivan took great delight in photographing . So halfway through I was off my box and putting up another topkit for the skimmers as I thought 14 elastic was a bit over the top really. Titch was struggling apart from roach taking a liking to his meat and soft pellet, and on his wag line liners were all he could tempt, and mat was finding it hard , he did have three carp but bites were at a premium not just on our bank, but all round the lake, Cary seemed to be better with quite a few carp coming out , but not as good as recent weeks.  I kept trying the meat line but never had a bite there till 4.30 and I had a carp of about 8lb which was probably the ugliest carp in the lake with a badly disfigured face and gill plate, but still very welcome. At the end I reckoned on 40lb of silvers and two carp for 20 odd pounds and that's how it ended up, my silvers went 42lb and the two carp weighed 21.12. For a 63.12 total which was second on the lake , Scott russell on 59 won the lake with 88.11. Apart from bob Harris who by his own admission lost his ass and didn't want to push his rig under the trees on peg 66 ha ha , hope your mates see this matey,
Overall it was a hard day with j mills winning on the day with 152.2 off peg 96
2nd b norie, (can't read his writing, cockney scrall) on 97 with 141.13
3rd dan white on 98 (bit of a pattern there then) 134.5
4th m Hanham on 94 with 126
5th mark warne on 88 with 106.4
M skyme on 77 with 52lb
2nd me with 42lb
3rd gabe skarba with 40.7.  I new my two foulhooked skimmers would come in handy,
I still can't get my head around cost cutters, payouts for overall and silvers were the same , so coming second in the match and second overall meant the same money , so the brown envelope contained 15 quid so it's a loss then , perhaps it is just about the day out, after all you do get 6 hours of enjoyment sat in the fresh air with people you generally like , you could be. Spending it watching a football match which costs a lot more and only lasts 90 .
Back down here on Sunday for the third round of the spring series, which I have realistically blown out of after two rounds, at least I am still in the k/o but having drawn trig Edmunds who is on fire lately my days may well and truly be numbered in that (yea right, your ass is mine). I think steve may have a place or two to fill on Sunday so if you fancy it give steve a ring at the fishery on 01458274022 to check

Monday, 18 May 2015

Round 2 short pole series, chilton trinity

I had to replace a couple of anglers today as they were up at wembley watching rovers gain promotion back into the football league , even if was the hard way having to come back from a goal down and to finally win on penalties, so well done to them UTG.
Back to today and after a cup f tea from the ever expanding misha it was draw time , as I had the mighty (lol) Ron hardiman in the k/o I let him draw for me , hmm peg 18 not a swim of choice, it can be a cruel one in an any method match , but being limited to 6 mtrs it was always going to be a challenge, at least I had chris fox next to me on 17 for entertainment , and on 19 was the quiet man , Gordon canning,
Rigs today were for the margins each side which were hard to plumb up as the margin was going down into 3 foot of water and sloping away immediately with no flat spot, a meat rig for 3 mtrs in 8 ft of water and a deep and shallow rigs for pellet at 6 mtrs.
At the start I began at 6 mtrs on pellet but it soon became apparent that this top bank was going to be as hard as ever, no fizzing and no bites, sat on this top bank gives you a grandstand view of every peg on the lake and i could see early on who was going to do well with rod wootten on 6 catching well. Bob (des) gullick on 13 having a couple of early fish shallow and Paul elmes on 25 catching on paste, even Ron hardiman on 15 had a couple shallow, the writing was already on the wall I think, to round my match up I had one small carp at 6 mtrs and a few skimmers, one on the short meat line and 4 other small ones down the edges, the only place I could get any indications was to lower my rig down amongst the stick ups, I did lose a couple of foulers in the reeds , even a shallow rig amongst the reeds never worked as it sometimes can , so my 7 carp went 20lb (squeakers) and 10lb of silvers for a 30.5 lb total and absolutely no good today , Ron dumped me out of the k/o as he had 40lb so a bad day all round.
1st was rod wootten on 6 with 117.12 of mainly caught edge fish in his right hand margin n pellet
2nd Paul elmes on 25 87.12
3rd mike nicholls on 22 with 79.4
4th Craig Edmunds on 9 with 79.3
5th bob gullic on 13 with 61.14
6th Adrian jeffery on 33 with 59.11
Silvers. Went to Paul faires on 31 with 25.7
2nd Chris off with 14.3

Friday, 15 May 2015

Thursday Avalon match

Mike jones and me have tried to run opens here on the alternate Thursdays to the huntstrete coffin dodgers matches, a bit disappointing today on the turnout as only 9 turned up, a few cancelled probably due to the crappy weather forecast, possibly 25 mm of the wet stuff. Back to the draw and heather bush drew for me and gave me 37 which is halfway up the second island on the right hand bank, to the right of the reedy gap. Not to much to set up, I made a .4g rig for 13 mtrs for banded 6mm over 4,s which worked well for the skimmers last time , also a same size rig to fish down to the empty pallet to my right (36) for 8mm pellet, but not to much to say about that as I only tried it briefly and all I had was a small jolly green corn tin hooked in the rim, apart from a brief start on the pole at 13 mtrs most of the match was spent on the pellet wag , missing plenty of bites , losing some hook lengths in the weedy gap cos these fish are considerably quicker than me but also landing enough to keep me going on it, by the end I thought I had just short of 100lb , it was going to be close with Adrian jeffery on 40 who had caught a few on the wag but had the most on the tip on hair rigged pellet cast to the corner of the island , vic turned up to do the weigh and it did turn out to be a close affair for the top three with Adrian just edging it with 93.5.
Glen bailey was a few scales short of him with 93.1 off peg 27 but he did have the top silvers weight of  29.9 in that , just edging out rich Coles on 42 with with 29.3 . Glen had all his fish on paste as did rich
3rd was me just behind glen with 92.1.
We are running another here. In two weeks time again so if you want to come along get in touch with mike jones during the week in veals on 01179260790 to book in or phone or text me on 07974807941 to book in.
On the tackle front I have been using the new Mosella keepnets not for a few weeks and I must say they are very good with proper angle fittings , strong metal rings and netting, so if you are looking to replace any nets give the Mosella ones a proper look.
Back to veals and we now carry a selection of the new sensas poles for people to look at , to be fair they are very good with brilliant spares packages, they seem well balanced and strong , so again they definitately deserve a look as the represent good value for money, and we have a pole alley where it's possible to wave 16 mtrs about, also we carry the maver range plus some daiwa poles which need no introduction.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Viaduct spring league rnd 2

After a good breakfast in shipham and a good laugh with a few of the psv boys, including Darren North who must be feeling his age as he managed to dribble breakfast down his chin quite well, and it's never going to be a quiet with steve o,toole in attendance,
Off to the fishery and into the draw tin, out comes 90, the top right hand corner on Cary, good peg with a nice westerly wind blowing into it, shame today it was a southerly, so flat calm, not to promising. For company I was next to Martin (Mohamed) Preston and opposite Giles (the valleys) cochrane . This league is a weight only affair with no emphasis on silvers so it was an all out carp attack, so meat at 5 mtrs pellet at 14 mtrs on a couple of lines and two pellet rigs for against the left hand bank one for on the deck and the other shallow for any slurpers which may show themselves. Also a pellet wag was assembled to go further along the bank, I,ve had this peg before in similar conditions  and always managed some fish against the end bank on the pole, but to cut to the chase any close line on the pole was a waste of time , all I could get were odd skimmers, I couldn't even get any fizzing over the long pole lines, so I don't think there were to many carp back in this bay, elsewhere  Martin on my right was getting a few on the lead as was Giles opposite, both of which were fishing out more into the main body of the lake, I did manage ten carp by the end but had all of them on the wag cast along the bank, but it was no good in fact my 85lb was last but one in the section, the only person I had the better of was Gary o,Shea on 87 who only had 5 carp, Martin to my right had 144lb and Giles had 216 opposite. Overall it fished really well with I think 32 people catching over 100lb which includes 4 over 200lb, I can't think of another venue anywhere in the country which produces weights like this,
1st on the day went to rob Giles on 66 with 221.7
2nd was des (bunghole) shipp standing in for bob gullick on 78 with 219.11
3rd Craig Edmunds on 98 with 217.5
4th Giles cochrane on 94 with 216.11
5th Shaun Townsend on 112 with 195.4
6th dan white on 115 with 189lb
Only possibly 3 fish separating the top 6, incredible really, the full results can be found on the viaduct fishery Facebook page,
Off to Avalon again on Thursday so give me a ring on 07974807941 to book in or txt me , it's a 9.30 draw at the fishery. Also I have a couple of spaces for the short pole match at chilton trinity next Sunday , again ring or txt me on the above number

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Viaduct costcutter Thursday open

43 booked in for this one, just going to show its obviously not all about the money !!!!!
Into the draw tin and out comes 116 on cambell, happy with that then.
Meat has been a good bait here lately so I was going to pin my faith on it today , fishing two lines n front , one at 5 mtrs and also out at 13, I set up a couple of pellet rigs , one for tight in down my right hand margin in about 15 inches of water and another for under the overhanging tree n 117, both set up to fish 8mm pellet ver loose fed 8,s.
At the start I fed the two pellet lines , the meat line at 5 mtrs , but began at 13 mtrs kindering a few pieces of meat in after ever bite , the first thirty mins went ok and I had 3 carp in the net , but I was falling behind kev dicks on 118 who had decided to fish the lead to begin with and was a few fish ahead of me. Also mike nicholls had started well on 114 on his favoured paste method, my first hour went ok with 6 fish in the net but it started to all go a bit wrong, and the peg got harder and harder with no proper bites, in hindsight I should have switched to pellet on the long line, and kept the meat for the short line, to cut a long story short the meat never got going and the inside line never started happening at all, I only had three carp off it and the margin never showed any signs of life till about 45 mins fro the end and then I couldn't get it in quick enough, I nearly caught kev up mainly due to my fish being a bigger stamp, but mike on 114 had clearly done enough on the day, ending up with 233.12 of paste fish, all mainly taken on his topkit.
2nd Alan oram on 97 with 178.9
3rd mark Hanham 173.15
4th kev dicks 158.2
5th andy Weston 152.10
6th tony rixon 151.3
Steve long on 125 wth 58lb of skimmers on banded 6mm pellet
Gabriel skarba on 128 with 47.2

Monday, 4 May 2015

Landsend Sunday open

Only 18 of us booked in today but mike put us on match lake and one bank of number three, so plenty of room for all, trig drew my peg and handed me number 7, I peg I like but it can be a late starter so it never pays to give up as the last couple of hours can be the best , I had Tim (the occasional angler) on 5 for company , so we would be keeping an eye on each other for the three quid side bet, trouble is when we are pegged next to each other we tend to worry more about how much the other one is catching instead of how well everyone else is fairing , but it makes for an enjoyable day as the banter is always good. Rigs for today were a slapper/stalker( never used ), a meat rig for 5 mtrs , a pellet rig for 14 mtrs to my right in the middle and down to 8 empty pallet, (never had a touch on those lines) and a couple of pellet rigs for over, one tight in and one for about a mtr off.
At the start I fed all lines but decided to begin on the 5 mtr meat line, I have caught well on it in the past at this venue , and sometimes it is possible to catch on it all match, and after 15 mins with 2 decent carp in the net I was beginning to think today was going to be one of those days, but no it was one of those false dawns we seem to suffer from , as after another 30 mins and no more bites I was soon shipping over to the island with pellet, genially it is possible to fish fairly tight to the island , but there is now a small bed of blanket weed. In front of you which was never there before, so although when you plumb up you get the true depth, as soon as you go over with a baited hook, it gets hung up in the weed , hopefully the carp will get rid of it when they spawn, so I had to target an area 15 mtrs to my left to get a clear patch, but it is also shallower than straight across, meaning you could see the fish as they came onto the shelf to feed, but that also means they could see the pole, so I made up a longer rig , but that just makes it harder to work the bait properly and missed bites are a problem, but it was enjoyable seeing the fish feeding and trying to tempt one onto a hook, these landsend fish are proper cagey against the island, they have seen it all !!!!.
As the match progressed it became apparent that the people to beat were trig on 1, bela bakos on 11 and old Father Time mike(silverfox)nicholls on 13, all three were catching differently, trig had had a run of skimmers on pellet during the middle of the match after a relatively slow start but was catching well on meat in the last couple of hours, bela was targeting visible carp against the island , but he had to fish a really long line before the fish would take his bait , and he was suffering with a few foulers which were securing there freedom fairly easily, and mike was doing well on his favoured paste bait fished on his top set down his right hand margin, and as for me and Tim. We had an enjoyable match and by the end it was to close to call as far as the side bet went, we both had just over twenty carp and a few silvers for somewhere just over 100lb
Trig was first to weigh and after admitting to 100lb on his clicker he weighed 147.11, that's as bad as my shout last week at viaduct, shame on you trig. But that was only good enough for second as the wily old silverfox on 13 weighed 159.13.
3rd went to mikes adopted son bela , on 11 with 142.8
4th Paul elmes on 50 with 124.10
5th Anton peg on 42 with 122.8
6th me with118lb
7th Tim Clarke with 111.6 and three quid lighter,
8th Aaron britnell on 41 with 105lb
Nigel Bartlett on 21 with 22.13 of late skimmers and a couple of tench which was just enough to ounce out Paul faires on 24 with 21.5, nearly forgot trig also had 22.2 of accidental skimmers aswell