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Sunday, 28 February 2010

viaduct teams of 5 rnd 4

my turn on cambell today and the draw wasnt particularly kind to me as i ended up on 116, a good warm weather peg but no good at the mo . most of the carp seem to be hanging off the front of the spit on 128, 129 and opposite on 112, 113 and 114 as well as odd fish all round that half of the lake. with the wind and rain in my face and across it was always going to be difficult. 2 pole rigs one a 1grm with an 18 6313 to .10 for over the g bait(the g still means ground mr blackmore) , the other was a 4x16 with an 18 6313(middy)to .12 for over the caster line at 16 mtrs(wind permitting) and i also set up a straight lead rod and a wag to fish over the 2 pole lines.
at the start i put in 3 balls at 13 mtrs , some casters at 16 mtrs then chucked the tip out with treble maggot on an 18 xedion hook, 25 mins and the tip went round not a carp but a welcome pound and a half skimmer was in the net touble was the people on the pegs i said were already getting odd carp so i was dead and buried as they dont move at the moment. so out on the pole at 13 mtrs first and second drop on single maggot and 2 more 8 oz skimmers were in the net then a small tench , it might not be to be to bad then. then nothing so out to 16 mtrs on caster , again a bite first drop and a 2 lb skimmer then nothing again so back to 13 mtrs and another small skimmer and that was the end of my match, the wag wouldnt work as the wind was now gale force and the float was blowing back towards me , not even a tremble on the tip, all i could get was the occasional small roach on the pole when the wind dropped for a few seconds. todays highlight goes to the human plummet, old 64 turns himself timmy plummet(palant)who stepped off the side of 119 and ended up in waist deep icy water, gutted i didnt see it.
the match was won by chris dare on 114 with 70.01 with maggot on the lead
2nd dave (spray tan)luke on 132 with 62.15 on the wag and towards the end on the pole down the edge all on maggot.
3rd ray hayward peg 13 55.12
4th chris sanford 53.9 peg 8
5th lance(was that the whistle)tucker peg 85 with 53.1
6th phil cardwell 47.4 peg 128
silvers were won by steve jackson on 38 with 23.13 using caster on the wag
2nd viaducts very own monk steve long with 17.3 on lodge lake
i think there must be a coffee shortage in somerton as hayley greenwood is now using egg cups to sell it and also she tried to sell me an out of date pie at the full price , christ she is hard , no wonder paul always looks so down trodden.
teams on the day
team viaduct 82
somerset angling 80
entrprise 77 (what a good draw that must have been)
mega bait 71
league to date
somerset angling 291
team viaduct 260
team keyford 245
viaduct select 243
viaduct allstars 238
maver veals red 231
13 th avon angling 190
i even had to give fabio 2 quid as i had 7 lb for 7 points but he had 11 lb for 15 points, there,s always next week but the forecast is to go cold again so it may be hard . but the met office does have a knack of getting it wrong

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

acorn lake

the last time i fished here it was on the speci lake about 7 years ago, and we had loads of small carp which i think the owner put into his stock ponds which he has now dug out to make a long canal lake with a bowl at each end, and apart from a couple of pegs it is possible to reach the far bank everywhere. the way it was pegged today meant there were two pegs with anglers opposite , i didnt mind where i drew as long as i wasnt on one of theses pegs with an angler opposite. i drew 17 in the end bowl with some one opposite on 18 lucky for me it wasnt an angler, it was only shrimp head(matt tomes), and with the reed bed down to his right knocking with fish i thought i might have my work cut out to win the quid off him.
just a couple of 4x10 rigs today with .12 to a 20 808. one to fish at 1 o,clock angle at 13 mtrs and the other to fish 14 mtrs down my left , the same rig would do at 4 mtrs in the margins each side. at the start i cupped in a few micro,s and maggots on the angle and some at 14 mtr down the margin ,i also fed a few each side at 4 mtrs. it took me 20 mins to get my first bite , and i lost a fouler, i can understand now why the reeds were moving so much in shrimps peg cos he had lost 6 in the same time , obviously they were there cos they felt safe. it took me an hour to get my first fish , a carp of about 2 lb, i had a quick look each side at 4 mtrs but never had a bite , although i tried it several times during the match i couldnt get a bite here. down to 14 mtrs and a carp straight away, then another next put in , so i fed a few more maggots and went out to 13 mtrs and had a small carp and a perch, back down the edge and another carp, all the fish falling to double maggot, i also stopped putting pellets in as the fish seemed to be responding better to just maggot feed by swapping between the two lines i kept getting the odd carp and perch, with most fish coming from the margin swim by the end the margin was getting stronger as i had 5 carp in the last 15 minutes, although they were on the small side(8 oz)
in the end top weight went to pete sivell on peg 14 with 87.15 with all the fish falling to double maggot fished at half depth against the far bank
2nd john(the gimp)bradford 60.3 on peg 4 which included the top silvers on the day with18.2 of mainly perch
3rd tony rixon 48.15 peg 17
4th alan oram 47.00 peg 12
5th martin lenaghan 30.9 peg 10
6th matt(shrimpy)tomes 26.11 peg 18
fairplay to fabio he decided to target the lakes skimmers and after he had caught the three of them he had nothing else to do . i dont know if he realised that the lake was stuffed with small carp, he,s done well to avoid them

Monday, 22 February 2010

post landsend

i had a phone call today from ben (fisk) at angling times asking for more information about the 2 perch for 12 lb that mat tomes caught at landsend on saturday to see if it was legit, i very nearly gave him shrimp heads number but i,m beginning to think old shrimpy is starting to believe those perch were all of 6 lb each, i reckon if ben would have phoned him mats name would be scratched on the drennan cup in no time at all , ilmfaro.
most of you will know how much i hate the four letter word that is ebay, its putting the nails in the coffin of all retail not just the tackle trade, you sad computer people need to get back out on the high street and keep retail where it belongs, and deont even start me on about x box live and psp,s how sad have you got to be to sit in a darkened room pretending to stab and shoot people in other towns and even countries, i cant think where our social problems are coming from can you(it aint real you saddo,s). thats the soap box done and dusted so back to the swear box, its a pound every time the E word is mentioned, when we get enough we are going to send mr mat tomes to to get more hair extensions , only this time due to the fact the eye brow ones failed they are going to attach them to the hairs on his ass and drag them up his back and over the top, and it should also help keep his back warm in the cold

Sunday, 21 February 2010

landsend individual league rnd 5

poor mat tomes he had 2 perch at landsend saturday for 12 lb but due to a strict no publicity thingy at the fishery he will never be able to claim the record, he really ought to go to specsavers and change his gok wans for glasses slightly less powerful than the hubble telescope. also just got to mention bob blackmore the pylle marsh pensioner, he came into the shop and was gazing at the groundbait on the shelf, asking me to let him know what sort i had been using as no where on the shelves could he find a make called g bait, i hope i never get old.
back to landsend and today being match 5 means it was a random draw , so into the bucket and out with 33 on speci lake , its a corner peg and always good for some fish. next door was bela bakos on 34 which has been the boss peg for weeks, so i was looking at 2 nd in section as bela is always capable of getting a few. opposite on 32 was anton page so i would be trying to get my quid back from weds. only 2 rigs today, both impact 6 floats 4x14 the left hand margin was with .16 to a 18 xedion hook , and the open water peg towards the aerater in front and on the angle at about 1.30. at the start i cupped in some 3mm pellets and some corn on all 3 lines. first drop in by the aerater and a fouler which came off , next drop , another fouler but landed it , 7 lb mirror in the wing , onto the angle and a fouler landed tail first then another lost one , end of the first hour and 2 foulers landed and 3 lost, and bela had only had some small roach, so me thinks they may have moved , even anton opposite was struggling with only a few sivers in the net, i stuck to the usual feeding pattern , every time i caught one i would feed that spot and go to the other, with all my fish coming from in front of the bubbler or on the angle all with corn on the hook, the left margin only produced 1 hooked carp which came off and it was a right snagpit so i didnt spend to much time there, i dont know if my age or what but it seems to be getting harder and harder to wave 16 and 17 mtrs about, my shoulders really ache after fishing now, it wont be long till i,m like the gimp and only taking 4 mtrs to a match .
by the end i had caught 15 carp to about 16 lb which went 133.9 and first
2nd dale howson 59.2 peg16 and soft pellet
3rd anton page 53.5 peg 32 and corn(and got my quid back)
4th vince shipp 46.10 peg 86
5th larry burns 46.8 peg 21
6th pete noton 43.7 peg 54
silvers tom thick 17.00 on peg 22 , skimmers and f1,s on soft pellet
2nd ken rayner 13.8 on peg36
and how did bela get on , 3 carp for 25 lb just goes to show they do mve sometimes, he didnt do anything wrong , they just didnt want to be there today.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

weds landsend

firstly well done matt tomes, those who know him will realise that his forehead is expanding at a fair old lick, but he has sorted it, he has had extensions added to his eyebrows and he is back combing the lot staight back over the top. it looks mint.
back to the draw and matt drew me 40 in the corner of the speci lake, its not shown any carp form for a while so it looks like a silvers day, and with anton page next door the banter was always going to be good, luckily we had tom thick at the next peg again so we had an easy target close at hand.
a 4x14 rig down the edge to my left with an 18 808 to .10
a 4x14 rig same hook and line to fish at 16 mtrs to the hay bale, which is where nick collier had 17 lb of silvers at the weekend
and same size rig to fish in open water with a variety of baits over micro,s.
on the all in i cupped casters by the hay bale, micro,s in open water and threw caster to my left by the bush.
out to the bale and i started to get indications straight away, which i thought were carp and sure enough after a small roach the 6 elastic was streaming out with a fouler which soon broke the .10, so on with the .12 and out with a piece of corn, after a couple of liners another fouler and that came adrift, then i had a small carp just under 3lb then i lost another , and that was the end of the liners, it didnt take me long to scare them off .
by now anton had snuck ahead in the silvers so i had to play catch up which was always going to be hard.
by now alan oram on form peg 34 had lost his first three carp but had started to get them in the mouth by fishing up on the shelf with triple maggot, also the 4 extra pegs we put on match lake were ghetting a few so most of us were on a no hoper, so silvers offered the best chance of picking up. with 2 hours to go i was definately behind and couldnt get a bite in front of the bale , so got of my box and made up a 4x12 rig with a middy finesse 18 hook to .12 to fish the right hand margin just short of the bale, i should have done it earlier as i started getting good perch and roach, basically i cocked up if i had gone tighter in to the margins earlier i would have had a lot more especially if i had targeted a couple of areas against the edge(live and learn).
as expected alan oram won with 100 lb 5 oz. 10 carp and 9lb of silvers
2nd mike west on 19 had 73.5 , which was 11 carp and also top silver weight on the day 17.9 all his fish taken on soft pellet at13 mtrs
3rd nick collier 43.12 peg 33
4th jason radford 40.9 peg 16
5th pete sivell 32.14 peg 32
6th matt (16 2)tomes 31.4 peg 13
as for the pound between anton and me , i was robbed, during the weigh in anton dropped some fish on the floor and i was reliably informed that he picked up some gravel with the roach cos he weighed 17.2 to my stone free 17.1(do i sound bitter)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

viaduct teams of 5 match 3

my turn on spring lake today and when tim clark did the team draw i wasnt to upset to find myself on 16. its an island chuck with the end of the island to myself. its a long cast 50 plus mtrs so a 12 grm skud was set up and a lead rod(needs must and all that). and 1 rig for the pole, a .5 grm with a 18 b3613 to .10 for the g bait line.
on the whistle i cupped in 6 balls at 16 mtrs with a few casters in, then picked up the wag rod, 3 dead mags went on the 18 xedion hook to .18 and it was launched to the island. 3rd chuck and the float buried but the strike didnt connect with anything, but at least there was 1 fish there. it took 40 mins to get another bite , and the strike conncted this time , 10 mins later and what looked like a 16 pounder was safely put into the old onion sack.
the lake fished really hard with tim pallant on 8 ending up with 5 carp, peg 13 had 2 , a few others had 1 and alex murray on 25 was getting silvers on the waggler and maggot, by the end i had had 6 bites on the wag hitting 4 and landing them all , i only had a couple of liners on the tip, and i had 3 bites on the pole for 1 skimmer an d one roach, but it was enough to win the lake as the 4 carp went over 47 lb and the 2 silvers went a pound and a half giving me forty eight and a half pounds.
the match was won by paul greenwood on 85 with155.15 on peg 85 (not to predictable then , roll on spring and summer)
2nd andy (the ginger prince)power 139.9 peg 66 maggot bown the edge
3rd wayne buckingham 58.15
4th alan oram 57.2
5th sam johnson56.10
6th rich coles51.2
dan squires 23.11
tems o all somerset angling 211 pts
team keyford 203
maver veals red 195
viaduct allstar 182 (even with fabio trying to drag them down)
avon angling are way off the pace on 142 points(i think)in 8th place
spare a thought for brian shanks as he has turned into our gimp this year, i think he has only weighed in a total of 1lb 1oz in the three matches so far, it just goes to show how peggy it has become in this cold weather, cos we are all aware of how many fish are in these lakes but they are all balled up and not really wanting to spread out and feed.
funniest thing today was steve skelton playing a branch to a standstill only to lose it under his feet when it went round a carp lol
i was going to mention about poor matt parsons not being included in the thatchers team going to monk lakes for the w l semi even though he tells me he has fished it and done well ha ha (was that ok matt)
also i hear hatchett hook has sacked ken rayner from the maver veals team poor ken gets no luck does he

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

avalon weds

first time back here for a while and the news from vic was that there were plenty of silvers showing over g bait or micro,s plus the speci boys were getting quite a few carp, so the signs were good. shame the weather had other ideas, with a frost on tuesday night and a strong N E wind blowing straight down the lake, making pole fishing nigh on impossible for most. fortunately i drew 21 which was the third peg in from the top , so at least i had a bit of shelter from the wind. 2 rigs today both 4x16 impact 6,s , one with an 18 808 to .12 and the other with a 18 t6139(middy). at the start i cupped in 2 balls of g bait at 13 mtrs and a ball of softened micro,s at 16 mtr in front and angled at 2 o,clock(2 lines).
it took 35 mins to get my first bite and that resulted in a 6 oz skimmer, i had 2 more in the next 30 mins and i think if it hadnt been for the gale which was making presentation hard as it was blowing the rig thru to fast i think i would have had a few more.
so just over an hour in i pushed the rig out to 16 mtr,sand it went under straight away with another small skimmer , as it did on the next put in then no bites again so i fed a few more micro, s and came back to the 13 mtr line where i had another skimmer and a couple of roach then i bumped off a good fish, probably a better skimmer , and that finished that line off as i never had a bite there for the rest of the match, like wise the 2 o,clock swim never produced a bite. 3 hours in and the wind was getting stronger making the 4x16 rigs all but useless, so i upped the size of the rig to a 1.5 grm jollywhich sat there just nice and even better it started to produce the odd bite from small skimmers and odd roach with all the fish so far falling to double maggot , then at 2.40 the float went under and i was attached to a small carp(4.3) a useful bonus on a hard day. it seemed to be fishing hard , the only person i could see with a carp was matt (slimfast)tomes who had had a six pounder 2nd chuck but hadnt had anything since but with no one wandering about i didnt have a clue as to who had what. 30 mins from the end i had a 3lb bream so by the end i thought i had about 10 lb
vic turned up with the scales and as jason radford only had 1 roach on 23 i was the first to weigh,
my silvers went 6.14 and with the carp i had 11 .1.
as it turned out there had been a few fish caught with gary wall on peg 7 with 10 carp for 41.7 all taken on maggot and pellet feeder cast to the island
2nd stu taylor(entrprise taunton) 30.13 on peg three . three tip caught carp on maggot
3rd martin lenaghan 19.4 peg 16. fair play to you martin for letting stu borrow a lead rod to beat you with ha ha , stu did say it was probably the first time it had been used properly
4th alan oram 14. 2 peg 11
5th tony rixon 11.1 and top silvers with 6.14
6th phil (another quid for me)harding on peg 9

Sunday, 7 February 2010

chilton trinity with fry,s

as always you are going to get a good laugh with the fry,s club and today was no exception with pete sivell taking the p out of most people but i wont mention that he was last today , dean malin rolling around on the floor with mr chub, who came off worst with a suspected broken rib and a bruised kidney , all self diagnosed i hasten to add. and not forgetting the one and only steve preece aka" the beast".who if ever there was to be a stage show of punch and judy , he would get the lead role cos he has the laugh and he certainly has the nose for it.
back to the draw and i got 11 (frys own pegging)on the new bank. new cos the bank has been levelled and all the trees cut down to let the wind get to the water. setting up 2 rigs , the first was a 1grm rig with an 18 t6313 to .10 to fish over g bait at 13 mtrs and a 1.5 grm rig for 16mtrs with an 18 808 to .12 to fish pellet corn and maggot over micro,s.
merv sivell was busy chatting so the match was started 5 mins late , 3 balls of g bait were cupped in with a few casters at 13 mtrs and a ball of softened micros at 16. starting at 13 with a single maggot and the first bite after about 5 mins was a carp which i plyed for a couple of mins before the hook pulled under the pole tip, i dont think it was fouled so as i was trying a different hook for silvers i decided to blame the hook, in the next hour i took several small roach and a 12oz skimmer on maggot or caster but was going nowhere as paul(the fat brother)ratcliffe had taken a couple of carp and skimmers on soft pellet over micro,s at the next peg , so out to 16 mtr with soft pellet, first bite a fouler , then 2 missed bites , then as i dropped the rig back in it went sideways as i must have dropped the rig on the back of a passing carp and that soon came off. i switched to corn on the hook which resulted in a carp and a few skimmers before it went quiet and i had to re feed back to the 13 mtr line and several small roach soon found there way into the net, problem was they were to small to do any good, so i was soon back out on the 16 mtr line wit corn, i was getting indications but i didnt like the way the rig was behaving as the bite were slow small pulls which just didnt look right , so i took the rig off and made up a lighter one , 4x16 impact 6 still wth a 18 808 to .12 it may seem to light as it was 9 foot deep but it just seemed to work better , the bites certainly looked better as it was dotted down to dimple so bites were a case of now you see me now you dont, lovely. bites on the corn stopped so a switch to double maggot put another carp and a few more skimmers in the net.
all this time paul at the next peg had been getting the odd carp and skimmer on pellet , also the fish were fizzing over the micro,s he was putting in whereas i couldnt raise a bubble till the last hour when i began to get some bubbles appearing and i think i had 2 more carp and a couple of good skimmers plus i lost a couple of fowlers.
by the end i thought i had about 10 lb of silvers and 5 small carp for 12 lb, time would tell.
i thought i might be in with a chance of winnig the silvers as no one seemed to have had to much, even got baits finest clive petit with the wonder cloud additive atomic kitten could hardly raise a bite but as he spent most of the day on the tip i aint really suprised but he did have 3 carp. first on the day was john (gimp)bradford , the silver ace had to catch carp in the magins on peg 2 on maggot over caster for 49 .10 14 carp
2nd paul ratcliffe 45.13 12 carp and skimmers on pellet over micro,s peg 12
3rd gary bedford 36.3 peg 9
4th les(broken rib)williams 27.14 peg 10
5th tony rixon 24.11 peg 11 (beat both sides then)
6th the beast 19.8 peg 1
tony rixon 10.8
dave (the mouse)acherley 9.12
just seen the weather forcast i dont think i will be putting the ice breakers away just yet then

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

close finish on john,s

with the match lake fishing hard it was decided we would be better off on lake 3(john,s water) as the previous few matches had shown this lake to be fishing the best with bites all round it. my usual drawbag person (gary wall)drew 42 for me, the last time i drew this peg i won with 130 lb on pellet shallow , but i cant see this working today.
2 rigs one .50 grm with a 20 808 to .10 for caster at 6 mtr and a 4x12 rig with an 18 808 to .12 for corn and soft pellet against the island and 14 mtrs at 10 o,clock as it was the same depth, about three and a half feet.
at the start i started feeding caster at 6 mtrs and cupped some dampened micro,s by the island and on the angle at 14 mtrs.
starting on the caster line i had a bite first drop but missed it never mind there should be plenty of roach there, wrong i never had another bite there , so 30 mins later and i was putting a piece of corn on and shipping the island rig out, first drop and the float went under and the first f1 was on its way to the net, then i had a 5 lb carp then it went quiet so a few more micro,s then out on the angle and another f1 and a carp , so fed that line again and back to the island and another carp and f1. about 2 hours from the end i plumbed up with the caster rig off the front of the island and fed some micro,s there, and by rotating around the three swims i had a nice days fishing apart from the rain which fell all day , but at least it was mild.
mike turned up with the scales at the end, he didnt fish as he tripped over a pile of buckets in the nursery and put his back out. i had a total of 53.13 which included the top silvers weight of 21.15
all the fish being taken on corn over micro,s apart from 1 roach on maggot
2nd alan oram 52.4 peg 51 ,8 carp on maggot and corn
3rd pete sivell 49.13 peg 61 9 carp on maggot
4th gary wall 45.10 peg 66
5th vince brown 35.12 peg 41
6th john bradford 30.00 peg 70
all in all a good close match with any of the top 4 needing 1 fish to win and with most people losing a few it could have gone any way

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

shop bitz 7

that fabio has got a cheek . being our night watchman means he has keys for the shop, so he keeps his kit in the back of the shop. when he gets his kit before he goes fishing he makes his flask with the coffee and milk from the shop, so i thought it would be funny to replace the coffee with gravy granules but even thouigh i sabotaged the lights above the kettle he still spotted the ruse (bugger), trouble was i forgot to tell the gimp about it as i was off on monday to do some long overdue(20 years)DIY , the first 2 cups he made were drunk with no complaints from dave blakemore and eddie perkins(thats probably the end of the doughnuts), but tim clarke wasnt to be fooled and spat his out(he must have been a wife in a previous life).
also fabio has taken to wearing fi fi,s underwear and to be honest he aint got the ass to carry it off especially as he flashes them to anyone who shows the slightest interest, if i had known he was a cross dresser he would never got into the flat. trouble is fi fi wont flash his spandex boxers, and he must have been having a barry white afternoon on saturday as he had the music cranked right up so we couldnt hear the furniture or fabsy groaning.
poor mat tomes is really stuggling with his weight we can all remember him with a six pack and a full head of hair now all he has got is a lurpack and bum fluff (welcome to my world).
we all know how tight mark britton(psv)but cruel as well. read on , he was telling me that when he was young he used to shoot birds with an airgun then cut them up to get his pellets back. he did try and tell me that his dad would only give him one pellet at a time