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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Weds open , shiplate farm hawthorn lake

Only 9 fishing today so I won't be doing to long a blog tonite, especially as it was a very difficult day , Aaron. Drew two tickets out stuck together so I took the one stuck out and I wasn't in the least bit upset to see end peg 15 looking back at me, the last time I was on this peg I had just short of 100lb, but that was last summer in the sun , so with the easterly wind blowing down the lake with a windchill of  somewhere around zero , I wasnt going to catch shallow on caster today that was a dead cert. for company on 13 I had the resident venue professional in the shape of Andrew France , the match was really hard for most with just andy and me getting a few carp, in fact we both ended up with 9 each with andy having a small chub aswell so it was going to be tight as the fish are roughly the same size , fishery owners steve and carol turned up with the scales , with me to weigh first my 9 carp went 34lb exactly then andy put his 1oz. Chub on first then he put his 9 in the net and. The needle stopped on 33.14 so with his chub he had 33.15 an ounce behind, he took it well !!!!
Third went to Keith turner on. 12 with bout 11.3  and the only other person to bother the scales was Alan oram who won the silvers with 7oz, this cold snap is really beginning to affect the. Sport everywhere making fish shoal up really tightly, bait and rig wise both andy and me had all our fish on double maggot, andy having all his fish just off the far bank shelf in about 3 foot of water, I had 4 off the far side in the same depth and 5 down in the deeper water water towards empty peg 14
Steve was busy all day following suite of the other fisheries in the area and putting up a secure electric otter fence around the whole fishery, not pretty but necessary . We can't have the furry fish munching beasties chewing there way through expensive  fishes. Now can we.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Viaduct teams of 5,s round 3

With the rotation it was my turn on Campbell today which is very cruel at the moment with the fish being holed up in the pegs 125 / 126 / and opposite on 115 and 116 with the fish getting a bit thinner
on the ground as you move away from this area, into the team draw and I pull out number 8 which puts me on 118, brian shanks on 85, tim Clark on 56, Clayton Hudson on 40 and Ron hardiman on 12 3 good pegs and. 2 crap, I was on 118 which is eg to far really and with 117 not in it was just to far up really o r so I though , a quick chat with Tim Rowe who was on it last Sunday revealed he had 6 small carp down towards peg 117 by the brambles, so I set up a 4x12 rig on .16 with a xedion size 18 on the end, I also set up a 4x16 rig for 14 mtrs with a 20 middy 8313 on .12.
Wag rod was put up with. Big drake bodied wag and against my better judgement a lead rod , both again had xedion size 18 hooks on for maggots,
At the start I tried to get the wag to work but it was never going to happen as the wind was now blowing into and slightly across making the float blow through the swim, even with 18 inches dragging across the bottom, it always looked like a non starter, so after 15 mins it was out with the lead rod, by now Tom mangnall n 115, kev crabbe on 116 and Fred Roberts on 125 all catching fish rom the off, I did manage 2 carp on treble  maggot in the next 30 mins but I wasn't getting any indications or liners , so a quick look on the long pole bought no bites , so back ut on the lead but no more action , so I went down the margin , tim said he had 6 bites in 6 put ins last week but the carp were on the small side, my margin went pretty much the same with 5 carp in 5 put ins then I never had a bite there the rest of the day , all 5 fish falling to double caster over casters which I fed at the start, by now Fred on 125 was getting a fish a chuck on maggot on the wag, I think it helped having the wind off his back, presentation looked ok from our side, Tom mangnall was trying to get the wag to work but the wind was making it impossible, so he was on the lead most tof the match as was kev on 116, with both catching quite well but not as good as Fred ,in fact Fred caught right to the end and the anglers either side of him were also getting a few fish , I tried the long pole on a few occasions with double maggot over caster and did hook 5 carp losing two of them and I also had a pound plus brown goldfish on that line which count as carp at this venue ,only proper gold goldfish count as silvers here,
I had three more carp on the lead in the last 30 mins to end up with 13 carp and the goldfish for what I thought would be about 70 lb in fact when the scales turned up I had 75.15 which I was happy with and I was 5 th on the lake which keeps up my chances of getting in the individual overalls, dave romain is top of that at the moment with 3 lake wins from three matches so fair play to him,
1st n the day was Fred Roberts on 125 with 196.1 and for those who are friends with him on face book will have known about his win abut 10 mins after the match
2nd Wayne Buckingham on 64 with 135.12
3rd Craig Edmunds 131.12 peg 85
4th Tom mangnall 103.14 peg 115
5th Phil cardwell 98.3 peg 125
6 th  kev crabbe  80.14peg 116
Silvers went to mark Williams on eg 100 with 39.2 pf skimmers on the pole on maggot ver groundbait
Even though the weights look god there were plenty of blanks today with 4 on our lake alone, ooo I nearly forgot to mention mat tomes next to me today on 119 BLANKED, and he lost a fish aswell lol
Weds match is at shiplate on the canals, so if you are interested ring me at the shop to book in

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday open landsend fishery

With 18 fishing we used match and speci lake, and I didn't really mind where I drew, Anton pulled out 2 tickets and I took the one sticking out , and I wasn't to disappointed to see 32 written on the ticket, it's a corner peg which has been good lately, for company I had Tom mangnall opposite on 33 and nick merry on 31 and with des shipp and Tom thick at the other end of the lake it wasnt going to be easy, and with some good anglers on the match lake on good pegs its always a challenge. Three rigs today, a 4x14 for soft pellet at 14 mtrs and 2 rigs for banded pellet, a 4x14 for the deeper water and a 4x12 for up the shelf against the end bank, at the start I cupped in some micros at 14 mtrs and began firing some hard 4's against the end bank, first put in at 14 mtrs with a soft pellet and I had a 7lb carp, the next drop in and another slightly smaller one was soon in the net ,then a good f1 ,  the first 2 hours went really well , I switched to hard pellet after the first 3 fish and began kindering some 4,s in with the micros and by the end of the first 21/2 hours I had 10 carp and about 18 lb of silvers, so I got up for a pee and put my second carp net in , then I had a terrible bout of second net syndrome when I never had another fish for over an hour,  a switch to the end bank and I had a couple of quick fish before it went quiet there aswell, Tom opposite was rotating around his peg between the end bank, the aerator and the end of the island and catching odd fish from all swims and by now nick next door was honking carp by the island but luckily he was losing most of them, in fact I think he lost more than I caught by the end of the match, but he kept smiling to the end,
In the end I had 15 carp between 1 and 7lb and 20 lb of silvers for a total weight of 106 lb for first on the day
2nd and 2 fish behind was Anton page on 15 with 96.12
3rd Tom mangnall n 33 with 70.8
4th nick duckett(and new dad) on peg5 with 48.14
5th nick merry on 31 with 43lb
6th andy gard on 11 with 39.12
 Silvers went to me with 20.4

Monday, 18 February 2013

Viaduct teams of 5 winter league

This is the biggest league in the area with 95 anglers fishing so it's well worth attending, and with the best anglers in the area attending it makes it difficult to do well individually, so a good draw is always needed , as far as the team approach goes there is never a method to secure good points for the team, it's not like other venues further north in the country where f1,s play a part and the same methods work in the majority of pegs so its possible to fish as a team, at viaduct you really need to be more of an individual in your approach as the team goes due to shape and nature of the lakes with big fish and silvers playing a big part on the day.
It was my turn on spring lake section today and to do well its generally accepted that an island chuck or one of the productive corners is needed, there are 2 pegs on middle lake in the spring lake section and these can be very good providing some fish have swum through the channel from spring lake,
Into the draw and I end up on 38 which is the one in middle nearest the channel, I haven't drawn this peg for probably ten years and the last time I did I won with about 120lb on the pellet wag, now that isn't going to work today as its a tad cold and pellets ain't allowed in matches, I did have a carp angler opposite me and he was putting Pva bags of pellets out with enough in each to feed for the entire match, then he starts throwing boilies and donkey chokers over the top, needless to say he blanked,
A quick chat with fishery owner steve long and he informed me that there had been lots of silvers in the swims lately, so that was what I would do then , Anton page came round and reckoned dobbed bread around the margins would be a good option, but as he doesn't feed any thing very often it would be a favoured method for him, I did listen and went up to woodies cafe and scrounged a couple of slices(thanks stu), but I never used it so the ducks were ok after, I set up a margin rig which would do for dobbing and corn but I don't think there were to many carp my side of the gap as all I had was a hybrid and a roach, both on double corn, also a wag was put up for corn on the other side of the gap but the wind pushing through the gap meant the float wouldn't stay still long enough so that was never used, the pol gave me all my action today , I began by feeding 3 balls of g bait at 13 mtrs and some caster and corn at 16 mtrs for any carp or skimmers that may be floating around a bit further out, the rig for over the g bait was a 4x14 j21 with an 18 middy 6313 on .10, the corn rig was a 4x12 impact 6 with. 16 middy 8313 on .14, for company I fabio sat behind me, he still can't fish as the plaster is not off his arm for another fortnight and he has gone a bit stir crazy, so a day watching may be therapeutic , or it may tip him over the edge as he is really missing not fishing, starting over the groundbait with a single maggot and I missed a bite on the drop first put in, so I slipped a caster n a nd had a couple of quick roach before I had a 12oz skimmer, and to be honest there isn't much more to say really as I had bites from small roach and skimmers over the13 mtr line most of the day, I did have a few better skimmers from the 16 mtr line on corn but you only seemed to get one bite on that line then you had to re feed and leave it , as the match went on it became apparent that my section on spring was not fishing well with only a few people having one carp and there weren't to many silvers being caught anywhere on the venue, so I just stayed with the silvers, and I,m glad I did as I ended up with 32.4 to win the silvers on the day and come second on my lake section, it turned out the carp had a proper munch on the other lakes with I think 7 weights over 100lb.
Leading the charge was des shipp on peg 86 with 191.1 catching on meat on the lead at about 50 mtrs
2nd dave romain on 53 lodge with 175.10
3rd mark poppleton on 116 with 152.12
4th richard wyatt 146.2 on peg 73
5th Martin Preston 136.14 , peg 4
6th mash 128.13 peg 78
Silvers me with  32.4
As for the league viaduct select are in the lead with 127 pts , closely followed by thatchers vets on 126 then browning west Wales on 117
As for Avon angling we were 12 on the day I think with some having a real struggle, brian(mugger) shanks hasn't seemed to grasp the idea that we are fishing for max points in the section not penalty points and I don't think he has caught over 3lb in two matches,
Some of the best entertainment was from behind me on match lake with mark harper clipping up all nice before the start then throwing his wag up the tree at the start, then mike nicholls on 52 really finding it hard to get his float into the water as he spent most of the early part of the match extracting his wag from the tree behind him, he then had to put the float rod away as he lost all his shot to the trees behind lol

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Plantation Wednesday open

Still a good turnout even with the bad weather forecast, 18 fishing so it just goes to show that this is a popular venue, we even had a couple of venue regulars fishing including goose fat vowels,
I must admit to fancying 7or 8 but des pulled 2 tickets out so I took one and ended up with 38 stuck in my hand, it's a point peg looking back down the lake , unfortunately today it was into the teeth (not antons) of the strong wind that also included some sleet for good measure  , so I was set for a damp cold day , I can't really complain as I have spent most of the winter being at the calm end of the venues.
The peg threw up a decent silver net recently so I set up a 4x16 rig with the usual size 18 middy 6313 on .10 to fish caster and maggot over g bait at 11 mtrs. I set up another float of the same size to fish soft pellet or maggot over micros at 14 mtrs , that rig had a 20 middy 8313 on .12 . The last rig was a4x12 with the same hook and line as above for my right hand margin as it does produce some ice perch and carp tight in under the bushes, after cupping 4 balls of g bait at 11 mtrs (wrong) and some micros at 14 mtrs at 11 and 1 angles and throwing some casters down the edge, I started on caster fully expecting a bite from at least a small roach but never had a bite , a switch to single maggot also didn't work, hmmm, after 30 mins without  a bite I went out over the pellet line with a soft pellet on, no bite either, so a switch to double maggot over the micros gave Me my first bite after 45 mins and that was from a 7lb carp, by now kev molten on 8 turkey Thompson on 7 were both catching , in fact the further up the lake you went and the less wind effected the lake became , more fish were being caught, I,m not going to waste to much time talking about my match as it was vey hard at this end of the lake , my groundbait line didn't produce one silver fish, I had one carp there and lost a fouler ,the two long lines gave me 5 more carp and 4 skimmers all on maggot, under the bushes on caster I had one 4oz roach so today was going to end up with no pickup , most of the action was from halfway to the far end, trouble with drawing this swim is that apart from 2 people at the top end I could see everyone on the lake , kev molten was streaking ahead of most fishing banded 8,s over 4,s fished at
13 mtrs, Anton page was catching well on 24 in the last half of the match on maggot over caster and micros at 16 mtrs, also des shipp on 12 was getting a few, even turkey n 7 was having a go but the paste didn't seem to best effective this time, at the weigh in my attempt at catching put 31.4 on the sheet which was no good overall, but it was good at my end, I new I should have done a section at each end lol.
1st on the day was kev molten on 8 with a brilliant winter weight of 124.4
2nd Anton page 70.14 on 24
3rd des (90  pence) shipp on 12 with 59.1
4th John Thompson 42.14 peg 7
5th steve kedge 38.5 peg18
6th tony rixon 31.4 peg 38
Silvers went to steve kedge with 13.13
There is a match at Avalon on Sunday if anyone is looking for something to do, if you want to book
in ring me at the shop or ring mike west on 07850284696, it's a good fishery so go and give vic some support,

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Landsend league round 5

Well the weather men got it right again, they said rain all day and that's just what we got, it never stopped, it was my turn on lake 3 and that came up over 2 inches during the match,
After a bit of cajoling I managed to get mark poppleton  to draw for me and he handed me peg 55 which is in the top left hand corner of the lake , always a reasonable peg with a good chance of picking up, I had ken Rayner opposite on 58, so at least I had someone to talk to , Aaron britnell was the next angler to my right on 51, but I couldn't see him due to the bushes(not a bad thing), just for a change I was at the windy end today as the wind had gone easterly so it was cold and blowing hard into the end bank,
I set up 3 rigs, one for banded pellet at 14 mtrs towards the wire cage against the end bank, ans another for soft pellet or maggot over micros at 13 and 14 mtrs at 1 o,clock angle in open water both were 4x14 impact 6  floats , the last rig was a 4x12 impact 6 for the left hand margin for caster over caster,   After firing some 4,s to the cage , cupped some soaked micro,s into the open water and some caster down the edge at about 10 mtrs, I put on a soft pellet and went into the open water at 13 mtrs,
I thought I had a bite after about five mins but I wasn't to sure as the wind was making it hard to see the float easily, I switched to double maggot , and next drop I had a 1 1/2 pound f1 then about  five minutes later I had a carp of about 7lb, ken opposite had also had a couple of f1,s followed by a carp fishing long down his right hand margin on soft pellet, I refed the open water swims and had a look on the pellet line out by the cage, and had a 12 oz ghostie on a banded 6mm followed by a four pound common, ken had also had a couple more and was getting lots of indications , back out to the open water and another good carp was soon in the net, but I was a couple of fish behind ken and I wasn't getting enough indications to convince me there were enough fish to keep up with ken, but by swapping between the three lines I wasn't to far behind going into the last hour , but ken managed to sneak a few more to give him the edge, the rest of the lake had fished very hard, I had a visit from bob gullick about halfway through and he had only caught one roach and he was moaning like a bitch, and its got to be said he has got more excuses than a convict on death row.
By the end I had 11 or 12 carp and ken had 13 but I still thought he had beaten me by at least 10 lb as his fish were a bit bigger, top weight on the day actually went to Jamie parkhouse on peg 32 speci lake with 84.4 using soft pellet over micros
2nd ken Rayner 81.3 peg 58. Serves me right for slagging him off in the shop on Friday, telling he was shit, I've now got teeth marks on my ass lol
3rd was me with 64.3
4th Clint wojtyla on peg 7 with 60.1( it must be only thatchers and Preston anglers who struggle here lol)
5th ray bazeley on 11 with 52.15
6th Adrian jefferey with 51.9 pn peg 15
Tom thick on 68 with 31.14 of mainly hand size skimmers on soft pellet over micro,s at 13 mtrs, it was a good net of small fish and nice to see

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weds open landsend fishery match lake

With only 11 fishing it's always going to be difficult to peg trying to give people a bit of room whilst trying not to allow too much between anglers, but its not always possible, but you can only peg it the best way as you see it.
With des shipp fishing again and moaning that if he drew peg 7 again he may throw a proper wobbly as he thinks its a bad peg, but with Aaron suggesting we put all number 7,s in the draw and stand back and watch the fun, obviously everyone new but des so when he dew he was not best pleased to see peg 7 on his card, he got halfway back to his van before he turned around to see us all laughing waving peg 7,s at him, into the draw proper and he drew  peg1 and the main culprit for fixing the draw, Aaron britnell drew 7 , serves him right , but it all came good in the end.
I drew for myself and ended up on 13 which I was happy with as is been good lately and I was sheltered from the cold north westerly wind, for company opposite I had to sit and watch mike west , and apart from john(turkey)Thompson on 15 I couldn't see anyone else, I set up rigs for caster at 5 and 9 mtrs to my right along the margin , with an 18 6313 on .10. A couple of 4x14 rigs for soft pellet or maggot over micro,s with a 20 8313 on .12 for 14 mtrs up the left and the other over towards the island at the bottom of the. Shelf, amd a 4x12 for the left hand margin for various baits over micros, at the start I fed all line with the relevant baits but began at 9 mtrs with single caster, I was suprised not to get a bite or a perch first drop, in fact it took 10 mins to get my first bite, after i switched to the 5 mtr line and that was from a 6lb carp which took a while to land, back out to 9 mtrs and a lost fouler and a couple of lost perch later that was all I had on my close lines till about an hour from the end when I had another carp and a perch there but nothing in between, so it was out to the left hand side at the bottom of the shelf with soft pellet , first put in and the float just kept going and another small carp was in the net, then a good skimmer, but it went quiet so I put double maggot on and had another  small carp, with this peg if you start catching the smaller carp that's generally all you get and today was going to be exception, whereas mike west opposite was catching proper ones up to 15 lb and no small ones, even up on the shelf it was mainly small carp between 1 and 4lb. Over by the island was slow with only a couple of decent skimmers and no carp which is unusual, by the end mike was reckoning on about 90 lb with Aaron on peg 7 doing well, in the end mike west shaded it with 91.12 catching most of his fish on 4mm expander over micros at 10 mtrs
2nd went to Aaron britnell on peg7, yes peg 7 des and tim with 85.15 on maggot over caster at 10 mtrs
3rd was the Jabba the hut body double , mark poppleton on 19 again with 65.1
4th tony rixon 57.11 peg13
5thtom thick 44.5 peg 5
6th Alan oram 37.8 peg 21
Silvers went to Tom thick 17.5 of skimmers and a couple of decent f1,son soft pellet

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Viaduct winter league round 1

Firstly I must apologise as I never waited for the full result as I wanted to get home for my tea,
Into the draw tin and I ended in d section which is match lake and 1 to 6 on spring lake,then I drew for numbers and I drew peg 44 for myself, 124 for tim Clark, 88 for clay ton Hudson, 60 for Ron hardiman, 44 for me and 16 for brian shanks, not to bad a sequence of pegs but thee are better draws to be had , I quite like the match lake as there is a big head of good skimmers to be caught as well as some proper f1,s and carp to 7lb, I set up 2 pole rigs ,one for a groundbait line at 13 mtrs and another for caster at 16 mtrs both being 4x10 rigs with an 18 middy 6313 on .10, it's a shallow lake only 3 foot deep tops. At the start I cupped in 2 balls at 13 mtrs and some casters at 16 mtrs and tried to fire some casters to the island for the wag as its a good bet on this lake. For carp and f1,s, on the wag rod I had a loaded drake peacock wag with a middy 8313 on .12.
Chris Higgins started on the wag on 43 feeding caster but straight away he began getting small roach trouble so I didn't really try and get any bait out to the island and wait and see if chris started catching , I started on double mag and soon had a couple of f1,s and a carp in the net then it went quiet, so I went out on the pole at 13 mtrs and had a few small roach before I had a 1lb skimmer but I couldn't get another so I refed it and went back out on the wag for a couple more f1,s and carp ,then I couldn't get another bite so I left it again and came back on the pole at 13 and had another 2 skimmers but that was the end of the Orr on the pole apart from small roach and they wouldn't come quick enough to make it worthwhile, I did pull out of two skimmers on the pole which I don't think really helps the cause in shallow water, and as the match went on dan squire on 42 was catching skimmers on chopped worm and caster out by the aerator , also lee Edwards on 40 was catching the same as me so it was going to be tight between us , trouble was I could see Tom mangnall on 5 ans dave roper on 4 catching odd carp on the tip and bread fished out to the island on spring lake, chris Higgins was having it hard on 43 possibly due to feeding as he was getting small roach only on the wag so he switched to the lead and had some small carp, I never fed a thing and it seemed to work k as I would go out on the wag catch two or three fish then leave it have a quick look on the pole then go back out on the wag for a couple more, my 16 mtr caster line didn't really happen ,although I must have got the ping pong ball in the jar as my first fish on that line was a 4 oz goldfish but it gave up small roach after that, by the end I had about 20  carp/ f1,s and three skimmers for a estimated 35 lb, the section was won bt dave roper  on peg 4 with 7 carp for 60 lb , Tom mangnall was second on 5 with 3 carp for 45 lb, my net went 44 lb  and lee Edwards had 39 lb , I will get the results tomorrow and put them on here tomorrow night