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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

weds open. ivy house lakes

Its been about 6 years since the last time I fished here, now with new owners in the shape of andy lloyd with his wife karen harvey I thought it was time for a return, andy has been busy tidying the place up and starting on a bit of a restock,  the breakfast was nice but it will need a bit of tweaking to keep everyone happy.  Peg 13 has been the peg as it has won the last 2 matches,  so I wasn't to upset to be on peg 12 , for company I had niel richards who is no slouch so it was goinÄ£ to be hard to win today, on the other side on peg 10 I had martin lenaghan who today was a lot of a slouch as he blanked, the only one to do that today, ok martin I wont mention you again. It seems as though the humble maggot has been doing the  business so I set up .4g rig with the normal 18 middy 6313 hook on .12 line,  and a .25 rig to fish down my left hand margin, I only tried it once and never had a touch so no more on that then. I was going to fish at 13 and 14 mtrs so at the start I cupped in some soaked micros and maggots on both lines , and dropped the rig in on tje 13 mtr line, hmmm nothing happened,  so out to the 14 mtr line , nothing there  eiher , by now everone to my right was catching small carp , but me and the person to my left who I promised not to mention, and john Howell to his left remained biteless , in fact it took 1 hour 20 mins to get my first bite , by now I was probably about 10 to 15 fish behind allthe anglers to my right , and thats was how my match went with me never lokking as though I was going to be a threat,  the fish didnt seem to want to settle in front of me and tjey certainly didnt want to go to my left. by the end I had 20 carp and a skimmer which when weighed went 22.3 for 7th on the day,
first went to niel on 13 with 46.5
2nd frank (of ridgeway fame) with 40.6
3rd mike nicholls with 39.14
4th val murray with 39.02
5th phil with 36lb
6th alan oram 24.5
all in all a nice close match, and I did enjoy it so I will be going back next wednesday in all probability

Sunday, 26 January 2014

landsend league, round 4

As this was the the 4th match, it was back to a random draw again so  we will hopefully be with different people in the sections,  into the draw tin and out comes 15 which is on the match lake, a good peg and andy hembrow won off it yesterday with 53lb,  the pedg either side were occupied by darren fordham on 13 and paul elmes on 17, I set up 3 rigs today, a carp rig for down my right hand margin just past the sunken bush , and a couple of .4g rigs , one for soft pellet over micros at 11 and 2 o, clock angles and a caster rig for 5 mtrs,  with the strong winds and heavy rain forecast for todsy I was glad to be at this end of the lake as we haf a bit of shelter,
as per normal I fed all lines but started on the short caster line, after  30 mins on that and only one toufh and s lost foul hooked carp, I binned that line,  out on soft pellet on the 14 mtr angle lines, and thwt was not really any good , by the end of the first hour , paul on my right already had 3 carp and a few silvers fishing soft pelley or maggot over micros back towards me at 14 mtrs, I switched to maggot over the micros,  and that produced 3 skimmers fishing back towards paul, but that was all I had from the 2 o, clock angle, the left hand long line was my most productive,  I stuck with doubke maggot over the micros on that line for mosy of the remainder of the match, I did go down the edge several times but I only gsd 4 bites doen there and caught 3 perch , I also fed some caster at 11 mtrs and had a carp and a skimmer over that, but the left hand long line was the best and I ended up with 7 carp and double figures of silvers which I thought would be enough for the section,  but not enough for the lake win as steve seager on 11 had 10 carp plus silvers, in the end I had 52.9 wyich was good enough for the section but only 7th on the day
1st went to dave hodgson on 34 with 119.15. He caught on soft pellet over micros
2nd mike duckett on 68 with 90.14
3rd mark Poppleton on 55 with 62.14
4th ken rayner on 32 with 62.2
5th steve seager on 11 with 57.14
6th bob gullick on 62 with 53.11
off to ivy house this Wednesday for a change , and to see how andy Lloyd is getting on in his new venture as a fishery owner

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

weds silvers open , viaduct fishery

I picked tom thick up in shepton Mallet today , then it was off to the junction cafe, where I think the lady cooking may be after a piece of young thomas, if the size of the brekkie she put together is anything to go by, we left there proper stuffed.
Just a quick mention for mark(the rule bender)bush, a customer of mine who never gets a mention, and he was feeling left out, so there you go mark.
off to the fishery, and it was a well attended affair with 16 booked in, aaron britnell was booked in but he remembered on tues night that he had a dentist appointment weds morning,  I think it was more likely he lost his bottle when he found out I was pickin tom up, and he was a bit scared of bumping into toms sister as he has been giving her some stick on face book.
Into the draw and out comes peg 10 on spring, I really wanted to be oon  one of the four pegs on middle lake as it has been solid with skimmers recently. And with people like tom thick,  andy power and dave roper on there we were always going to be up against it, for company I had Somerset anglings silver ace steve kedge on peg 11,  tom thick was on my peg at the weekend and had just short of 15lb so I expected some action. I set up two rigs,  a4x12 and a .5g both wi an 18 6313 on .10.  Two lines today for g bait,  11 and 14mtrs and a a caster line down by the monk for roach and perch, at the start I cupped in 3 balls at 11 mtrs and 4 at 14, then began on the short caster line 20 minutes and no bites it was out to 11 mtrs where the small roach were queuing  up , no skimmers though, it was a difficult match for steve and me , coulbnt get away from the roach , I did get 5 skimmers but they were catching well on pegs 2 and 3 and on middle lake, and by the end it was obvious I wasnt going to do any good today, in fact first today was vince brown on peg3 with42.3 where he had skimmers over g bait
2nd tom thick on 38 with37.12
3rd mark harper on peg 2 with 37.7
4th s powell on 33 with 31.13
5th dave roper on 37 with 29.13
6th gary webber on 4 with 28.4
I was tenth with 17.14,  the onky money I won was the quid off kedgey ad he only had 15.15,  but he did lose 10 foul hooked skimmers ,

Sunday, 19 January 2014

viaduct winter league, round 1

First match in this 95 prg series today, and the draw today determine your sequence of sections, I ended up on e section which is spring lake, and my home for the day was peg 18, which can be a good skimmer peg, and I had the option of the island, which can give up carp on its day, for company I had nigel easton on 19 and a welsh tourist in the shape of Richard aherne on 17.
With little or no wind I decided on a wag to the island to fish maggot on the drop as close to the island as I could get it !!!, and as for the pole it was a one rig job to fish maggots or caster over ground bait at 14 mtrs, at the start I cupped in 6 balls on 2 lines at 14 mtrs, and by the time I had finished cupping in Andy power on 16 was playing a lead caught carp, and that was to set the pattern for our section as he ended up winning the section with 80 plus pounds,  my match turned into a proper struggle with the skimmers refusing to play ball on our lake and apart from andy on our sibe of the lake it was only odd carp being caught,  I needed a carp to get sensible points and luckily I managed one on the wag, bi aldo lost a couple of foulers, but I was only briefly attached to them, nigel managed one carp and a few skimmers , the same as me , whereas Richard ended up with three, bone on the lead and two on the wag, the bulk of the lakes carp seemed to be round thevither side on the low numbers with nick ewers returning the top weight on the day with 158lb , all taken on popped up bread on the lead out by the island.
I ended up with 17.7 for seventh in the section, do the carp was definitely needed, I didnt wait for the final results,  but either ken rayner or mike nicholls will put the section sheets on there blog

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

landsend weds rover

Only 4 ended fishing today so used the far bsnk only, I cant really understand why the nimbers have dropped so dramatically, but its not just landsend, I spoke to steve kedge on tues afternoon and he was the ony one booked into the viaduct weds open. the best attended matches seem to be costcutters on thursdays or over 55, s matches, so I either need to change my closed day from weds to thursday and lie about my age, well at least for anothef year at least, back to the fishing, and its not realky worth taljing to much about, I pulled ticket number 3 do had third choice of pegs, aaron britnell pickef 16, turkey thompson chose 19 the gimp staggered to 21 and I plumbed gor the shorteet walk and sat on 24, the fishing was hard as iI thought it would be, with all carp moviny to the far side of the lake, where they spent most of the day cavorting about, just waiting for us yo go homr so they could come back anf eat our leftovers.  I fed several lines at 14 mtrs mainly, 2 lines with doaked micros snd a caster line up the edge wt the bottom of the slope,  to cut a long story short I had 2 carp a golden tench an sn f1 over the pellets on maggot, and lots of roach , another carp and some nice perch down the edge, at the end I had nearly 22lb of silvers and my 3 carp went 11lb for a 33lb total which wad enough to takr the money, no bragging rights with this one with ony 4 fishing.
Off to viaduct this sunday for the first of the teams of 5 winter league with 95 fishing its a good series, then next weds there is a silvrrs match on spting lake which shoulf be well attended, hoprfully!!!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sedges , tile lake

19 fishing so I left. Out peg 25 which was on the far bank into the wind and with no island chuck. I waited till there was only 2 tickets left I the draw , so Aaron pulled one out for me and I ended up with 36, for company I had Clint wojtyla on 38 and his travelling partner and part time Eric morecombe impersonater, Leon Hubbard on peg 35.
With the lake being 8 foot deep I set up two identical 4x18 rigs , one with an 18 , 6313 on .10 and the other had a 20, 8313 on .12. No lead rod even though this lake lends itself to method feeder or bomb fishing in the winter as most people have an island throw, but not for me as I just don't enjoy it, but that's just me , plenty of people do enjoy doing it , but. We go fishing to enjoy what we do, even when it may cost me winning or framing, but it's my choice.
With the wind coming off our left shoulder on this bank it. Meant the trip would be going back against the wind, so spot on presentation . At the start I cupped in 3 balls of groundbait with a few casters in at 11mtrs and some soaked 4,s and micros at 14, looking along the bank of ten pegs it only seemed the gimp and me were out For a pole only affair, everyone else was out on the method or. Straight lead, with Clayton Hudson drawing first blood on the carp stakes with a bread caught carp on the straight lead, I don't know. Where Clint got his information from as to the stocks in this lake is a mystery to me cos as far as I am aware they haven't ever stocked it with u boats, the only time his feeder landed well was when he threw it on the island and twitched it off, unless I am missing something on this venue as Leon and Clayton were trying the same island approach.
Back to my swim and I started on the 11 mtr g bait line with single maggot or caster or maggot on the hook, and I was getting bites from skimmers from 1oz to 12 oz straight away, and. I stuck with this for the first 2 hours as no one was really setting it on fire, but after that good start after a couple of hours the skimmers all but disappeared so I was left. Scratching around for the odd skimmer and hopefully a few carp, Martin lenaghan came off his feeder and went out on the pole on banded 6 mm hard pellet on peg 38 and soon started catching smallish carp quite regularly, also John (turkey)Thompson on 33 was catching some bigger carp on the lead and maggot, I did manage 6 small carp by the end but it was never going to be enough to frame in the main pool, but I did fancy
My chances with the silvers as no one seemed to have many and I new I had at. Least 7lb, my silvers
Actually went 9.14 for first in the silvers, and my carp went 15.9 for a total weight of  25.7 which
Was 7th overall so it fished quite well really , considering the amount of rain we have had and there
Was a sharp frost in the morning,
1st today was Martin lenaghan on 38 with 56.1
2nd john(turkey) Thompson on 33 with 46.12
3rd Leon hubbard on 35 with 28.14
4th Adrian jeffery on 24 with 28.7
5th steve (I want to be on peg 40)Seager on peg 40 with 28.4
6th dave hodgson on 28 with 27.13
So a good match reall with enough bites to keep you interested , which is a proper bonus this time of year, plus it's one of the best kept fisheries about and as with most of the venues around Bridgwater the owners are nice friendly people

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Viaduct fishery, silvers match

24 fished today so we were on spring,some on Cary and two on middle lake !!, into the draw tin and out comes 24 , not to bad then lol, a very good consistent peg whether its a carp or silvers match, for company I had Callum dicks on 25 and Nigel Bartlett over on 19, the numbers were up a bit as some anglers were using it as a practice for the cips rules match on Saturday , so some had bloodworm and joker to try, but I don't think it did them much good as all the weights came on maggot and caster today, I wasn't going to fish any differently today to how I fished in the silvers league , so only two rigs , a .25 and a .4g rig both with middy 6313 hooks on .10 line, at the start I cupped in 4 balls of groundbait with a few casters on the 11 and 14 mtr lines, and started on the lighter rig at 5 mtrs fishing single caster over loose fed caster, I was soon catching small roach ,as was Callum next door , and looking around the lake most people were catching small fish, the fishe were quite active as you needed to keep altering the depth and shotting patternto keep them coming, Callum seemed to have it sorted as he was fishing shallow on caster and was getting a few better fish with odd ones up to a pound, I went out onto the longer lines before cal, hoping for some skimmers but the didn't materialise  to quickly , I had to with till about the fourth hour before I started to catch a few , but they wouldn't keep coming, I was always playing catch up with Callum, and about 2 hours to go he hit a bit of a purple patch on the long pole over his groundbait, catching skimmers of various sizes, he couldn't get his rig In Quick enough at one stage, by the end it was obvious he was going to be top weight on spring lake but Adam palmer on 37 on middle was admitting to 35lb and I reckoned Callum had about the same , and I felt I had 20 ish, after the weigh in Adam won it with 39.12 on peg 37 on maggot over groundbait for skimmers , he also had some good perch and roach down his margin
2nd Callum dicks on 25 with 35.4
3rd me with 25.7 on 24
4th rocky on 16 with 25.5
5th steve kedge on 5 with 20.7
6th andy power on 77 with 20.5

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Landsend league round 3

Going into this match and nothing but a section win would do to keep me in touch with the leaders,  a draw on pegs between 31 and 34 would be needed as this is where the fish have shoal end up for the winter, into the draw and I couldn't have drawn any further away, peg 40 which is end peg at the other end , GREAT. Oh well , Paul elmes had drawn it a couple of weeks ago and had some carp down his left hand margin, so I set up a rig for that, another for up the right hand margin, both of these rigs  was to fish caster, and another to fish on the deck at 14 mtrs, with soft pellet over micros, Tom thick drew flying peg 33 so I wasn't expecting him to make any mistakes, and with Clint wojtyla on 34, Paul elmes on 36, and mark Brennan on 37 ,5th in section was looking to be my best result, so that is definitely my series finished, I new it was going to be hard when I fouled a ten pound common  while sorting my rig out before the start, never a good sign.
After that I haven't got to much to report really as I had an 8lb fish and an f1 in the first hour, and apart from two more f1,s during the the match that was all I landed , I did lose 6 carp but at least 4 of those were foul hooked, it was almost impossible to get any indications or bites of any sort, when the float did go under it seemed to be passing fish mooching along well off the deck, I did try my margin rigs in the deep water but to no avail, even a spread shot rig didn't give any bites, it just seems there are hardly any fish at this end, opposite on 25 dave hodgson never had a bite till an hour from the end , when ha had a small tarp and an f1, next to him on 26 don Sutherland on 26 was gone well before the end with only two small perch to his name , and next to me on 39 tony thick, father on Tom ended up with 2 perch and a small carp down the edge, I don't have the top 6 as I left before the results , but Craig Edmunds won with 145lb off peg 11 fishing maggot over caster towards a dead reed bed in peg 10, Tom thick was second on 33 with 95lb, as for the rest if you look on ken rayners blog , he will put the weigh sheets on there,
Off to viaduct on Wednesday for a silvers match on spring and Cary lakes, so that should be good, next Sunday I am running one on the sedges tile lake , I still have a couple of spaces so ring me at the shop to book in if you fancy it