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Saturday, 23 April 2011

viaduct pole only good friday

these matches are usually very popular and today was no exception as 50 were booked in so we were on cambell, cary and lodge lake, so after a brekikie at the fountain cafe which as judith was with me today she had to pay for as the driver never pays, then it was off to viaduct me with my tackle and judith with her kindle and deckchair
the usual pre match banter was as good as always so good times.
time for the draw and into the hat and out comes 135 which is on the carpark bank of cambell and as i had the end bank to myself i thought it would be ok, even though the meat had been working well i decided on an out and out pellet attack feeding 6,s and fishing 8,s.
i set up a margin rig for each side to the empty pallets, a 4x12 rig for 5 and 14 mtrs and an up in the water rig dut with the bright sunshine and flat calm conditions this might be a non starter, all rigs were on .18 with the usual size 16 b960 , i wont dwell on the margin rig as even though i fed it apart from 2 foulers i never had a bite which is unusual as steve feeds the lake off 136 pallet and i,ve drawn it before and caught well by tyhat pallet but not today oh well.
starting at 5 mtrs on pellet i had a 5lb carp first drop followes by a few more during the next hour then the inside line died so it was out to 14 mtrs but after acouple of liners it was out with the shallow rig and that produced 4 more carp but with it being to flat it was hard going so back out on the deep rig for a couple more , at the halfway mark i had about a dozen fish in the net but it was difficult now but by swapping between the 5 and 14 mtr line i kept adding fish so by the end i had 24 carp in 2 nets and a few silvers in the 3rd net, i had a quick look in one net and thought i would be a bit close to the net limit, but the scales would tell, as usual there were lots of fish to weigh in and it took steve an hour to get to me with several nets over 100lb with alan oram on 111 being best with 166.14, my carp nets went 131.12 with one net a shade under the 70lb and my silvers weighed 10.11 for a total of 142.7 for 6th on the day and a section win by befault.
1st on the day went to alan with his 166.14 with nearly all his fish falling to 10mm meat fished at 5mtrs and into the margins
2nd went to steve denmead on 105 cary with 158.3 again on meat
3rd nick collier on 131 with152.10 again on meat
4th andy(the ginger one)power with152.01
5th stu foale 147.10 on 121
6th t rixon 142.7
all in all a very fair match with no one really running away with and with another pole onle being held on friday 29th which has now become national fishing day its selling out fast so ring the fishery asap or you will miss out tel no01458274022
dont forget your meat though or be like me and not be bothered to cut any but i bet i do next week.

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