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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Todber manor pairs series final match

Before I go on about the days fishing , bit of a shout out for Nick merry and his mate who are doing a charity car journey for this country to mali for a couple charities close to there hearts , one is for a heart condition and  the other is for premature babies , both good causes, he is looking for donations so here is the link to to do it
They leave boxing day and be in Mali by the 16 January, his travelling partner is John buttress, its called the Dakar challenge and they have to do it in a 300.00 quid banger, the two charities are anaphylaxis campaign and pickle pickles,  both good causes so please take the time and donate a few quid.
Back to today and it was my.turn on ash lake which has been the most consistent lake in the series, a draw in the middle of the lake would be good as that's where the weights have been coming from, into the draw and out comes peg 75, the far end peg, its been a hard peg for the series so far, but you never know.
The view looking down the lake towards the good pegs, which were occupied by Fred Roberts and nick"cant count"ewers, not content with being on the flyer Fred also walked around the far side to retrieve his waggler from the far side, or he may have been trying to walk a few more fish down to his peg. !!!!!!!!.
I set up rigs to fish banded pellet on the pole on a couple of spots at 14 mtrs and also 14 mtrs to my right about a mtr off the end bank, and a waggler was assembled as it been a good method on this lake recently, fished towards the far bank in about 2 feet of water, at the start I cupped in some pellets on all lines then picked up the wag rod,
And so began a very enjoyable match, catching smallish carp regularly on banded 8mm hard pellet, I spent probably 4 of the 5 hours on the wag, and the other half was spent on the pole nicking a few fish from the long pole lines , again on banded 8mm hard pellet, I new I was keeping in touch with the good pegs , and it looked a although I may be ahead, Steve nadin innate end peg the other end was also catching so it may be close at the end , but tot wasn't to close as I had enough with 128.8 for first .
Jnt second with 96.4 was Fred Roberts and Steve nadin
4th Nick ewers with 91.8
5th Nick merry with 49.8
6th ash Tompkins with 40.10.
The series was won by Mark poppleton and Nick merry, son well done to them, and thanks to mark for running the series, hopefully he will get up to 20 pairs next year.
A nice sunset to finish the day off .
No more matches this week so I hope you all have a good Xmas and all get what you want.

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