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Sunday, 12 June 2011

chilton trinity wildmarsh lake

got up feeling a bit subdued but after a good brekkie at the fountain cafe in st george and the normal world according to dean malin conversation i was soon feeling better.
i had 30 booked in today but with the rain and gale forecast for today i would be surprised if they all showed , but only one no show so that wasnt to bad, i let fishery boss misha herring draw for me and she handed me peg 16 which is a cornerish peg with a reed bed to my right going along the end bank.
3 rigs today a .75 with a 18 6313 to fish over grounbait at 7 and 13 mtrs , a 4x12 for caster at 3mtrs with the same hook and both on .10 and a 4x12 j2 on .16 with a 16 xedion hook for meat and corn down the edge.
i had decided to ball it as g bait seems to be the key to the silvers so i threw in 10 balls at 13 mtrs oh and 11 mtrs and 14 mtrs , i havent done that for a while and it showed , cupped some meat and corn down the edge and fed some casters at 3mtrs , starting over the g bait at 13 mtrs i ha bites straight away from 1 to 4 oz roach and apart from one 12oz skimmer thats all there seemed to be in front of me. so the bulk of the match was spent down the edge where i caught 6 carp , 5 on double corn and 1 on meat , my silvers went 5.1 and the 6 smallish carp went 24.5 for a total of 29.6 which was enough to win on the day
2nd was paul elmes on 57 with 26lb
3rd nick collins on peg 25 with 25lb which also included the top silver weight with 22.3 of skimmers and roach on bits of worm and caster over grounbait at 11mtrts
4th dave roper 24.10 peg 43
5th craig(trig)edmunds 22.12 peg 9
6th steve seager 19.6 peg 11

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