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Thursday, 9 June 2011

viaduct weds

with a strong south westerly with showers forcast a draw out of the wind would be nice , but it wasnt to be as a drew 114 which is a good peg but with the wind coming in and across from the left it makes the tow go in the same direction as the wind making presentation hard with float rigs blowing along and foulers being a problem , so i should have set up a lead but i havent seen my lead rod rod for over 12 months that was going to be a problemi set up 2 rigs for meat ,one for the margins 4x10, and one for 5 mtrs 4x14 both on .18 with a xedion 14 hook ,and a 4x12 rig for pellet at 13 mtrs with a 16 b960 also on .18.
after cupping in some 6,s at 13 mtrs and feeding some meat at 5mtrs and in each margin i began at 13 mtrs but with no real fizzing to speak of the signs werent good and it took me 35 mins to get a bite and land my first fish which was a good skimmer, and another hour to get my first carp, looking around no one was really setting it on fire, but with most getting odd carp i was already behind , the bankwalkers were saying thar jason radford on 119 was catching well on the lead and with mat tomes behind me on 76 getting odd fish it seemed all over apart from the meat line at 5mtrs produced a few bream but the rig was blowing through even quicker there and the margin yielded 3 carp and a tench and with another 7 carp and a some more skimmers but that was no good today my combined silvers and carp went79.9 with andy lloyd winning the section off 112 with 92.14
first on the went to jason radford who managed to to stay off his phone long enough to catch 147.9 casting a pellet to the end bank on the straight lead
one good fish away on peg 80 was mash with 139.2 on pellet on the lead
3rd mat tomes with 130.2 pellet on the lead
4th craig edmunds 118.12 peg 123
5th chris fox 101.9 peg 132
6th dean malin 100.15 peg 127
silvers went to craig edmunds with 47.14 all on meat
hmmm now let me see where did i last see my lead rod

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