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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

landsend weds

firstly we went boatfishing on sunday out of poole , we had a nice day as it wasnt to rough and we had a few nice conger up to about 70lb all of which we had in a one hour spell , we would have had more but the skipper wasnt up to the task of unhooking and returning so he moved us to another mark where we caught bugger all, he thougfht 18 big eels in an hour was enough for anyone , especcially him as he was done in, it was good to see all the eels go back alive apart from one which was kept for the pot, and with the weather being good i ended up with a head like a cherry ,mint.
bad day on monday as we had my old mate,s ed perkins funeral, it was good to see a lot of his fishing mates in attendance , a good send off for one of lifes true good ones, rip mate.
monday evening i was dragged kicking and screaming to the bon jovi concert at ashton gate , which i must say was rather good, although i must say it is a bit annoying sat in the middle of a load of screaming 50 plus women chucking there tenalady pads at the stage lol.
back to landsend and tom thick drew for me so i ended up with 22 for the day , a good draw but 21 is better , i had jason radford on that one for company and timmy clarke on (whats that i hear you all shout empty pegs all round). so a meat rig for the margins with a 14 xedion hook on .18. a banded pellet rig for 5 mtrs and 2 pellet rigs for over ,one on top of the shalf and one for halfway down the shelf, all with a 16 b960 on .18 (no change there then) i started at 5mtrs with a 6mm hard feeding the same, it took 20 mins to get a bite and that was a good skimmer, a few more followed then i pulled the band into a piece of 8mm meat and that produced a couple of crucians , but on the 90 min mark jason had begun to get a couplke of carp across so i ditched the 5 mtr line and went across on the halfway up rig and had 2 carp and missed a couple of bites so i went up on top of the shelf and thats wher i stayed for most of the match, i did get 3 carp down the edge on meat, but there were to many fish over on the island to spend to much time down the edge, i only fed and fished 8mm pellets over on the island as the fish get to preocuppied with smaller pellets sometimes making foulers more of a problem, well thats what i thought , but that seemed like a load of bollocks as i still fouled a load (lmao).
but i had enough as my silvers went 19.12 for top silver weight on the day and my carp went 88.6 for 108.4 for first
2nd went to charlie barnes,s secret plaything , tom thick with 89.3 on peg 18
3rd craig(trig)edmunds on 15 with 80.15
4th timmy clarke 57.2 peg 24
5th del(boy)howsen 47.14
6th jason(keptin)radford 47.1 peg 21
there was a tie for the default silvers , steve kedge and john bradford both had 17.12 so they had to share the money, trig also had 17.12 of silvers but he got in the overall
anyone looking for a match at the weekend , i am running a match on no 4 lake on sunday with the option to overflow onto no 3 lake so phone me at thge shop on 01179517250 to book in

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  1. Be careful what you say, I have very good taste in men and yes you were screaming but when the sex god came on stage !!!!!!