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Sunday, 3 July 2011

landsend lakes 3 and 4 , johns and sydneys

21 fishing today so plenty of room between pegs, fabio drew for me and handed me 57 which was the last peg in on johns water (3), i had plenty of water as i had an island to my left at 14 mtrs and the end bank to my right also at 14 mtrs, mike had trimmed the grass on the island so that was ok , but the end bank needed a bit of sorting , but 5 mins with the weed cuttter and i had some nice mud to fish against, for company i had the highridge slayer opposite(rod wootten) and newby shane turner next peg to my left(60).
i set up and fed a meat line but never used it , a shallow pellet rig on about a mtr of line for stalking as there were a lot of fish cruising with a 16 b960 on .16 xedion rig line and a 4x12 on the deck rig also for pellet with the same hook and line.
at the start i cupped in some meat but as i said i never used it , i started firing 8mm pellet to the island and end bank but began by stalking , and after 15 mins i had 2 fish in the net for 20lb, a good start, i stayed on the stalker for the first 3 hours in which time i had about 10 good fish and the fish had stopped showing themselves within range so it was off to the island and end bank with the same rig ,first put on the end bank, fish on oops fish snagged in mikes wire cage for his hay bales and hook gone, then i landed a couple then i lost another hook in the cage , but that was the last hook lost, by swapping from the island to the end bank i kept fish going into the net(s) right to the end , i did use the depth rig for the last 15 mins for 2 fish, a nice day except for the heat , it must have been 80 f in the sun today and with no wind in my corner i was hot to say the least by the end then i had to do the weigh in(mint), i was admitting to 140lb so when i weighed 157.2 i was quite happy as i wasnt to far out yay and first
2nd steve seager with 62.8 on peg 65
3rd craig(trig)edmunds 61.12 peg 42 it was a good job he had fabio fish spotting for him early on
4th paul(in the tail again)elmes 47.12 peg 68
5th dean malin 46.4 peg 72
6th ron(goldfinger) crandon 39.8 peg 83
top silvers went to rod wooten on 55 with 16.10


  1. same old same old zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Trig is still drawing well I see, 2 good pegs on 2 days! Yours bitter and twisted!