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Sunday, 17 July 2011

viaduct match lake

this isnt going to take me to long to write as i didnt catch to much today , and with 2 bloggers to my right in the shape of tim ford on 46 and chris fox on 47 and with both of them catching considerably more than me i will let you read there blogs as it makes far more interesting reading, i let andy bryant draw for me so i ended up on 47 which is a corner peg with a long margin to a reed bed which sometimes produces some small carp and tench so in set up a rig on .16 and i did get 4 small carp down there and lost a couple as they are faster than me and made the weeds before i could pull them out , also my banker method of micros and caster fished at 13 and 16 mtrs which has served me well in recent matches failed me today with only 9 skimmers making it to the net.
the match was won by tim ford on 46 with 35.7 which comprised of 12lb of skimmers and the rest carp down the edge on corn , fair play to tim as it isnt generally a peg you would want .
2nd was dave evans on 49 with 32lb of maimly carp on meat on the waggler
3rd dean malin 27.9 peg 43
4th clayton hudson 26.10 peg 45
5th chris fox 25lb peg 47 and it was the top silver weight made up of skimmers on the pole then on the wag towards the end
6th t rixon 16.6
the lake fished harder than expected possibly due to the rain we had overnight as it can have an effect on the oxygen levels, thats the best excuse i can think of though lol

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