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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

weds landsend match lake

only 12 of us today so loads of room, good to see pauline quirks weight loss guru in the carpark in the shape of leyton palmer. just for a change i had the last peg in the hat so i ended up on peg 7, its a peg which seems to get stronger in the last half of the match , especcially when peg 6 isnt in as the fish tend to come round the end of the island to the feed, just a pellet attack today as the meat seems to have lost some of its attractivness, so all rigs were on .18 with a 16 b960 for banded pellet, i set up a shallow stalking rig, a margin rig which never produced a bite and a couple of rigs for up and down the far shelf and one for pellet at 5 mtrs, i started at 5 mtrs with a banded 6 over hard 4,s ,but after an hour all in had was 3x f1,s , a skimmer and 2 roach and with no fizzing it didnt look good for that line, the next hour was spent chasing shadows with the dapping rig but i never got a bite on it so that was that then. over with the down the shelf rig in about 3 foot of water this produced 2 carp and a couple of lost foulers , as i had been feeding 8mm pellets over straight in front and on the angle at 10 o,clock since the start i was seeing tails and swirls in both swims so that was the rest of the match sorted then. by swapping and feeding the 2 area,s i kept fish going into the net right to the end , finishing with about 20 fish for what i thought (with the help of my new counter)85lb ish, tom thick was first to weigh on peg 1 , and he was admitting to 13 small carp, obviously being from shepton mallet he had to stop counting when he ran out of fingers ,cos he had 20 for a weight of 70lb 1 oz ,but it was only good enough for second as mine weighed 90lb 3 oz, this fish counter is working out ok
3rd was clint wojtyla with 66.9 on peg 17
4th leyton palmer 61.4 peg 3 (team any peg . com)
5th pete sivell 60.8 peg 21
6th mike nicholls 41.8 which was all silvers on peg 11 using his favourite soft pellet approach at short mtrs

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