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Sunday, 24 July 2011

shiplate farm west and hawthorn ponds

with 25 fishing we used all pegs on both lakes and i didnt really mind where i drew , andy bryant drew and handed me peg 10 then drew 11 for himself both of us on hawthorn, drawing on this pool means i didnt have to worry about silvers as that would probably be won on west pool as long as the bream and skimmers played ball. back to my peg and with the wind off our backs and it only being about 13 mtrs it was going to be easy on the joints.
it was 6ft in the middle and down the edge so a .4 rig on .14 with a xedion hook for corn or soft pellet and a 4x8 and 4x10 rig again on .14 with the same hook for over tight and just off the far shelf again for soft pellet and corn .
starting at 9 mtrs i was able to feed by hand due to the wind being so strong, so much for the weather men saying it was going to be 23c with a gentle breeze , it felt more like 15c with a gale blowing up my ass, by the end i was all but shivering sat in my flimsy t shirt.
i started feeding softened 4,s at 9 mtrs and over to the far side ,and began feeding some corn at the bottom of the nearside shelf, it took about 20 mins to get my first carp and that was on corn on the 9 mtr line , it was soon followed by another then the bites went a bit funny , so out with the far bank rig as an up in the water rig and 2 more carp then i couldnt get a bite shallow but not to worry as there seemed to be plenty of fish against the far bank, as andy bryant was proving on peg 11 as he had a 6 fish lead over me and he was proclaiming it as the best fishery in the northern hemisphere and that i may need to think about buffing a pound up for him, i did get one on corn down the edge but that was the only sensible bite i had there, i ended up with about 17 or 18 carp which according the fish counter would weigh about 49lb so i abmitted to 44lb to be on the safe side my net actually went 48.2 so the counter keeps working
the match was won by john(the gimp)bradford with a rare crp and silvers weight of 70.4 off peg 10 on west pool
2nd and just missing out on a hat trick of wins off peg 1 on hawthorn was tim ford with 61.13
3rd 2oz behind with 61.11 was adrian jeffrey on west pool peg 9
4th rod wootten 49.11 peg 3 hawthorn
5th dean malin 49.9 peg 2 hawthorn(chip shop sausage)
6th chris fox 49.8 peg 4 west pool which included the top silver weight of 32.9 mainly skimmers on his topset using worm, caster and maggot
7th t rixon 48.2 and a quid off andy bryant whose peg dried towards the end giving me a chance to catch up
all in all it was a good close match which everyone seemed to enjoy apart from steve seager on peg 15 hawthorn who did really well to avoid the fish, but he did manage the top weight of eels on the day

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