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Sunday, 10 July 2011

float only landsend rnd 4

with 49 fishing mike let us use 3 1/2 lakes again so plenty of room for most, i let fabio draw for me today and i ended up on 24 which is a nice corner peg, according to bob gullick i have drawn so many corners even my ass is square now.i needed a section win to keep me at the top of the lge , and 24 is more than capable of winning the section, my main threat was always going to be dean malin on 19,
i set up a meat rig for the margin but never used it, at shallow/stalking rig, a full depth pellet rig and 2 margin rigs for up the right hand margin at 14 mtrs by a tree trunk.
i started by cupping some 6,s at 13 mtrs and fired some 8,s up the edge , first and second drop over the 6,s at 13 mtrs resulted in 2 lost foulers , and that was the end of my sport for what seemed like ages, even though i had a bye in the knockout i still had to at least catch a fish to progress to the final round and i was beginning to think i would blank as we started at 11.30 and i finally landed a 8 pounder at 1.10 that i had to stalk then i had 2 more doing the same very quickly and another 7 during the next couple of hours , some stalking and some properly , but by now the fish had wised up and seemed to be staying out of range. so it was time to go up the edge and i needed to catch as dean was getting fish quite regularly across on the island plus it sounded as though the speci lake was fishing ok as the bush telegragh had reported that tim ford on 33 was catching ok and judging by the swearing chris davis on 32 was losing some , any way i began getting bites straight away , landing a couple then losing some under the stump butn i was landing enough to keep up with dean, by the end dean had 21 carp and a couple of skimmers whilst i think i had 19 but my fish were of a slightly better stamp so it was going to be close, craig(trigger)edmunds gave me a fish counter to try and keep tabs on what i have caught as i have had to much on several occassions this year, and my clicker was telling me i had 117lb spread over 2 nets, as i had over estimated the size of my fish i thought it would be closer to 100lb
as it turned out tim ford on 33 was first on the day with 126.12 of pellet (read his blog) caught carp
my nets went 111.3 for second and the all imprtant section win
3rd was dean malin with 99.15
4th mike nicholls 94.14 on 36 which included the top silver weigth of 32lb
5th paul elmes 86.4 peg 31
6th chris davis 85.8 peg 32
it was nice to see the match and speci lakes full of water giving a decent depth to work with on the islands and margins, also mike has begun to tidy the islands up trimming all the weeds back which saves losing to many rigs and hooks.


  1. Did i just read your blog correctly. I mean 4 or 5 rigs....blimey thats 3 times more than normal.

  2. So that Clucker bloke stopped you winning 3 matches on the trot at Landsend. You must be slacking lol!