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Sunday, 5 June 2011

float only lge rnd 2 landsend

all 4 lakes were being used today and i didnt really mind where i drew as the form pegsd couldnt be relied upon to produce , and as the carp had been spawning yesterday it all might be a bit iffy. as i had drawn ron hardiman in the knockout we decided to draw for each other so i pulled a peg for ron and he ended up on 82 which was the end peg on lake 4 , johns water, then he drew mine and i ended up on 78 , same lake only halfway up, this lake was always going to be difficult to call as there had been no matches on there for a while as its a bit of a hike and clubs dont want to walk that far, but i think that may be there loss.
3 rigs today, a 4x8 for hard pellet over by the island in 10 inches of water on .16 with a 16 b960 hook, a 4x12 rig for 5 mtrs on the same line and hook , and a 4x10 rig for meat down the edge, at the start i began at 5 mtrs with banded pellet ,whilst firing 6,s to the island and fed some meat down the edge, the first 90 mins were a bit slow with only 4 small carp and a few skimmers at 5mtrs, but with fish showing against the island i had to give it a go, clint wojtyla had already gone over on peg 81 and was catching odd carp so the signs were good, i went over and began catching straight away, they arent big fish in this lake with sizes varying from 8oz up to about 2 1/2 lb and i caught fairly steadily right to the end on banded 6mm over 6,s , i did try down the edge on the meat a couple of times but only had 2 carp and a roach and it was abit of a wait for bites and with the carp climbing the island i left the margins and concentrated on the island right to the end, i needed an section win and i thought i just done enough as i thought my carp net would go about 60lb, as it turned out my 60lb actually went 93lb and with an 80lb net limit on this venue my total lack of ability to sort my weights out was going to cost me as the match was won by ray hayward on 51 (sydney,s)with 91.14 of meat caught carp fishing to the bottom of the far side island shelf
2nd chris davis 82.15 peg 42
3rd t rixon 81.6 peg 78(should have been 94.6. i am a tit)
4th tim clark 74.10 peg 58
5th mike baber 68.6 speci lake somewhere
6th andy lloyd 66.10 peg 41
silvers went to steve seager with 28.8 on peg9(i think)of mainly foulhooked skimmers on warm paste


  1. Plenty of counters on ebay.....

  2. So that would/should have been 6 wins in 8 or something silly...fair play to that.

    I see Windmill has opened to big pleasure bags (that doesnt sound quote right!)....will you be matching it there soon, Tony? If you are, take your wellies, a tad muddy!

    6 June 2011 16:21