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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday coffin Dodgers, huntstrete withy pool

23 of the southwest finest oldies turned out for this one on withy pool, I don't  know much about this lake as its only the second time I have fished the lake, got into the draw towards the end and pulled peg 60 for myself, which was in the middle of the right hand bank, for company I had Steve Dawson on my left on 59 and Dave wride on my right, both good silver's anglers, and with some carp players being on the better carp pegs I thought silver's may be my best chance of a pickup
A nice view across the lake and no mud, what a bonus,
It turns out you need to fish fairly long in these pegs as the slope flattens out at a little over 12 mtrs , so I set up 2 rigs, one .6g drennan as5 to fish 2 angles at 13 mtrs, one for soft pellet over micros to the left, then a groundbait and caster line to the right, then a .4g pc slim float for corn at 16 mtrs straight out.
At the start I cupped in 2 balls of groundbait at 13 mtrs to the right and some soaked micros to the left, then deposited some corn and softened 4,s at 16 mtrs,
Starting over the right hand groundbait line on single maggot, I expected a bite fairly quickly, but nothing happened, 20 mins in and I swung the rig over the micro line, still nothing.
John fry on the point in front of the sheds, on peg 67, was getting odd skimmers on soft pellet, not much was going on, then Pete greenslade had a carp on peg 46. I began to catch a few small roach on caster over the groundbait, but next door Steve Dawson was catching small fish regularly on the wag and maggot, to say the match was hard would be a bit of an understatement, I did get a bream on maggot over the micros which overtook Steve in one go, but John fry was still getting odd skimmers, but he had a rig malfunction and he couldn't catch after that, then I had a bream on corn at 16 mtrs, a good perch on maggot over the micros was useful, then another bream over the groundbait, so that was three bream on three different baits on three different lines, so no chance of forming any kind of plan from that then, I did lose another bream towards the end as it came up over the inside shelf, and a carp broke me, which felt hooked properly but I will never know as it stole my hook, it was only, a,10 hooklenth to an 18 6313 hook, and as the fish go well over 20lb in this lake it was always going to be a big ask to land it, the eventual winner on the day managed it though so well done to Ray bazeley on 44 who got 16 pounder in the wing, plus his silver's to give him a 22.4 total
2 nd was Pete greenslade on 46 with a14.4 carp and 12 oz of silver's for 15lb
3rd and first in the silver's was me with 12.4
4th John fry with 11.10
5th Mike Nicholls on 66 with 10.7
A pic of Ray and Mike assisting organiser Mike Jones.

Weigh sheets

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