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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Windmill silver series rnd 4

Nice view looking back towards the Carpark, no wind makes a change , but we had a frost to deal with, that's a frost before every round so far, luckily the lake has a fair bit of depth, so hopefully the fishing wouldn't be affected to much,
The section rotation meant I was in b section today which is pegs 5 to 9,
Into the draw and out comes peg 6, means nothing to me as all the pegs look the same, only difference being is that the lake gets shallower the further down the lake you go , peg 6 is about 6 1/2 foot deep so not to bad, for company I had Mike laird on 5 and Lee "happy" Waller on 7.
I don't like setting up to many rigs so it was only 2 today, both drennan as5,s, a .6g for in the deep water and a .3 for halfway up the island shelf. Both had my favoured middy 6313 size 18 on ,10 line. After a bit of plumbing around I found three spots I could fish with the same rig, bottom of the near shelf at 5 mtrs, 9mtrs at the bottom of the island slope, 11 mtrs off to the left , and the lighter rig was set at about 4 ft which was up the shelf towards the island.
Peg 6 all tackled up and ready
At the start I put in balls of g bait on the 9mtr line , one ball at 5mtrs, some soft groundbait and caster at 11 mtrs in front and some soaked micros off to the left at 11 mtrs.
Beginning on the 9 mtr line ,I dropped off two plippy roach in the first two put ins, but things settled down after that and I was soon catching small skimmers from bottle tops to 3oz, no one line ended up being better as I caught fish from all three lines, the island shelf wasn't to productive, as was the micro pellet and soft pellet attack at 11 mtrs to the left, by far and away the best was the 9 mtr line over the caster and groundbait, although I had caster in the feed it was nigh on impossible to get a bite on it, best bait was the humble single maggot, I had three better skimmers by the end for probably 4 1/2 lb plus lots of small fish, hopefully I had double figures, which was going to be more than enough to take the section which is the important thing as its a series, but its still nice to be top weight on the day.
By the time the scales got round to me Mike Nicholls on peg 24 was top with 9.3 , luckily I beat that with 11.7, again I have had an interesting day with plenty of bites with the groundbait line being the best again.
Off to viaduct for the winter league this Sunday my turn on Campbell so a nice draw preferably 114 , lol

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