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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Windmill silver,s series round 3

Don't forget the veals big sale starts on Saturday 20 February, plenty of bargains but it will pay to be early if you are after something specific.
Back to today and my turn for a section, pegs 32/1/2/3 and 4, I fancied peg 32 as it was and end peg with plenty of room, but Lee Waller had wheeled his kit round the lake and left it by the peg then went back for the draw, then he went and drew it, bigger, I went into the draw and pulled out peg 3 , it doesn't mean a thing to me as I don't really know the venue. But after doing ok in the first two rounds using a groundbait approach I wasn't really going to change anything today.
As with most venues it was a bit muddy around the swims, not to bad to begin with as it was frozen, we have now had a frost before each round so far, and the water was a bit clearer than last time, I set up 2 rigs, one was a .8g  for 11 mtrs on a couple of lines and a .4g for caster short as I had a lot of fish on it last match, for company I had Mike laird on my left on 4 and Dave Poole to my right on 2.
At the start I cupped in 2 balls on the two long lines , one with caster and the other with some soaked micros .
I began on the short line expecting a couple of fish but never had a bite after 20 mins so that line was all but binned, I did try it again on a couple of occasions but to no avail,
Most of the match was spent on the 2 longer lines fishing single maggot in the main, I did have odd fish on caster but they were no bigger, as today quickly turned into a real struggle with no one as far as I could see doing well, I did get 2 better skimmers but most of the day was spent trying to get a micro roach impaled on my hook, I did lose another good skimmer when the maggot folded over the point of the hook, these things happen, I did think it would probably cost me as it was going to be tight, and it did as Lee won our section on 32 with 4.9 whilst I had 4.6.
The match was won by Steve Dawson on peg 8 with a level 6lb, the weigh sheet below shows how hard it fished.

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