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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Viaduct silver's league rnd 4

Proper short blog this one , best part of the day was breakfast. Not the best part of the day was a drawing peg 132 on Campbell, nice corner peg for carp but a silver's no hoper peg at the mo, my bay went a bit like this, first 30 mins at 6 mtrs and 1 roach to show for it, out to 14 mtrs for a brief flurry of small roach, a look down to my right under the branches of a willow produced only a couple of small roach and some carp, back out to 14 mtrs and a few more small roach and a couple more carp, the wag gave a couple of roach (plippy) , I did get 2 better skimmers in 2 chucks on the wag for about 1 1/2 lb but that was my day done , I weighed 4lb for last but one in section, which is about Parr for the course from the peg really, at least I won a quid off ziggy slowinski on the next peg, as far as the carp went I landed 6 and lost 7, its amazing how hard you can pull on ,10 line and a middy 6313 hook, I didn't wait for the results as I had had enough by the end, off to acorn on Tuesday and todber manor next Sunday, hopefully a bit more action than I had today with the right species lol.

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