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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Landsend league rnd 2

Travelled down with Jason Radford and Judith today, i was hoping Judith was going to buy the food as she did last time, but she obviously understands all about lightning, so it was my wallet losing a bit of weight today, but the food was tasty as ever, well done di, you have got it well sorted.
I was on the speci lake today and fancied any of the corners or pegs 31 and 34, Judith refused to draw for me so I went into the bucket myself and pulled out peg 40, a nice corner for a left hander, after the cold weather there was a bit of ice breaking to be done but it was fairly thin so it was easy, but it left a myriad of small chunks bobbing about.
At least I could get around the end bank to net a lot of the pieces out, but with the wind blowing south easterly and just strong enough to blow everyone else's chunks into this end of the lake, and it did prove a bit of a problem for 3/4 of the match.
My only real option was to fish along the end bank due to the constantly shifting ice pack, so inset a caster and maggot rig for along the top of the margin shelf as some good perch and odd chub can be found, and the other rig was a pellet rig for 16 mtrs down the shelf, for company on had Adrian Clark opposite on 25 and Emma Drysdale next door on 39.
I started on pellet and lost a fouler first drop, and by the end of the first hour I had lost 3 more, mainly on and off in a second, but at least there were some fish here, during the same period Adrian was still to catch and Emma had had two carp, but that was the last bites she had, I switched for pellet to maggot after 2 hours and soon had my first carp, unfortunately it was one of the lakes smallest at just over 3lb, 30 mins later I had a better one of about 6lb.
But that was my last carp landed, I lost a couple in the wire straw cage on the end bank , several foulers and a double figure ghostie right at the net, which cost me in the end as my two carp and a micro perch weighed just over 9lb and 19lb won the section, I kept coming up off the deck but couldn't get a bite, but looking back I probably didn't give it long enough, bad angling really as I know the score to be honest.
The match was won by craig(trig) Edmunds on peg 13 with 151lb, there is no stopping him, he caught on pellet to begin with, followed by maggot off the deck then finished off with his trusty 8mm meat fed with a catty, easily beating Nick chedzoy on peg 15 into 2nd spot with 65lb, so a bit more money into the trig head tattoo fund , but it does look quite good, I'm sure you will all agree LOL.
The weigh sheets below show it was a bit difficult for many, but that's.winter fishing, some anglers were blanking till right to the end when a few fish began to feed.

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