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Sunday, 29 January 2017

viaduct winter league rnd 2

Travelled down with Ron hardiman and Jason Radford again today, so it was a stop off at cannards well for breakfast, Nigel ainscough reckons I ought to start giving the various brekkie stops a star rating out of 5, so today nige it was a 4, hot, tasty and cheerful staff, and quickly delivered to the table.
Back to the fishing and it was clients turn to do the team draw, and he didn't do a particularly good job, 110 for Ron, 76 for Leon who was standing in for Tim Clark, 103 for Clayton, 40 for me and peg 2 for himself. It's a peg that you would run to a few years ago but its not been to good of late with the pegs up each side of the island being favoured, but you never know, I never set up a waggler today as I was expecting the wind to be blowing right to left and by experience on these end of island pegs the wind tunnels through making presentation very hard, so I set up a lead rod for the island Chuck, on the pole it was a rig to fish caster at 5 mtrs and maggot over groundbait at 11 mtrs, a meat rig for 14 mtrs and a rig to fish down by empty.pallet 39 to my right.
Company wise I had Ricky mills to my left on 41 , and around the corner to my right was des shipp.
At the start I cupped in a ball of groundbait at 11 mtrs , some meat at 14 mtrs , corn and caster down to 39.
I started on the lead with a small piece of meat fished towards the island, no bites or liners , so after 15 minutes I switched to maggot on the hook, but 15 minutes more and still not so much as a twitch, that was up the bank for the rest of the match.
I started at 5 mtrs and began catching small roach, so a switch to the 11 mtr line was called for, I did get a few more small skimmers mixed in with the roach but no quality, des had moaned a couple of f1,s on by now, but Alan oram on 43 had taken an early.lead fishing a small feeder tight to the island, I tried the meat line after about 90 mins and had the float bury in the first three put ins , but nothing on the end, liners, roach who knows but that was it for now, back onto the caster and groundbait lines and the small roach and skimmers were still there, as the match progressed , I couldn't catch any quality, des began to build on his early couple of f1,s, with more of the same plus some small proper carp, Alan oram was still catching as was Nick Collins next to him, and there were some carp coming out further up the lake , even Mike Nicholls had a couple between trying to pull some branches off the trees on the island aswell as above his head, any way I needed to catch some carp on my long meat line, especially as Ricky had a carp towards the end to go with his silver's, and he had a few nice perch and a good hybrid aswell as an unseasonal small tench, I had a bite about 15  mins from the end a had a good fish on and off in a second, then I had an f1 5 mins from the end, went back out and hooked another just before the all out, but it came adrift about 5 mtrs out , bigger. I think it would only have giver me another point so not to much lost really, Alan oram won the lake with 44lb with des second withb39 and Nick Collins had 34.
1st on the day was richard aherne on 53 with 143.2
2nd Steve seager on 119 with 131.14
3rd Jason Radford on 113 with 119.17, who may have had a few more if he could have fished his peg on his own.
4th Andy neale on 66 with 113.4
5th Steve Tucker on 129 ish with 113.4
6th Craig Edmunds on 127 with 92.14
Dave romain on 124 with 24.8
Ken rayner on 24 with 17.1

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