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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Something for a change

As the title says, something of a bit of a change, after a go at some lrf fishing in Cornwall back in November, when I blanked and Judith caught a wrasse, we were keen to try and catch some perch drop shotting or soft plastics, so new years eve saw us turning up at cheddar reservoir , to cut a long story short we worked our way all around the large expanse of water, trying different colours and weights but apart from lots of weed we had a nice walk walk but nothing else.
There were a few pike anglers out but apart from one who had a 9 and 13lb fish no one else had a touch.
In a desperate attempt to catch something we got back into the van and headed off to the north drain, normally ok for a few jacks, but it looked to have a bit to much colour in it, and after an hour of trying it probably did as all we had were a couple of old Lilly stems.
Still it was a nice day, we saw a barn owl on the moors , plus a couple of egrets and the obligatory her on, you can't beat being outdoors, I just don't get these computer games etc, if you get out and look about there are so many interesting things to keep you interested, well there is for me anyway, there is a whole generation coming through that are going to have some serious rsi with there thumbs.
New year's day and despite the heavy rain we ended up on the kennet and Avon canal at Dundas aquaduct planning to try some drop shotting for perch between the aquaduct and limpley stoke bridge, so with our lures selected, a white one for me while Judith went for a translucent blue wormy thing off we went, it took a while to catch, but it was first blood for me with a small perch, much to Judith disgust, you can't quite see the middle finger in this picture of first blood to me.

It didn't take long for Judith to get on the score board, with her own micro perch, which she was pleased with, and after yesterday's blank , anything was an improvement.
It was never manic but its certainly interesting try in to get the lures into various nooks and crannies and the takes are quite impressive for such small fish, I can see it getting a bit addictive, the fish may have been small, but they weren't to easy to fool, but when we did get one they were lovely looking miniatures, and as we were using barbless hooked they all went back with no damage

as I said I can see this becoming a bit addictive, and the same set up will be good for lrf fishing on the coast ,
Cost of outfits aren't to bad and the lures and weights are cheap, so pop down to veals in Bristol and have a look, its a type of fishing the whole family may enjoy as its an active part of the sport as it seems you need to keep on the move to get the most out of your day.

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