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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Landsend Saturday open0

Before today's fishing, here's my league dates for next year
Short pole series
13/5/18 todber manor, hillview lake
15/7/18 Chilton trinity woodlands lake
12/8/18 todber manor hillview lake
9/9/18 Chilton trinity woodlands lake
Float only league
27/5/18 viaduct fishery
10/6/18 Landsend fishery
1/7/18 todber manor hillview and home ground
22/7/18 shiplate farm
19/8/18 sedges
26/8/18 viaduct
There is also a Saturday silver's league at Avalon
Ring Vic Bush to book in on 07977210078
Back to today and  after di,s normal 4.75 breakfast it was draw time, only a dozen fishing so plenty of room, I was second into the draw and out comes 21, I havnt been in this area for a long time, but its normally good so no complaints from me, for company I had Martin rayet on 22 and Mark Walsh on 19.
It all looks nice and green , but a bit to much for me to be honest, but Mike has got plans for some serious pruning.
4 rigs today, a couple of pellet ones for across, one on top of the shelf in the real shallow water. And one just off in the slightly less shallower water, a meat rig for 5 mtrs and a pellet rig to fish down to my right towards the empty peg (20).
I won't bore you to much with the details, but it was a slow start , but tilt did pick up in the second half and towards the end I could get into the margins quick enough, the meat line only gave me two carp and a bream, the far bank was solid in everyone's peg who fed it, but the fish were extremely cagey today, they were happy to eat all you could chuck at them, but the pellet with the hook was left mainly alone, a few did make a mistake , but it was the margin in the last 45 minutes sealed it for me, I put 43 lb in that net in the last 45 minutes, at the end I thought I had about 115lb and was really close as I had 117lb exactly, which was first on the day, just pushing Daniel Craig's stuntman (Pete nurse) into second with 95.1 off peg 15, with Joe McMahon coming in 3rd with 86lb, that's a hatrick of nuggets off him.
Full weigh sheet below, rod Wooten won the silver's off peg 11 with 14lb.
Short pole tomorrow at Chilton trinity, a bit less wind is forecast so hopefully a bit easier day.

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