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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Last round float only league

Back to viaduct for this last round, so it was a stop off at cannards for breakfast, with Judith and Jason, very nice to so I will give it a 4.65, must be new owners as the waitresses are smiling instead of crying .
Judith hasn't been with me for a few weeks due to no dog sitter, but she was back today , which was nice.
I let her draw for me and expressed a wish for a peg on Cary, as on Campbell it can turn into a bit of a fish race, and at times there is no chance of getting back into the hunt once you are behind, she didn't disappoint as she pulled 96 out for me, and being on Cary means even if you fall a few fish behind there is always a good chance to catch up due to the size of the fish. For company I had local ace Dan white on 97 and Dave Evans on 95, so nice company today, Dave says very little generally but Dan isn't averse to a bit of banter. I new Dan was going to be fishing long as he enjoys that, swinging a piece of meat around shallow while feeding pellets, normally at 16/17 mtrs, that's not for , far to painful on the elbow and shoulder, so I set pellet rigs for shallow and deep at 14 mtrs, a meat rig for 5 mtrs, and a deep and shallow waggler.
At the start I began on the short meat line as an early mug fish or two can be on the cards, but not today, just one positive pull under on the float, but probably a liner, so 30 minutes in and already a fish behind Dan who had a shallow one, it was down with the short rig and out on the shallow pellet rig, I had three on that in the next hour as did Dan, so not much in it, but as is normal, unless you are prepared to go longer the fish back off out of range, so a look on the pellet wag, and one missed bite on that, so no more about that, the deep wag was next out and and after a hard 30 minutes I began to get some liners and odd bites, never busy and never busy enough to catch Dan who was always at least a couple of fish in front during the match.
By the end I had 8 carp to Dan's 11, all but three of Dan's were on the shallow swinging rig, the other three fell to meat fished at 13 mtrs, I needed a section win to move me up the standings for the overall, but I managed another second behind Dan who had 105lb to my 75lb, three fish behind .
Before I do the results I had a nice surprise at the draw when Clint wojtyla and Shaun kitteridge presented me with a new t shirt, which I wore for the whole match, the pictures tell it all really, but thanks lads it was much appreciated.

Back to the results and top on the day was the universal angler Shaun Townsend with 217.02 from peg 126, catching mainly short on corn.
2nd Tom mangnal on peg 121 with 216.13, and he threw back a tench and a skimmer to use the net for carp.
3rd Dave white on 135 with 185.10
4th Bob gullick on 115 with 174.01
5th Steve Tucker on peg 128 with 160.01
6th Ben hagg on peg 85 with 157.10
Top silver's went to Shaun kitteridge on peg 110 with 34.05
2nd Paul faiers on peg 103 with 27.03
End of league overalls
Craig "trigger"Edmunds with 25 points and 862.03 £285 plus 50 quid for the top weight in the league by a league member, that's three league wins in three years , so really well done to him
2nd Tom mangnal with 25 pts and 650.05 £235
3rd Bob gullick on 24 pts and 652.07 £160
4th me with 23 pts and 681.13 £110
5th Gary o,Shea 23 pts and 603.07 £70
6th Dave romain 23 pts and 528.11 £50
Well that's it for another year, thanks ever one for turning up and the reserves for helping out, also a really big thanks to Steve Evans who does all the sums during the league, I don't think it would run as smoothly without him, all those who fished the league this year will get first option to fish again next year, so if you can all let me know as soon as it would be a great help, ta.

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