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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Penultimate float only league, plus a bit.

Before I get to float only league, a bit of a word about Saturday. Me , Judith and our youngest son Jamie decided to go and do some drop shotting and plastic chucking on the Bridgewater and taunton canal , at huntworth, so we parked in the boat and anchor spud, had a coffee then got the rods out, apart from a 2lb poke for Jamie, it was another epic fail, lots of weed to contend with which made keeping the lures clean was impossible, but we gave it a go,
We decided to shoot over to the ksd  for a quick Chuck, we ended up at bradney bridge, and that was just as hard, I had a perch and the other two blanked, well it was more of a perchlet to be honest.
Back to today, and another full house with 40 fishing over both lakes, tile and brick, after a nice breakfast at the copper kettle cafe it was off to the fishery,
Got the draw underway and let des shipp draw for me, peg 6 on brick, in the middle of the lake .

 I would have preferred one of the corners but there were some proper drawbags out today, so trig on one , Scott puddy on 10 and corner specialist Tom mangnal on 11, Clayton Hudson was on 20 but that's a hard peg,
I was in a McMahon sandwich with Joe to my left and his dad Martin to my right, rigs today were a deep and shallow pellet rig for 14 mtrs, a meat rig for 6 mtrs, a pellet rig for my right hand margin by some cover, and last of all a pellet waggler,
On the all in I fed all lines and started on the wag, it was a bit quiet to start , by the end of the first hour I had had 4 bites , hit three and missed one , but three good carp put me ahead of the anglers either side, but it was never going to happen on the wag. So a switch to the pole after the first hour, there some fish about, but never enough to really trouble (or so I thought) Scott puddy up on 10,  I had one carp and some skimmers on the short line, two down the edge on pellet, and the rest on the pellet on the deck at 14 mtrs, I thought I may have just done enough to reach 100lb but fell a bit short as I weighed 98.8 which was enough for second in section behind Scott who had 115.2, so I was only 2 fish adrift really, but a second in section will do.
First on the day was that man again Craig Edmunds on peg 1 with 151.12, catching mainly on hard pellets against the end bank.
2nd Bob gullick on peg 27 with 132lb
3rd Dave romain on peg 39 with 117.3
4th Scott puddy on peg 10 with 115.2
5th Dave Evans on peg 40 with 113.10
6th Tom mangnal on peg 11with 99.3
Glen Calvert on peg 9 with 39.2
Chris Fox on 4 with 26.4
K/o final
Craig Edmunds 115.12 £100
Dave romain 117.3 £75
Shawn kitteridge 92.14 £50
Gary o,Shea 87.10, £sweet fa
And I won a quid off young Joe.
I also won a quid off Shaun Townsend as he went over the 100lb net limit and lost the lot tut tut, but he took it well, it seemed to upset him more losing a quid to me  rather than the 30 quid section money,

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