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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Todber manor open

Decided to go to todber today, took Jason Radford with me , so as I didn't have to buy my own breakfast, lol.
We went into waitrose in Gillingham for breakfast as I was told they had a cafe which did breakfast, WRONG, rolls only, and I was disappointed cos the rolls were crap, so only a 2 , just glad I never paid for it.
Got to the fishery with plenty of time , and was surprised to see fishery owner John actually giving something away, well it was only chocolate.
Only 15 fishing so John put ever other peg in on ash, and 49 to 60 on hillview, into the draw tin and out comes 58, that's ok then, wind off my back aswell.
Good to see the fishery now has a gravel path to every swim, no more mud , yay.
So today I set a waggler to fish banded pellet on the deck about 3/4 towards the far bank, and one pole rig again to fish hard pellet on the deck at 13/14 mtrs.
I started on the pole with banded 6mm pellet after cupping some hard 4,s in, and feeding some out on the wag line.
I soon started getting bites and putting a few small carp in the net,
I should have stuck with it , but I couldn't resist chucking the wag out, I had a carp quickly , which made me stick with it , but that was my only bite in 20 mins, back on the pole and it was never the same , golden rule, never leave feeding fish, especially this time of year. So it was a case of scratching around till the end, I did have another spell on the wag and managed three more, and a few more odd ones on the pole , by the end I thought I was about third on the lake as Pete neate over on 53 had caught well on the pole and Pete booths on 51 had a steady match on the method, when the scales got to me Pete was winning with 70lb and Pete had 46, I had 37lb on my clicker so I wasn't confident, but I got that wrong as my net went 50lb exactly, doh.
So second on the lake and a pickup then.
Weigh sheets below.

No more fishing now till next Saturday, then it's back down to todber again for another open,
Apart from that we hope you all have a really good Christmas, all the best from Judith and me.

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