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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Viaduct silver's league, final round

I needed to win my section in this last match to stand any chance of getting into the overall league placing, and then it was going to rely on people above me having a slipup,
Stopped off at cannards for breakfast, and it wasn't to bad , a 4 without a doubt. Got my times wrong nd arrived at the fishery with an hour to spare, doh, could have had an extra 30 mins in bed, but it probably wouldn't have happened as Judith was up early as she was judging the large munsterlander group at the LKA  dog show at the NEC, but the weather men got there act together and managed to predict the right forecast, fairplay she got as far as the Tewkesbury junction before she had to turn round and come home, the snow was to bad, well Lauren did as she was driving, Judith was gutted as its quite a prestigious show, and she had a good number of dogs looked in, but as it turned out only about 30 percent turned up.
Any way back to viaduct and with winds blue to be blowing at 50mph  at the start of the match, a nice draw with the wind from behind would be nice, first into the draw tin and out comes 99 on Cary, a good peg but today the mind was coming from the left, and as many of you may know there is a big willow tree on the edge of the lake behind and to the left, and by big I mean over 50 foot, I wasn't to happy to be sitting under as these willows can shed branches at any time, but the wind which was certainly approaching over 40mph was making some big branches bend over above my head, so a quick call to Steve long and he agreed that I could move two pegs to my right onto 97 and o it of harm's way, I also checked with the other people in my section and the were happy for me to do it, I think this is the first time I have ever moved swims I my angling career. But it was dodgy .
This was only possible as two people to my right both drew and decided not to fish, which I find surprising as these are some of the most consistent pegs on the lake, and the wind was going to ease during the day, thanks lads.
With it so rough. , I didn't set up to much kit as it was to rough and I was a bit late getting myself sorted .
So a feeder was put together and one pole rig a .6g wire stem for when the wind dropped (hopefully) during the day.
At the start I just managed to cup in two balls of groundbait at 13 mtrs , and only just mind, then began on the feeder, I think I fished at about 25 mtrs for the first45 minutes, then with the wind showing signs of I forced to pole out, and began to get bites straightaway from small roach and occasional small skimmers, but tags the match went on , the roach disappeared and the 4/5 the pound skimmers turned up, and I had a nice steady match, topping up with occasional balls of groundbait laced with a few casters, single maggot was the best bait and a double bulk approach worked best with most of the fish giving proper sexy lift bites.
By the end I thought I had possibly 15lb but was a little surprised to see the scales go round to 18lb exactly and the needed section win, with ten pounds being second, Nigel Easton on peg 105, and he was one of the people I need to have a slipup.
There was a tie for first place on the day with both nick(I've only just got 15lb)ewers on 77 with 24.8 and Vince (I've got about 25lb)Brown on 59 also with 24.8.
 Nick (can't lie straight in bed) ewers with his 15 lb and below Vince with his 25 lb. Lol.
 I was surprised to find my 18lb was good enough for third on the day, but as you will see from the overall part of the league below it was a close Finnish, with 5 of us on 9points but with the count back on points and weight I managed 7th , first out of the money, it was very close, I lost a big perch on match 5 on 119 which if I had landed it would have put me second in the section, meaning I would have ended up on 7 points , it can be a fine line line sometimes, but then again others above me have probably done something similar, so I doesn't matter, but perch are buggers for dropping off small hooks .
 Top 5 below are Steve Jackson, John (smiler) fuidge, Craig (trig) Edmunds, Gary (lofty) o,Shea and Nigel Easton, well done to all.
Shame about the stayaways today as empty pegs can affect leagues massively with anglers getting points (me today lol) where they may not have ordinarily done so .

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