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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Rolf,s rip off

Huntstrete bridge pool for this one , so only about 15 minutes from my house, and with a Toby inn all you can eat breakfast on the way it was a no brainer, so got to the fishery with plenty of time to spare, a reasonable turnout of 20,
Got into the draw bag and pulled out 24, it's a peg that looks ok but has been a bit off form lately, for company I had the pleasure off one of bath,s match angling legends Jimmy norris, on peg 27, I even got to look inside his aging seat box and was met with an aging selection of classic wagglers.
Complete with crumbling slotted foam.
To my right on 21 was Dave gillard,
Only two rigs today, a .6g as4 for the long pole to fish caster or maggot over groundbait, in about 7ft of water, and a .3g as4 to fish towards the island in about 4ft of water, straight towards it and just to the left of it. At 13mtrs
At the start I cupped in a ball of groundbait on two lines at 14mtrs, one towards Chris Rolf and another towards Mike nicholls.
I also cupped in some casters at the bottom of the island shelf at 13 mtrs.
It started really slowly for everyone by the looks of things, it took me a while to get my first bite and that was a micro perch , next bite was a fouled decent skimmer on the long line towards rolfy, shame it fell off, dropped back in and luckily hooked another straightaway, in the mouth so that got to the net, but apart from a few bits I never had another recent fish from any of the longer deep lines, but I did have an enjoyable match working for bites from my two shallower lines, plenty of roach bites and the occasional good perch, intact I landed 4 good ones but also lost 4, they just seem to drop off for no reason, and they did cost me, as expected it was hard for most, and I was winning with about 15 minutes to go, then my first groundbait market (Chris rolf) landed two decent carp on meat cast to the corner of the island, so I thought that had overtaken me, I wasn't to sure what I had but a quick look and it was probably 14lb or more.
When the scales for to me Jimmy norris was winning with 9lb+
So when I put over 16lb on the scales I thought I at still edge it,and

That was until Rolf put 4lb of silver,s on the scales then his two carp went over 14lb, so second would have to do then.
Weigh sheets below.

Off to Landsend on Sunday for the 3rd round of the winter league, my turn on lake three, I do like that lake, probably the fairest out of all during the winter.

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