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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Viaduct winter league rnd 2

Got to the pub in plenty of time for breakfast, which was very nice, (4.25). Got to the fishery and had plenty of room to park, so as it was my turn on lodge lake I parked as close as I could get, that is unless I drew one of the four pegs on cary that are included in the section. I wasn't trusted to do the draw after last time so Leon Hubbard was deployed to the queue, and he drew ok, Clint on 111, Leon himself on 77, me on 105(cary), Ron on 41 and Clayton on 3, so much better than last time , Dan white had this peg last week and had an early carp on meat , so I set up a waggler did to do that, no leads as it's a float only section, and as there are lots of small skimmers in the lake at the mo I set up a .3g drennan wire stem float for maggot and caster over groundbait at 14mtrs slightly to my right, for company I had Steve Jackson on 103 which Tim Ford did well off last week with 19lb of skimmers, so Steve was going to be targeting those at 13 mtrs, and to my left was Scott puddy on 107 which is generally good for a couple of carp, so that was his day sorted , especially as it got very little form for silvers, had to fish with a Brolly up today as the weather men said it was going to rain all day and they weren't wrong, it was pretty relentless.
I was actually complemented on how tidy my peg looked today, I will try and change that next time.
At the start I decided to give the waggler 30 minutes so after depositing a couple of balls of groundbait on the pole line I chucked out the meat, Steve to my right started catching skimmers straight away, but I sticking my guns as if I was going to share one it was likely to be early on, just before the thirty minutes were up I had a slow pull under on the float, but nothing on the end , but it did make me give it another 30 minutes, but no more excitement, so out on the skimmer line, and I had bites immediately, but they were hard to sort out, the small skimmers were coming off the deck, but it was never right trying to catch them by coming up a bit, by now Paul elmes on 102 was slaying it, fishing the waggler and meat at about 35mtrs, also Scott had landed a carp along with lots of branches, at least the peg will be clear of snags for the next angler in a fortnight.
It's amazing how fast the five hours go all of a sudden we were down to the last two hours and the hour wasted on carp at the start was making it hard to catch Steve up, who had been getting the small skimmers since the start, but he was suffering with liners and stupid bites aswell,
I felt the rig was wrong so with the two hours to go I made up a .2g drennan as4 and it made it much better, increasing my catch rate , but I was always to far behind, also I couldn't see how the rest of the section was doing, apart from Andy power on 73 who was dobbing bread to the corner tree fishing 19 mtrs . I've had plenty of bites and thought I would only have about 7lb , but was pleased when they tipped the scales at 11.4, and as lodge switched off a bit that was worth 10 points, Steve Jackson ended up with 15lb of skimmers, and Scott the other side ended with three carp for 30lb, but he wasn't allowed to count his 80lb of branches, Paul elmes on 102 had a steady match putting 18 good carp in the net for a match winning 170lb plus, all his fish falling to wagglered meat, pretty to watch.
Paul with a few of the fish from his winning haul
Andy power was second with 140lb off 73, 19 mtrs looks like he's work to me, I'm not sure it does your back any favours doing it that's for sure, it's a lot of pressure on your body that's for sure.
I was surprised to come 6th in the silvers today, so a small brown envelope came my way, every little helps.
All the weigh sheets are below.

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