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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Landsend league rnd 3

As always I looked forward to this series as it is on what is probably my favourite venue, especially in the winter as it's a working venue, where you need to keep thinking and often changing things about, certainly during the winter, today was better as Judith was with me to draw me a flyer .
Normal 4.75 brekkie was devoured and it was time for cosmic Ken to get his blue money tin out and get the draw underway. Going into this match I was winning the silvers, so a draw in the early pegs on the lake would be nice as the silvers seem to like this end of the lake , may be the depth, the prevailing wind goes that way ,or something else, who knows. Any way Judith goes into the bucket and hands me 58, a good carp peg but not really a silver,s swim unless the f1,s turn up, but it a rare day normally if they are at this end. And it's the longest walk on the match aswell, but it's a nice lake and very peaceful, even with Steve Sewell being my closest neighbour on inform peg 62, well it did win on Saturday with russ peck having over 100lb off it.
Got to my peg and found the normal resident robin waiting, I think every swim here as at least one .
With silvers being my main target I set up a .3g as4 to fish at 6 and 12mtrs, caster or maggot over loosefed caster on these lines, the other rigs were carp rigs, a pellet rig for off the corner of the island at 14.5 mtrs and to my right towards a dead weedbed  the same distance, and it's the same depth which is handy, another pellet rig for down the right hand margin by some brambles, and a meat rig to my left down the edge towards a tree.
You can tell Judith is overseeing me, how's that for a tidy swim,
At the start i fed all lines and started on the short caster line, 20minutes in and not a bite , hmmm, so out to the longer line, I did give that 30 minutes, and the only bite was from a carp which felt like it was in the tail, and I lost it somewhere around the other side of the island., I just couldn't get a silver, so I fed a few casters against the island , then went into the pellet line off the point of the island, by now Dale housen had caught a carp opposite me on 55. I soon had one of my own though, on banded 6mm , over hard loose fed 4,s, in fact I fed hard fours over all the pellet lines and fished banded 6,s, I went back in over the same line after a bit more feed and got one quite quickly, happy days then,
The rest of the match was spent rotating around my carp lines, , it was never earthshattering, only odd bites , but the bites were there to be had, but this swim certainly contains carp all year round, but today they seemed to be the smaller residents today as I ended up With , I thing 11 carp, I had two on meat to my left in the margin, two to my right, on pellet, two towards the weedbed on my right and the others just off the point of the island, by the end I had 59lb on clicker, so I probably had about 55lb, I thought Steve Sewell had beaten me easily, but it transpired he had lost more than he caught in the reed bed you need to fish up to, but it turned out to be close for the lake win, Steve had 61lb, I had 56/and russ "the corner" peck on 70 had 52lb, only one or two fish in it , I did lose two foulers and another one which snagged me on the end of the island, so I had my chances, then Steve has lost at least twelve, so swings and roundabouts as the saying goes, well done Steve you needed that after the previous round. Weigh sheets below.

Off to plantation main lake on thursday, so looking forward to that as it's a good mixed fishery lake, then it's viaduct winter league on Sunday, and it's my turn on match lake with a bit of spring and middle  thrown in for good measure.

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