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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Plantation main lake

Just for a change we managed to get a chance to fish the main lake at plantation lakes in Kingston seymour, and it turned out to be a popular choice as the 20 limit was soon reached, it does have 38 pegs on it but there are bags and corners which you need to leave out to avoid any conflict, stopped at the bridge in yatton for breakfast, it was ok but only really a 3, got to the lake and walked round with Mike nicholls to peg it out, a draw on the car bank of the two pegs on the point would be nice as there would be some shelter from the co!d wind.
Into the draw bag early and out comes peg 17, on the car bank so a comfy day as far as the wind goes. I can't go any further without mentioning Chris ollis and his net bag for life.
Perhaps he should approach Lidl for some sponsorship,
I got round to my peg and found I had Paul faiers to my right and Paul barnfield to my left,  I did have an island to fish to if I fancied it but the lake has been fishing well for silvers, so it was a pole job today to target them.
A .3 as4 to fish caster at 3 mtrs to my left at the bottom of the margin shelf, a .5g as4 to fish at 13 mtrs on two lines , over micros to the left at 11 o,clock and over caster and groundbait at 1 o,clock angle, then a rig for banded pellet at 14 mtrs straight out, after feeding all lines with the relevant baits ,I started on the short line, but 30 minutes in and only one roach I was soon out on the 13 mtr lines, I had a couple of small roach on the caster and groundbait line, then a 2lb skimmer, but I couldn't get another, the micro line proved a bit of a none started apart from small roach, the longer pellet line where I had been feeding hard 4,s was no good with a hard 6 fished over it, so a switch to sort pellet over it was called for, another 2lb skimmer was my reward , but again that was my only one from there, but the better roach seemed to like the soft pellet, but I did it in by feeding to much, trying to get a carp, or some better skimmers, didn't happen though, I could catch roach at 13 mtrs, but I was going no where, as in the far bank Mike Jones was doing ok on the silvers , as was Dave wilmott and Mike nicholls, I had a couple of big perch to my right at 3 mtrs along with some roach, but it still wasn't going to be enough, so I started fishing and feeding caster at 6mtrs with about an hour and a half to go, I wish I had done it earlier as the swim got stronger and stronger with nice roach between 2 and 6oz, by the end I couldn't get in there quick enough, so on the all out I admitted to at least 15lb but hoped I had more,  I this lakes standards it had fish a bit hard for many, the carp didn't feed and I think that probably affected the silver sport as there wasn't the competition for food, but it was island everyone had bites , so I'm for the time of year,
Top weight on the day went to travelling partner Jason Radford on permanent peg 38, he had 6 carp down his edge on corn over groundbait for just over 40lb, too silvers weight went to Dave Wilmot on the next peg to Jason on 37 with over 32lb of silvers,

Above are the first and silvers first and the weigh sheet, not to bad on the weight front to be honest, so we have enjoyed it again for two weeks time again, I ended up with 23lb so third in the silvers and 4th overall, back to viaduct this weekend for the winter league, match lake for me so a few bites to be had at worst.

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