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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Landsend league rnd 4

Back to a random draw again for this round, which is good as you end up with different anglers in you section (hopefully) for the last half of the league, Judith came with us today so at least I had my little draw bag to pull me a good peg. We had the ever consistent di breakkie, always nice and hot. And Judith would like it known that the puddle of water on the floor had nothing to do with her, even if it was behind her chair.
We were quite near the front of the draw, and Judith picked up a ticket someone else dropped  we opened it and had 41 looking back at us, so the first peg on lake three it was then, probably one of the most exposed pegs on the fishery today with a nasty WNW  blowing into it, looking up the lake at Steve seager on 55 and Dave Lewis opposite him in 58 it looked lovely and calm.
For company I had the affable Tom mangnal on 42 and opposite on 70 was Alan oram and travelling partner lofty Radford on 68.
Several rigs today, a .4 drennan as4 for caster at 6mtrs, a couple of .2 binny,s, one for pellet across to the island and one for meat down the edge, and another 4x14 float for pellet off the point of the island.
On the all in I fed all lines and began with pellet over to the island, 20 mins in and nothing doing, so a switch of rigs and pellet again to the point of the island, another 20minutes and still nothing, not even a liner, back to the face of the island for a brief spell with no indications I decided to give the caster line a go, just to put a fish in the net, 10 minutes on that, also nothing, Alan opposite had begun to catch an odd small carp, and with a few carp being caught further up the lake I was beginning to wonder what was going on, also Tom was yet to his first bite. By now the wind was really kicking in, with hail and snow thrown in for good measure, at least the missus was comfy and out of the worst of the weather in the Judith base camp, picture just for you Jimmy norris !!
So I decided to bin all pellet lines , and feed caster out at 13mtrs slightly to the left , and also fed some to the point where I had fed a few pellets. I started on a single maggot at the point swim, and after a few minutes dropped my first small roach into the net, I soon had a few more but they were only small, so I switched to the other 13 mtr line, with caster on the hook, and was soon getting a steady stream of 2oz roach, and with the chances of a decent silvers weight coming from this lake fairly unlike, unless the f1,s fed , I stuck with it. Alan opposite was still dropping a few small carp into his net I was beginning to think, silvers may be the way to go, especially as I was doing ok in the overall silvers, but I was also lying third in the overall league.
It was about 2 1\2 hours in and I noticed a ghostie swimming amongst the trees on the end bank, so I cupped in a few maggots towards the aerator in the corner and changed the hook on my island rig and shallowed it up aswell so I would be fishing off the deck against the trees.
Before I tried that line I decided to have a look down the margin to my right where I had been feeding a bit of meat, and lo and behold it went under, and an 8lb common was soon In the net, just the job, hmm what to do, silvers or carp. So with very little doing as far as I could see, I would attempt to do both, and with Gary o,Shea on 62 it was very unlikely that he wouldn't be catching. So instead of going straight back in down the edge I decided to have a look against the end bank with treble maggot, first drop and straight under, carp on and in, I had 4 on the bounce, so apart from Alan I had pulled up with the people I could see, who had caught carp.
So my Match Was spent Swapping between the Caster lines and the end bank maggot line, catching lots of small roach i did have one 8oz skimmer, but every other fish was a small roach, but it was busy fishing, also regular looks on the maggot line, gave me regular small carp, i also had another small carp down the edge on meat, so at the end i would like to think i had approaching 50lb, and as i was the first to weigh i was closer than normal with a few ounces over that mark, which included 7lb of silver,s which was top silvers weight on the lake, and my weight was second on the lake, so I am still in contention in both silvers and the overalls, happy days then.
Weigh sheets below.
Also I told joe McMahon that I wouldn't mention the fact I won 4 quid off him today on a double or quite bet, so I'm joe, I wont.

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