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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Rolfy,s rip off, withy pool, huntstrete

Off to Huntstrete again today , on withy pool for this one instead of bridge, looking forward to it as I havnt fished it for a while,
Stopped off at the Toby inn in whitchurch for all you can eat breakfast, very nice to, an easy 4.25.

Got to the fishery in plenty of time as it's only 10 minutes from the pub, 21 fishing today, so a good show, a bit concerned with the clarity of the water, added to the fact the lake gets very little match pressure. Into the draw bag and out comes 54, it's the run to carp peg at the bottom end looking back up the lake through a channel between an island and the bank.
So a wag wad chucked out to fish towards rope which cuts off the channel, and a pole rig to fish maggot in a few places over bits of maggot , groundbait and caster,
All in at 10 and by 12.30 I still hadn't had a bite,on any of the pole lines and waggler , hmmm, Chris ollis to my right had one small roach, and the next angler to my left, John fuidge on 57 was catching a few sensible roach, mainly to his left in the narrow channel between the island, I persevered with the wag but it was doing nothing, and I eventually lost it on the rope, trying to get to tight, so I went for a walk, nobody was getting much, only odd skimmers and small roach, so after a quick chat with Mike nicholls I decided to get the lead for out of the van and spend the rest of the match on that, with popped up bread, but for a while that was no better, with me sat looking at a motionless tip.
I had to wait until 2.20 before I had a sign, when I had three liners in ten minutes so at least there was one fish about. The tip didn't move again till 3, then it went round, woohoo, carp on, and safely landed, about 9lb, and that was my one and only bite of the day, Christ that was a long 5 1/2 hours, Chris never added to his one fish, whereas John had the best day out of everyone, ending up with over 11lb of mainly roach, and from a peg he never fancied as it was only 8mtrs wide, and winner in the day was Paul barnfield with 2 carp for 21lb, and John won the silvers meaning my lone carp was good enough for second in the overalls.
Probably one of the ugliest carp I have ever caught, but very welcome today.
Below are pics of Paul's two carp and John's net of silvers, also the two weigh sheets, and as you can see it was hard for everyone.

Off to Landsend on Sunday then it's back to plantation main lake on thursday, so looking forward to those.

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