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Monday, 5 February 2018

Viaduct winter league rnd 3

To be honest this is turning into a bit of a mare of a series as far as I'm concerned, and the team to be fare. So this is going to be a short blog as I just can't find the enthusiasm to write to much, so here goes, the breakfast was nice in somerton, but a bit more support for the landlord would be good.
Ron hardiman drew for the team today, and it was a bit indifferent, with 2 flyers a mediocre and two rubbish. Clayton, 132 flyer, clint, 102 flyer, Leon 71 not good, me 52,/a bit of a history peg but struggles now, and Ron on 20, least said about that the better, but he did draw it lol.
For company I had Paul Hardwick on 40 and Steve Jackson on 51,
Three pole rigs, one for meat at 14 mtrs and 16 mtrs down the left hand margin at 16 mtrs, and a couple of rigs for the small skimmers out in front at 13mtrs, one spread shot and one bulked, and lastly a lead rod to fish bread to the island initially for f1,s and carp, but with anime to switch it to a small feeder later in the match.
And that was about as exciting as it got, out on the bread, one small 2oz skimmer and not a sign of anything else, so out on the pole for the small skimmers, again only one or two, the meat line down the edge , I did have one bite on it but missed it, could have been a small fish or a liner, nothing on the meat at 14 mtrs out in front, and the feeder never saw any action until about 35 minutes from the end when I had two f1,s in two chucks, and I thought I may get a few more as it was fishing hard and if I could get a few more sensible points were possible, but that was my lot on that, Steve Jackson did it right by just fishing the waggler around his peg picking off off better fish and a lot of tiny roach and small skimmers, Paul to my left had his first fish at 2.24, a small skimmer, followed by two more, before he latched onto a 9lb carp on his silvers rig, he did well to get it out as it wasn't hooked on the right place, my two f1,s and few skimmers went 7.2 for a crappy 6 points , with the anglers either side having 9lb plus, our section was won by Scott puddy on 37 which is on middle, 8carp on dobbed bread for 70lb , job done for him, clint won the match with 125lb off 102 so well done to him, a captain's performance by our not so slim leader, well done.
Section sheets below.

I just waited around long enough in the car park to pay out the pound side bets, it was like water dropping through a sieve, but there only borrowed lads, I hope LOL, I only won one quid and that was from Shawn Townsend , who was opposite me on the match lake, but he was taking longer than normal to pack up,
Off To Huntstrete On Thursday For Another Rolfy Rip Off, may Have a Lid On It By then Looking At The Forcast, Breakers At The Ready It Is Then.

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