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Monday, 19 February 2018

Round 4 viaduct winter league

Before saying anything about the fishing , I got to say a big about Charlie Barnes, who sadly passed away early on Saturday morning,
I first met him back in the mid 80,s, when he was trying to get Avon Angling to have some of its bait from Avon Bait company, and to be honest we hit it off quite quickly, he loved the wind ups and could also dish them out, I also found him to be generous and thoughtful, although he didn't suffer fools and I have seen him have some massive blow ups with various people over the years, but it was normally resolved and normality was resumed shortly later.
All I know is that we have lost a legend and a good person,
RIP Charlie and mine and Judiths,s thoughts are with Sue , Natalie and the rest of the family.

Back to the fishing today and it was my turn on spring lake , the two mane pegs to miss are 6 & 9, with 7/8/13/15 being the preferred swims as they are holding the carp at the mo, but with only 3or 4 fish needed it was boring but normally doable, anyway Clint comes back and hands me peg 9, cheers matey !!!!!!.

I'm not q to bore anyone with the details , but I had 2 decent hybrids on the corn and wag, and some roach short on the caster, then some small skimmers on the long pole on maggot over groundbait, as expected the corners were the place to be with each of them having 3 or 4 fish each to take the top spots in the section, I ended up with 10.8 which was only good enough for 4 points, I needed some better skims to boost me up the section, but even those didn't travel far from there normal haunts ,ie opposite the island either side of the lake, at least I beat Tom downing on peg 6, that was the only quid I won, again it was a case of standing in the carp park and throwing pound coins at everyone who walked by.
We had a bit of trauma at the end , as Steve"jacko"Jackson got off his box and collapsed, he was out of it for a while, but recovered enough after about 45 minutes to walk to the ambulance, which was a good sign,
So that was my day, not the best of weekends to be sure, weigh sheets below.
And pics of the top two and silvers winner, Ben broxon, Ron hardiman and luke sorokin, well done.

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