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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Shiplate Thursday costcutter

I drive straight to the fishery today as Mark Jones had his breakfast wagon on site doing rolls, sarnies or even a plated breakfast so I thought it would be rude not to give it a go, and I'm glad I did as it was very nice, all done with quality ingredients, only thing missing was toast, but you got a buttered roll, 3 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 hash Brown's aswell as beans, mushrooms and black pudding, and a coffee, all for 6 quid, a 4.64 on the rixon scale, so well done Mark and his able assistant, Donna kebab.
Got into the draw about halfway through and peg 10 stuck to my mit, it's at the top end of the lake on the far side behind the island, more of a carp peg than silvers, but as it's quite shallow compared to the majority of the lake I wasn't really feeling it, but it looks nice.
So I set up rigs today for carp and silvers, a margin rig for meat each side , but no bites on that, a bit to shallow with the cold water temp,
A rig for pellet at 16 mtrs at the bottom of the island shelf, another for pellet  at 17.5mtrs on top of the island shelf, oooo that could be painful. And a couple of silver,s rigs, a.4g double bulked rig and a more conventionally shotted .3g aswell.
For company I had Masterchef mark on 9a, and venue expert ticth Williams on 11.
To begin with I cupped in some groundbait at 13mtrs with a smidge of chopped worm and caster in it, loose fed some casters at 2+2 and fired some 6,s to the island , oh yes and I began wasting some meat down the edge.
I started with a caster on the short line and had a 1lb skimmers first out in, then had to wait 10 minutes for another bite , and that was a 4oz skimmer, followed by a couple more before it died, all that was in the lighter rig, so I went out to 13mtrs with the double bulked rig, and had a couple more skimmers there including a 1 1\2 fish, it never really got going for the silvers, maybe it was to shallow , or it may have been the wind and trip going together, which always makes presentation more difficult, but by switching between the two lines I kept odd bites and fish coming, as I said the margins were no good, as was the island lines, that was until about an hour from the end I saw a couple of splashes out by the island, so it was out  to 17.5 mtrs and I had a bite, and duly netted a nine pound mirror, and that was the only bite a had from a carp, titch  to my left had 4 carp and a tench down his edge by a busy in the water, and Mark got caught by a couple on the lead out by the island, luckily my silvers went 16.9 which was enough for r to get second in the silvers by double default lol, you got to love a default enve!ope,well done to save wride for a good silvers weight of 34.12 from peg 5, and well done to Roy  ede on peg one with the top weight on the day with39.12. weigh sheet below, and to be honest it fished hard today, we desperately need some warm weather.

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