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Sunday 6 April 2014

emerald pool fishery

This was always going to be a popular match,  in fact I had to refuse a few people, so in the end I had 26 fishing,  split between ruby and sapphire pools, I didnt really mind where I drew as this is a well stocked venue so a days sport was guaranteed from any peg, I waited till last but one to draw and pulled out peg 8 which was a corner peg on sapphire (ithink) , well its the right hand lake at the back.
I had the gimp to my right and bob the bread price round the corner to my left, I only set up 3 rigs today, a depth pellet rig to fish over to the island, and the same rig would do for 5 mtrs in fromt , a shallow rig and a down the edge meat rig to my left, I mixed uo some groundbait to dump down the margin as it was nice and shallow,  aboit 18 inches deep. With the gimp only using his topset for roach,  I had the end of the island all to myself,  as did paul elmes the other side of john, I would like to say tje match was a bit of a struggle,  really having to work for bites, but as far as I could see, nearly everyone had bites all the way through, it became a bit of a fish race, in my peg the carp liked the groundbait down the edge as I soon had tail patterns showing on the surface, there were also lots of fish on the island, but there are lots of dead reeds, so it was a bit hard to get in tight enough, I did hook the main snag , intentionally,  but couldnt get it out, I just lost my hook,  I did get a few fish from the island but not being able to get close enough was really hampering my attempts to catch, even shallow fishing wss snaggy, the margin finally got the better of me , I couldnt resist it any longer, so the rest of my mstch was spent between meat in the margin, and pellet at 5 mtrs, I did have a run 8f fish shallow at 5 mtrs, but they didnt stay shallow for to long,  I did have some on the deck on 8mm pellet but most of my weight  came from the left hand margin on 8mm meat, I always felt I was several fish behind paul elmes on 6, and tom mangnal on 3 was catch8ng well,  behind us on ruby leon huddard was catching well as was tim ford and trigger edmunds,  it was impossible to say who had won by the end as the fish are on tje small side with a 4lb fish being a good one. In the end it was paul elmes on 6 who won with 153.14,  catching mainly shallow in various places around the end of the island on banded pellet
2nd tom mangnal on peg 3 with 133.9
3rd me , on peg 8 with 126.5
4th leon hubbard on 26 with 111.5
5th tim ford on 19 with 106.9
6th craig edmunds on 15 with 95.14
clint wojtyla on peg 24 with 29.6 of roach and rudd on caster fished short
off to landsend next sunday so if you are interested,  ring me at the shop on 0117 9517250 to book in
today's match saw 1,753lb of fish brought to the scales,  giving an average weight of over 67lb an angler,  good by any standards.

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